I Tried A Custom Lipstick Printer

  • Publicado el 11 feb 2022
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! So, a couple of years ago I saw this custom lipstick printer in a video about the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and ever since, I have been desperate to get my hand so it! And now, after a few years, a few waiting lists, and a couple restocks, I have it. So today, we're going to be testing out the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure custom lipstick printer, which lets you choose custom lipstick colors to print, will recommend your lipstick colors based on your outfit, and will also let you take photos of things in the world and then print matching color lipsticks to them. So we're going to take this thing for a spin! Which color did you like the most? Do you want to see Urn Burgundy??
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +10644

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! yes, this thang is **not cheap**, but unfortunately Loreal has targeted me as a consumer 100%, so I had to snag it. what do you guys think of this thing?? any special large pots in your life that you'd like to create a matching lipstick for?? xoxo, saf - P.S. closed captions will be up ASAP!

    • graham bottomley
      graham bottomley Hace un año +32

      I just entered the giveaway

    • Ajay hirve
      Ajay hirve Hace un año +50

      I really love it when the notification says "someone liked your comment" and "someone subscribed to your channel"

    • SweetyPie
      SweetyPie Hace un año +8

      HI SAF

    • Potato master
      Potato master Hace un año +3


    • Phoenix Nightowl
      Phoenix Nightowl Hace un año +4

      The subscribe button

  • baka_yu
    baka_yu Hace un año +26559

    I feel like this printer would be instantly improved by just adding permanent white and black for changing up the saturation and how light and dark it can get.

    • Li Sta
      Li Sta Hace un año +1575

      Yes and what puzzles me is that competitors have that (and blue), and a skin undertone palette match, whereas this one seems to be a one-fits-all

    • Veronica Gu
      Veronica Gu Hace un año +11


    • Alexis Rose
      Alexis Rose Hace un año +398

      and having more options than three shades in the machine.. also maybe primary colours

    • Chunky cat
      Chunky cat Hace un año +97

      The black pigment would have to not be cheap though because if it were made out of blue pigments it would change the colour of the lipsticks

    • Kelly C
      Kelly C Hace un año +415

      the only problem is that's not really how color mixing works, you would be better off popping a blue or green in there. if I were to make this, instead of primary colors I would put a permanent white, and for oranges/nudes I'd do ultramarine, yellow ochre, and venetian red, and for reds/pinks I'd do phthalo green, cadmium red, and permanent rose (sry I only know how to talk in paint names lol) partially because I think the ysl model offers more subtlety and partially because primary colors are a lie made up by dumb frenchmen hundreds of years ago based on Vibes

  • LotjeG
    LotjeG Hace un año +4523

    Another flaw I haven't seen mentioned is that you can't buy a cartridge seperately, you have to get the set. So if you consistently run out of one colour, you have to get the two others that come with the set as well. It's a cool piece of technology but there seems to be a whole list of flaws that need to get adressed before the next version comes out.

    • Blubber
      Blubber Hace un año +91

      I wanna see something with more colors and being able to mix and match the cartridges to make different colors

    • Ant
      Ant Hace un año +12

      I'm guessing this is because the product is still new an so far not enough people would be looking for individual refills yet?

    • Finn_in_the_Bin
      Finn_in_the_Bin Hace un año +59

      oh they're not gonna fix that 'flaw', it's a moneymaker for them

    • Lane Atkinson
      Lane Atkinson Hace un año +43

      Don't get it twisted! They're not "flaws", it's all intentional. They want people to waste as much as possible so that they spend more money.

    • The Ch0sen 0ne
      The Ch0sen 0ne Hace un año +6

      I’m sorry waste of money can blend colors with my hand and save a ton

  • Heika
    Heika Hace un año +2477

    Almost every feature of this machine seems to have a glaring flaw. They must have spent their R&D budget on lunch.
    The cartridge sets are all similar colors, so most of the shades they are going to be able to make with 3 very similar colors are probably indistinguishable from each other. The software not being smart enough to tell you what cartridges to use and instead of you having to specifically limit its options is the exact opposite of how it should work. If it printed in CMYK, its existence would make sense but if you're just mixing similar colors to get another shade in the same family, why can't you just do that yourself? It's not exactly complicated. And it seems pretty inaccurate itself.

    • Ali D. Katt
      Ali D. Katt Hace un año +77

      What would be even cooler is if you could just like open and insert any ysl liquid lipstick/lip gloss and the app told you which you needed to make the exact color you're scanning or you could tell it which colors you already own and it could give you options to get as close as you can to the shade you want. I have to say I agree the way they did it is ass backwards and your idea would be the most versatile. CMYK with black and white would be the best to get the most wide range of shades. Like that palet she used to make the original Brucie shade back in the day.

    • underseacondounit
      underseacondounit Hace un año +44

      It's bascially promising so much and only doing the very bare minimum

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32 Hace un año +1441

    And now I want to see Safiya try the other colour printer, that is significantly cheaper and has all the friary colours PLUS black and white!

    • Hannah Gs
      Hannah Gs Hace un año +13

      What is it called?

    • toni cowdery
      toni cowdery Hace un año +48

      It's so good I've had mine a few months now and never going back to buying lipsticks ever again.

    • bibimbap
      bibimbap Hace 10 meses +10

      @toni cowdery what brand do you use and do you have any recommendations

    • Haley Maebelle
      Haley Maebelle Hace 10 meses +6

      What's the name of it?

    • tacitus kilgore
      tacitus kilgore Hace 8 meses +53

      ​​​​@Haley MaebelleLipskit by Goplay, I think is the product they are referring to. It's also like a third of the price of this product.
      I looked it up and it's $69.00, I believe it also allows you to adjust the finish of the lipstick and if it's glittery or not. I wish you well in your lipstick making ventures, friends :)

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Hace 9 meses +729

    You are spot on when you said they should have made CMYK cartridges. Then the color options would have been endless. The reason why they made the cartridges red, pink, etc. families is so they could sell more of them. A cool product idea that YSL ruined by putting profit over the innovative potential for beauty technology

    • Schrödingers Katze
      Schrödingers Katze Hace 9 meses +37

      I agree, then it would be extremely useful. The way it is now only gives you pretty normal colours that you could probably find and buy easily everywhere. It would be much better if you could make something like lime green for example.

    • Mackenzie
      Mackenzie Hace 9 meses +2

      @Schrödingers Katze 💯

    • juju wei
      juju wei Hace un mes

      I'm pretty sure a non electronic version of this exists

    • Mackenzie
      Mackenzie Hace un mes

      @juju wei oh really?? where?

  • Eli Hinze
    Eli Hinze Hace un año +283

    This is a perfect example of a product that could've been super awesome if the creators had just done even a LITTLE bit of user testing.

  • HopeScope
    HopeScope Hace un año +4752

    As someone who uses one shade and one shade only of lipstick, I have no use for this but it was FASCINATING! (And the first I’ve heard of it, if that makes you feel better about getting it late haha)

  • Kelly Cardinal
    Kelly Cardinal Hace un año +654

    When a brand actually makes what we want, a.k.a. a lipstick maker with blue/yellow/red/black/white ink, I am so there.

    • Sarah Nashara
      Sarah Nashara Hace un año +25


    • Serena Fonseca
      Serena Fonseca Hace 11 meses +21

      LipsKit by Goplay cosmetics

    • Beelzemobabbity
      Beelzemobabbity Hace 10 meses +7

      There is one, but you have to do it by hand. That combined with this would be great

  • Monica Pelayo
    Monica Pelayo Hace un año +250

    I love how supportive Tyler is in every video. I’m sure behind the scenes this takes forever and it’s nice that u can never hear any type of annoyance in his voice

  • Christina Williford
    Christina Williford Hace un año +109

    This has so much potential. You are 100% correct about it needing to be like a traditional printer. White, black, yellow, cyan, magenta. Make any color under the sun. That doesn't seem to fit YSLs clientele but it could definitely get them more customers.

  • Tari-Starre Michael
    Tari-Starre Michael Hace un año +270

    I feel like they didn’t spend enough time developing this… kind of smart because everyone will buy it to try it out and then when they release more ‘revolutionary’ additions people will be excited and buy it again

  • Neon
    Neon Hace un año +37

    The amount of shades it _couldn't_ create honestly is no surprise at all with such curated base colors. I was on the same train of thought of having more a primary color cartridge set - or at least even a blue- _ish_ color in at least _a_ set. I've never dropped more than $10 on lipstick lmao but if I were a big spender on makeup I'd still think it's a total waste of money :/ better to just buy individual orangey, pinky, or reddish shades. This needs to be redone 👏 _RIGHT_ 👏

  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical Hace un año +317

    Me, wondering what the machine would do it u tried to match it to holo🤯 💥

  • Sloth 🦥
    Sloth 🦥 Hace un año +460

    Idea: create a lipstick with this (of anything really) and then take a photo of the lipstick you just made. Then create a colour with that photo of the lipstick. Keep repeating until it is a completely different shade.

    • Max Oakland
      Max Oakland Hace un año +11

      I like

    • Roovs
      Roovs Hace 9 meses +16

      loll that's like when you take a screenshot of a screenshot over and over until the image deep-fries itself

    • Nanhty
      Nanhty Hace 6 meses +4

      Generation loss but for lipsticks

  • Maria Chavez
    Maria Chavez Hace un año +274

    The idea behind the device is amazing! Now if only there were more colors to mix. Who knows maybe in the future we’ll start to see more updated versions of this

  • aditi •
    aditi • Hace un año +47

    i wish they allowed you to load all 12 cartridges at once, it would make the shade matching so much easier and allow you to make so many more shades! wonderful video as always 💕

  • Jonas Hötger
    Jonas Hötger Hace un año +140

    Wow, brick really suits her.
    Seeing the "nude" colours on their own, I always have a hard time imagine them looking good on (especially light coloured) faces, but damn, it fit.

    • Awkward Otter13
      Awkward Otter13 Hace un año +26

      I’ve noticed Saf can pull off basically any color, she’s tried so many different ones and I think she always looks gorgeous

  • mya g
    mya g Hace un año +122

    it has a lot of potential, and i think it would be improved greatly if they included more colors (like white)

  • Jenna Trevino
    Jenna Trevino Hace un año +9292

    As much as I love the livestreams I can’t get enough of old school “saf tries” videos❤️❤️❤️

  • Emily B
    Emily B Hace 11 meses +15

    I feel like a CMYK + White style printer would be amazing, and you could then swap out the cartridges for different formulas to create lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, whatever you need!

  • Maureen Haynes
    Maureen Haynes Hace un año +24

    this is actually really nice for people who don't wear lipstick often because you wouldn't have to keep a bunch of shades on hand!

  • Remy R
    Remy R Hace 13 días +4

    Yes I’m late to the party, but I feel like it should tell you what cartridges to add to make the desired color rather than try to make it within just 3 specific ones. It would give a lot more range to the product if there were something like 12-21 cartridges that could all be interchangeable with each other and it would tell you “Match Found: Add cartridges 2, 9 & 17 to make the desired color” and then tell you which goes into each spot like the order it tells you means put cartridge 2 in the #1 spot, 9 in the #2 spot and 17 in the #3 spot so that it could pump out the right amount. I’m just saying, “L’Oréal You Hiring?!”

  • Michelle Portillo
    Michelle Portillo Hace un año +46

    this made me SOB LIKE A BABY. I could just feel how much love and enjoyment Crusty got from his family

    • morganlizzie23
      morganlizzie23 Hace un año +53

      Friendo I think you might’ve commented on the wrong vid. I feel you though the tribute video made me sob 😭

    • Max Oakland
      Max Oakland Hace un año +24

      @morganlizzie23 I thought she was calling Safiya Crusty

    • morganlizzie23
      morganlizzie23 Hace un año +4

      @Max Oakland 😂😂😂

    • Deborah Shallin
      Deborah Shallin Hace un año +2

      You know I was thinking of Crusty as well while watching this video.

    • mae 🦷
      mae 🦷 Hace un año


  • SuperKatieThe2nd
    SuperKatieThe2nd Hace un año +19

    This is actually cool as a decluttering tool. As most of us who watch makeup content know, beauty gurus have normalized having like, 100 lipsticks. If you’re the type of person who only wears 4 shades of nude, this would be a great product so you could continually make the same shades over and over. But then again… how long does it last? It doesn’t seem cost effective if the shade you wear most often is just two of the inks. Then when you have to buy a new set of ink you have to get the third one that you don’t love.

  • TAE livision
    TAE livision Hace un año +5809

    Tina Yong had reviewed another gadget like this called the "Goplay Lipskit" which was much cheaper than the YSL one and had more shade options! Maybe you should also try using that! And compare between it and YSL

    • Swedish make-up geek
      Swedish make-up geek Hace un año +67

      Yes, I need that video! Great idea 💡

    • TanjiroKook
      TanjiroKook Hace un año +152

      also wanted to bring that up! it seems great and theres a lot of room to play with colors compared to the very limited colors you get with this ysl one
      you do have to pump the colors yourself but at least the app tells you how much you need

    • Vidya Ratan
      Vidya Ratan Hace un año +11

      Yess please. I was thinking the same

    • Chia Ann
      Chia Ann Hace un año +5

      Yes try this as well please

    • Michelle P
      Michelle P Hace un año +6

      yeah that seem to be a more smarter way

  • Catherine Bugden
    Catherine Bugden Hace un año +14

    Seems more of a novelty than being able to change colors up. You’ve made some pretty epic shades on your own 😻

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Hace un año +6

    This is crazy!! It would be awesome to be able to make your own shade for each day without having to buy a whole bottle!

  • Anna Lauryn
    Anna Lauryn Hace un año +5

    OK YSL we definitely need blue green yellow families of lipstick trios. Or just go with Safiyas idea and do the cartridge just like a regular pinter

  • viviane gatto
    viviane gatto Hace un año +7

    Is no one gonna talk about how when she did the base at, squirted out a little heart? 🧡

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat Hace un mes

    You suit every colour, how is that even possible? I can’t wear red lipsticks because i haven’t found the right shade. Here’s you looking amazing in every one ❤

  • Amber R
    Amber R Hace un año +997

    I really wish they included black, white, as well as primary colors to lighten or darken the shades to make it more customizable.

    • T G
      T G Hace un año +17

      I think that it's so exciting and I agree that needs more colors but the fun you would have with it enjoy watching 👀 your videos

    • HeartAndSeoul
      HeartAndSeoul Hace un año +32

      Check out the GoPlay lips kit! It’s waaaaay better than this

    • Jaynee Lin
      Jaynee Lin Hace un año +59

      Another ESclipsr, Tina Yong, tried a $70 version called Go Play Cosmetics Lipskit 2.0 which did have black, white, and the primary colors! Here's the link in case you wanted to watch it esclips.com/video/FyZ1PWOc8i8/vídeo.html. I just watched it the other day so I'm excited to see Saf's YSL version in comparison now.

    • Blue Is My Love
      Blue Is My Love Hace un año +44

      I feel like I'm the only one who thinks it almost never matched the shade she chose. It was always slightly too much of one think that didn't match and like she pointed out the actual lipstick was more accurate than what the app showed, so it's very misleading. For that price it's really not worth it.

    • BonBon
      BonBon Hace un año +23

      @Blue Is My Love I definitely thought the product was dissapointing. It’s a super fun concept, and had it been more sophisticated and customizable for that price, maybe it would have been be worth it.

  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie Hace un año +6

    I dont know why but watching this makes me feel like she should narrate audiobooks bc her voice is really soothing

  • delishaa
    delishaa Hace un año +10

    Fun Fact :
    Lipsticks are most dinosaurs weakness and it is theorized that it wasn’t the asteroid that killed then but instead an alien lipstick.
    Therefore dinosaurs have no chance against Sofia, the lipstick queen.

  • Xyren
    Xyren Hace un año +6

    this one's a game changer. love that beauty companies are becoming more innovative. this is a type of make up you can really play. 🥰

  • BigDamnShinyHeroes
    BigDamnShinyHeroes Hace un año +61

    I understand the product might not be perfect, but seeing how technology and the makeup industry are advancing is crazy. I'm really excited to see what new products will be coming out as companies begin to improve these gadgets

  • Hope Bullard
    Hope Bullard Hace un año +6

    The brick needed more red/brown. As a painter, I love mixing colors! I love all of this!!!!

  • Coco
    Coco Hace un año +450

    I can just imagine YSL executives twirling their mustaches, saying “Safiya will NEVER resist this!”, and laughing evilly as they apply overpriced lipstick.

    • Coco
      Coco Hace un año +9

      Lesley Yeah, the whole product was a big ol' case of "close but no cigar"

    • Coco
      Coco Hace un año +11


    • CrazyOldCatLady
      CrazyOldCatLady Hace un año +1

      @Coco this cracked me up XD

    • Coco
      Coco Hace un año +1

      @CrazyOldCatLady I'm glad! Love your profile pic btw; Tim Burton's art style is so beautiful

  • Lyn Battersby
    Lyn Battersby Hace un año +23

    I discovered your site at 1am this morning when up with my COVID-affected son. 14 hours later, I'm still watching and have now subscribed. Keep up the great work!

  • GachaGachaJen
    GachaGachaJen Hace 8 meses +2

    Hopefully they will add more color combinations and the price will come down on this so it will be more readily available to more consumers. Thanks for reviewing this, love watching your videos!

  • Sophia Eddings
    Sophia Eddings Hace un año +1

    Saf should REALLY make a whole ESclips playlist JUST for her lipstick themed videos! 😂😂

  • Amy Ma
    Amy Ma Hace un año +4

    that'd be really cool if it could "print" a perfect foundation match like it would've at the loreal expo

  • JusteMe Agust.D
    JusteMe Agust.D Hace un año +12

    MINK make-up printer!!! It converts any picture you uploaded and essentially prints out a sheet of the picture with the colored areas as make up that you can use. Super cool. Blew my mind when I saw it. And the coloration is spot on.

  • Ana Sopa
    Ana Sopa Hace un año +516

    If it could mix up "weirder" shades it would be PERFECT, as you wouldn't have to buy a whole lipstick of a shade you rarely get to use lol

    • Noot Noot
      Noot Noot Hace un año +19

      Tina Yong tried GoPlay Lipskit and mentioned this exact reason for why she chose to try the GoPlay one over YSL.

    • Batya Kemper
      Batya Kemper Hace un año +2

      right exactly that seems more exciting and useful than just red

    • Ross
      Ross Hace un año +4

      But really the only colors you can make are red, pink, and orange. It's not like you can really choose anything that you wouldn't be able to get for cheap in a sample size.

    • hxlo_acid
      hxlo_acid Hace 7 meses

      fr i want blue and yellow lipstick

  • Bethany Grace
    Bethany Grace Hace un año +4

    I love how excited you get! It's so refreshing to see such pure joy

  • Apoorva G
    Apoorva G Hace un año +8

    Thanks for the video! It’s like a virtual demo for the rest of us. I was very curious to see what this would be like. It would have been better if they offered more colour cartridges, and the all features of the app worked without having to load them…and if it wasn’t so expensive…

  • Kaylee Willis
    Kaylee Willis Hace un año +5

    This is really cool! Definitely can’t wait to see the foundation version of this!!

  • Madison Kuiper
    Madison Kuiper Hace un año +7

    She looks great in every color out there

  • Jadyn Martin
    Jadyn Martin Hace un año +5

    I love these videos! And yes it was a smooth product placement 😂

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      Thanks for watching ❣️I’m glad you enjoyed this video 😊
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      Text me a message on digit above👆you got yourself a giftpack

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way Hace un año +2511

    Can’t wait for the inevitable “trying the wish version of YSL custom lipstick maker”. I’m here for all vids
    Love from a fellow creator :)

    • Sona XO
      Sona XO Hace un año +9

      Same. I found the wish version of the Dyson and I couldn’t be happier 😂

    • KcKitty
      KcKitty Hace un año +1


    • Jennifer Bell
      Jennifer Bell Hace un año +15

      There is a youtuber called Robert Welsh who has not long done a video with an alternative version of this machine that has 5 cartridges of blue, pink, yellow, white and blue that you might like! I think he said its around £60?

    • Rebelle H
      Rebelle H Hace un año +1

      @Sona XO the hair dryer or the vacuum? How is it?

    • Carly Sand
      Carly Sand Hace un año

      For anyone looking for the link

  • Lavender
    Lavender Hace un año +12

    I’d appreciate a rgb and cmyk colors set in vivid and pastel. This is an awesome idea and I look forward to more

  • FyreFoxx
    FyreFoxx Hace un año +3

    This looks really neat and has definitely made me want to give it a try! It's now on my wishlist. ♡

  • Nora TKD
    Nora TKD Hace un año

    That machine is definitely a novelty item but looks like so much fun! I am sure they will improve it and other brands will come out with their versions too! Saf looks stunning with all the lipstick colors!😍

  • Beau Schultz
    Beau Schultz Hace un año +1

    Your videos are a comfort routine for me! Always feel so calm and informed after! Thank you for what you do!

  • The Mountain
    The Mountain Hace un año

    What a super neat concept! You’re right, I think it can be improved. I’m excited about this potentially becoming a thing. With new innovations multiple brands typically catch wind. I see more affordable dupes a few years in our future…✨

  • Saltyy
    Saltyy Hace un año +106

    I love how, unlike other makeup gurus matching outfits and accessories, Safiya goes BRICKS AND TRAFFIC CONES

  • Olivia Pointon
    Olivia Pointon Hace un año +2

    Such a cool concept! I wonder how big of an impact this type of tech will have on the beauty world

  • Cindy Mazariego
    Cindy Mazariego Hace un año +2

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your videos and that they never cease to make me laugh! Thank you for making them! :)

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  • Dorothee Sullivan
    Dorothee Sullivan Hace un año +20

    Amazing concept! I wonder if there’s a way to make extra lipstick, detach the compact, and bring it with you when you go out for long enough to merit a lipstick re-application.

    • roxy picasso
      roxy picasso Hace un año +1

      that’s genius!!

    • 444ngelhaven
      444ngelhaven Hace un año +1

      i think that’s the point of the detachable head :), ir has a mirror in it

  • Edith Gonzalez
    Edith Gonzalez Hace un año +2

    I agree that the cyan yellow magenta black and white base would probably be better and easier to mix colors. Love the content.

  • Victoria Mountain
    Victoria Mountain Hace un año +7

    You should mix all the flavours of flavoured coffee together, like Beanies to make a Frankencoffee, a bit like Simple’s tea video! Xxx

  • Ivy Paris
    Ivy Paris Hace un año +632

    I definitely thought it would be a "find a shade, insert these cartridges" situation. Also a black and white cartridge would make this so much more versitile!

    • Fatima Khan
      Fatima Khan Hace un año +43

      Really all this device needs is red yellow black and white and it could recreate most of its shades

    • Justin Spence
      Justin Spence Hace un año +41

      Yes just having warm tones and red shades is kinda a lame design limitation. Color mixing is complicated but it should allow you to mic sets. I get they probably want to avoid really useless colors but really one can just buy a lip pallet and mix way more colors.

    • bney
      bney Hace un año +12

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    • ケルシーKels
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    • Madi 🍓
      Madi 🍓 Hace un año +1

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  • TeenDream888
    TeenDream888 Hace un año

    the Go Play Cosmetics Lipskit is much better in my opinion, and you don't spend a fortune on cartridges. hopefully Saf you can try that one and compare the two of them. it also uses the primary colors and white, exactly like a printer, so you can customize dark shades like the vampy bat that you are!

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    • Blue Is My Love
      Blue Is My Love Hace un año +151

      Not even just weirder colors, what was too light or dark for the machine was very limiting. It doesn't have much range at all and the shades you can "make" aren't very good matches, despite what Saf seemed to think.

    • mikeedong
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    • frankie
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    • TriforceTyff
      TriforceTyff Hace un año +1

      I'm sure this is just what they are starting off with. They aren't going to dive in all the way, and dedicate more money to it until they know if it's something that will sell. If it sells well and there is a large demand for color shade expansion, then they will create it.

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    Falany Hace un año

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    I would recommend getting both the cool and the warm set, and the extra purple bullet, so you get the full range of possibilities

  • Chryschan Cosmic
    Chryschan Cosmic Hace un año +451

    I feel like 5 tubes (CMYK+White) would REALLY help this machine reach it’s full spectral potential. Or at least the ability to mix and match the tubes to get broader color options

    • EilsTheDaydreamer
      EilsTheDaydreamer Hace un año +49

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  • sister kerry
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    I recon it would be better to go buy a couple of lipsticks and melt them together...Oh, hang on a minute...

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