I Bought The First 5 Things TikTok Ads Recommended To Me

  • Publicado el 6 dic 2021
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    HELLO FRIENDS!! Today, I return to the land of internet hauls and social media targeted recommendations - with a deep dive into the sponsored posts that appear on your TikTok "For You Page"! Previously, I have bought things recommended to me via targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, ESclips, and Snapchat - so when I finally relented and downloaded TikTok a few months ago -- I figured, we probably had to do a TikTok ad haul as well. So I spent a day scrolling on TikTok until I found 5 different targeted ads, purchased what they were advertising, and then put them to the test to try and figure out why TikTok might think I would like them, and whether or not they were any good. Which item was your favorite?? What ads do you get on TikTok?
    Thanks to Kayley Melissa for helping me curl my hair!
    You can check out her channel here: / kayleymelissa
    This video is NOT sponsored!!
    My Instagram: safiyany​
    My TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@safiyany?
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    Tyler Williams
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +9869

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope you enjoy this somewhat upsetting deep dive into my TikTok for you page & targeted ads!! we bought some weird stuff, we explored some ear canals, we braved an automatic hair curler -- what did you guys think of the haul? and, what kind of ads do you get on tiktok? xoxo, saf

    • silly_dumpling15
      silly_dumpling15 Hace un año +40

      Mostly small resin shops! ^^ And I love the challenge so far!

      HOME DEPOT Hace un año +14

      Watching rn

    • Lilly Bugg
      Lilly Bugg Hace un año +7

      Been waiting for another video 😅🥰 needed this tonight

    • Sahira Khurshid
      Sahira Khurshid Hace un año +5


    • Sophie Jeffery
      Sophie Jeffery Hace un año +13

      I get mostly Taco Bell ads - there isn’t even one near where I live 💀

  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists Hace un año +13170

    I have a full four-pack of the Pizza Hut red cups...unironically. I would let you borrow them in exchange for the keys to Flavortown from your appearance on our stream last week.

  • LynNyx
    LynNyx Hace un año +1687

    17:54 I think that’s the only time I’ve ever heard Safiya call Tyler “baby” and even though it was while he was cleaning his ears, I think it was one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever seen on the internet because it’s a super unscripted, real moment between them with her calling him pet names and trying to cover his eyes

    • GoldenGarnet
      GoldenGarnet Hace un año +100

      I was just thinking this! So cute that we got to hear her call him a pet name despite the unfortunate circumstance. 😆😁

    • Bella D
      Bella D Hace un año +14

      came looking for this comment, this was so cute🥺🥺🥺

    • Simplyboba
      Simplyboba Hace 11 meses +12

      Same I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard her call him that. But it’s so wholesome

    • Dani Elle
      Dani Elle Hace 9 meses +14

      the CCs said maybe :((

    • Neti
      Neti Hace 7 meses +1

      @Dani Elle was abt to comment that 😭

  • casey
    casey Hace un año +3733

    The butterfly pea flower is so common in Asia, it's sad to see companies sell it for such an expensive price. As Saf said, it's basically just loose flower tea. It's no different than any other flower tea, except the fact that the blue flowers make the tea turn blue because... well... the flowers are blue... and science

    • Pleoryo
      Pleoryo Hace un año +183

      Cafe i used to work at sold the blue tea with citric acid in the cup to change the colour as you pour. It was cool but yea there’s no way in hell they paid $29 for a couple of bags of flowers

    • Mageling55
      Mageling55 Hace un año +79

      @Pleoryo For reference, that bag is enough for 20 cups of tea, which puts it in the ballpark of right for nice teas and tisanes. H&S is pretty reputable as far as western sellers go, you can do a good bit better if you know what you want and order from a specialist, general sellers like H&S and Adagio tend to have a markup. For about that price I got about twice as much tea ordering a sampler from Mountain Stream Teas, but they only have taiwanese teas and nothing else.

    • Veronica Gu
      Veronica Gu Hace un año +2


    • Rileytube Gaming
      Rileytube Gaming Hace un año +2

      do you have any shops where I can buy blue butterfly pea tea for a price it should be at?

    • Aditi Sudarshan
      Aditi Sudarshan Hace un año +36

      I am from Asia and the flowers are actually grown in my home i have the flowers throughout the year and from time to time I make that tea and add a bit of honey for a sweet taste! It is yumm!!

  • Shanza Imran
    Shanza Imran Hace un año +2363

    Me: excitedly waiting for Tyler's earwax getting cleaned
    Saf: censors it
    Am I disgusting? Lol

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Hace un año +24

      “All tea is pretty much just hot leaf juice.” -Zuko idk what year -Saf late 2021 this channel should live forever.

    • Ally Osawa
      Ally Osawa Hace un año +26

      If you are, so am I

    • Laksh
      Laksh Hace un año +55

      I was excited for that as well, I find ear cleaning videos very relaxing

    • SmellyFeet
      SmellyFeet Hace un año +20

      I watched a literal amputation this week, so I'm kinda weirded out that this was sensored

    • Lahna Church
      Lahna Church Hace un año +13

      @SmellyFeet felt that. earlier this week on tiktok i saw a video of a cat getting fixed, completely uncensored

  • IcedCat
    IcedCat Hace un año +1677

    the tea company has an incredibly smart marketing strategy. you get the tea because its so pretty and looks good, but the samples that come with it get you hooked on their probably better-tasting teas

    • MtnNerd
      MtnNerd Hace un año +77

      They make really good tea. I always buy their Paris Tea, which is like Earl Grey with more flavor

  • Asa Koi
    Asa Koi Hace un año +850

    Somehow, I feel the “ripped off” hair curler is the same machine as the “original” hair curler, but that company stamps their logo/get a better box to sell it at a higher price. It's a kind of common practice around, and both machines look so suspiciously similar.

    • Anj
      Anj Hace un año +32

      Exactly what I thought. I would even say that this is much more plausible than a counterfeit.

  • safiya shorts
    safiya shorts Hace un año +35395

    the long awaited return of safiya's new intro song 🕺🏻

  • kris1126
    kris1126 Hace un año +1137

    Just as an FYI - I'm pretty sure that having hair in your ears is a good thing! It keeps out dirt, dust, and disease-causing bacteria. So having a lot of ear hair is good, Saf!

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Hace un año +67

      honestly disappointed we didn’t see all of Tyler’s waxy glory

    • Colie Braun
      Colie Braun Hace un año +14

      Yup! Nothing to feel weird about:)

    • S K
      S K Hace un año +29

      Wax too! It’s to protect your ear by filtering dirt.

    • Mercury
      Mercury Hace 7 meses +8

      Also fun fact, there are hairs further inside your ears (in the eardrum specifically) that are the reason you can hear, and the reason people go deaf in most cases is because of losing those hairs.

    • im an eclair
      im an eclair Hace 7 meses

      @Mercury damn that’s crazy

  • Nessa Lee
    Nessa Lee Hace un año +1964

    For anyone interested in the butterfly pea, 30$USD for that pack of butterfly tea is expensive honestly. I get it at the local asian market for a fraction of that price in CAD. Im sure there are better places to get it online
    Also, Mix it with lemonade instead of straight lemon juice. It tastes a lot better 🥰

    • offthesidelines
      offthesidelines Hace un año +82

      I got some from Amazon a few years ago from a (apparently) family owned business. I think it was a similar quantity but I paid about $13CAD.
      And yes to the lemonade! The bubble tea shops and some Asian restaurants in my city that sell similar drinks will call them galaxy lemonade or tea.

    • Nessa Lee
      Nessa Lee Hace un año +7

      @offthesidelines Nice. Yeah, That's a lot more reasonable lol

    • Sara Aznan
      Sara Aznan Hace un año +74

      I live in Asia and that stuff grows wild here. So funny to see it being sold at $30 a bag 🤣

    • Nessa Lee
      Nessa Lee Hace un año +28

      @Sara Aznan Start an import business $$$ 😂😂😂

    • Lacon
      Lacon  Hace un año +3

      @Nessa Lee yes!!

  • Chloe Rhodes
    Chloe Rhodes Hace un año +277

    I wish Safiya would do something close to this again but specifically for small businesses ads. most of these are bigger company. especially with the pandemic small bussinesses need more love then ever. (Also more likely to find Bat themed items she would actually want to keep after)

  • DZR
    DZR Hace un año +326

    "Hairy ear Saf."
    God Tyler REALLY loves her so much. Forget about "from her head to her toes", more like "from her will to melt everything into franken-somethings, to her ear hair."

    • CrueltyFreeMakeupHeaven
      CrueltyFreeMakeupHeaven Hace un año +8

      Awww ahaha love this comment, so wholesome 🤭😊

    • DZR
      DZR Hace un año +15

      @CrueltyFreeMakeupHeaven This couple is so wholesome too, they just melt my heart.
      ...should they do franken-hearts?

    • Winona Rose
      Winona Rose Hace un año +7

      @DZR saf’s evil villain arch “we melted together everyone’s hearts to make the FRANKEN-HEART”

  • Kennachu
    Kennachu Hace 9 meses +52

    Every Pizza Hut employee should get a free set of tastewear. Like all the accessories and stuff as their new uniform

  • shyloh D
    shyloh D Hace un año +4055

    can we just agree that the intro song is actually the best thing the internet has made her buy.

    • Holly G
      Holly G Hace un año +96

      I honestly can hear the song even when I have her videos on mute

    • khale 🫶
      khale 🫶 Hace 11 meses +42

      this is safiyas… new.. intro song 😮😮

    • Brianna Luptowski
      Brianna Luptowski Hace 11 meses +16

      LITERALLY! I was just thinking that and it’s crazy I love that she’s still using it 🤣

    • DatGayDangerNoodle
      DatGayDangerNoodle Hace 7 meses +2

      @khale 🫶 *brrrrrrrring*

    • Bonnie R
      Bonnie R Hace 6 meses

      I would love to see those Tik Tok wigs all over the place.

  • Chaotic Gemini
    Chaotic Gemini Hace un año +229

    "I'm a Millennial and we're suckers for stupid Harry Potter sh!t.. " - Safiya Nygaard
    Truer words have never been spoken 🤣 lol

    • Nini Kiparoidze
      Nini Kiparoidze Hace un año +1

      I heard that wrong way and I was so offended

  • Khai Ylani
    Khai Ylani Hace 9 meses +150

    I know I'm late to the party, but I can't believe how expensive that tea was! Here in SE Asia, it's everywhere. The most popular way to make it is iced with sweet milk... like a yummy galaxy latte :D

    • E H
      E H Hace 7 meses +1

      Do you make it with or without the lemon juice?

    • Martha Mathilda David Drehsen
      Martha Mathilda David Drehsen Hace 12 días

      @E Hdoesnt milk + lemon make weird clumps in the liquid?

    • E H
      E H Hace 12 días

      @Martha Mathilda David Drehsen I would think so, but some people in the comments were saying it’s common to make it with lemon juice so I thought I’d ask 🤣

  • - July -
    - July - Hace un año +62

    I love how Safiya always starts off videos with a mini school lesson on whatever she’s doing, but unlike real school lessons, they’re actually interesting

  • cosmic_latte
    cosmic_latte Hace un año +165

    Ok I haven't watched Safiya in a while, am I crazy or does she have a legit perfect radio-person voice thing going on?? 😆

    • Daniel Jacob
      Daniel Jacob Hace un año +13

      If she said “welcome to watch mojo” I’m not sure I could tell a difference 🤣

    • Marina Vam
      Marina Vam Hace un año +6

      I haven't watched her for a while as well and her narrator voice caught me by surprise. She pronounces the words very clearly and it's a little bit weird but I think some people attacked her for her pronunciation last year and she took some voice lessons.

    • SuperSchmuck Games (Mj)
      SuperSchmuck Games (Mj) Hace un año

      Thanks now I can't unhear it 😭

  • idontcaroline
    idontcaroline Hace un año +20

    Not me just now realizing that she specifically uses this version of her intro song on her "shopping" videos after watching her for literal YEARS.
    I can now predict exactly which videos have her original intro and this one and I feel incredibly powerful.

  • KizuRai
    KizuRai Hace un año +4515

    Something about Safiya going "Oh no, is this from Wish?" after reading a long title that's just full of keyword tags, is just satisfying.

    • Nerdivinas
      Nerdivinas Hace un año +49

      And it really is from Wish. Pretty Pastel Please did a try on haul of curly tools from Wish this week and that one was in it. 😆

    • Silver Bunny
      Silver Bunny Hace un año +12

      @Nerdivinas haha, was coming here to say the same thing!

    • KIM E. ACE CIN
      KIM E. ACE CIN Hace un año +10

      Hahaha😂 she’s been scarred by wish before.

    • Holly G
      Holly G Hace un año


  • LollipopLance
    LollipopLance Hace un año +339

    I'd recommend steeping a combo of butterfly pea flowers with another tea you like, since the flowers don't have a strong taste, but the color is very strong, so you don't need a lot to make it work. If you like roasted flavors, barley tea is good, floral teas like jasmine work well, and of course green tea is very compatible with the earthy flavor of the flowers. It's an easy way to make any drink more appealing really, you see it used to make smoothies a pretty purple color or in cakes.

    • GayEmo666
      GayEmo666 Hace un año +17

      You could also mix it with hibiscus tea to make it like a bright purple and with lemon would make it like a bright pink

  • emzz5678
    emzz5678 Hace un año +266

    As the wise Chandler Bing once said, “You’re supposed to stop the Q-Tip when there’s resistance!” Idk why but watching Saf poke around in her ear made me think of that lol

  • 909k
    909k Hace un año +10

    Safiya is like me when I have intrusive thoughts but she acts on them and shares it with us

  • odieoxenfree
    odieoxenfree Hace un año +41

    just wanted to say thank you safiya for always captioning your videos! it’s not something that’s incredibly common in larger content creators (for an array of understandable reasons, it’s a very taxing process), but it really helps! :]

  • kylakahrin
    kylakahrin Hace un año +21

    if i had a nickel for every time Tyler referenced Master Oogway and the “today is gift” quote in a video or stream i would have two nickels. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.

  • Elizabeth Puntos
    Elizabeth Puntos Hace un año +8770

    TikTok is also full of small businesses. It’d be cool to see you order the first five small business products! So anything posted by a created w/o being sponsored. I think the diff b/w the ads and non ads is gonna be crazy

    • Sari Celis
      Sari Celis Hace un año +90

      I was thinking the same, that'll be so interesting to watch and great for small businesses owners. It'll be like winning some kind of lottery.

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl Hace un año +27

      Also, they keep deleting my drafted videos once a week for no reason AND randomly the drafted videos are automatically set to post to "Only Me" as a private video instead of to "Everyone" like it normally is.

    • TR L
      TR L Hace un año +2

      Small businesses can buy ad's aswell

    • Kaz
      Kaz Hace un año +29

      @Scandi Snowgirl someone said that a business account can actually lower your views and everything :( it’s better to have a creator account apparently

  • Jaxan
    Jaxan Hace un año +66

    Can we just talk about how years ago she was trying random things, and she had someone create a new intro song for her I SPECIFICALLY remember her saying “I’m probably not going to change my intro song anytime soon.” And now she’s still using this one?

  • Emily Foley
    Emily Foley Hace un año +138

    Well, to be fair to the hair curler, it's not so much of a knock off, rather they're all the exact same and companies can pay to put their logo on it. It's the same as those Laser Hair Removers like Lux skin, Hey Silkly Skin, and other brands. It's the same device, but companies can pay to customize it.

  • Mehjabin Tasnuba
    Mehjabin Tasnuba Hace 9 meses +35

    How can someone make videos so professionally yet so entertaining!!
    Your videos just calm my mind ❤️

  • Tia L
    Tia L Hace un año +304

    I live locally to the Harney & Sons mother store. They have grown immensely in the last 10 years, it’s so cool to see you get their tea! You can go there and taste test their teas, I’ve had some insane teas from them (including campfire flavored.) Paris is my favorite of theirs and I’m not a huge tea drinker. You should try more!

    • XGuWaX
      XGuWaX Hace un año +2


    • EdgarAnalHoe
      EdgarAnalHoe Hace un año +3

      My fave from them is spiced cinnamon. So sweet and spicy 💖

    • Calico Critters Crafts
      Calico Critters Crafts Hace un año +2

      Paris is an All-Star please they should never get rid of it!!!!

    • Impossible 28
      Impossible 28 Hace un año +1

      What is Paris like? Comparable to? I don't live in the US so can't order from them but I'm always looking for new recommendations

    • HunterPup13
      HunterPup13 Hace un año

      After abbey tea garden vanished they were the only place I could find that sells my favorite tea, Soho

  • Brynn Roemer
    Brynn Roemer Hace un año +12

    I will watch an entire video of Tyler cleaning his ears and both of you screaming about how gross it is 🤣🤣🤣

  • Christine Brewer
    Christine Brewer Hace un año +1786

    I think my favorite thing about Saf, Ty, and their videos, is that they’re so well edited, shot, and put together, but it still feels like I’m hanging with a friend and laughing

    • fei
      fei Hace un año +1

      Liza Nia ™🌹 😟😟😟

    • Sunset Skye
      Sunset Skye Hace un año

      It’s in words

    • 1337
      1337 Hace un año +2

      You ACTUALLY feel as if you're friends hanging out?
      I'm genuinely wondering. I cannot relate at all and find parasocial stuff weird but it seems very common.

  • BearJoyner00
    BearJoyner00 Hace un año +34

    I think Matt, Saf, Steph, and Ty all playing Monopoly with lots of ridiculous trade proposals would be fun to watch.

  • Alyssa VanTuyl
    Alyssa VanTuyl Hace un año +10

    My mom and I bought butterfly pea tea about four years ago and you can actually add lemonade and it has the same effect, it'd probably taste better that way. We also would put ice in it and have it cold which was actually really refreshing :) hope this helps and you can get some use out of all the tea you bought lol

  • Kewtie
    Kewtie Hace un año +33

    After watching the tea one I started to think: I put turmeric in my tea, I could probably make it turn purple if I added baking soda... That probably wouldn't be a good idea though.
    (If you are wondering turmeric also reacts to bases and acids, but adding an acid just makes it turn brighter yellow, while a base turns it a soft purple. I know this because I once tried to get a turmeric stain out of clothing and the internet suggested lemon juice or baking soda, it did not work, but was a cool science experiment! RIP those shorts.)

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes Hace un año +34

    We have a tea shop by us that sells mainly Harney & Sons teas including the one you got. They have a ton of options with many of them being way more flavorful than the peaflower one. I definitely recommend the cinnamon spice and chocolate and rose hip flavors they have. Just an FYI for anyone out there.

  • aydin
    aydin Hace un año +13

    Fun Fact: the dried blue pea flowers is native to South East Asia. And in my country which is Malaysia, the flowers is used as a colouring for our delicacies!

  • Mister Dollz
    Mister Dollz Hace un año +4497

    If Safiya is bringing this series back, then I think that she should do a video on Twitter ads.

    • irrelevaant idiot
      irrelevaant idiot Hace un año +113

      I'm sorry you have to deal with these spam bots

    • Starbean Plays!
      Starbean Plays! Hace un año +3

      Kaylie Nguyen LMAO

    • S En Garde
      S En Garde Hace un año +18

      Me too! And I think one of common ESclips sponsors (e.g. Audible, that sunglasses company, that mattress company, etc.)

    • K
      K Hace un año +17

      Please don’t make this poor woman join the cesspool that is twitter

  • Lexi Bean
    Lexi Bean Hace 6 meses +4

    When I was a bartender I’d use the butterfly pea flower all the time to naturally change the color of drinks but I’ve never thought of just drinking it on its own

  • Lynx Dia
    Lynx Dia Hace un año +4

    Safiya should do the same thing but different outfits through the week! The pizza fun outfit looked super fun

  • Nickey G
    Nickey G Hace un año +2

    Safiya, I love your videos. Unlike other influencers, I feel like I can count on you to tell me the real truth. not just whatever you need to say to sell products. It's too hard to trust anything these days. Never stop what you're doing.

  • QuiteContrary
    QuiteContrary Hace un año +22

    The only times I've ever seen Pea Flower is in fancy cocktails where it's layered to gradually change, I never thought people would drink it on it's own.

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith Hace un año +7

    20:19 I laughed too hard, especially at Safiya’s facial expressions 😂

  • Ash T
    Ash T Hace un año +5189

    “I’m a millennial, and we are suckers for stupid Harry Potter shit.”
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    • SamichMachine
      SamichMachine Hace un año +31

      I mean. Not all of us. If we support trans folks. But.

    • Kai
      Kai Hace un año +4

      I've never liked Harry Potter (boring to me lol), but I always get sucked up in the aesthetic of it all lmao

    • PaperbackFern || Robin Williams
      PaperbackFern || Robin Williams Hace un año +8

      @SamichMachine I mean. You can still love Harry Potter. And trans folks. By shopping small for merch.

    • Edwin Newman III
      Edwin Newman III Hace un año +4

      Me a Gen-Z: *Hey, I like HP too!*

  • Crazy-Ane
    Crazy-Ane Hace un año +4

    You and Tyler are wonderful. Thank you so much for doing these videos. It certainly brings me so much joy and defo a number of chuckles!

  • Purple Pencil
    Purple Pencil Hace un año +4

    I’m so thankful that Safiya adds subtitles; thank you!

  • La gobba di Aigor
    La gobba di Aigor Hace un año +13

    Saf!! Butterfly pea flowers are used a lot in South Eastern Asia! From colorful jellies, drinks and sweets to flavouring for rice! If you search up some recipes you'll be amazed by their versatility!
    Hugs and kisses from Italy!

  • Hey It's Jay
    Hey It's Jay Hace un año +4

    This series from Safiya is EVERYTHING .

  • Lisa Hoshowsky
    Lisa Hoshowsky Hace un año +21

    Butterfly pea flowers are great for making simple syrup with and then you can use it in anything from magical lemonade instead of sugar to fancy mocktails to alcoholic beverages. Just add a citrus and it’ll change colours. You can also do it with purple cabbage if anyone wants a cheap duper stead of buying the leaves😉

    • Anna H
      Anna H Hace 10 meses

      Hell yes thank you for the purple cabbage tip

  • Mariela Rodriguez Ureta
    Mariela Rodriguez Ureta Hace un año +1859

    "I'm a millenial and we are suckers for stupid Harry Potter sh!t" I have never felt so attacked by something I 100% agree with.

  • Ève B.
    Ève B. Hace un año +6

    Watching Safiya curl her hair, makes me sooo happy I have naturally curly hair 😆

  • Kathy Den Bleyker-Thomas
    Kathy Den Bleyker-Thomas Hace un año +7

    Saf: It's not butterfly PEE it's butterfly PEA!
    Tyler: Thanks you for the clarification!

  • Ria Sahvoz
    Ria Sahvoz Hace un año +5

    Am I the only one who’d love to see Saf do a small business haul?

  • Natasha
    Natasha Hace un año +7

    Butterfly pea flowers are mostly used for cooking at where I'm from. We just use it as a natural food colouring for cakes, rice and stuff. Hahaha I kept thinking how it's such a scam cos it's literally just dried flowers that you can easily pick.

  • Cat T
    Cat T Hace 2 meses

    Tyler is the only 1 that can get actual use out of Dentist horror movie Prop😂

  • Jennifer Hutchens
    Jennifer Hutchens Hace un año +1470

    As the person who made all of Hellofresh’s TikTok ads in 2020, I’m very excited for this

    • Safiya Nygaard
      Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +446

      LMAO I SAW UR ADS!! i must be right in the target demo

    • zigzag2299
      zigzag2299 Hace un año +21

      The Wild West of TikTok ads - 2020

    • Jennifer Hutchens
      Jennifer Hutchens Hace un año +58

      It was rattling to look at the numbers and see how many people had heard my voice 😂

    • Ena1122
      Ena1122 Hace un año +4

      Ooooo what a legend

  • Welcome To The Void
    Welcome To The Void Hace un año +5

    I usually can’t stand being late to the party and missing out on entertaining creators (especially on YT) Buuuttt, on the plus side, I have sooo many videos I can binge by Safiya. Silver linings ^_^

  • BRB
    BRB Hace un año +5

    I got to the part with the hair curler and the beeping had my cat saying “nooooo” so I had to stop there haha. Thanks for testing these products so we don’t have to!

  • sunshine 🌈
    sunshine 🌈 Hace 5 meses

    Actually, instead of drinking the butterfly pea, you can use it to cook pasta, which results in a purple pasta, or you can use it to make rice (like nasi kerabu). We plant them at the back of our house :)

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    christinapeter Hace un año +2

    I actually bought the hair curler when I saw it originally advertised on Zozoroe‘s page. It was way cheaper than 50$ and I actually like it a lot. So if you‘re interested, the original product is pretty good. BTW I bought it because I am really bad at doing my own hair lol, so it‘s pretty easy to use

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    Mohd Afiq Mat Razai Hace un año +1562

    As a Malaysian, we use butterfly pea flowers (locally known as "bunga telang") to make blue rice for our special rice dish, "nasi kerabu", and colour other dishes and desserts as well. So don't just limit the flowers to only teas.
    Also, Vanilla Comoro and London Fog by Harney Teas are so good!

    • Disgruntled Pelican
      Disgruntled Pelican Hace un año +15

      Does it add much flavour? It might be nice to use in cookies or bread to add colour?

    • AudreyEKim
      AudreyEKim Hace un año +12

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    • Anastasia Sabrina Zuraimi
      Anastasia Sabrina Zuraimi Hace un año +61

      @Disgruntled Pelican there's no flavour in the butterfly pea petals/powder, just the colour. Cook your rice with butterfly pea petals to turn the rice blue. If you add acid to butterfly pea tea, the tea will turn pink or purple!

    • řəņéė
      řəņéė Hace un año +11

      In the Philippines we call it blue ternate and we also put it in rice😃

    • im a drawer
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    randomgirlxrulz Hace un año +2

    My roommate is Thai and she's been making me butterfly pea flower tea since forever! She adds pandan leaf powder to the tea since it doesn't have much flavour on its own. She also drinks it chilled. If you squeeze the lemon on top, the reaction happens much more slowly, and you get this beautiful gradient!

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    Safiya and Tyler, I doubt you’ll read this comment, but on the off chance you do I felt like I should share this info. A nurse friend and I were discussing earwax a few decades ago. Everyone either of us talked with, who has excess earwax also had high cholesterol unrelated to diet and exercise. If Tyler hasn’t had his cholesterol checked, it may be a good idea. Her sons were very fit teenagers with high cholesterol. My husband and son also have the high cholesterol, excess earwax thing. I have almost no earwax and normal cholesterol, unless I made bad food choices prior to bloodwork.
    If this helps anyone to get checked and have early treatment then I’ll be glad I shared.

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    - it changes color/colour
    {okay but i just got to the part where tyler sang, “i can show you the world” and i think i’m going to cry}
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  • Pascale R.
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    Oh, and the curler, you just need some practice. You twist the hair once where it's going to go in so it fits in the curler better, and hold the curler higher up your hair. Point the opening outwardly, and hold the button down until it beeps that it's done then release.
    Now I want that tea. Lol I'll put flavor drops in lol

  • จี้จี้
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    For the butterfly pea tea, here in Thailand we use it for dying our food in dessert or in rice dishes. I can recommend a beverage, a cold refreshing drink by adding honey, lime juice and ice. ☺️

    • Melada
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      I'm also from Thailand. I agree with this comment, a cold beverage of butterfly pea tea with honey and lime juice tastes great!

    • JC
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      The first time I was exposed to the tea, was in 2017 on a trip to Thailand! One of the hotels I stayed at, gave it to us as a complimentary drink on some occasions! Since then, a boba shop has opened in my city, and they use the tea a lot. I love it in drinks with other stuff in it as well, but even just the plain tea was good!

    • Athena Manussos
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