I Wore Digital Clothes For A Week

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! So, a couple of months ago I got this ad on facebook for "digital fashion" - which, as a weird fashion lover, piqued my interest. So, I decided to use the DressX digital fashion service and "wear" digital clothes every day for a week to see how it turned out -- and then I posted those pictures to instagram to see what you all thought of my virtual digs! Which outfit from this week was your favorite?
    You can check out DressX's website here!
    Quick note -- these looks that we bought are not NFTs, and most of DressX's looks are not NFTs -- (the ones in the app are also not NFTs) -- they seem to dipping their toes into that space, but for now it's mainly just photoshopping individual images!
    Also, the shots in the art museum were taken in the middle of the summer, when mask mandates were lifted!
    This video is NOT sponsored!!
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    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Nez Covington
    Jordan Schneier
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 2 años +10253

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you guys enjoy our romp into digital fashion!! honestly, even though i started off thinking it was kind of dumb -- i ended up liking some of the looks we ended up with 👀 lol don't kill me. what do you guys think of our digital looks?? also, just to clarify -- these looks that we bought are *not* NFTs, and most of dressx's looks are not NFTs -- they seem to dipping their toes into that space, but for now it's mainly just photoshopping individual images! xoxo, saf

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea Hace 2 años +7


    • MN Kpop
      MN Kpop Hace 2 años +3

      safiya esclips.com/video/50TiF6xJ23s/vídeo.html

    • Ekayyy
      Ekayyy Hace 2 años +12

      Seems so cool to me honestly, thanks for all the content you :)

    • sunbeambluecat
      sunbeambluecat Hace 2 años +3

      This was such a cool video

  • Cationna
    Cationna Hace 2 años +7052

    I can't believe we've actually arrived at "digital clothes for your Internet persona because what you seem like on social media is so much more important than real life" stage of dystopia already.

    • Cassandra Lovejoy
      Cassandra Lovejoy Hace 2 años +457

      These are the exact words to describe the feeling of dread I had watching the video

    • Rowan Ramirez
      Rowan Ramirez Hace 2 años +183

      Absolutely. Dread is the word.

    • N. Val
      N. Val Hace 2 años +28


    • Juan Perez
      Juan Perez Hace 2 años +36

      It's not that social media is more important than real life sometimes it's just for the fun of it lol

    • Rowan Ramirez
      Rowan Ramirez Hace 2 años +231

      @Juan Perez if it was just for fun it wouldn't cost 30-1000 dollars.

  • Anuvia
    Anuvia Hace un año +6295

    I'm a digital artist and I have to say; I hate this entire concept, lol.
    What it entails is that these companies hire someone to make a 3D Model of a dress or outfit that they cause edit in a 3D software such as Blender/etc and "form it" to you. They come in all sizes because they can easily be deformed in these programs. Once the dress is shaped to your photo, someone takes that crop and brings it into photoshop and they edit it on to the model in the photo, and from the looks of it, they're not very good at it. They don't even account for lighting/atmosphere or even add shadowing to make the fabric appear is if it's actually on your body; it's just a very basic rush job in Photoshop that you get to pay for. This is why actual digital artists exist; because we have the ability and knowledge to make a "photoshop job" have some layer of believability. While I respect the creativity in this Hussle, it's still pretty much a scam in my honest opinion. While yes, someone is taking the time to design and render these outfits, in the end it's for the sake of giving you a very lazy product that you could probably ask your teenage kids to do for you and get something equally as believable.

    • Hikaru
      Hikaru Hace un año +386

      Totally. They make you feel like you're buying the flashy fashion, but what you're actually purchasing is a digitally altered photo of yourself, and that product appears to be rather sub-par.

    • owlchaser
      owlchaser Hace un año +203

      I totally agree! none of the photos looked realistic at all, and it bugged me to no end that she kept saying they're so realistic even when i can see it from a tiny thumbnail and KNOW its photoshopped on badly. its so bad i really hope this isnt what fashion turns into

    • Anuvia
      Anuvia Hace un año +109

      @rubrb Nah, you misread me; I was saying most teenagers are probably better at photoshop than the companies she paid. The average teen knows far more about photo editing/etc than older generations. I said that people would be better off paying their teenagers to do this because they'd do a better job 😂

    • Stara Ndeath
      Stara Ndeath Hace un año +5

      As a digital artist shouldn’t you be in on this too? This can be profitable for your line of work. I don’t understand why you creat digital art and hate photo bashing simultaneously

  • Finnegan Rasmussen
    Finnegan Rasmussen Hace un año +1864

    As a 3D artist, I find it really interesting how many people didn’t see right through the outfits right away, since the photoshop jobs weren’t bad for the price paid, just….. not very good in terms of consistency and lighting. To me they all looked fake from a mile away, but not necessarily awful, just strange.

    • Rose
      Rose Hace un año +45

      The thing with that is like, if you don't come into it knowing there's photoshop involved then it's just like there's something weird here but Idk what it is

    • kt
      kt Hace un año +19

      I think on social media people are wont to overlook shoddy/ unprofessional photoshop since everyone edits the photos they post. But yeah as a graphic designer i can totally tell especially with the lighting angles and shadows, and the different resolutions between the photos and the 3D render. The shadows and blending the edges of the render into the photo are just atrocious

    • Finnegan Rasmussen
      Finnegan Rasmussen Hace un año +6

      @Rose definitely! Of course that happens with many people. It’s just easier to spot specific reasons why it looks “off” when you’ve done similar things yourself. :)

    • Finnegan Rasmussen
      Finnegan Rasmussen Hace un año +1

      @kt oh yeah, I totally agree XD I wonder what sort of pipeline they have for all of this, professional editing is expensive and time consuming, I don’t know how these price points are lining up with a big company involved, either o.O

    • Dark_Red_Echo
      Dark_Red_Echo Hace un año +4

      I think there’s a possibility that people who are online more consume so many edited images it just doesn’t occur to them to question things as much anymore-There’s a possibility they know that everything is retouched to some level or another, so they just assumed that it was a bad retouch job as opposed to an actual fake outfit. I think there’s also a culture of it being almost rude or mean to point out when someone you like is retouching their photos, which might keep people from saying something.
      I was pretty disturbed by some of the photoshop jobs though-it worries me that this company is contracting out the editing to some kind of digital sweatshop where an artist gets paid 2 cents an image or something. That’s the only reason I can think some of these would have been done in such a mediocre fashion.
      That would also match generally with how we know the tech industry treats creatives-They love to middleman between us and our customers so that they can make most of the money and deliver a suboptimal experience to people on both ends. (Edited for spelling error).

  • Don Kongo
    Don Kongo Hace un año +800

    Why don’t we just start a new era where we all learn how to sew, and upcycle clothes into bonkers new fashion we ourselves invent? 😏

    • bones
      bones Hace un año +13

      sewing is harddd!!!

    • StarWin
      StarWin Hace un año +41

      @bones but extremely worth it, I'd say

    • Tate Mitchell
      Tate Mitchell Hace un año +25

      What a great idea! We'd be like the punks in the 70s/80s, but even weirder!!

    • - TobiDrinksToast!! -
      - TobiDrinksToast!! - Hace un año +22

      @bones honestly it’s not my mum taught me in 5 minutes and from then you just need practice

    • fitzgerald
      fitzgerald Hace un año

      lol that’d be hilarious 11/10 would participate

  • Blooop
    Blooop Hace un año +3411

    Just to be clear if this company does end up doing NFT's, the electricity one dress would burn would be more harmful to the environment than if you bought a physical version, flew it to you, and just threw it out immediately.

    • Vilux -R
      Vilux -R Hace un año +246

      Thank you, for real, thank you. I pretty much just a few days ago learned about NFT's... and why they're harmful, and it's just so crazy to me that even on that level, we can fuck the environment. Like, I learned from this acrylic pouring artist that did a few of those, just what those were, and I'm just here wondering... why?
      And I wonder if this is going to be the next generation (if theres one by the time we reach our older years...) technology that will just confuse us immensely when we get older. I doubt it, I think that the impact they have is just too much, but at the same time, when have they ever cared about it?
      I still havent been able to grasp the concept fully as of now, specially since many of the people that talk about them just absolutely dismiss the impact that they have, but, time will tell I guess.

    • S Dreaver
      S Dreaver Hace un año +13

      There are much more efficient NFT minting options than ETH that relies on proof of work. Proof-of-stake tokens are like 100x more efficient

    • kimmyyy
      kimmyyy Hace un año +82

      ☝☝☝ NFTs can also die

    • Soos
      Soos Hace un año +117

      Yeah its a dumb scam, they never cared about the environment if they are planning to use NFTs

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin Hace un año +218

    "Cheaper digital versions of clothes!"
    The clothes: $35 for a single dress.

    • Susanne Eby
      Susanne Eby Hace un año +8

      Actual cheap dresses are 30 bucks nowadays.... they must buy some expensive rich people brands in the most luxurious places of new york to think 30 bucks is "cheaper"

    • bananabuttersomethin
      bananabuttersomethin Hace un año +10

      @Susanne Eby If they're new, yes. But at least you get to wear them more than once.

    • pptenshi
      pptenshi Hace 8 meses +1

      that’s the price for a pretty cheap dress nowadays tho. Some of the clothes on this website is like 200 bucks tho. maybe that’s a better example?

    • Twisha Krishna
      Twisha Krishna Hace 7 meses

      SMH. These people literally make it into a whole different thing on its own.

  • FateDelamorte
    FateDelamorte Hace 2 años +14251

    As a professional retoucher, these guys did a piss poor job of the photoshopping. I'm actually surprised people were fooled by any of it.

    • Screaming Opossum
      Screaming Opossum Hace 2 años +1629

      As someone who did 3 years of photoshop in high school, I COULD DO BETTER.

    • jacques Stevens
      jacques Stevens Hace 2 años +1019

      especially the final dress? the texture on the chest is so flat and low rez what the heck

    • Bonnie H
      Bonnie H Hace 2 años +1346

      as a person w just eyes, it looks very obviously photoshopped

    • Maéva Fontaine
      Maéva Fontaine Hace 2 años +508

      For me the first one wasn’t too too bad (I still could see that it was photoshoped) but after that it became more and more obvious…I do understand tho people saying it looked good in the sense that if she did have the real clothes it’d be cute but the editing itself was awful 🥴

    • Anni Mo
      Anni Mo Hace 2 años +520

      They didn’t even do any shadows. And the sharp edges hurt my eyes

  • Jake Reinert
    Jake Reinert Hace un año +4194

    I can see this being realistic as a cheap sustainable source of cute looks for Instagram, memories, etc. but the price would need to be waaay lower for it to be accessible.

    • Toadfrend
      Toadfrend Hace un año +96

      Unfortunately the process of making the files for virtual clothing uses up so much energy that it is actively harming our environment. NFTs are not sustainable.

    • a.b.
      a.b. Hace un año +147

      @Toadfrend these aren't NFTs though, just 3d models photoshopped onto pictures.

    • HeyThereMister
      HeyThereMister Hace un año


    • III II III I
      III II III I Hace un año +31

      @Megan Ryan the fashion industry isn't sustainable either, that hasnt stopped anyone from wearing clothes.

    • Laetitia Sales
      Laetitia Sales Hace un año +84

      I think it’s very, very sad…like….you’re paying to have a fake dress put on you so you can post a picture on Instagram…? How can someone be so obsessed with socials and self-image to reach such a level?
      It’s honestly scary…

  • Alyssa Pfluger
    Alyssa Pfluger Hace un año +1246

    Kind of interesting that they're trying to sell this as an eco-friendly disruption of the fashion industry, but through terribly damaging and unsustainable NFTs

    • Fiona
      Fiona Hace un año +7

      What’s nft?

    • Alyssa Pfluger
      Alyssa Pfluger Hace un año +94

      @Fiona NFTs are the non-fungible tokens - essentially those unique digital Blockchain tokens that can be used to sell unique digital art. However, they are incredibly detrimental to the environment because they are very resource intensive

    • Fiona
      Fiona Hace un año +8

      @Alyssa Pfluger oh like bit coins

  • Toadfrend
    Toadfrend Hace un año +555

    Can we please talk about how harmful NFTs are for the environment and how the fashion is preying on consumer’s lack of knowledge to sell these products??

    • Isabella Morris
      Isabella Morris Hace un año +13

      I don't think these are NFTs (or at least were sold to Safiya as NFTs).

    • EnzoIsRandomness JL
      EnzoIsRandomness JL Hace un año +43

      @Isabella Morris What Safiya bought was not an nft, they are talking about when she mentioned it

    • Maria Paula
      Maria Paula Hace un año +10

      can you explain it better? I don't understand why NFTs would be bad for environments, since it's virtual

    • EnzoIsRandomness JL
      EnzoIsRandomness JL Hace un año +42

      @Maria Paula they way they are bought uses the same amount of electricity a house would use in a day.

  • jamie Lazarus
    jamie Lazarus Hace un año +1861

    Its like sims CC creators have finally found a way to break into high fashion and make money off their virtual creations.

    • IcedCat
      IcedCat Hace un año +156

      ive seen better cc than some of the clothes tho. like what was the texture of the first one how did people think its real

    • Dumb Gay Enby
      Dumb Gay Enby Hace un año +92

      Nah, a CC creator could probably do better

    • kimmyyy
      kimmyyy Hace un año +63

      How dare you, sims fashion was MUCH better 😂😂😂

    • cottodotto
      cottodotto Hace un año +42

      Sims CC creators have been slaying though, even their announcements of new creations are better than the advertisement of these digital clothes

    • Vega
      Vega Hace un año

      So accurate!

  • La gobba di Aigor
    La gobba di Aigor Hace un año +229

    This is scaring me.
    Sometimes I think people forget that Instagram is an accessory to our lives not the basis.

    • ZephyrinSkies
      ZephyrinSkies Hace 6 meses +1

      This hit it right on the head. This is a symptom of how there's more effort into looking happy than actually being happy.

  • Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon
    Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon Hace 2 años +3248

    This feels like an elaborate prank in the vein of "The Emperor's New Clothes" fable. Either that or I've finally just gone insane. I give it a 50/50 probability.

    • Sonja Persch
      Sonja Persch Hace un año +70

      I feel the same about this whole digital art thing, when I first learned about it I felt pranked and still kinda think I'm in crazy town anytime I see someone selling NFTs for hundreds of dollars.

    • Mary Hossack
      Mary Hossack Hace un año +4

      No no you’re right

    • Sophie
      Sophie Hace un año +25

      @Sonja Persch digital clothes vs digital art is completely different.. the clothes make actually no sense-like you still need clothes whether we’re a digital age or not. digital art, however, is something so needed in our also digital society. believe it or not, the computer doesn’t do shit for you when it comes to drawing (unless you use stamps and stuff which i very much hate). art (i’m referring to painting and digital painting and such medias) will always require creativity, talent, and effort, all of which digital art still requires. i don’t understand how people can criticize digital when other art like abstract exist (which i know you didn’t say that, i’m just putting that out there). nfts are a great way for artists work to not go unappreciated in this digital age, since people harness the idea that digital =/= art, which just isn’t true. i can definitely see how it looks that way though, considering things like digital clothes exist, but once you become more accustomed to digital art, you can understand the effort behind it.

    • Craig Wimberly
      Craig Wimberly Hace un año +25

      so im not the only one who immediately thought of that story??? at the risk of sounding like a boomer its 2021 and i can still barely stomach the concept of paying for reusable cosmetics in a video game...... and now we're paying for single use cosmetics for our actual selves ???? for what??? insta likes???

  • TheAnnaShowUk
    TheAnnaShowUk Hace un año +865

    Would love to see how they manage photoshopping around a wheelchair. Even real clothes designers don't get wheelchairs

    • francesca francesca
      francesca francesca Hace un año +56

      That's actually a very good point. Thanks for sharing it, I'll keep it in mind!

    • V :0
      V :0 Hace un año +67

      That would be great to see if they are actually as "inclusive" as they claim to be

    • Isabella Morris
      Isabella Morris Hace un año +20

      Tbh, this is actually a GREAT use case for digital clothes (being able to wear very impractical or impossible clothing that normally you wouldn't be able to, including because of wheelchair use). So I think doing this right is important.

    • Tiny Valkyrie
      Tiny Valkyrie Hace un año +30

      @Isabella Morris As a wheelchair user, I’m not wild about this concept. It kinda feels like a cop out… you can’t have cute real clothes, so here, have some digital stuff. I also highly doubt they could make any of this work with a chair without upping the price, which feels gross also.

    • Isabella Morris
      Isabella Morris Hace un año +8

      @Tiny Valkyrie I'm not a wheelchair user so can't speak at all about the practicalities of it - yeah, you're fully right. Thanks for the new perspective and apologies if I was being a bit thoughtless.

  • Cami Kaye
    Cami Kaye Hace un año +114

    ok but i still can’t get over how perfectly and effortlessly photogenic saf is

  • Shannon Phillips
    Shannon Phillips Hace un año +724

    This is insane!! Paying $80 for something you can't actually wear??

    • Emilia Lindberg
      Emilia Lindberg Hace un año +48

      Or $1000+

    • S Dreaver
      S Dreaver Hace un año +12

      @Emilia Lindberg $1000 is not crazy for an exclusive NFT considering what people pay for gifs and jpegs

    • Soos
      Soos Hace un año +59

      @S Dreaver we live in a weird time

    • Chris Bailey
      Chris Bailey Hace un año +51

      @S Dreaver I i'm paying thousands of dollars, I would like it to be a useful physical object.

    • S Dreaver
      S Dreaver Hace un año

      also, don't really have to spend thousands. The vast majority of digital fashion items out there are 50 or less

  • Industrialover
    Industrialover Hace 9 meses +130

    $40 for a non-existent dress, I can't

  • Hipyo Tech
    Hipyo Tech Hace 2 años +25478

    $1000 for a virtual dress... it better come with friends or something

  • Zeineb Ben Khallouk
    Zeineb Ben Khallouk Hace un año +339

    I love how people keep feeding into literal scams.
    Yes it's a service,but it's very expensive for how bad the photoshop is

    • Choco bear
      Choco bear Hace un año +9

      Agreed. It's a fun idea but the work is so awful

    • Dark_Red_Echo
      Dark_Red_Echo Hace un año +40

      Honestly, that’s why I’ve been watching this channel less and less lately.
      It used to be funny when she’d buy stuff that she knew it was a scam, but with this one she seems almost completely unaware how big of a scam it is, or she doesn’t feel comfortable calling it what it is if she knows.
      It’s just really frustrating to watch her make a video about something that’s so obviously a rip off like this, and then also talk about NFTs, which are a whole separate MAJOR scam, and just be kind of blindly optimistic the entire time. I love her and her optimism, but sometimes, you need to come back down to earth and point out the serious problems with something.

    • tasty sardine
      tasty sardine Hace un año +4

      @Dark_Red_Echo that needs to be a standalone comment

  • Izzie Em
    Izzie Em Hace un año +1674

    This is such an incredible waste of money, but I appreciate the idea, since you're paying for a service. However, their photoshop abilities are ROUGH, and I don't understand why they'd be offering a service that isn't very good? Maybe I'm overthinking things, because we pay for digital services all the time, but other than reducing clothing waste (which there are other, more fiscally responsible and easier to access options for), what's the point?

    • Chris Bailey
      Chris Bailey Hace un año +13

      This idea is great for special effects in movies!

    • trishad
      trishad Hace un año +4

      @Chris Bailey also they could make fashion shows/runaways with this kinda of stuff

    • The Tinykid
      The Tinykid Hace un año +23

      @Chris Bailey Cgi already exists though? Most movies have a separate team for it. A movie would literally never use this kind of app for its special effects and neither would a runway.

    • Völundr Frey
      Völundr Frey Hace un año +3

      The AR-thing could be used as a virtual changing room to let you try before buying online, in fact that's been a thing for ages.
      The actual service seems more like a service for influensers and they already upload obviously doctored photos so I don't think quality is much of a concern there.

  • Anna Chewter
    Anna Chewter Hace un año +74

    i literally could never justify spending 30 dollars on virtual clothing

  • brianne333
    brianne333 Hace un año +420

    As other digital illustrators have chimed in on this, I think to me every single one of these was painfully obvious in it's photoshopping. A few of them are worse than Snapchat filters. I don't say this as a way to put down the overall concept, but it seems to me that most people won't be fooled by these. And at their pricing level, the only people who could possible afford this anyhow are people with so much excess that they don't know what to do with it. Maybe one day this is a concept that can be revisited at a much more affordable price (one that most people could afford) - because this is the sort of thing that would mostly see success from the average person having access to it and wanting to use it on their Instagram etc.

    • S Dreaver
      S Dreaver Hace un año

      I know of a rising project that is doing just that.

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 Hace un año +24

    Something about Safiya is comforting to me and idk why, I just feel like she is a genuinely friendly person.

  • TigrisTheLynx
    TigrisTheLynx Hace un año +7904

    As an artist, it kills me that they didn't shade the clothing or Saf's legs/body to match the newly-draped clothes. It's definitely contributing to the fake appearance for most of these.
    EDIT: Stop replying to this. It's old. I don't need criticism. If you don't like my comment, just ignore it.

    • lil keyla
      lil keyla Hace un año +149

      hopefully that will be fixed as they work on it more-

    • Jiji Poid
      Jiji Poid Hace un año +267

      This is EXACTLY what i was thinking of.. I saw it instantly and I am just kind of mediocre in skill. It is pretty bad photoshopping imo. Looks like a rushed job to me. Or maybe done by people not very familiar with the surrounding tones, lighting and shadow.

    • Wisteria Waves
      Wisteria Waves Hace un año +106

      They should shade it to match the surroundings. Shadows aren’t just black

    • Honey Sean
      Honey Sean Hace un año +33

      FRRR THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT. Like, why don't they give at least som shading to safiya's skin, or whatever 😩

  • Katelyn Dunn
    Katelyn Dunn Hace un año +209

    I would like to see a I wore sims4 auto generated outfits for a week. Anyone who has played the second sims knows that it would be disastrous

    • spaghetti jpeg
      spaghetti jpeg Hace un año +1

      If she does an outfit from every game I will lose my absolute mind

    • Rosetea
      Rosetea Hace un año

      Yes she should totally do this lol

  • Tigger
    Tigger Hace 2 años +196

    Conceptually, I love the idea and potential of AR content. IRL, everything about how it's being implemented in society is horrifying to me

    • mdude625
      mdude625 Hace 8 meses

      You will own nothing, and you will be happy.
      Brought to you by your friends at the World Economic Forum 😃

  • maybememory1
    maybememory1 Hace un año +14

    I mean, if you think about it, I’m sure in the olden days people had the painter paint them in a marvelous gown and jewels they didn’t have 😂

  • Color Enthusiast
    Color Enthusiast Hace un año +632

    This honestly just gives me major "Ready Player One" vibes....like we're getting closer to living the majority of our lives in VR, with virtual clothing and everything.
    Edit: Thanks for all the likes!

    • There's a theme here
      There's a theme here Hace un año +3

      'as if' *the majority of us* we're getting closer to living the majority of our lives in VR, with virtual clothing and everything...technologically speaking feasible but not very eco-friendly and goodness knows how Breadtube ( ^_^ plus Isaac Arthur) exists in part to persistently remind us why this stuff isn't happening. Note: I appreciate both.

  • M H
    M H Hace 7 meses +6

    I see that this channel is incredibly popular, but I’m new here 😂 I love the friendship between her and her husband (he’s the videographer right?) When they have little side conversations, it’s just a really cool little window into their closeness.

  • Safiya & Tyler
    Safiya & Tyler Hace 2 años +18789

    Once we they have the digital fashion line for pets we'll have to do part 2 with Crusty.

    • MN Kpop
      MN Kpop Hace 2 años +4

      safiya esclips.com/video/50TiF6xJ23s/vídeo.html

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea Hace 2 años +2


    • sunbeambluecat
      sunbeambluecat Hace 2 años +11

      I need this in my life

    • Charlotte
      Charlotte  Hace 2 años +5

      Pls put iced/cold coffee in the face mask maker (Eve) 🥰

  • Alana Carriles
    Alana Carriles Hace un año +140

    If it really is like NFT, then you should own it and be able to "wear" it whenever, I agree that its flawed if you have to buy for an individual photo.

    • Scribble Cloud
      Scribble Cloud Hace un año +3

      it wouldnt be realistic to force people to photoshop you for free for as many times as you want though lol

    • Rose
      Rose Hace un año +3

      If it's like NFTs then all you should get is a receipt.

    • MJF - Genet
      MJF - Genet Hace un año +14

      If it's NFT, it should be dunked to trash and shat on

    • Andrea Carvajal
      Andrea Carvajal Hace un año +8

      @Scribble Cloud could be cooler if you have access to the source files and edit them yourself

    • Rosetea
      Rosetea Hace un año

      Yeah :/

  • Karppiss
    Karppiss Hace un año +546

    The year is 2121. Everyone's walking around in extravangant, expensive looking clothing, or so it seems. In reality they are wearing suits that resemble something of a scubadivers equipment with special tech attached to them. A hologram of any clothing piece they have downloaded to their cloud appears on the surface of their suits, creating fashionable illusions, available for everyone (who can afford it with the cheap price of 9999.99USD)

    • Benita Anand
      Benita Anand Hace un año +37

      The possibility of this happening scares me

    • Douglas Griffiths
      Douglas Griffiths Hace un año +10

      @Benita Anand Same, but I won't be around at that time (and neither will anyone else alive today), so it won't matter to me. The closest I have to this concept is a pair of reflective sandals. (Jan Griffiths).

    • Cheesebiscuit
      Cheesebiscuit Hace un año +4

      Well , it could be a solution to overconsumption , or fast fashion ……😂

    • Florencia Horacio
      Florencia Horacio Hace un año +8

      That would be awesome tho, because you would own it and be able to used them in the real world were other people can see it as normal clothes, even if they don't exist. It would solve many problems of over consumption, even tho I prefer normal clothing. I would LOVE that these clothes exist in real life, they're very artistic and could really make it in the fashion world

    • Maaryx Art
      Maaryx Art Hace un año +9

      Think of all the wardrobe space you'd save though! They did it with cassette tapes and record collections being digitized onto ipods. It's only a matter of time before pocket wardrobes are a reality... **evil corporate laugh**

  • Accaillia Carter
    Accaillia Carter Hace un año +7

    Honestly this is just like when Snapchat was starting filters and it was big cartoon silly dog ears... Now just like 6 years later we've got realistic makeup looks and everything under the sun.

  • Marss 07
    Marss 07 Hace un año +24

    I love the idea of digital clothing for influencers or other social media users who just take a picture in an outfit for a post and then never or hardly ever wear it again.

  • Ohits Bre
    Ohits Bre Hace un año +5

    Can we just appreciate how absolutely beautiful Safiya is? Like she could be a model!

  • Alix
    Alix Hace 2 años +1835

    this concept is absolutely horrifying in all contexts EXCEPT for those girls on tiktok that call themselves fAsHiOn InFlUeNcErS but just buy thousands of dollars of shein and throw it all away within a week. 100% support this for THEM.

    • CatfactsPW
      CatfactsPW Hace 2 años +21


    • River Overland
      River Overland Hace 2 años +117

      Agreed, as a regular human, I would be smacked by my mom for buying something like this and for what? An instagram pic

    • Offensive Username
      Offensive Username Hace 2 años +58

      Thing is, why do they even feel the need to show off? Even if digital clothing is more sustainable (we still waste electricity), it still supports their low self-esteem, shopping addiction or any worse mental illness.

    • K F
      K F Hace 2 años +32

      @Offensive Username I suppose it’s their ‘job’ and they make money off of it, however this is far better than buying off bloody shein or Ali express

    • H.F
      H.F Hace 2 años +14

      @K F one of them at least tries to help poor people that needs clothing. the other is just a playground for rich people

  • Ki
    Ki Hace un año +9

    As an artist I think this is really cool, and it’s a very interesting way to showcase garment designs without the waste of actual fabric etc. for something that may only ever be worn once for, say, fashion weeks (especially in a time where virtual events and showcases have taken over).
    As a human being who has bills to pay, it absolutely infuriates me to be faced with a future where someone would spend life changing amounts of money just to digitally wear a designer item. Not saying Saf did that, just talking in a general sense of people who would spend thousands on one thing (akin to NFTs).
    That, and designer items are wearable art to begin with, so why not have that physical piece that’s been made with care and has a history within the fashion industry instead of a digital item that you could never truly experience?
    Tldr; it’s good for the fashion industry to showcase designs before production, but bad for use by the general public.
    Lots of conflicting emotions with this one lol.

  • Nomu
    Nomu Hace un año +8

    Someone NEEDS to actually attempt to make some of these crazy outfits 😂

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson Hace un año +12

    When I was little my aunt made magnetic paper dolls of me and my cousin that we put on the fridge and we had different dresses that would go on top and stick with the magnets. This is giving me that energy.

  • Nessa Ahmad
    Nessa Ahmad Hace un año +30

    These outfits are everything the met gala is always missing.

  • Morgan White
    Morgan White Hace 2 meses +1

    Forbes have already said that the ‘metaverse’ is totally crap as they have seen it so far, so I think their clothes will follow. Digital clothes are just another way to divide people and keep them indoors. Not for it but you personally are beautiful and have a stunning character. I loved it when you went to Besame. You look great! xxx❤

  • S
    S Hace 2 años +4120

    This seems ideal for clothing companies to "send" products to influencers to wear once

    • Yvonne Lasten
      Yvonne Lasten Hace un año +36


    • aaa color coded lyrics
      aaa color coded lyrics Hace un año +18

      That's actually genius

    • Bel
      Bel Hace un año +23

      Idk. The way it's photoshopped on is not necessarily the way it would fit in real life. It would definitely need to be disclosed at the very least that it's digital. So people aren't mislead.

    • Karleigh ElizabethLust
      Karleigh ElizabethLust Hace un año +4

      Or influencers get a “green screen” outfit that can be used for several different outfits several times. The opportunities are endless!

    • myla marie
      myla marie Hace un año +2

      @Karleigh ElizabethLust they never wear the same thing twice though

  • Eskiwen
    Eskiwen Hace un año +162

    Imagine paying for photoshops you could literally do yourself in 5 minutes, lmao
    As someone who actually super admires the 3d modelling scene and stuff with that, I was BOGGLING that you're not actually purchasing the clothing models, but what essentually amounts to a commission that looks like they just slapped your photo in their already made app and called it a day. The other thing too is that their models are so extremely simple and boring compared to the wild shit you can get up to with 3d models - when I'm thinking this doesn't come anywhere near to some MMD clothing models I've seen or shining nikki, that's a bad sign.
    At the same time, can't blame them for trying to grift cash from an audience that doesn't know they're being ripped off. That's capitalism, baby.

    • Eskiwen
      Eskiwen Hace un año +6

      vbddfy euuyt I am aware? I don't think i mentioned that in my comment.

    • S Dreaver
      S Dreaver Hace un año

      I would feel it at least has to be an NFT that I can export to other wallets.

  • Rebecca S
    Rebecca S Hace 2 años +6

    You picked such a fun selection of outfits! This was super interesting, I didn't know digital fashion was a thing before this and i was initially so confused by the title of the video haha :P I think the real way for the fashion industry to get more sustainable isn't this, it's focussing on ethical production and less excessive consumerism. BUT what a cool way to be able to design clothes and experience clothes that just like couldn't exist in the real world :o

  • Danielle Penhallow
    Danielle Penhallow Hace un año +8

    I think an interesting idea would be for actual photoshopped to be given the same budget and clothing concept and photoshop it to the same original pictures that Safiya took to see the difference

  • Sick Cicada
    Sick Cicada Hace un año +78

    The weirdness with the legs is a lack of a shadow, like the edges of the legs should be shaded and make more sense with the fabric. Im not a photoshop god, but in my digital design course we have done projects where we try and make a subject fit into a different background with different lighting, and changing shadows is important because without them its just jagged and feels wrong.

  • Jessica Mattes
    Jessica Mattes Hace un día +1

    One thing I find really interesting about this concept is that one of the value propositions (at least according to the marketing) of this service is that the clothing can fit any size, yet any photos I've seen of this service are on straight sized people. I don’t think I've seen any examples of these being "sizeless" because any examples I've seen have been of people that are roughly the same size.

  • TheMagicKnightress
    TheMagicKnightress Hace 2 años +4607

    It’d be nice if normal brand websites had this VR feature to “try on” clothes before buying to see if a style would actually look good on you before buying. It could probably reduce shipping waste and the returns conundrum where returned items just sit in a warehouse somewhere (think Amazon…)

    • TheShauNanigans
      TheShauNanigans Hace 2 años +102

      I really like this idea. Of course you will still run into the issue of the item simply not being made the way you thought in some instances, but likely far less often. I would really love some new pants, for instance, but at 4'11" buying pants in the actual store is just as much of a struggle as online.

    • Sarah Weaver
      Sarah Weaver Hace 2 años +8

      Amazon does have this SORT OF already, for like TV's and some furniture and such, so it's not too far fetched tbh

    • Ceridwynn Haven
      Ceridwynn Haven Hace 2 años +4

      Yes!!!! 100% agree!!! ✨🖤✨ I love this idea!!!

    • Amanda Rae
      Amanda Rae Hace 2 años +7

      fast fashion sites like shein and fashion nova would benefit greatly with this

  • tracy reznik
    tracy reznik Hace un año +19

    Tbh this idea isn't all bad if they did a good job w photoshopping it. It's a smart way to create fashion jobs and intricate pieces with less environmental damage than fast fashion typically brings

  • Kia Nakagawa
    Kia Nakagawa Hace un año +9

    Let's be real, e-fashion is getting us ready for future Sword Art Online type VR. This is only the beginning! But on the real Safiya is dominating that last dress though!

  • hylamyc
    hylamyc Hace un año +11

    I like the idea of wearing cool clothes once without waste, but the crew needs a better photoshopping job lol

  • Just Jules
    Just Jules Hace un año +24

    for the pricing issue with the pictures. i think a nice solution would be to lower the price of the outfit itself(only by a bit) and make each individual picture worth maybe 10-20$ maybe lower or higher depending on the complexity. so you could get multiple for generally the same price range.

    • Moka Peach
      Moka Peach Hace un año +2

      well with 10 dollars you can only pay maybe 10 minutes of the time of a retoucher, you can't get that price for a good integration, or it will came out worst than what has been done in the video '----'

  • SayderCascading
    SayderCascading Hace 6 meses

    In a world where fast fashion is among the bigger industries that cause a lot of waste (and has a lot of malpractice), I *really* like this idea. It's definitely not to the affordability point I think it should be at yet, but this is a good start. Augmented reality continues to improve, so I hope to see their AR app get better too. I also really like that they don't change your body shape but instead fit the clothes to your body - would be really interesting to see how good they are at photoshopping clothes onto a variety of body types.

  • Britt's Vids
    Britt's Vids Hace 2 años +1215

    There are digital dresses worth way more than my actual wedding dress. That's enough of society for today

    • Deipatrous
      Deipatrous Hace 2 años +39

      money does not measure worth. it measures how much someone, somewhere is willing to pay for it

    • FromFame
      FromFame Hace un año +7

      we live in a society

    • jankk
      jankk Hace un año +16

      For $1000 it better come with an actual dress

  • AllTimeSad
    AllTimeSad Hace un año +13

    the closest ive come across this is with taking a 2x2 picture where they digitally added a collared shirt w/ blazer because it was for my resume. i can definitely say i wore digital clothing in 2015

  • zeereael
    zeereael Hace un año +1

    This video is so entertaining. Thank you for making these. I'm watching them during difficult times and laughing so hard. Before this, I was watching the platform crocs video and laughing and reliving my own moments of wearing high heels to a beach and falling down just like you
    So thank you Saf. Much love. ❤️

  • Megharoni
    Megharoni Hace un año +3

    As a graphic designer who is absolutely NO expert on Photoshop.... I gotta say I can still spot bad Photoshop and I would've clocked ALL of these digital outfits with, perhaps, the exception of the last one. (So I believe the cost is going into the skill of the Photoshopper and if you want something convincing, you gotta pay more.) EDIT: Oh but the sleeves of the purple one were done VERY WELL and I might've instead thought you just photoshopped something in your own photo.

  • fauna
    fauna Hace 2 años +1

    I cant even believe that such a supportive man like Tyler exists in real life. You guys are a dream couple

  • FaeryB0mb
    FaeryB0mb Hace 10 meses +1

    How is Safiya not a model already?

  • YuiHoshi
    YuiHoshi Hace 2 años +1361

    I love how possitive her instagram comments are, it doesn't matter how crazy, ugly or outrageous the outfit is, everyone expects it from Safiya and they just support her weird fashion choices 😂❤

    • M water_moon
      M water_moon Hace 2 años +3

      I know, I'm sitting here thinking being able to show the awesomeness of her commenters is the only reason this has any real benefit

  • Casey Hoolahan
    Casey Hoolahan Hace un año +8

    Safiya posing is just a reminder of how stunning she is! Like girl! 🔥Making Squidward cosplay look high fashion! Lol

  • lizzfrmhon
    lizzfrmhon Hace 7 meses

    If the manage to ever make them look more natural and real, it could be a cool thing if we all walked around with VR glasses to check out everyone’s digital clothes.

  • Astarte66
    Astarte66 Hace un año +1

    This would be a fantastic tool for future aspiring clothing designers and artists to create and get inspired. Interesting stuff albeit a bit pricy in my opinion.

  • Leila M
    Leila M Hace un año +3

    This video has been live for a couple of months and I just realised digital fashion is the reason why Gucci was looking to hire digital artists at the beginning of last year (I know that because a friend of mine who works as a texture artist got that position)

  • ratbaby
    ratbaby Hace un año +3

    They really need to make these one time purchases and it’s in your “closet” forever

  • Catriona Lindsay
    Catriona Lindsay Hace 2 años +1533

    I love this concept for enabling designers to fully go wild with their creativity and make garments that needn't conform to the constraining laws of physics, and I can totally see this as something that would be amazing for influencers and photographers to use instead of wasting clothing. I also imagine for new designers who maybe don't have the money to bring their clothing to life irl, this could allow them to profit off their work anyway, which is rad.
    However, I don't really see how it's useful for the average person, since most people want to actually wear they things they buy multiple times, but there's nothing wrong with this being more a tool for artists/aspiring artists I guess.

    • Pamela Guerra
      Pamela Guerra Hace 2 años +46

      idk about the new designers thing, digital arts programs can be pretty expensive specially 3d ones. I agree with everything else though, it's a tool for artists as well as a good way for fashion influencers to get to show and try a lot of clothes without contributing to the giant mountains of clothing trash we've been having a problem with in the last decade or so

    • canned_can_chan
      canned_can_chan Hace 2 años +29

      I guess its more for influencers who take lots of photos and cant repeat outfits

    • strayiggyTV
      strayiggyTV Hace 2 años +11

      I could envision a near future where they finally nail AR glasses and businesses pop up where you buy clothing that shows up in AR. Like you sell clothing with qr codes on it that link up to a digital clothing brand and you can digitally wear the clothes irl. It's hard to explain lol

    • Maria Lua Albus
      Maria Lua Albus Hace 2 años +14

      This concept is cool for a digital spin on high fashion, all the guests watch the models with VRs and such. But even that can be considered problematic because haute couture is quiet prominently about breaking through the challenges and limitations imposed by the materials, that's why it's a form of Art.

    • LoonyHalfBlood
      LoonyHalfBlood Hace 2 años +8

      Oh my god. Okay so i work in quinceañera, and currently because of the pandemic there's been an uptick of people wanting those huge poofy ball gowns solely for photos. I can imagine using that for. The girls that only want to do a photoshoot and don't want/can't do the huge party. It would be so useful.

  • Blaise Avey
    Blaise Avey Hace 2 años +2

    I genuinely love this conceptually. Although they really need to rethink their prices and realism, I love the idea of anything that can cut down on excess clothing manufacturing.

  • sexual taco
    sexual taco Hace un año +2

    It reminds me of a story I read as a child. A merchant sold gorgeous invisible cloths to the a king to make amazing robes lol
    When he went to show his people, he was just completely naked.

  • Mits
    Mits Hace 11 meses +2

    i dont know whats more frightening the idea that safiya spent actual money for these god awful photoshops or that the majority of her instagram audience didnt realize the god awful photoshop

  • Zullala
    Zullala Hace 6 meses

    I could apply clothing to my body using PicsArt and get a pretty similar look...
    I love the idea of being able to interact with art in this manner but I really wanted to look better haha

  • バモス東海
    バモス東海 Hace 2 años +879

    Respect to Safiya for developing seven distinct yet almost completely black outfits here. Very consistent.

    • JDM
      JDM Hace 2 años +4

      Absolutely, it's one of the thing si love about her 😂

  • Queen Legitimate
    Queen Legitimate Hace un año +2

    I think it helps that you are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Saf! Seeing the clothes on you also makes me feel like I myself could pull some of this off. It definitely needs to be so that you can build a digital clothing closet. If one is paying for digital clothing surely you should be able to own it for multiple photos.

  • Banana :D
    Banana :D Hace un año +1

    i am just appalled with how extremely expensive each seperate item was, like that is absolutely insane

  • Camille Edsall
    Camille Edsall Hace un año

    Not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite videos you've made so far!! I LOVE THE WAY THIS VIDEO WAS MADE!! WE LOVE YOU SAF!!!!!

  • Mongeeses
    Mongeeses Hace un año +1

    I know I’m kinda late to the party, but I want to share some thoughts on digital clothing!
    I think it should be treated more like any other artist’s commission than traditional fashion. In my opinion, digital fashion has way more in common with the former. You are paying an artist (or artists) for a cool looking picture, just like how you pay an illustrator to draw or photoshop you. The only difference is that it’s specifically about a piece of digital clothing (In this case the artists who designed the photoshopped assets, the clothes, are getting paid as well). Looking at digital fashion in that way makes a whole lot more sense to me. Even if you still don’t really get it I think it’s childish to say it shouldn’t exist. If things were decided to exist based on whether I thought they were dumb or not there would be a lot of stuff that would cease to be, stuff other people do actually like. Basically respect stuff other people find enjoyable as long as it’s harmless.
    Something that was pointed out a lot is that the ps job isn’t great. I agree with the fact that they could be a lot better. Providing the ps artist with some notes and reference I think would provide for a far better outcome. For example if you are posing for a digital jacket you would take a photo of yourself without a jacket and one with a jacket. Not only are you giving reference for the artist you are also giving yourself a better idea on how to pose and compose the shot. Also, maybe not wear black, because shape and shadow is often lost in black. Wearing a different color or even something with a consistent pattern (like a grid) would lessen the guess work for the ps artist and could provide a better outcome.
    My final point is pay. The audience for this sort of stuff is niche and presumably well off so I think upping the price wouldn’t be too much of an issue. IMO the 3D modelers/animators deserve more pay for what they did. Designing, modeling, and animating clothes is not easy nor cheap! A higher cost would also most likely incentivize the ps artist to do a better job. I’ve seen people pointing out that other ps jobs are way more expensive than the price that was paid in the video. Again treat it more like an artist’s commission rather than actual clothing (That $1,000 one should’ve been better, IMO it doesn’t have the excuse the cheaper ones had). I think this (potential?) industry is great for digital artists who want work outside of more traditional commissions and NFTs (Some people are confused and think what Saf shown were NFTs, but they simply weren’t. TBH I think they don’t even resemble NFTs that much outside of the surface level fact that both are digital).
    I think digital fashion could be a better, but overall, I’m looking forward to see digital fashion improve and evolve! It’s still young so hopefully there will be a shift sometime soon. IDK how many people are gonna see this comment, but I hopefully I laid out my thoughts reasonably!

  • Валерия Сапожникова

    I didn't liked most of the designs on this website, but some rare of them are really helpful just as idea to make something more normal-looking and more comfortable to wear. Just thank you for introduce me to this site, it's really helpful. I'm sure i will take idea and make something comfortable and sew it.

  • UmBeijoNaBunda - Alice Portugal

    Why their photoshop is so bad, tho? For a paid service it should be much better 🤔 What you did here was a public service, now we know it's not worth the investment yet

    • Minipop 103
      Minipop 103 Hace 2 años +522

      The lighting in the pictures isn't exactly right. I feel like they should ask for a panorama of the environment you're taking photos in: in order to get better lighting and reflections on the clothes.

    • TesserId
      TesserId Hace 2 años +156

      Too few ping-pong balls for real-time, I'm betting. And, they're never going to get a true skin tight look at this level. It's always going to look like something stretched over a plastic mannequin. That ping-pong ball technology is desperately going to need an upgrade.

    • TesserId
      TesserId Hace 2 años +119

      @Minipop 103 They are a long way away from matching lighting to the environment. I just watched how VFX experts do that over on the Corridor channel, and it's a labor intensive process involving multiple stages of captures. It's just not going to happen in the next decade.
      That said, the flouncy stuff looks pretty good, at least at the places where you expect to be flowing away from the body.

    • English at Heart
      English at Heart Hace 2 años +22

      Why don't people use the actual word "though"?

    • Aesthetic Pastel
      Aesthetic Pastel Hace 2 años +127

      @English at Heart why don't people use the actual words "do not"?

  • fionatastic0.0
    fionatastic0.0 Hace un año +22

    I really like the idea of this technology because I personally like taking photos at aesthetic locations during vacation and such but it’s so inconvenient to wear fancy clothes when you’re going to be traveling all day and I just don’t want to keep a huge wardrobe of things I might only wear a few times in general. I also would really love to wear the costume-ish avant-garde outfits but at the price they’re at, you might as well buy the real thing. I think the technology is just too underdeveloped in terms of quality and too expensive right now to be worth it. Glad you tried it out!

  • Rebecculous
    Rebecculous Hace 8 meses

    Very interesting exploration into a product that made ZERO sense to me before watching. Thanks for checking it out for us! ❤

  • Hey it’s Lori
    Hey it’s Lori Hace 7 meses +2

    The only thing about this, is that they are claiming to get rid of sizes and clothes, yet you still have to have clothes to use this!!!

  • Naomi Mallory
    Naomi Mallory Hace un año +2

    Just casually watching breakfast TV on a Sunday in Australia and they're talking about digital fashion. Next minute it cuts to Saf trying on all of the clothes 😂

  • Vixensplayground
    Vixensplayground Hace un año +1

    Awesome video as always, Saf! Honestly though, I don't really see this as being a super bad thing, *IF* they had the intention of selling the physical clothing. As a sort of, less embarrassing dressing room scenario. Like, "Hmm, how would this look on me ___ months postpartum?" or, "How would this work with my *insert descriptor word here* now?"
    However, considering the price point, and how shit the Photoshop is, I think it's a scummy scam for catfishing and that's disappointing.

  • Alyssa Taylor
    Alyssa Taylor Hace 2 años +1867

    The concept is pretty cool, and I especially love the idea of having the fun of fast fashion without the environmental impact, but the photoshop needs a lot of work. The unrealistic light and shadows are the biggest issue to me. But to be fair, looking at these pictures on a small phone screen in Instagram hides a multitude of photoshop sins, especially if all I do is casually scroll through.

    • Jennifer Criss
      Jennifer Criss Hace 2 años +17

      NTF’s just as bad for the environment as plastics. I was the one who “Berated” Saf on YT. One evil is not worse than the other. There is still a huge Carbon footprint when making e fashion.

    • Hannah Richey
      Hannah Richey Hace 2 años +39

      @Jennifer Criss these arent NFTs its 3d models photoshopped onto people

    • Annika S
      Annika S Hace 2 años +52

      @Jennifer Criss The energy issues with NFTs only happen with the blockchain/cryptocurrency aspect that makes them "exclusive". This digital fashion is not exclusive, it's just photoshop - no more energy than digitally drawing something or editing a video. Actual crypto/NFTs suck ass, but this isn't them.

    • crusty bobusty
      crusty bobusty Hace 2 años +9

      @Jennifer Criss but e fashion isn't being sold through crypto is it?

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Hace 2 años +7

      @Jennifer Criss girl calm down

  • Brittany Panda
    Brittany Panda Hace 2 años

    I think i only learn about obscure fashion trends by watching these hilarious videos of yours. I wish you posted more often, but i understand why you dont. Great video🤗💜💙

  • Jel OwO
    Jel OwO Hace 7 meses +1

    I think the concept makes a lot of sense. Because people on instagram are buying the outfits to wear once anyway for their job. the digital is more sustainable (considering its a 3d model and photoshop, not an nft) and it lets you have more options and more unrealistic options. the photoshopping would need to be better to be useful to influencers actually wanting to make photos and content from this. probably not useful for the average person unless you do a little photoshoot with friends for fun and you can get some cool photos of you guys in silly outfits
    i was surprised people were fooled by the bad photoshop, but then i remember the excessive filtering that people believe are legitimate. it boggles my mind how people will argue and say these overly filtered people actually look like that. i feel like the idea is good but the photoshopping is way too bad, and the price would end up being a lot higher for good ones

  • Laine Miller-Kennington
    Laine Miller-Kennington Hace un año +1

    Is it just me or does Safiya SERVE as a model

  • Kelly O'Donnell
    Kelly O'Donnell Hace un año

    i could listen to safiya for hours everyday- her pacing and rhythm, vocabulary and reference choices, and just the overall tone and sound :') *chef's kiss*

  • mishili
    mishili Hace un año +2

    I loved all of the photos taken, with and without the digital clothes ❤️

    • Hannah Young
      Hannah Young Hace un año +1

      Yes! I think it's great that saf was willing to evidently step so far out of her comfort zone and have more skin exposed. She's gorgeous and I can't love her enough

  • I’m Marissa
    I’m Marissa Hace 2 años +3875

    It’s so odd to think you just spent all this money on clothes you can’t actually wear.

    • PugLover
      PugLover Hace 2 años +353

      True and either ways it looks fake
      I don’t think it’s worth it

    • Divya
      Divya Hace 2 años +311

      And that you can only "photograph" once

    • Zapp Mple
      Zapp Mple Hace 2 años +145

      You basically paying the artist who created the clothes and the photo editor.

    • Lara İpek
      Lara İpek Hace 2 años +116

      i guess it makes sense for influencers tho :/

    • beo & babygirl
      beo & babygirl Hace 2 años +124

      seriously, I was confused. you pay for the clothes to be photoshopped on you but you can't have the item? 😭

  • Gwen
    Gwen Hace un año +35

    I'm struggling with how expensive this is vs how it looks. If it was flawlessly done then I get it, but it's not

  • Jazzy Baby!!
    Jazzy Baby!! Hace un año +4

    The pics that she took in the art gallery looks great without the dress!!!❤❤💜💜💜

  • eclectiYan
    eclectiYan Hace un año

    I' m photographer and I can say that for each outfit there should be the right place to wear it and the right model for it, everybody knows that! When I make photoshoot I make sure that the environment and the styling if the the model match!

  • LoveFrom713
    LoveFrom713 Hace un año

    OMG I love this!!!! I would definitely do this for like a birthday outfit/dress, but maybe later on when their photoshop skills get a little better

  • Desirae’s Mentality is Declining

    YOU LOOK SOOOOOOO GOOD WHILE TAKING PICS! ty for this video safiya

  • NinjaNerd007
    NinjaNerd007 Hace 2 años +2425

    I look at this kind stuff as the most useless "what is the point" kind of companies. It blows my mind that people would spend money on virtual clothes... especially so much money... So I give you props for doing this so those of us who would never get to see the experience and judge if we're missing out on something. In this instance, I did not think the photos were worth the cost.

    • NayLouise24
      NayLouise24 Hace 2 años +85

      Tbh, this is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever heard

    • Giulia D
      Giulia D Hace 2 años +66

      Why is it so mind blowing to you? It can make sense for a lot of stuff. People who make a living out of fashion pictures could use this instead of overconsuming, and since it doesn't exist there's no limit to the creativity. One comment mentioned that in the movie industry it's pretty common to dress up actors in virtual clothes. I just think it's a super cool thing

    • Meow
      Meow Hace 2 años +93

      @Giulia D But wouldn't it be cheaper to pay professional photoshop artists to draw clothes for you? Not to mention that they could photoshop it properly with all the shading etc. Paying thousand of dollar (Some of them) seems a bit much to me.

    • Douglas Griffiths
      Douglas Griffiths Hace 2 años +32

      I couldn't agree more. I don't see the point in it either. People are letting technology run their lives way too much. We need to get back to the simpler life we had like in the 80s and 90s. Those were much happier times, and not so complicated. (Jan Griffiths).

    • Giulia D
      Giulia D Hace 2 años +20

      @Meow you're forgetting the design. That's what you're actually paying. Yes you can ask a photoshop expert to do it and it would be cheaper but it would be a graphic tee and that's not the point. I will agree that the photoshop on the cheap ones looks botched, what can you expect though? You can't have an original design and a good photoshop job for only 30$

  • Ennis Skalski
    Ennis Skalski Hace un año +2

    I knew they were going to screw up the hat before you showed anything. Their obvious weakness is with integrating the digital clothes into physical reality, and a fur hat has so many points of interaction they'd need to model your whole head and probably some hair too just to begin making it look acceptable.

  • Sally
    Sally Hace 2 años

    Ok also can we talk about how good Safiya is at posing? like WOW she looks SO interesting nothing more than leggings and a crop top/sports bra!

  • Nádia Marinho
    Nádia Marinho Hace un año

    OK but all the original photos that you took looked BOMB. Safiya Hadid!

  • Shyla Crouch
    Shyla Crouch Hace un año +2

    I never question anything saf posts 😂 I just like it and think wow that’s cool and move on. I guess we all know her too well