I Went Vintage Shopping Across Asia

  • Publicado el 28 ago 2021
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! So for a bit of a throwback video, this week I'm going to be showing you guys some long-lost footage from our East Asia trip in 2019, where we went shopping at 8 different vintage stores in 3 different countries.
    Now 2 years ago, we went on a trip to East Asia for three weeks, to visit Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong to explore beauty & fashion trends, different shopping experiences, and cheese.
    And while we were there, I thought it would be cool to visit a couple of vintage clothing stores in each location to see how they compare to each other, as well as how they compare to vintage stores back in the US. And also of course to gather myself an international vintage clothing haul. What do you guys think??
    RinRin's channel: / rinrindolljapan (English channel)
    / rinrindolly (Japanese channel)
    HojuSara's channel: / seoulsarang9095
    TinyTip's channel: / @hyunvlog
    Taylor R's channel: / taylorr1488
    You can find more from the stores here!
    Kinsella - kinsellatokyo
    Dog Harajuku - pCTE4gIXpxWB/
    Punk Cake - punk_cake
    Hantage - hantage_off...
    Ring My Button - ringmybutto...
    Vintage Bonnie - vintage.bon...
    Mee & Gee - meegeeco ( meegee_co)
    Midwest Vintage - midwestvint...
    Resources to learn more about what's been going on in Hong Kong -
    BBC articles about 2019 protests & beyond:
    Vox borders videos:
    • China is erasing its b...
    • Hong Kong’s huge prote...
    Also, all of this footage was filmed in 2019, pre-lockdown, so that's why we are flying around & not wearing masks! RinRin is wearing a face mask in one shop, but that's because she had a cold at the time. And, there is a "no photos allowed" sign visible in Dog, but we did get permission to film there!
    This video is NOT sponsored!!
    My Instagram: safiyany​
    My TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@safiyany?
    Our new livestreaming channel: / safiyatyler
    ESclips shorts: / @safiyashorts
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    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Nez Covington
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 2 años +13598

    HELLO FRIENDS!! here is a bit of a ~throwback~ to some long-lost footage from our east asia trip in 2019. i hope you guys enjoy it, even after such a long time, and here's to hoping we'll all be able to travel again sometime soon ❤️ as mentioned, all of this footage was filmed in 2019, pre-lockdown, so that's why we are flying around & not wearing masks! RinRin is wearing a face mask in one shop, but that's because she had a cold at the time. and, there is a "no photos allowed" sign visible in Dog, but we did get permission to film there! xoxo, saf

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R Hace 2 años +9085

    This turned out so good!! I want to go back to Midwest now and grab a fringe jacket 😍 Miss you guys, come back soon! ❤️

    • Hama Mail
      Hama Mail Hace 2 años +25

      You should. That factory jacket in that colour, is luv. And that fringe jacket, looks hefty!

    • Areeb Productions
      Areeb Productions Hace 2 años +1

      I upload photo editing tutorials on my channel.

    • strange144
      strange144 Hace 2 años +11

      @swiftme swiftie Imagine this: People live in Asia and shop in those stores and DON'T go back "home" to the states. I know, revolutionary.

    • swiftme swiftie
      swiftme swiftie Hace 2 años +2

      @strange144 for the local population it makes sense but why is she shopping there

  • S
    S Hace un año +1409

    R.I.P HojuSara. 🖤🖤 I will always remember your charming smile and just how happy, bright, and lovely you always were. You brought sunshine and joy to all of us. My deepest condolences to the loved ones of both Sara and Hyun. 😔☀️🕊

  • Nelsaline
    Nelsaline Hace 2 años +5865

    the Japanese thrift stores literally had me foaming at the mouth. every shot contained something I wanted to buy istg

    • Victoria B
      Victoria B Hace 2 años +231

      I felt the same in the two korean pastel stores! So many things I loved there!

    • GutterMouthGirl
      GutterMouthGirl Hace 2 años +76

      I saw a vest with Rancid patches and I was soooooo sad it wasn’t looked at. A punk’s vest, at least to me, is really special because we put them together ourselves.

    • Captain Bones 🎗👑
      Captain Bones 🎗👑 Hace 2 años +33

      I wanted the leather jackets so badly

    • Snow999
      Snow999 Hace 2 años +16

      Same, they had some amazing clothes

    • tanuja
      tanuja Hace 2 años +6


  • dkalisd
    dkalisd Hace 2 años +2374

    Safiya, as a Hongkonger, I really appreciate that you have mentioned the protests of Hong Kong and linked articles about it. Thank you so much! And this vlog, even if it's 2 years late, is still amazing as always as your other videos!

    • Whitney Dahlin
      Whitney Dahlin Hace un año +1

      I don't get why she can't travel? Everything is open again? People are going on vacation to Japan every single day. Also why can't she hang out with her friends? I don't get it? Do they just never hang out anymore? There's no way that's because of the pandemic. Her state isn't even in lockdown anymore and hasn't been for a long time. I just feel like something else is going on here and it doesn't have anything to do with the pa ndem ic

    • minh082
      minh082 Hace un año +26

      @Whitney Dahlin You have to quarantine at a hotel for 7 days in Hong Kong ( it was 14 days a few weeks ago)

    • Casper Ghostly
      Casper Ghostly Hace un año +47

      @Whitney Dahlin covid is still happening and people are still getting sick and dying bruh.

  • Pebbles Rock
    Pebbles Rock Hace 2 meses +25

    My deepest condolences to hojusara. What a great soul she was

  • Ellen Thompson
    Ellen Thompson Hace 2 años +2506

    Almost preferred getting to see this with some perspective and nostalgia attached. It was less jarring in some ways then going and finding old material to watch again. You answered my questions and acknowledged the gift of travel. Loved it! So glad you had time and space to make this video :)

  • 호주사라 HojuSara
    호주사라 HojuSara Hace 2 años +11770

    I’m so excited that this is out! I know we filmed it like two years ago but it does not feel like that long ago! I still love how you found the only black clothes in the pastel and pink vintage stores haha 😂 Tiny and I miss both of you guys! Hopefully we’ll get to see you guys again soon! We’ve found many more delicious restaurants to take you guys to for the next food tour! Some of them may include cheese... 😉

    • 현 Hyun
      현 Hyun Hace 2 años +458

      Miss you Safiya & Tyler from 🇰🇷
      저번에 너무 재밌었어! 또 놀러와! 🤗✨

    • Akiyah Smyth
      Akiyah Smyth Hace 2 años +6


    • renee
      renee Hace 2 años +16

      south korea seems so cool! i would love to visit one day

    • Hama Mail
      Hama Mail Hace 2 años +27

      12:35 Oh my goodness, how can you drop a spicy bomb like that!? 😱
      ... we always knew 😏
      Luv ya both!!!

    • MKH
      MKH Hace 2 años +47

      Omg can't believe this was that long ago. Ahhhh pre pandemic :(

  • Forever Eternity
    Forever Eternity Hace 3 meses +19

    May Sara rest in piece, I’m sorry for your loss Saf…she was wonderful, I hope that even so long from her death that you are all able to reminisce happily about your memories with her ❤

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown Hace 3 meses +42

    Can’t believe Sara’s gone…something about her energy is comforting

  • Yoga With Bird
    Yoga With Bird Hace 2 años +1315

    oh my gosh, please make more of these when you travel! I loved seeing all the styles hehe so cool 🤩

  • Jynnger
    Jynnger Hace un año +393

    Awww this video coming up suggested today is kind of sad but still good. Rest In Peace Sara still finding joy in seeing you in videos

    • L'Enchanté Rose
      L'Enchanté Rose Hace 11 meses +5

      What happened?!

    • Seiashun
      Seiashun Hace 11 meses +15

      @L'Enchanté Rose She passed away from leukemia

  • Sailor Swashbuckling Savvy
    Sailor Swashbuckling Savvy Hace 9 meses +82

    rewatching these videos of sara now is so beautiful and heartwarming

  • RinRin Doll
    RinRin Doll Hace 2 años +15995

    This feels like another lifetime ago! Great video as always~ miss you guys! (the fedex jacket was 🙌🏻)

  • Samii Serrano
    Samii Serrano Hace un año +229

    Came back to watch this video because I just read the news that Sara passed away recently. I started to watch a few of her videos after this video Safiya uploaded. May she Rest In Peace 🕊

  • 0128rachel
    0128rachel Hace 2 años +371

    I am from Hong Kong and I haven't been home for a year, and your footage is giving me so much emotions TT thank you so much for mentioning the situation and showing such a beautiful side of my home!!!

  • Colleen McKibben
    Colleen McKibben Hace 2 años +370

    One of my happiest memories is just lying on my bed with my cat watching a Safiya Nygaard video before dinner. For some reason in that moment I just felt absolutely in peace with the world, and happy and loved.
    My cat of 12 years died last week from cancer, but before he did I got to lie on the floor next to him and watch the first half of this video and listen to him purr for a bit longer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this video anytime soon, but it was really nice to get to have that goodbye to him

    • kaitlynkuz
      kaitlynkuz Hace un año +20

      I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m glad you had one last happy moment with him, may he Rest In Peace ❤️❤️

    • txallie
      txallie Hace un año +9

      Sending love, so sorry for your loss, so glad you got to have such special last moments and lovely memories. It’s not goodbye just see you later. he’s at peace and playing over the rainbow bridge. ✨ 🌈

  • Lena Elisabeth シ
    Lena Elisabeth シ Hace 2 años +110

    Lol, I love how they went to Asia to see American thrift stores 😂

    • Miron Andreas
      Miron Andreas Hace un año +9

      Well, they were already in Asia. That wasn't exclusively the reason they went, afaik

    • TheBestGina
      TheBestGina Hace un año +10

      Eh, if the biggest/most popular thrift stores make a decision to sell the Americana vibe, it's hard to not include it I guess? America just happens to be glamorized and romanticized in other countries :p

  • Foxymama 2003
    Foxymama 2003 Hace un año +88

    Nothing says “you are an old lady” like watching someone in 2019 try on a black ruffled shirt that you OWNED and WORE in 1981!

  • Yo Queen
    Yo Queen Hace 2 años +3081

    Honestly safiya’s videos are so timeless, this was literally two years in the making and it’s still amazing.

    • Areeb Productions
      Areeb Productions Hace 2 años

      I upload photo editing tutorials on my channel.

    • Suzy Q
      Suzy Q Hace 2 años +3

      I know! I still watch all her older videos, it’s like a comfort to me :)

  • Katie Sewell
    Katie Sewell Hace 7 meses +17

    So bittersweet rewatching this today. I’m so sorry for your loss Safiya, Sara was such a lovely bright person. And she also made so many puns! ❤❤❤

  • Brighton J
    Brighton J Hace un año +45

    The middle dress at 20:45 was so crazy to see! My grandma brought that dress back from Hawaii for my mom as a souvenir before I was born. Then my mom later gifted it to me and I used it to play dress up! Crazy small world stuff 😂

    • qwakzy
      qwakzy Hace 4 meses +1

      @Sentinel Aboson bro what?

  • Madison Melvin
    Madison Melvin Hace 7 meses +31

    I miss Sara so much. I am so sad she is gone. She was such an amazing person.

  • Dior Carson
    Dior Carson Hace un año +52

    Japanese thrift has hands down been one of the best experiences of my life, everything immaculate

    • Dandymite
      Dandymite Hace 4 meses +1

      I have to go, just have to

  • Cap'n Bootz
    Cap'n Bootz Hace 2 años +158

    This comment is likely gonna get lost in the sea, but I've been getting back into Saf's adventures and videos the past few days, and I gotta say they really brought me back to "myself." I dunno what it is about the bad makeup science, and the clothing hauls and cringe humor, but I feel more -me- than I've felt in a looooong time. Like I actually want to dress up and go out and be social again.
    So if you ever see this, thanks. I appreciate your content and your presence on this platform.

  • Andrea Alcorn
    Andrea Alcorn Hace 2 años +2155

    When Saf said “I got so much positive feedback from you guys that I’m feeling confident now” after she decided to get the bucket hat, that warmed my heart for some reason. 🥺

    • Amelle Kyre
      Amelle Kyre Hace 2 años +63

      She looked so good in that hat im glad she got that confidence and that hat

    • Matt Redding
      Matt Redding Hace 2 años +13

      The bucket hat was really perfect, it had the ideal fit for her and exactly the right amount of floof. I'd like to see her style it with maybe a colorful ribbon, or one or two pins.

    • Dr Dre
      Dr Dre Hace 2 años +1

      Dont dislike it

  • Tanin Cat
    Tanin Cat Hace un mes +2

    i like how they didn’t over-shop and didn’t buy things they didn’t need/actually want

  • J Marshal
    J Marshal Hace 2 años +770

    It’s funny people talking about travel as the “before times”. Travel is just a dream for me. It’s something I see other people doing, that other people experience, but I don’t even think of as a possibility for myself. So that aspect never changed for me - now everyone is in the same boat as me, but can at least wait expectantly for the time when they might be able to travel again in the future. Rather than never even thinking about it happening.

    • Halloween All Year Round
      Halloween All Year Round Hace 2 años +28


    • Thejdreamerzful
      Thejdreamerzful Hace 2 años +24

      I 100% Agree. I've traveled before and but that was once and it's all I could afford. Travelling is a luxury-- that's why I really don't mind not getting the Vaccine if it means I could never travel again.

    • Emma X
      Emma X Hace 2 años +39

      Go make yourself a life long friend (you'll know because they'll stick w you) or family member and gather enough money together to travel if you cant save enough money on your own, thats what I have done in the past. Travelling IS a luxury but everyone deserves a break. And if you cant afford travelling abroad, hey, you can just have a staycation :)

    • Snow999
      Snow999 Hace 2 años +26

      Same, I wanna travel so bad, and go to Japan one day, but Idk I’d that’ll ever happen

    • Q B
      Q B Hace 2 años +14

      A comment I can relate too. I've been to a couple of countries within my own continent of Asia. But I did want to be able to travel freely to the countries I haven't visited in Asia and also in Europe. With the pandemic and difficulty in finding a job that pays beyond the minimum wage, Idk if this dream will ever happen.
      Don't get me wrong tho, I do like to live vicariously through videos like these, and I enjoy them.

  • Purpleish Panda
    Purpleish Panda Hace 7 meses +29

    Sara is watching all of us from the clouds 💕☁️

  • Wen-Ting Ong
    Wen-Ting Ong Hace un año +13

    safiya, there's been an update to the HojuSara account.. and quite shocking. I'm glad that you introduced so many different people from around the world. Take care of yourselves, everyone!

  • FlameShade
    FlameShade Hace un año +77

    Rest in Peace Sara. We'll never forget you.

  • MonkeyBonesGeorge
    MonkeyBonesGeorge Hace 2 años +2009

    Really love that Safiya made sure to mention the stores are still operating and how one is currently only available online. Looking out for small businesses no matter where they are.

    • Anna H.
      Anna H. Hace 2 años +7

      absolutely :D only saf would do that

  • LYMental
    LYMental Hace un año +25

    It feels so crazy see HojuSara here wishing her the speediest recovery!!!!!

  • KatieLu Weeman
    KatieLu Weeman Hace 2 años +38

    Can we all just appreciate how beautiful Saf is and how adorable she looked in all these outfits?

  • San
    San Hace 2 años +24

    there's just something so comforting about your travel vlogs, combined with the retrospective of missing things like travel and hanging out with friends and exploring new things. keep up the great vids!

  • Kotifilosofi
    Kotifilosofi Hace 2 años +100

    I feel like this was the exactly right timing for this video. A refreshing glimpse from the past, is exactly what we need right now.

  • lumiere
    lumiere Hace 2 años +64

    Much love from a Hong Konger - thank you so much for letting others know what's been going on 🥺❤️

  • Jess Carter
    Jess Carter Hace 2 años +3357

    Saf - please don’t think for a second that just because you filmed something a while ago, we wouldn’t want to see it! We don’t care how long it takes you to get the video together, we love all your content! Current stuff AND from the vault!

  • kmack black
    kmack black Hace un año +15

    Rinrin looks soo good in that purple hat. It was a short quick clip of her trying it on near the very end of the video but it caught my eye so much that I rewinded it and paused just to appreciate how cute it was.

    • Musica Nota
      Musica Nota Hace un año +1

      Yeah she looked like a Jiangshi!

  • Jhoanna Acasio
    Jhoanna Acasio Hace un año +7

    They are such a cute couple! Its not often that you see a husband shopping with his wife and complimenting her on her choice of apparel and a wife who actually acknowledges and considers his opinion!

  • Lisa Petot
    Lisa Petot Hace 4 meses +3

    This is total inspo for our upcoming Japan trip! Thanks for deciding to make it- so happy we can travel again!

  • Pip -
    Pip - Hace un año +14

    I love Sara and Saf's chemistry! So lovely, it makes me miss travelling just watching. Can't wait to travel again and hunt for these stores for no reason.

  • Stefff
    Stefff Hace 2 años +6

    I love how supportive and caring Tyler acts, they are such a special couple ❤️

    • Stefff
      Stefff Hace 2 años

      Frankie Coraline May I ask why traveling is not an option for you? I hope, you are fine and healthy!

  • Kasper Stenbom
    Kasper Stenbom Hace 2 años +1158

    I simply just love how supportive Tyler is- especially complimenting Saf when she's trying out clothes- if you look at the sterotypical boyfriends they are just NOT about shopping with their girlfriend, but Tyler's such a keeper ✨

    • Tempestaires
      Tempestaires Hace 2 años +43

      Yes ! It was so adorable to hear him complimenting Saf and her clothing choices ! It's lovely how they're able to share these moments together 😊

    • AC C
      AC C Hace 2 años +28

      He’s her husband, so yes he’s a keeper.

    • Martha Hawkinson-Michau
      Martha Hawkinson-Michau Hace 2 años +14

      I mean, she put a ring on it.

    • Dearth of Doohickey’s
      Dearth of Doohickey’s Hace 2 años +6

      It helps that Safiya is the type of girl that makes shopping fun 😉

    • Amy Jay
      Amy Jay Hace 2 años +7

      This is one of my favorite things about my fiance. He likes to go shopping with me and see me try on different outfits. Sometimes I ask him to pick outfits for me to try on too.

  • agatha
    agatha Hace un año +21

    though im probably biased since im asian myself, your east asia videos are definitely my favorites to rewatch over and over again. i'm looking forward to more possible future asian content once the world's gone back to normal! :))

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M Hace 3 meses

    I always love the rapport that Saf and HojuSara have in their videos together!

  • taylor
    taylor Hace 10 meses +5

    I studied abroad in Korea for fall semester 2019, and I spent way too much money on clothes there lol. There are a lot of really cool shops around I-hwa and Hongdae that sell cheap, modern day (and sometime fast) fashion. I loved the clothes I got from those shops, but I really ended up treasuring the clothes I hot from the vintage shops that were mostly in Hongdae. I got things like a) a dark green mid length skirt that feels very 50s, b) some cool metallic silver shoes that I ended up leaving behind bc they gave me clown feet, c) an adorable cropped yellow turtleneck sweater, d) leopard print suspenders, and many more. theres so much I wish couldve bought but I had a limited budget as a student. all this to say, what I mean is I miss Korea for many reasons besides the shopping, but its definitely one of the biggest reasons :)

  • xisnothappy
    xisnothappy Hace un año +12

    Saf's asia videos have always been comforting to binge watch for me, but now it's hard to watch her with Sara :( I guess I'll have to stick to the Japan series rather than the korea ones. It just hurts too much, you know :')

  • Dragon Toad
    Dragon Toad Hace 6 meses +3

    Right, well if I ever get to Asia, I know where I am doing shopping!
    Also top tip if anyone is ever worried about fitting shopping into their suitcase - post the excess home. It's not like you're going back there to that store anytime soon, so if there is something you love don't let space hold you back, just package it up and send it to a willing participant back home!

  • Cordelia Moon
    Cordelia Moon Hace 3 meses

    I'd love to see a video of you discovering more about traditional Japanese clothes. You would look stunning in a kimono. There are some places in Kyoto where you can dress like geikos/maikos, in a full ensemble, and they seem pretty welcoming to foreigners who want to try it. It would be such an interesting video to see Saf in a more traditional style of Japanese clothing 😊

  • Ebony
    Ebony Hace 11 meses +21

    Love seeing HojuSara ❤️ bbyong 🕊

  • Pinky Sista
    Pinky Sista Hace 2 años +10

    Thanks for sharing this lost footage! I love your videos especially the travel ones. I vacation through ESclips vids because a real vacation isn't on the budget. Love the diversity of the different locations and got a lil toy store nostalgia from the og Polly pockets, Care Bears, and Barbie.

  • Cat Mom Marina
    Cat Mom Marina Hace 5 meses +1

    This is such a comfort video for me! I'll go vintage-shopping in japan if it's the last thing I do

  • Stephanie Cao
    Stephanie Cao Hace 4 meses +1

    it's cute how tyler still genuinely laughs at saf's cheesy jokes like getting her mic lump checked out at 21:55 xD

  • Namya Jain
    Namya Jain Hace 2 años +2539

    "It's like holographic cheese."
    *Cristine has entered the chat*

    • AxxL
      AxxL Hace 2 años

      I have fewer than 1 friend in the World. That's right. Everybody disses me for making bad videos. I think they are perfect though. Who is right? My dissers or me? Which side are you on, dear nam

    • ⭐️𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓌𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎⭐️
      ⭐️𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓌𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎⭐️ Hace 2 años +9

      @AxxL …that has nothing to do with thia

    • mars
      mars Hace 2 años

      @AxxL your dissers lol

  • jankk
    jankk Hace un año +3

    Loved this! In the aughts I sold vintage clothing at flea markets in the LA area, and a number of my customers were buyers from Japanese vintage stores. I loved selling to them because they always bought my coolest, quirkiest, most fun & interesting pieces that weren’t as appealing to US customers. Nice to get a glimpse of some of the places they probably ended up!

  • kelly marie xo
    kelly marie xo Hace un año +2

    Asia is so beautiful and has so much culture. Definitely one of the top places I want to go.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hace 11 meses +30

    Rewatching since the news of Sara has made me feel really sad. RIP Sara!

  • ephemsag3
    ephemsag3 Hace un año +2

    i loved your asia videos, so it's like a nice bonus video! and a fun throwback. it makes me miss hong kong and pre-covid era asia. it's just so colorful and cool...like how each storekeeper curates their store in the fashion of the world according to them. that looks pretty fun.

  • Esther Chan
    Esther Chan Hace un año +1

    As a person who grew up in hong kong, it's really touching to see how Safia mentioned the situation here and even linked the articles in. We really appreciate it a lot! Love your vids Safia!!

  • Emmaline Kim
    Emmaline Kim Hace 2 años +1099

    Honestly, I love this concept! You spoke about struggling with perfectionism and how it caused you to scrap video projects in the past. If you have any more old footage kicking around, I would love to see it! I honestly don't care if footage is old or not. I rewatch your old videos all the time, so it doesn't feel weird to see the old content :) sending love to you and Ty! I hope you continue to feel better and bring us content, regardless of if it's perfect or not.

    • Abelha Pedras
      Abelha Pedras Hace 2 años +2

      big same!

    • beany Thompson
      beany Thompson Hace 2 años +2

      I qatch her yunnesun(I can't spell) and capsule hotel and vending machine videos literally every night the just feel so comforting to me even this one I've watched probably 5 times already

  • House of Fortune & Roses
    House of Fortune & Roses Hace un año +2

    Wow this looks *so fun!* Asia suits you ♡ and those pieces from Korea are super cute

  • Lucinda
    Lucinda Hace 2 años +6

    I'd love to see what Tyler buys on these shopping trips too!
    I like 3/4 length sleeves - so I absolutely would have come home with that black fringed jacket!
    Thanks guys...this was fun!
    ❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️

  • EXO - aespa - TXT
    EXO - aespa - TXT Hace un año +35

    Dear Sara, may you rest in peace... we'll keep smiling. Bbyong!

  • Lindsey Evans
    Lindsey Evans Hace un año +2

    Tyler’s supportive commentary when you try on clothes is so wholesome♥️ he’s always gassin you up

  • Casey Hoolahan
    Casey Hoolahan Hace un año

    Thank you guys for sharing this! I loved all of your Japan videos so much- this was a nice bonus. And Safiya looks so great in all the outfits!!!

  • neurolicia
    neurolicia Hace 2 años +2859

    "Even more cheese than I expected, but I was not mad about it" is basically an accurate review for all of Saf's humour

  • megthehappygoth
    megthehappygoth Hace 2 años +1

    LOVING the throw back content. Can't wait to watch you guys traveling again; your travel videos are always fun, unique, and wholesome. 🥰

  • Fear Kitten
    Fear Kitten Hace 2 años +4

    Thank you so much for sharing this footage! My husband and I have been planning to go to Japan but obviously those dreams are on hold right now. But I can’t help but watch old videos of ESclips vloggers and their oriental travels. I loved seeing your original travel videos and this throwback just fills my heart with hope that maybe someday I can experience this too.

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