I Went To A Lost Luggage Store

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
  • Hello friends & welcome to another video!! This week, I traveled to a Lost Luggage store with HopeScope to buy and try some lost luggage items...
    Over the past few years, we have tried a number of interesting ~secondhand purchasing experiences~, like buying an abandoned storage unit, buying a box of Amazon customer returns, and visiting an Amazon returns store - and something that I have been very interested in trying for quite a while now, is buying lost airline luggage. Because apparently if you lose a piece of luggage while traveling, and never come back for it, the airline will eventually sell it. And if you're in the US, chances are that they will sell it to the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro, AL - who sorts through and resells the items from that lost luggage. So we flew down there with our friend HopeScope to check out the store and buy a lost luggage haul of our own: a head-to-toe outfit each!! What did you guys think of our lost looks? Would you shop at this store?
    PS - Unclaimed Baggage does sell some of their inventory online here!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +6158

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope you guys enjoy our investigation into the Unclaimed Baggage store! what did you guys think of our Lost Looks (tm)? what's one treasure we should have picked up? make sure you check out our collab on HopeScope's channel after this one!! :) esclips.com/video/v5aHcu19wio/vídeo.html - xoxo, saf

    • KitKatLag
      KitKatLag Hace un año +24

      Definitely would have taken the chocolate frog cards!

    • Isabella Evens
      Isabella Evens Hace un año +5

      Heyy! How are you and Tyler?

    • bree
      bree Hace un año +16

      this vid is so exciting to see! i work in ubc’s ~secret warehouse~ and have been waiting for a vid like this for years i’m so glad you enjoyed it at the store!!!!!

    • Zara-
      Zara- Hace un año


    • debra souza
      debra souza Hace un año +8

      I know it wasn't for sale but don't we all need a life size Hoggle?!

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Hace un año +27306

    next collab: Tyler and Tyler wear matching velvet overalls for a day 👯‍♂️

    • Den Guia
      Den Guia Hace un año +464

      I just now realize that Safiya and Hope has the same type of content as well as husbands names.

    • Tylerscope
      Tylerscope Hace un año +62


    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G Hace un año +20


    • Sarah Ibrahim
      Sarah Ibrahim Hace un año +28

      I am down to see this

  • Nicole Doyle
    Nicole Doyle Hace un año +11757

    As someone who’s luggage was just lost by United just this past week, with almost no communication from United about where my bags were, I have to wonder how much of this stuff is actually just stolen. This is completely unethical.

    • Kate
      Kate Hace un año +598

      Yeah happened to me once we tried very hard to keep contact but they are ignoring our problems they just say " I will try my best bra bra bra" and totally forget about it. not even a single call back.

    • Mbalenhle Ndimande
      Mbalenhle Ndimande Hace un año +984

      Daylight robbery. This is done on purpose. There's absolutely NO WAY there can be so much unclaimed baggage. They "lose" it on purpose

    • Sweetie Yams
      Sweetie Yams Hace un año +831

      I have a feeling majority of the items in this store are stolen. The whole thing feels shady. No one loses their luggage, the airlines lose it.

    • Sweetie Yams
      Sweetie Yams Hace un año +362

      Video Games right. The airlines are responsible for luggage, 90% of the time they are the ones that "lose" the luggage. Besides the fact, If someone leaves an item in my car I'm not gonna turn around and sell it. I'm gonna try to get in contact with the person. The airlines need to stay true to their word and really hold those items until the owner contacts them. Because we all know that's a big fat lie.

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M Hace un año +2506

    Just wanted to say I am really appreciating the discussion in the comments about the major ethical issues with this store. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

    • Arrow
      Arrow Hace un año +27

      And you forgot the ethics of selling fake goods as lost originals - since the store has no accountability for authenticity , nor will a buyer every get in touch with the real owner ( if there was ever one) . The deeper you look the more red flags it raises.

    • breeze
      breeze Hace 9 meses +20

      I didn’t see anything wrong with it I just saw it as a thrift store but I looked into the comments and realized they are selling stuff so high it’s not beneficial they are stealing items and selling them fir higher profit then they are worth they all should be donated!

  • Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey Hace un año +4005

    Tip for getting your lost bag back? Tell the airline there’s medication in it and request an “escalation.” At least in the EU, escalated searches mean they will literally track your bag with security cameras through the baggage chain in the airport. Worked for me 👍🏽

    • SepiaJoy
      SepiaJoy Hace un año +114

      Good tip! Signal boost

    • Poetic H0e
      Poetic H0e Hace un año +103

      Thank you, that’s nice to know. Although I haven’t flown in 10 years or so, I do take about 10 medications daily 😂 Although now I got nervous even having medication in a checked in bag. That would be quite the bad trip to lose it…

    • sydandtaytum
      sydandtaytum Hace un año +224

      thanks for the tip. it is so unethical for the airline to 'lose' the bag and then turn around and make a profit on it!! everyone has to enter credit card info to buy a plane ticket. it would be so easy for them to just send the bag to the address of the credit card. if it isn't their home, it's likely a home of someone the person knows.
      i'm guessing telling them you have medication you need probably makes it a priority because they don't want to be sued if you have health issues.

    • Marta Morta
      Marta Morta Hace un año +14

      As somebody that has worked with lost luggage in Europe, this didn't happen in the airline I worked for.

    • StoneHeart_Raven
      StoneHeart_Raven Hace un año +63

      Or tell them something is dangerous like radioactive, or smuggling drugs. Bet they will track that down real quick. 😂 (please don't do that, just in case some idiot takes me seriously )

  • Anna Trombetta
    Anna Trombetta Hace un año +2513

    As someone who's on their 15th day of not having received my bag, this is terrifying. Also I didn't lose my bag, THE AIRLINE did. And i dont give a shit that they reimburse me if it's gone for good, there are very personal and sentimental items in my suitcase that cannot be replaced.
    EDIT: I GOT MY BACK BAG!!! 5 days before I had to turn around and go back to Amsterdam and about 5 1/2 weeks after I'd arrived in San Diego, they finally delivered it to my door. I was SHOCKED but mainly just really happy!

    • Madeeha
      Madeeha Hace un año +28

      i really hope you get it back 😣

    • Anna Trombetta
      Anna Trombetta Hace un año +7

      @Madeeha aw thank you!!! 😭

    • nancy brennan
      nancy brennan Hace un año +36

      I say keep an eye out on the sites these companies run if you lost it in America cause it could get put up on there! I really hope you get your bag back

    • Ant
      Ant Hace un año +3

      Did you get it back?

    • Anna Trombetta
      Anna Trombetta Hace un año +4

      @Ant not yet...😭

  • Channah Davidson
    Channah Davidson Hace un año +6855

    I went to Unclaimed Baggage in late May. I was chosen to open one of the bags, and I got the same items that Safiya opened first. Down to the two fake Gucci and Versace shirts and funky slides. AND the yacht mop bag with chargers.
    These bags are completely staged

    • FreakyBo0o
      FreakyBo0o Hace un año +93


    • Lee Block
      Lee Block Hace un año +528

      yeah that doesn't really surprise me because those are the example bags

    • AmberRooster
      AmberRooster Hace un año +891

      The fact that they lied about this is not a good look.

      JJWSVTK Hace un año +15


    • Lee Block
      Lee Block Hace un año +14

      @AmberRooster Did they lie?

  • E A
    E A Hace un año +24686

    Let's normalize specifying that the *AIRLINE* LOST your luggage. You didn't lose your luggage. Don't let large companies weasel out of responsibility and then profit from their own incompetence

    • Blue Is My Love
      Blue Is My Love Hace un año +2126

      Thank you!!!?! Language is important! Most of the time these bags aren't being abandoned by people, the airlines are losing their stuff and many never even make an effort to give them back.

    • Felicia P.B.
      Felicia P.B. Hace un año +1353

      Wow, so right, I didn’t even notice that subtle language change they’re making. And then the part where they’re talking about some people maybe not wanting the stuff anymore anyway - we’re sure doing a lot of work to soften the reality that these people entrusted the airline with they’re belongings and then the airline “lost” their bags and sold them for a profit. I get they have to do something with unclaimed luggage but we should live in the reality that they airline took this stuff, it’s not mostly stuff people didn’t want or were careless with. I don’t know what to do with that but it would make the experience seem rather less fun to me.

    • Dr KW
      Dr KW Hace un año +191

      I mean I left my umbrella in the overhead him once, so I kind of lost it

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha Hace un año +32

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless him!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him! True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better!
      Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha Hace un año +16

      Your worries (yes, anxiety), depression, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING will melt away and be NO MORE when you lean on God and put your trust in him! When I have physical pain, I literally pray and the Lord quells it, that I am healed!
      Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name. The world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous.

  • PinkDarkBoy
    PinkDarkBoy Hace un año +4357

    This store is the epitome of nasty. First off, the prices are ridiculous. $60+ for used jeans that were basically stolen from someone's luggage??? Only donating the raggedy stuff that the charities will have to pay to dispose of?? They have stuff on display that they KNOW who the owners are but they are refusing to return them?? (Hoggle suit, what they thought was legit Basquait art, Donny Osmond clothes) The owner lady trying to make excuses, coming up with stories like "Oh this wedding dress/ ring probably was owned by someone who was cheating. Oh, this person probably didn't really need this laptop for school or work or anything, etc." It's disgusting. ALL of that stuff should be donated. Airlines should not be allowed to profit off of "losing" items in any way. They claim this reduces waste, but donating everything would produce even less waste. This is all just to profit off of misfortune. Disgusting.

    • coco🫐
      coco🫐 Hace un año +50

      damn. anyways.

    • Sofía Verdeja
      Sofía Verdeja Hace un año +97

      I completely agree

    • Ninaa <33
      Ninaa <33 Hace un año +94

      Seriously it's such a red flag

    • Katy McDonald
      Katy McDonald Hace un año +213

      They just need to ship it back to the address on the credit card info of the ticket holder who checked the bag. The only time it’s the passengers fault is if they leave bags in the cabin of the plane but I would imagine most people would be trying to get in touch to get that back because it’s usually what contains your electronics and important documents.

    • Harmonia Mahira
      Harmonia Mahira Hace un año +35

      exactly my thoughts, they're just disgusting

  • Nova Sol
    Nova Sol Hace un año +5135

    First, I love Safiya so the negativity isn't about her. But this whole process feels so scummy. I don't believe for a SECOND that this many big-ticket items just get abandoned by airline users. The airlines have a side-hustle going on and it's at the expense of travelers. Also, that Hoggle puppet made me FURIOUS. There's NO WAY that they tried contacting someone in the Jim Henson Company because I can't see such a beloved piece of Henson history being intentionally left in some Alabama thrift store. Even if it's a replica, someone spent a lot of time and money on it and they deserve to get their collector's item back.

    • Midnight Cassiopeia
      Midnight Cassiopeia Hace un año +179

      Look up the story of Hoggle. That's actually him 😓😓 he was rotted when they found him 😭

    • Lulu Loves To Plan
      Lulu Loves To Plan Hace un año +319

      There is no way that someone would not try to reclaim the suitcase carrying her wedding dress!!!

    • John Martinez
      John Martinez Hace un año +72

      viiont eooiy Yeah, 2/3rds off for stolen second hand clothes isn't good value in my book.

    • Ali
      Ali Hace un año +190

      My uncle works in the baggage department of a huge airline. The sheer amount of "lost" luggage that is stolen rather than lost would shock most people. Airlines intentionally lose or hide luggage and do not wait 90 days at all.

    • John Tronzon
      John Tronzon Hace un año +12

      So messed up

  • Norel Farjun
    Norel Farjun Hace 9 meses +1342

    Something about the behavior of this store feels unnatural, like they are hiding something

    • Urmom
      Urmom Hace 9 meses +124

      It’s just Southern fake politeness, I live like 20 minutes away from this place

    • Butterme Pancake
      Butterme Pancake Hace 8 meses +10

      Where are the bodies Southwest?!

    • Ragma male
      Ragma male Hace 7 meses +10

      I mean already from the staged stuff bro

    • Val Gal
      Val Gal Hace 7 meses +9

      I just want to add my thoughts and about why they don't allow guests in the warehouse. I used to be a warehouse supervisor for a salvation army and though they are not the same I can guarantee it's probably similar. The warehouse could possibly be extremely over stocked and that could be a safety hazard for people who are not an employee because it's possible they could get injured somehow tripping or something falling on them and the store might not have insurance to cover non employees. It could also probably be a freaking mess back there and possibly embarrassing for the company to show how much stock and possible disorganization happens. Possibly there's a chance that the guest may see something back there and want to purchase it without it being processed to go on the sales floor and that can cause some awkward interaction. There is also employees that are working back there and having guests and camera crew can cause disruptions and they might not be able to do the job at hand because the disruptions of a social media person in cameras can be distracting those are just some thoughts and why I think they don't want people back in the warehouse could be totally wrong or maybe that's somewhat true but we we don't like people going in the warehouse when I used to work at salvation army because there was a huge chance that hurt that was my main concern

    • Mochi_Dinosaur
      Mochi_Dinosaur Hace un mes +6

      ​@Val Galwell that could be it but if you look in the comments it shows how shady the buisness really is. They even lied saying the suit case was brand new for safiya to go through but it was stadged and someone had the exact same thing happen to them when they went there.

  • Izzy Marie
    Izzy Marie Hace un año +2760

    As someone who has airline traveled for a couple marching band trips over the years, those “unclaimed” instruments make me so sad and angry. The most of the owners of those instruments probably were traveling to or from some sort of concert or performance so I cannot even imagine how heartbroken they were to “loose” something so valuable to them.

    • Jaskier Draven
      Jaskier Draven Hace un año +165

      I'd be so pissed if any of my instruments got "lost" by an airline... Just another thing to worry about if I fly with one of mine... An expensive piece of equipment gone...

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Hace un año +53

      I have a violin which cost $350 and I would be so mad if it was "lost"

    • Madison Stepp
      Madison Stepp Hace 8 meses +23

      Right? Not to mention how expensive instruments can be! Or the attachments you make to the instrument you've been using for however long.

    • Mysha Sorenson
      Mysha Sorenson Hace 8 meses +5

      I relate to this so much lol. Instruments are expensive.

    • Depsuke
      Depsuke Hace 6 meses +6

      as someone who's bass clarinet is literally worth over $14,000....ouch.

  • ca-ke
    ca-ke Hace 4 meses +144

    its such a strange ethical position for a place to resell other people's missing (stolen?) luggage but destroy counterfeit branded goods to prevent people selling them.

    • freydobaggins
      freydobaggins Hace un mes +7

      And not return property eg the Henson family’s when they know who is the rightful owner. Like wow owner lady so proud of you for smashing up counterfeit watches, what a good moral compass 🙄

  • HopeScope
    HopeScope Hace un año +6178

    This store was MADE for you lol I’m so glad we got to visit together 🙌🏼🧳

    • AB
      AB Hace un año +39

      @hopescope 2 of my favorites together! Loved it!

    • Mirna
      Mirna Hace un año +5

      Hello Hopefuls!
      Happy good evening 🙂

    • shannon brown
      shannon brown Hace un año +6

      Amazing collab!! I’m so happy for both of you

    • Mar V
      Mar V Hace un año +8

      This is the best crossover ever

    • Isabella Evens
      Isabella Evens Hace un año +1


  • peregrintook310
    peregrintook310 Hace un año +1872

    FYI: Henson was traveling with Hoggle from the UK when he got “lost”. Evidently they refuse to give him back to the Henson family. It’s pretty gross honestly. These are someone’s items purposely lost and then sold. The incompetency.

    • Leslie Bohn
      Leslie Bohn Hace un año +216

      I was thinking that it's pretty obvious that the Jim Henson company owns that Hoggle.

    • Vampiriffic
      Vampiriffic Hace un año +21

      That's absolutely reprehensible.

    • Conor Noakes
      Conor Noakes Hace un año +32

      At the point compensation was paid for the loss they would no longer have any claim to ownership if it was found later, they’ve effectively sold the claim to ownership in exchange for the compensation.
      Very shitty and highly suspicious in the case of Hoggle but most people faced with the reality of trying to find *their* needle in a stack of lost needles are going to take the compensation instead of the gamble that their belongings eventually resurface

    • On Your Left
      On Your Left Hace un año +53

      @Conor Noakes i get what you’re saying, but it’s still absolutely unethical (even if it’s legal) and disgusting that they can basically *force* someone into selling their personal belongings after “90 days”

  • ThexBlackxKitty
    ThexBlackxKitty Hace un año +993

    I love how everyone in the comments is bashing the "store". Maybe thanks to Safiya's wide audience more people will be aware of this shady business and will at least know where to expect to find lost items of sentimental value.

    • Arrow
      Arrow Hace un año +20

      Imagine if you were on a flight from Atlanta to London and you realize your luggage was lost once you reach London ? Will you pay for return tickets to Atlanta and then drive 200 miles to the middle of nowhere in Alabama , not knowing if your stolen luggage will actually end up there ? I dont think anybody that has really lost their baggage will have resources means or incentive to get to Scottsboro AL in the hope of finding their lost luggage at the right time. This place is a chop shop selling fake goods branded as lost baggage.

  • Gigi S.
    Gigi S. Hace un año +382

    How the store can charge that much when they didn’t even pay for the clothes is…. Alarming…

    • mimi
      mimi Hace 9 días +1

      I'm just now watching the video and that's something that caught my attention. Regardless of the ethical stance, this is basically a thrift store, but their prices seem outrageous. $60 for second-hand jeans or $30 for a tube top??? none of the prices make sense, considering they are just stealing things from people's lost suitcases.

  • AMacKnz
    AMacKnz Hace 11 meses +607

    Saf: "what is this item??" Chasity immediately without inspection "it's a piggy bank!....oh wait what is it is it a piggy bank?"
    Saf you're right these bags were sooooo staged 🤣

    • Ana Palacios
      Ana Palacios Hace 5 meses +15

      also her reaction to the two left shoes 😂

    • Milena Rancic
      Milena Rancic Hace 5 meses +1

      Came looking for this comment 😂

  • Pack Rat
    Pack Rat Hace un año +1477

    No hate to you Saf, but a good chunk of these items are not "lost" they are stolen. Airlines frequently intentionally "lose" luggage they want to sell and often do NOT wait the 90 day period. This store is soooo unethical and people should not spend their money there. They cannot do this anymore if the public refuses to endorse it. No consumers = no profit

    • Gabbstar M
      Gabbstar M Hace un año +70

      Exactly and to think that they don't sell at a reduced price for how much they have is ridiculous. They don't even donate the nice stuff

    • Arrow
      Arrow Hace un año +9

      Dont you think an ethically minded person would think twice about buying 'lost luggage' at an auction - this is buying stolen goods and will come with free dose of (for lack of a better word) - BAD KARMA.

    • Aaris Howton
      Aaris Howton Hace 7 meses +6

      Why tf do y’all people think airlines are desperate to make extra money? They’re one of the most profitable industries in America, and if this was a whole deliberate scam they would have to hire employees to decide which bags to steal, which would DEFINITELY get out to the public.

    • BARKy the Clown
      BARKy the Clown Hace 6 meses +10

      Its not desperation, its capitalizing on as many profitable systems as they can. Airports have excess luggage around when its not picked up immediately, limited storage for it, and limited workers to keep track of lost and found followup. Of course if they are legally allowed to sell it, that is what they are going to do. And, say, if more luggage is held back, less initiative is taken to return it, and less workers are hired to maintain lost and found, they can squeeze even more money out.

    • Pack Rat
      Pack Rat Hace 6 meses +4

      @BARKy the Clown exactly. It's not desperation, it's greed

  • Nitsirk
    Nitsirk Hace un año +10571

    IMPORTANT TIP: when packing your luggage the last thing to do is right on top (so first thing u see when opening ) put a paper with ur flight info as well as contact info. Normally that’s the first place the luggage office checks if a tag is missing or something. This can prevent your luggage from ending up here. Happy travel and sending Much love, a former Airline employee

    • Léa Dayco
      Léa Dayco Hace un año +263

      🙏 Thanks so much. This is really effing smart

    • Jenna Gets Creative
      Jenna Gets Creative Hace un año +336

      I always do this! My bags go with colourful straps and handle hangers with my surname all over those things and a note to check the top front pocket, where I will always write out the original flight(s) as booked and contact information for both ends of the journey. Even if I get bumped to another flight and take a different path than my bag, they'll have the intended destination, who to contact, and who can accept it for me if it ends up on the opposite side of travel than I did.

    • Nitsirk
      Nitsirk Hace un año +313

      People also don’t realize how often the handles rip off so that’s another reason the backup inside is a great idea

    • CorvusTheFeatherbrain
      CorvusTheFeatherbrain Hace un año +32

      That's really good advice, thank you!

    • HieiTheFox
      HieiTheFox Hace un año +17

      Honestly I’m gonna probably do this

  • Valkissa
    Valkissa Hace un año +3269

    I'll never forget when I lost my luggage in Scotland. The sweetest old man who worked at the airport drove my bag from Glasgow to Edinburgh and I had no idea until he knocked on my door. But I lost a piece of luggage in the US and it was horrible trying to get it back.

    • J G
      J G Hace un año +341

      The United States is THE WORST! I remember flying WITH American Airlines from Florida to New York for a week-long, for a wedding. Was on the phone for days!!! They stated they would "mail my luggage if they found it." They lost my luggage in Atlanta where we stopped but the Airline swore they had no clue. I had to purchase brand new clothes, and shoes (an entirely new wedding outfit that took me months to find) before, and I was rushed. When I say I lost EVERYTHING and would have been SOL had I not owned a credit card to charge all these purchases. My fiance and I decided to drive back instead of fly because the experience was horrible and made a surprise stop at ATL airport where I demanded to go to LOST & FOUND. Long & behold, there stood my luggage that had been scrimmaged through and had several expensive items missing. Including my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! American Airlines only reimbursed me for like $1k worth of my purchases and it was a lengthy process that required purchase receipts etc. The shoes that were stolen from my luggage were $3k alone. I don't usually purchase allot of shoes nor expensive shoes at that, I save and then buy something I really like and it was devastating for me because they were brand new that I purchased for the wedding with an Oscar De La Renta dress that was also taken, smh.

    • Jax
      Jax Hace un año +17

      what an angel!

    • Beth P
      Beth P Hace un año +47

      @J G That honestly sucks so much ;( Atlanta is one of the largest airports hubs in the US/world. I hate flying out of Hartsfield Jackson too

    • Yes Platinum
      Yes Platinum Hace un año +14

      @J G wow now I’m scared to fly to usa

    • Jayson Raphael Murdock
      Jayson Raphael Murdock Hace un año +14

      Flying in Canada is so much better and I'm an American.

  • Constantine
    Constantine Hace un año +657

    Wowwww that big second hand embarrassment I got when Safiya called them our for staging the bags AND the lady just giggling then cheerfully admitting she did... and then going on acting like she didn't just admit that and treating the rest as if they weren't staged. 😳

    • Constantine
      Constantine Hace un año +1

      sehhi vooty agreed

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Hace un año +7

      when did she say she staged it??

    • ikz
      ikz Hace un año

      @TheWitch'sTarot 11:30

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Hace un año +32

      @ikz she clearly said she DIDN'T stage it

  • Jennifer Ninni
    Jennifer Ninni Hace 8 meses +159

    A woman from Toronto who recently returned home with Air Canada didn't have her luggage for 4 months... they said it was lost, but she had an Air Tag in it and was tracking it... turns out Air Canada had "donated" her lost luggage!

  • PuppetOnStrings
    PuppetOnStrings Hace un año +224

    Video felt very shady. What really threw me over the edge was the Hoggle puppet from Labyrinth. That movie is my all time favorite childhood movie, and to see it in this random luggage store infuriates me. There is no way that the person that's responsible for keeping him safe, just lost it. The airline specifically took it to be put as a display piece for this store

    • breeze
      breeze Hace 9 meses

      What’s hoghle

  • Clash Fan
    Clash Fan Hace un año +154

    I was a travel professional for years and this is the exact reason I always advised my clients to NEVER check anything in their luggage that they were not willing to lose. You need to travel with wedding clothes? Ship them separately and have them insured. I don't even begin to understand the mindset of someone who packs expensive items of jewelry into a bag they then let out of their sight.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses +18

      It's not their fault for being trusting. That's what the whole theater of security at airports is ensuring people do. You're putting a weird blame on people when it's the skeevy stealing airlines stealing dresses that are to blame!

    • danny makes
      danny makes Hace 19 días +7

      Maybe because it's not their fault and the AIRPORT that lost THEIR luggage and made no attempts at all to help?

  • Melissa Petzer
    Melissa Petzer Hace un año +9614

    I think Saf was right about the bags they gave her to unbag being staged. There's no way someone would put Gucci sunglasses at the front of a soft shell checked bag....

    • Dana Marie
      Dana Marie Hace un año +664

      Completely agree! My favorite sunglasses are my Gucci ones and there is no way that I would even put them in a checked bag. And definitely not the front pocket of a checked bag!

    • Ghali
      Ghali Hace un año +590

      I think its a security risk (drugs or contraband ) if they work with feds I doubt they would give her a unvetted bag and they probably did "add" some things to make it more interesting for a video obviously.

    • maeves diary
      maeves diary Hace un año +458

      plus she knew exactly where things were- what things were (piggy bank, the harry potter thing)

    • MaraMara89
      MaraMara89 Hace un año +176

      1. unless somone put glasses there for "a minute" to have hands free and then forgot about them
      2. Those bags probably was checked for illegal things, but probably also for some contact info to owners... I am assuming that food that could go bad was also throw out

    • Cryptocurrencies Expert
      Cryptocurrencies Expert Hace un año +3

      Cryptocurrencies Expert✅✅✅

  • pixie
    pixie Hace un año +796

    the fact that she was deciding within seconds which things were deemed what like rapid fire i had a solid indication that it was heavily staged. ive worked retail, and even then we take time to bare minimum inspect things when unpacking for issues before deciding they can go onto the floor. and Chasity was a terrible actress.

  • Madi NP
    Madi NP Hace un año +896

    American companies are something else holy shit. This is so shady I can' believe it's legal!
    Seeing all of the instruments there breaks my heart. So many musicians hold serious sentimental attachments to their instruments that no amount of monetary reimbursement can make up for.

    • Mangledfoxy205
      Mangledfoxy205 Hace un año +25

      Yeah, it makes me sad too. I’m not a musician, but an artist, and I just can’t imagine losing my favorite art supplies, especially my sketchbooks. Sadly, as an American though, I’m not too surprised this is legal, our justice system is wack, to say the least

    • LG
      LG Hace un año +10

      Not just American companies doing this unfortunately

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses +1

      they literally showed a european version in the beginning doing this...

  • Jessica D'Abruzzo
    Jessica D'Abruzzo Hace un año +223

    Lost literally everything I had because of a storage unit and covid, everything. After being left homeless, this was a serious hit. I'm still trying to recoup losses. Point being please remember some things weren't abandoned & certainly not forgotten..... Some of us had no choice or lacked the funds to keep our own belongings. You never know the sentiment behind some of these things, if there is any.

  • dancinwithmyself3
    dancinwithmyself3 Hace un año +872

    I'm suspicious of the statistic that the airline is 99% successful with reuniting people with their lost luggage. If that is true, how does this store have so much stuff? Also, what if someone comes into the store and finds their lost items? It doesn't seem fair that they would have to rebuy their stuff that the airline lost.

    • loudic
      loudic Hace un año +67

      as sad as it is, 1% of lost luggage out of ALL luggage from daily flights still equates to a loootttt of stuff. a lot more flights than you may think go out daily

    • Cara McCann
      Cara McCann Hace un año +10

      @loudic the owner said 99.5% of lost luggage is returned, so it’s actually only .5% of 1%

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Hace un año +26

      I mean 2.6 million people fly in planes in the US ALONE but yeah, this is really shady

    • dancinwithmyself3
      dancinwithmyself3 Hace un año +9

      @TheWitch'sTarot Yeah I'm sure the math is there but I'm glad we can agree this is shady

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Hace un año

      @dancinwithmyself3 same

  • Stephen Viele
    Stephen Viele Hace 9 meses +32

    As someone into fashion that off-white rhinestone sweatshirt is 100% fake. I don't know if I'd trust this store and its "authentication" process.

    COCOA 🍫ICCI🌸 Hace un año +5408

    I definitely think that the reason why they didn't let you film in the warehouse is because there's most likely obvious contact information on the suitcases and didn't want their shady business to be uncovered. Not sure I can say that I'm a fan of this store...I find it really sad because 90% of the time, it's airlines that lose people's luggage and actively choose not to contact the owners regardless if there is contact information on the suitcases or not. The wedding dress and rings broke my heart.

    • Rae Rae
      Rae Rae Hace un año +629

      Agreed.... theres absolutely no way in hell this is done honestly.

    • Mothman In A T-Pose
      Mothman In A T-Pose Hace un año +926

      Once profit becomes involved, ethics tend to go out of the window.
      My friend "lost" her suitcase on the way back from her destination wedding. The suitcase held her wedding dress and several expensive gifts. Her other checked suitcase was fine, and only had basic clothing and hygiene supplies. She stood in baggage claim for over thirty minutes waiting for her suitcase and had to get an airport employee to help her. She went through the whole rigmarole of declaring her luggage as lost and waited another forty minutes _just_ in case. Her husband had to push her to leave, in tears, and called corporate for her.
      They were never contacted.
      They called the airport, called lost luggage, called corporate, called anyone and everyone they could think of, but that suitcase remained "lost".
      There's almost no doubt it was lost on purpose and resold.

    • COCOA 🍫ICCI🌸
      COCOA 🍫ICCI🌸 Hace un año +35

      @Rae Rae 100%

    • COCOA 🍫ICCI🌸
      COCOA 🍫ICCI🌸 Hace un año +255

      @Mothman In A T-Pose omg I'm so sorry she had to go through that. It's genuinely so crappy that airlines do this, it's legit just daylight robbery. Like literally robbery.

    • AdoraBell
      AdoraBell Hace un año +63

      @Mothman In A T-Pose Probably not. It's incredibly rare for luggage to be actually lost. Most of the time if luggage isn't found right away (or had been left off for weight and balance reasons) it's because it was stuck somewhere in the workings of the belt system or fell off a cart and was put somewhere by ramp to deal with later and forgotten. With the exception of a few countries baggage theft is basically not heard of, especially by airlines.

  • Binch Eating
    Binch Eating Hace un año +289

    I love how they tried to justify why they have lost luggage as if the passengers did it on purpose

  • Not Mikey
    Not Mikey Hace un año +151

    I’m almost positive most of the luggage in the warehouse has contact information that they didn’t bother to use so they could profit off of peoples items and steal them. Even worse, I would feel so wrong trying on the items. With thrift stores people willingly donate, but with this it is still somebody else’s item that has just been stolen :(

  • Shanaya Manning
    Shanaya Manning Hace 8 meses +30

    you don't lose your luggage the air port refuses to help and don't find it for you. this whole thing is shady and wrong. the air lines and port need to be held responsbil for all this

  • Henny Genius
    Henny Genius Hace un año +472

    Delta lost my luggage in 2018, and I never got it back. We even called Delta in Amsterdam, the airport in Norway, both airports in the US, both Delta and KLM headquarters, and nobody could tell me where my suitcase was. I knew what was in my suitcase, but only got half of the money it was worth back 🙃 They tried to say “Oh, so you lost your luggage”, and I think it is absolutely ridiculous, because I did not loose the suitcase, the airline did 😭

    • Itz Lydia
      Itz Lydia Hace 10 meses +3

      i would have cried lmaoo

  • Mrs. Infamous
    Mrs. Infamous Hace un año +12

    i always love some Safiya content, but i just cant believe this store is actually legal cause this is just shady

    • Chicken Noodle Soup
      Chicken Noodle Soup Hace un año

      eh I mean it think the only shady thing about this is why someone wouldn't want their luggage back 💀

  • Roxanne Cooke
    Roxanne Cooke Hace un año +5838

    The "experiment" of intentionally leaving a bag on a flight and having it show up in the store "weeks later" kinda proves the airlines don't actually wait 90 days ...

    • Kinga
      Kinga Hace un año +72

      90 days is 13 weeks, sooo. What's the problem?

    • splatyells
      splatyells Hace un año +758

      @Kinga a normal person would have described that length of time as "months" later

    • Kinga
      Kinga Hace un año +52

      @splatyells Probably. That doesn't mean that months can not be expressed as weeks.

    • SrtaTropicalia
      SrtaTropicalia Hace un año +36

      Maybe Safiya misspoke the dates

    • Chie
      Chie Hace un año +209

      If you watch the video, it was six months before it showed up on their website.

  • Kylie Walker
    Kylie Walker Hace un año +259

    As someone who has worked as a baggage handler for an international airline, I NEVER check my bags. If you have to, always check your clothes and put anything you don't want to loose in your carry on. As a rule of thumb be willing to pick up your bag and throw it 10 feet, because that's whats about to happen to it at the airport. Finally, the heavier your bag, the more likely it will get broken, if you want your stuff to survive invest in two well built smaller bags as opposed to one larger one. Seriously I cant count how many 70 pound bags I broke the wheels on because people seem forget that a real person actually has to handle their luggage. Good luck!

    • JeSskaa Tea
      JeSskaa Tea Hace un año +11

      Also, don't use black suitcases, and sturdy soft shell is going to last longer than hard shell.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses

      @JeSskaa Tea aside from it being lost easier i dont see a problem. If it's textured/shiny/distinctly shaped it should be fine.

  • ealisait
    ealisait Hace un año +592

    "a third is sold, a third is recycled, and a third is donated." It feels dishonest to me to pretend that none of it gets thrown away; the business just puts off the dirty work of throwing away the most unsellable items on the charities. This store is already a second-hand store, so how much of what they "donate" to the charities is even sellable or usable? Charity shops get tons of donations and a great deal of it is not something anyone will buy and ends up being thrown away in the end - the shops don't have infinite storage. Obviously there is some amount of this stuff that ends up being garbage, whether rightfully so or not, and it makes me suspicious that the owner tries to frame this as a 100% perfect no-waste situation for all the items when that's not even realistic.

    • Sarah Nashara
      Sarah Nashara Hace un año +23

      that's one thing, but "recycling" can mean a lot of things. Greenwashing includes calling burning general waste as recycling because "it gets recycled into electricity!" one way to make the statistics look nicer for sure

    • Maria Cargille
      Maria Cargille Hace 3 meses +1

      Yeah, that felt off to me, too. I'd rather they just said upfront that some of it wasn't usable and goes straight to the landfill.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses


    • S
      S Hace 3 meses

      @Maria Cargille no they're sincerely trying to say they recycle the holey underwear and ancient moldy towels. 🤡Every single piece. I hate the insincerity from them lol.

  • Gee
    Gee Hace un año +185

    With the amount of airport traffic and airlines losing people luggage recently this business feels super scummy... this is by no means hate on Safiya, I'm honestly glad to be seeing this video as I'm sure most people have no idea where their lost luggage ends up.

  • 3AM Things
    3AM Things Hace un año +332

    AS SOMEONE THAT LOST 4 LUGGAGES FROM GREECE TO PARIS TO TEXAS THIS MAKES ME MAD. After learning French and trying to contact every day I finally got my luggage extremely broken after 3 months. It's insane I'm still waiting on compensation.

    • 3AM Things
      3AM Things Hace un año +9

      but overall its ok lol it was just extremely frustrating I had no clothes for so long

  • Siliv321
    Siliv321 Hace 4 meses +26

    On one hand, this place sounds really fun to explore. On the other hand, it really rubs me the wrong way; the owners are so cagey and secretive about their process. And I know there are instances where things are deliberately lost by the airline so they can resell them to stores like this

  • Laura
    Laura Hace un año +3106

    At first when you said that the store donates a percentage of the goods I was like "oh, they're so sweet", then I realized they give to charity the trash they will have to pay to get rid of.

    • Mr. Icecream
      Mr. Icecream Hace un año +39


    • Kavya Chawla
      Kavya Chawla Hace un año +178

      That’s what I noticed too that was really shitty

    • Emma O
      Emma O Hace un año +227

      Same, I was hoping it was one of the rare situations where they worked more closely with the charities and picked out specific things that matched lists of items the charities most needed but my cynical mind didn't really have much hope for that

    • jackie ibarra
      jackie ibarra Hace un año +142

      And hearing how much they’re selling some of these things 😳😳

    • M Luna
      M Luna Hace un año +8

      Somebody's "trash" is someone else's treasure

  • LittleBlackStarify
    LittleBlackStarify Hace un año +173

    I'm halfway through the video and it all feels so shady, but now I'm thinking after the 'corporate bro bag'... there is just no way these suitcases aren't stolen. That suitcase was full of souvenirs from Mexico, ready to be gifted to their loved ones. Someone who leaves their bag because of 'an affair' (which still is super weird cause like... you can just pick up the suitcase later when you have 90 days) that they had in Spring Break or something, is obviously not gonna bring souvenirs? Nahh this can't be true

  • Prefers to be anon
    Prefers to be anon Hace 5 meses +14

    This is so triggering for anyone who had their luggage listed as “lost” by an airline. And to those who desperately contacted the airports/airlines to conveniently Only get a response after the “90-day” period was over … it’s all super obvious unfortunately

  • Andrea Snyder
    Andrea Snyder Hace 8 meses +51

    How are they able to sell the Apple products? There's no way to wipe an iPad without the user passcode. Super shady.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses +4

      Whoa I didn't even think of that. Honestly it must be the shady people who procure their "lost" stock. I had an iPad stolen before so it definitely happens.

  • Lucy Knox
    Lucy Knox Hace un año +93

    This makes me sad for the poor girl sitting behind me on my last flight. She said she left her laptop in a bin at security and has no photos or serial number for it. When she looked on the airline website she said you had to pay to look through their database of lost items (and to think they might not even list it in the database - you would be out your laptop and the money looking through the site!).. her laptop is now probably in this store. :(

  • Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
    Jean-Baptiste Grenouille Hace un año +44

    Getting my luggage stolen was one of the worst things which happened to me, I had my pc and all my USB keys/SD cards with all my pictures/videos/music/etc from the last ten years, and a lot of my favorite clothes... Even if those are just "objects", it made completely depressed. So it makes me mad seeing people profiting from lost/stolen luggages. I'm sure all these people tried to get their luggage back. This is really fucked up.

  • goldie
    goldie Hace un año +2555

    This entire concept infuriates me to be honest lol. I've had my luggage lost by an airline, they never found it, the amount I got reimbursed was nowhere near the amount of goods I had in the suitcase, and to think my stuff is probably in a store in Alabama? Thanks, I hate it.

    • Sarah Van den Abeele
      Sarah Van den Abeele Hace un año +185

      Yeah I cant image how frustrating this would be to watch, I personally have never lost my luggage (I rarely take something more than hand luggage because i am afraid of losing my stuff) but I can imagine how stressful and infuriating an experience like yours would be.

    • Blue Is My Love
      Blue Is My Love Hace un año +112

      Right. They are probably selling your stuff for more than what they paid you.

    • Emma Duncan
      Emma Duncan Hace un año +75

      Yea I feel like it should have been said how much you get reimbursed because it a lot of times is like 60-120$, that is what I have seen affered when standing in line for my own lost luggage. Which is ridiculous because you can hardly even buy a suitcase for that much these days

    • Ivory & Gold
      Ivory & Gold Hace un año +89

      I agree and seeing the ruby ring made me irrationally angry.

    • Juicy Goblin
      Juicy Goblin Hace un año +37

      @Ivory & Gold I’m curious if you could prove ownership for something that expensive what they would do

  • Izzy Keith
    Izzy Keith Hace un año +195

    They definitely staged the bags that Safiya went through. Shouldn’t you expect to find more than just clothes and shoes in a suitcase? When I travel, I pack everything including clothes, shoes, toiletries, and every essential in my suitcase. But somehow out of the bags that she went through, there was none of the sort. Like if you knew you lost a suitcase with a pair of Gucci sunglasses, wouldn’t you do anything you can to get that back instead of wasting so much money? Something isn’t adding up.

  • Odin Carlston
    Odin Carlston Hace 6 meses +16

    I always, *always* put valuable/sentimental items in my carry-on, and I try not to check a bag if I can help it. I will definitely continue to do so after seeing this store lmaoo

  • D
    D Hace un año +62

    99.5%, my ass. There's a HUGE problem these days with luggage getting "lost". The powers that should not be are doing their best to make people not want to leave their houses, much less travel.

  • GTaichou
    GTaichou Hace un año +36

    I lost a journal from a trip abroad as part of grant research back in 2008. I knew exactly where I left it. They would not let me go retrieve it. (I sought help to retrieve it IMMEDIATELY after departing the plane) The airline claimed they could not find it. The thought of that journal being gleefully bought and kept as someone's curiosity infuriates me, knowing that it was *part of my research*.
    I hate this industry so much :C

  • jolicannoli
    jolicannoli Hace un año +24

    The thing is that the airline has all your information, including your address. It’s easy to mail it back to the customer but not cheap. This business is gross.

  • Morgee
    Morgee Hace un año +4071

    Chasity is like a mom watching her kid open Christmas presents and pretending to be surprised even tho she knows what everything is

    • BeeZeeArt
      BeeZeeArt Hace un año +251

      She could have at least tried not announcing the brand name items before they were even picked up

    • addi
      addi Hace un año +5


    • Kinga
      Kinga Hace un año +222

      This woman gave me weird vibes. Ughhh

    • Angelina
      Angelina Hace un año +17

      my exact thought omg

    • Danielle D
      Danielle D Hace un año +48

      @Kinga agreed, she made me so uncomfortable.

  • Auchtahelweit
    Auchtahelweit Hace un mes +3

    Ooh makes me think of how someone in Canada was able to track their baggage being kept in a warehouse with others' "lost luggage". They tried to tell the company where their luggage was via the tracker and kept being ignored and could only watch as it was moved then drove over there to find out where it was being held. Definitely gets me thinking Airlines are deliberately trying to turn a profit by stealing them.

  • lina ware
    lina ware Hace 8 meses +26

    I imagine that a vast majority of the items that are “recycled” are actually incinerated or put into a landfill (same with a lot of the donated stuff). I work at a landfill and if it really was economically feasible to recycle those items then the landfill would fill up MUCH slower. Clothes especially are very rarely recycled, as it is difficult to repurpose the fibers from so many different types of materials with different chemical processes and colorants added.

    • cryptidless
      cryptidless Hace 7 meses +1

      im even skeptical on their “donating”. they said right at the beginning that they smash knockoff rolex’ cuz it’s “ethical”. instead of donating them 🤷

  • S Aye
    S Aye Hace 8 meses +14

    This is why I do whatever I can to never travel with Checked luggage. I love this channel and I really liked that Safiya called out the lady when she thought the bag was staged but this is so disgusting and unethical.

  • Anna K
    Anna K Hace un año +94

    I wonder how many of those bags once had name and address tags on them that were conveniently removed.
    I stopped watching the TV show where they'd auction off lost luggage and on the footage AIRED, many bags clearly had address labels on them!!! I think this entire business, all arms of it, is scummiest of all scum. Its so easy to contact the person and even make them come and get it, but nooooo, they just look at how much free profit they can get.
    This is one of the reasons when I did fly from Australia to Canada, I made sure to get a direct flight that went nowhere near the US. I'm not risking my luggage going anywhere near there.

  • Jayla Johnson
    Jayla Johnson Hace un año +15

    And this is exactly why I carry on everything and try to avoid checked bags AT ALL COSTS!

  • Valky
    Valky Hace un año +1276

    My mom lost her bag 2 times and we definitely went through all trouble filling out paper work for them to find it and send it back to us. The fact it never did and was possibly sold here illegally kinda pisses me off.

    • E W
      E W Hace un año +82

      I heard from an employee that worked at an airport that if we want them to find our luggage we have to give them money. I understand exactly how you feel.

    • carly mattern
      carly mattern Hace un año +88

      this entire video just rubs me the wrong way

    • E W
      E W Hace un año +5

      @carly mattern I certainly understand

    • Elisa M
      Elisa M Hace un año +8

      you are right. I think they don't do their job properly.

    • The caffeinated Owl
      The caffeinated Owl Hace un año +11

      @E W Actually, many times my dad used to pay them to "guard" his suitcases (to make sure they won't open and steal things). And it always worked.

  • Laila Hamad
    Laila Hamad Hace un año +93

    My baggage was just lost by Brussles Airline in June and I am still devastated about losing some of the things in my bags. Some items in there far outway any sort of monetary value and I'm still working on coming to the realization that I'll never have those items again. The worst part was the lack of urgency that came from Brussels Airline when it came to locating and returning my bags. It seemed as if they didn't even have an interest in finding them. I am a carry-on lover for life now, even for international travel. I love Safiya's videos and this is absolutely no hate to her but these airlines need to be held responsible.This process seems so foul and I couldn't imagine my heartbreak if my bags are eventually sold to someone.

  • Brenda
    Brenda Hace un año +51

    16:28 Lol Chasity really said “it’s a piggy bank!!” and tried to play it off like her answer wasn’t way too fast and said “is it a piggy bank???” seconds later

  • Retro Tartan Kitty
    Retro Tartan Kitty Hace un año +22

    Kudos Saf for making comments in the video (and keeping them through the editing process) that were honest about how you felt about the overall experience and questioning some of the things that seemed sus about what was going on behind the scenes. I think the jacket you found made you look sort of like a detective, which I thought was an interesting coincidence given the situation... While I enjoyed the outfit reveal fashion show and seeing the interesting items, it is definitely incredibly sad how those items ended up in the shop in the first place. The high prices of most of the items surprised me as well.

  • Nancy F
    Nancy F Hace un año +153

    Hello. As a 15 yr thriftshop worker (not American so maybe things differ there) here are my adds. 1. Don't go into any retail place ever in sandals. Glass breaks all the time. This may be why they didn't want you in the back rooms. I would have thrown you out without steel toed boots.
    2. When a thrift shop says they are going to donate something, they are either going to abandon it somewhere in the middle of the night or trash it. If you can't sell it, probably no one else can.
    3. Same for recycle. You can recycle pure metal, or paper or maybe glass. A used toothbrush? Don't kid yourself. Really.
    4. Kudos to that company for laundering their finds. This does not happen in Canada.
    5. If you can't sell your fakes, they will go into landfill. Putting it into an orange tray marked recycle is such a lot of sugar coating. They might as well say they are sending it to a farm in the country where it can run free and play with other Versace knockoffs.

  • 4lovesles
    4lovesles Hace un año +49

    I lost my luggage in an airplane as a kid. My address was inside and outside the suit case. I just know it was stollen not lost. I bet it went to a place like this because there was some really valuable items in it.

  • The Real Tea
    The Real Tea Hace un año +7635

    Airline selling the luggage THEY lost is so violently American. Honestly, kind of disgusting.

    • tinleygraceee
      tinleygraceee Hace un año +318

      it’s for luggage that isn’t claimed for a LONG time that the airlines had reported. they don’t just sell it off here the day after a flight, they wait for somebody to claim it and if they don’t overtime then it’s sold

    • boy lettuce
      boy lettuce Hace un año +396

      edit: please, this comment is 7 months old yall
      yea but sometimes they will do everything in their power to hold it for those 90 days despite the person calling about their bag. they just won’t tell you what you need to do to get it and will be beyond difficult or outright ignore you. i wouldn’t blame some of these people for just giving up sometimes

    • Caroline
      Caroline Hace un año +3

      @Bib Bobb I thank you should keep ‘em 😄

    • Judas
      Judas Hace un año +23

      @boy lettuce you’re lying. why would you lie on the internet like that?

  • Anonymous Channel
    Anonymous Channel Hace un año +55

    I just watched the recent trash taste podcast ep and they discussed abt their airline “loosing” 30k-$50k worth of camera equipment. One of them said tht the moment their luggage w/ the camera equipment was put onto the conveyer belt thing (??? Idk) and they shut it down bc they couldn’t hold anymore luggage, he had a gut feeling they’re not gonna get their equipment back, and he was right.
    Now watching this vid, i have a feeling tht’s where their camera equipment ended up.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses

      that wasn't in america but yeah they do it at all airports around the world.

  • Emma J
    Emma J Hace un año +34

    Here's the thing about unclaimed baggage (from a native who's been there a bunch of times) some of it is donated, some of it comes off of wrecked trucks. If there is no damage to the items in the wreck, they have to be donated because they are considered "soiled" even if they're in good condition. Yes, they do get stuff from airlines, and that can get shady. But a bulk of the stuff is either donated or from shipping errors. Hence why they have things like suits of armor and kayaks and stuff. That's not the kinda stuff you lose on an airline. So Saf is probably right, the stuff they had them open was most likely staged.

  • Sierra _
    Sierra _ Hace un año +12

    I still think about the 3 suit cases of my families that the airline lost. Took us months to confirm they were truly lost. Pretty shocking knowing that only 90 days goes buy until they sell it when we had to fight the airline for much longer

  • • EllieXOX •
    • EllieXOX • Hace un año +3

    Anyone else scared someone will come up to your luggage at the carousel and just steal it, or it never even shows up?

  • Grace T.
    Grace T. Hace 9 meses +53

    Anyone who’s lost luggage knows that the airline doesn’t try at all to contact the owners of the lost luggage.

  • Lindsie Belt
    Lindsie Belt Hace un año +6520

    These prices were all outrageous for what is basically selling “questionably acquired” goods.

    • SamaChaos
      SamaChaos Hace un año +205

      Wait till you learn about the slave labor that goes into producing fast fashion clothing

    • terable
      terable Hace un año +116

      @SamaChaos wait till they hear about prison labor too

    • Ashley Bright
      Ashley Bright Hace un año +223

      I came here to say the same thing!!! The prices are ridiculously high.

    • katherine
      katherine Hace un año +22

      U have to remember that people work here for a living

    • imagery
      imagery Hace un año +92

      @katherine but the profit margin they make on the items more than makes up for it

  • Cationna
    Cationna Hace un año +166

    I feel like Saf has been doing more videos on "unusual" places she herself knows very well aren't really legit lately. Nothing wrong with making a video and getting a buck outta that, I kinda wish her signature kindness didn't extend so far as to prohibit any direct critiques of her subjects. We all knew what she thought about the real gold manicure, but now, we can only kinda intuit what is her real opinion on this store or the scalp spa. I like her focus on presenting, informing, and relaying own experience - but i feel like part of informing is also pointing out certain things eventually.

    • bney
      bney Hace un año +78

      There’s hints and small comments here and there during the video that give a glimpse into how she feels about this place, but I really would have appreciated something stating her opinion on the business and the lost baggage practice in general. It feels more like an ad for this store than actual content without any real critique and honest review here.

    • Ella
      Ella Hace un año +5

      @bney but she did say she thought it was staged so

    • bney
      bney Hace un año +13

      @Ella yeah that’s what I meant by the “hints and small comments” part.

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses +1

      agree. also she clearly only did it cause everyone was begging her to and kiinda hinted at why she didn't want to go.

  • Samara Ray
    Samara Ray Hace 7 meses +10

    The fact that Hoggle is there and not home back with the other Jim Henson puppets honestly breaks my heart

  • A Proud American
    A Proud American Hace 5 meses +9

    *Just one correction on this video.* We don't lose our luggage the airline does.

  • Brooke
    Brooke Hace 9 meses +3

    Watching this before and after experiencing having my luggage lost is very different, I think a lot of people that haven’t had to handle airlines giving them the go around about their luggage may not understand, it’s so unnecessarily complicated and aggravating. I honestly think that most of the luggage that is there is probably because people gave up trying to get their luggage back or the airlines just straight up never ‘found’ it. The sentimental things that the airlines lost lost makes me so sad, like I was missing mainly clothes and toiletries and some stuffed animals and I was an anxious wreak until I got it back I can’t imagine the feeling of actually never getting those things that mean so much to you back.

  • Chandler Champion
    Chandler Champion Hace 22 días

    Love that you explored one of our most popular alabama oddities! I have found some fun items here including a Halloween patterned dress and a Hamilton style coat. Hope you enjoyed! ♥️

  • DoomsdayDollie
    DoomsdayDollie Hace un año +3102

    The only reason I can think that they wouldnt give you real suitcases and wouldnt let you in the back is that the suitcases likely often come with obvious information that would have led to someone being reunited with their lost things. What a shady store.

    • Tess Crelli
      Tess Crelli Hace un año +82

      I mean, from a business standpoint that seems 100% logical. The store most likely bought the stuff from the airlines, they don't want to lose money by risking someone recognizing the stuff and coming to claim it (and the person would probably want to claim it for free).
      Also the allure of these kinds of stores is they may contain things that other people might want. If the original owners show up to claim their things, it becomes likelier for the remaining things in the store to be worthless.
      My point is, it's just a business trying to make money, there's nothing shady about that.

    • K Marine
      K Marine Hace un año +332

      Just a business trying to profit off goods that were essentially stolen from other people, yeah nothing shady about that, wouldn't want anyone coming to reclaim their own personal items for FREE how messed up would that be???

    • GutterMouthGirl
      GutterMouthGirl Hace un año +113

      That’s what I’m thinking about like… luggage is clearly labeled with owner information

    • Hawk Talon
      Hawk Talon Hace un año +46

      Honestly, I didn't consider that. But now that I think about it...yeah, that's VERY strange from the standpoint of your average person.

    • Sweetie Yams
      Sweetie Yams Hace un año +99

      @Tess Crelli u don't find ANYTHING shady about a woman purchasing stolen luggage and then pricing the used items 2x the actual price? No one forced then to open this shady ass establishment. They get no sympathy from me. It's morally fucjed up and shady af

  • september rain
    september rain Hace un año +32

    I agree with all the comments and I think it's very unethical to sell those items. It would be better if they donated all of the things in good condition, not just the trashy ones. And they could put the interesting and unusual items in a museum and profit of that. It's greedy to profit of someone's loss, considering there're some very special items like wedding rings, violin, etc.

  • Linsey McFadden
    Linsey McFadden Hace un año +75

    'Reimbursed.' Yeah, but nowhere near the cost of what you've actually lost. One of my friends had her luggage lost on a flight from New York last week and they only reimburse like 70 a day. She's on a long tour with her band now with no luggage, so she'd have packed performance wear, basics, skincare, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Yeah, she went well over the 70 trying to get underwear, basic cosmetics and facewash on the first day.

  • charlie drew
    charlie drew Hace un año +8

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  • Lydia May
    Lydia May Hace un año +39

    In 2007 I attempted to bring my purple Hasbro Mio Pup on the plane with me. Didn't go well. They literally ripped her apart in front of me and then threw her in a trash bag. I was 6 and a little traumatized by the whole ordeal. Safety is one thing, but sadly airlines just don't care about your stuff.

  • XOX K
    XOX K Hace 11 meses +2

    very happy to see everyone calling the ethics on this store without dragging queen safiya!!

  • Rachael McInnes
    Rachael McInnes Hace un año +6657

    Something feels really shady about this business. I'm not sure whether it's legally shady or just morally. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth thinking that airlines lost peoples' (often sentimental) valuables and they end up being riffled through by someone looking to make a quick buck.

    • Alice Moorfield
      Alice Moorfield Hace un año +367

      And the crushing of fake designer watches- like people could still use them??

    • Ella May
      Ella May Hace un año +13


    • bethnoirable
      bethnoirable Hace un año +117

      yeah but if you think about it, what else could they do with all the stuff? That shop is the size of a city block, and that's with the items being sold. If all the lost items just accumulated, it'd eventually be a like a city of lost things. And at least they said a third of it is given to charity shops.

    • toe
      toe Hace un año +65

      @Alice Moorfield its illegal to even have fake desinger watches in the first place

    • Hannah Edwards
      Hannah Edwards Hace un año +123

      @Ella May grow up.

  • Stephanie Andersen
    Stephanie Andersen Hace un año +10

    I’ve worked in hospitality, and every time guests left things, I would do my best effort to get ahold of them. There are the people who are excited, and then a lot of people who either don’t answer or tell us they don’t care to get it back.
    If you’re working with thousands upon thousands of suitcases per day, I can see there being a need for a store like this-especially for the people who just don’t care.
    However, I definitely agree that there’s probably a lot more shadiness that is going on.

  • Rory
    Rory Hace un año +6

    This just reminds me of the twice I have had luggage lost. One of those times I got it back two months later but once I didn’t even though we desperately tried and contacted them multiple times. I just wonder how many times the airline just doesn’t try hard enough to return it because it was easier to sell it off for a profit. I’d rather stuff be resold than gone to a land fill but this feels SO sketchy.

  • Cheese Wrld
    Cheese Wrld Hace 22 días

    2 of my fav youtubers and content creators collaborating is everything to me ❤

  • Jada Wright
    Jada Wright Hace un año +3

    It’s so weird seeing random ESclipsrs visiting your hometown and a store that you’ve seen all your life!!! My friend showed me this video and I was beyond shocked that our little hometown got into a big video! It’s fun to see it from a visitor’s perspective!

  • T H
    T H Hace un año +1042

    How absolutely scummy is it when they overcharge for a plane ticket, require loads of personal information just to get on the airplane, and then they sell your lost luggage for more profit instead of connecting the dots -- dots that we KNOW they have -- to get that luggage back to you. This should not be legal. They're crooks.

    • S MK
      S MK Hace un año +93

      If they know which flight the bags were meant to be in, they know everyone that was traveling on that flight. They have access to every passenger's information especially contact details, they can send mass emails/text messages everyday till they have gotten a response.
      Now if they accidentally send the bags to the wrong flight, that could be trickier because there are many options as to which flight they were originally meant to be on.
      There should be a dedicated team to track these things however, hire a couple of data analysts to do just THAT, because judging by the amount of stuff in here, it happens more often than you would think!

    • Evn
      Evn Hace un año +64

      @S MK Even if they’re luggage was sent on the wrong flight or stayed behind, the luggage tags would still be on the bags with the identification number

    • Orion Stardust
      Orion Stardust Hace un año +32

      I get it's not Saf's fault but making a video like this just promotes this even more

    • Jessica
      Jessica Hace un año +5

      @Evn Luggage tags sometimes get ripped off in handling. Luggage gets tossed around, goes up and down conveyor belts, gets stacked several suitcases high, etc.

    • Vixx Celacea
      Vixx Celacea Hace un año +6

      @Jessica That's why you put redundant information on the inside as well. It's understandable that a tag might get torn or something. There are plenty of stories in this comment section of suspicious lost baggage because it had valuable goods and had tags in and outside the bag, but normal boring luggage getting returned to the same person.

  • Abigail Stone
    Abigail Stone Hace un año +1

    Safiya, your videos bring me so much positivity, thank you and Tyler for all of your work to make these for all of us to watch!
    Also, low key hilarious that Hope changed into three different people and your Looks 1-3 were literally all the same emo sidekick outfit. Yes. 😂

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    Heather Carter Hace un año +2

    When the world is crumbling, I binge your videos to escape even if I've seen them a dozen times already. You're a lighthouse in the dark Saf. I hope you know that.

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    I think this video is so funny and something about the vibe between you guys and the editing really works -- I think it's really smooth and was enjoyable to watch! I hope it doesn't discourage you to hear our thoughts about the uhhh questionable feeling regarding this store itself. I still think it was fun for you to explore this and tell us more about this interesting little niche--- i just question the person who started all of this and how the airlines treat baggage lol.

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      Chastity: "A PIGGY BANK! Wait, is it a piggy bank?" And the award for best actress goes to...😂

    • Ashley McGinnis
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  • Nebula’s Fart
    Nebula’s Fart Hace un año +32

    Interesting video! Never heard about them selling people’s luggage. But there is no way that many people lose their stuff ‘on purpose’. I feel like they are too lazy to try and get people their stuff back. It’s either ‘too much work’ for them or they find valuable stuff they don’t want to return. Seeing those workers with their bright and wide smiles just pisses me off.

  • 1v1 RealLife
    1v1 RealLife Hace un año

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  • Capri
    Capri Hace un año +8

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