I Ran A Boba Tea Shop For A Day

  • Publicado el 25 dic 2021
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! A portion of this video was premiered during the Streamys, so thank you so much to the Streamys for featuring us! You can check out the show here: • 2021 ESclips Streamy A...
    Here is a bit of a different kind of video, the start of a new series (I hope) - where we trained as boba-ristas and then ran a boba shop for a day! We collaborated with Kung Fu Tea in Charlottesville, VA to learn how their shop operates behind the scenes, then designed a custom drink menu, and made and served people some of our curated boba selections! I’ve been a boba fan for many years, but this was my first time taking a stab at making bubble tea on my own - and though I’m not sure I have a future in the bubble tea-making profession, it was a lot of fun! What did you guys think of our drinks??
    Also, this video was filmed in early October, before the spread of Omicron & I believe UVA has a vaccine requirement for their students. We made sure to comply with all mask requirements and there was a lot of hand washing throughout the day! Stay safe everyone!!
    This video is NOT sponsored, but thanks to Kung Fu Tea & Megan for letting us film at your store!
    Check out our new merch here!! fiendishbehavior.com/
    My Instagram: safiyany​
    My TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@safiyany?
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    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Nez Covington
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +22595

    HELLO FRIENDS!! Here is a bit of a different kind of video, the start of a new series (I hope) - where we trained as boba-ristas and then ran a boba shop for a day! What did you guys think of our custom drinks?? A big thank you to Megan & Kung Fu Tea Charlottesville for letting us take over!! Also, this video was filmed in early October, before the spread of Omicron -- and I believe UVA has a vaccine requirement for their students. We made sure to comply with all mask requirements and there was a *lot* of hand washing throughout the day! Stay safe everyone!! Also also -- captions are coming soon, should be up within 24 hours!! xoxo, Saf

    • Hannah Nicole
      Hannah Nicole Hace un año +50

      It's crazy out there right now! I have covid right now. Stay well!!

    • lovely
      lovely Hace un año +6


    • poilaaliop
      poilaaliop Hace un año +103

      Sweet af! Thanks for explaining the Covid sitch too, it's good to not have to worry about yours and Tyler's health. And, hey, if you ever want to work with a radio telescope... 👀

    • lovely
      lovely Hace un año +18

      everyone stay safe and it’s almost 2022!! happy (early) new years!

    • Tank CityQueen
      Tank CityQueen Hace un año +63

      I'm loving it can you run a taco shop next?

  • Kayla Alaniz Briones
    Kayla Alaniz Briones Hace un año +37053

    I hope Megan’s superiors give her a raise or a big bonus. It was really smart of her to reach out to an influencer, which is fun for her but also makes her store more revenue. She’s a great SM who used social media to her advantage! Props!!!

    • Jordan Avery
      Jordan Avery  Hace un año +1867

      That's exactly what I was thinking!! She's really really smart for this.

    • Nur A Razak
      Nur A Razak Hace un año +2366

      And she managed to get Safiya, who has large followers + actually doing video respectfully

    • Hanneri Kruger
      Hanneri Kruger Hace un año +388

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no no one gets praise in retail

    • lauralanthalasa7
      lauralanthalasa7 Hace un año +303

      @Hanneri Kruger there are millions of retail stores, you can't speak for every one of them. Some are normal and respect the workers.

    • J McCoy
      J McCoy Hace un año +207

      @lauralanthalasa7 that’s a cute fantasy.

  • Magdalena Haldin
    Magdalena Haldin Hace un año +7185

    I'm actually surprised Safiya didn't try to make a drink with every ingredient at the Boba Shop

  • Mushroom
    Mushroom Hace 9 meses +2169

    i love that she sometimes forgets how famous she is. she has almost 10 million subs but she was worried no one would come lol

    • Stagnant Fox
      Stagnant Fox Hace 8 meses +80

      To be fair after a certain amount you lose the sense of how many people that is. Can you imagine a room with 10 million people? Can you imagine even a room with 2000 people? Or even 200?

    • Mushroom
      Mushroom Hace 8 meses +29

      @Stagnant Fox that's true, it's not really something you can visualize

    • Laura Kastrup
      Laura Kastrup Hace 7 meses +49

      @Stagnant Fox I’m also convinced a large portion of those 10 million people are foreigners, which would make it hard for them to come to Charlottesville

    • Julie Bank
      Julie Bank Hace 7 meses +7

      @Laura Kastrup Jep, det er ikke nemt at nå dertil fra Danmark i hvert fald 😄

    • Laura Kastrup
      Laura Kastrup Hace 6 meses +3

      @Julie Bank jeg ville havde taget derover hvis jeg var i USA på tidspunktet men jeg var her i København 😂

  • Valaine Perry
    Valaine Perry Hace un año +2834

    As a former barista, I get tired just thinking about an 8 hour rush. Safiya and the team did a fantastic job.
    And the milk run… lol. So real

    • Jade Bayo Ba
      Jade Bayo Ba Hace 9 meses +26

      Guess you can say its was truly a milky way

    • Bethany Talbot
      Bethany Talbot Hace 2 meses +8

      So. Real.
      There was also the ice run to nearby stores with working ice machines on hot summer days lol

    • Valaine Perry
      Valaine Perry Hace 2 meses +1

      @Bethany Talbot Oh man! That sounds like a pain!

  • Fairy_Teeth1687
    Fairy_Teeth1687 Hace un año +1431

    Megan's friends are real ones and she deserves a raise

    • Megan Lin
      Megan Lin Hace un año +124

      My friends came RUNNING with that Lactaid 🫡🫡

  • NiraZurc
    NiraZurc Hace 8 meses +432

    If you wanna order the drinks post-event, here’s what the drinks are normally called!
    Bat to the Bone: Sesame oolong milk tea with pudding
    Franken Matcha: Sesame matcha (milk strike) with bubbles and milk cap (you might not get matcha powder on top)
    Cheese Themepark: Oolong Tea Wow Milk Cap
    Chai on Haul: Chai Milk (Milk Strike) with bubbles
    Bean There Worn That: Matcha Red Bean Slush
    Ore-yo Subscribed: Oreo Wow (Milk Strike)
    Berry me in Boba: Rosehip Lemonade (Punch) with bubbles and lychee crystal bubbles
    Longan for the 90s: (Classic) Honey Green Tea with Mango Jelly

    • Amani
      Amani Hace 8 meses +30

      this is SO helpful, thank you !! much appreciated

    • not another theatre trash channel
      not another theatre trash channel Hace 5 meses +8

      I might have to custom up a Longan for the 90s, it sounds like a great drink when you have a cold.

    • RealGlowup
      RealGlowup Hace 11 días +1

      🙌❤ thank you

  • Tessa
    Tessa Hace un año +17862

    Whatever Megan is making isn’t enough. She deserves a raise.

    • come at me
      come at me Hace un año +596

      Dude right she was training while working hard like I need a coworker like megan

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD Hace un año +48

      Repent to Jesus Christ!
      ““Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”
      ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭60:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • lilyy
      lilyy Hace un año +89

      i think shes the manager tho-

    • TaylorsgotSTYLE13
      TaylorsgotSTYLE13 Hace un año +14


    • sllbakery
      sllbakery Hace un año +269

      I was amazed that she runs the shop AND goes to college!

  • August Seven
    August Seven Hace un año +1463

    Megan is a badass employee. I hope her employer sees what a superstar she is.

  • RachelSyrup
    RachelSyrup Hace un año +6481

    Megan: Our boba shop is struggling.
    Safiya: Don't worry, I got this. **floods the cafe with a neverending stream of fans**
    😂looked like so much fun! I hope the shop is doing better now!

    • StoriiDraws
      StoriiDraws Hace un año +17

      This has 669 likes.

    • idiot!☆
      idiot!☆ Hace un año +4

      @StoriiDraws 669 i see 715

    • Dazai!!☆
      Dazai!!☆ Hace un año +4

      @idiot!☆ 715?!? I see 875!

    • MAVEM Cal
      MAVEM Cal Hace un año +2

      @StoriiDraws 881 now

    • Susila Charan
      Susila Charan Hace un año +2

      @MAVEM Cal now its 1k likes

  • Hazel Ravenclaw
    Hazel Ravenclaw Hace 9 meses +456

    “And conveniently on the way to Colonial Williamsburg” Megan is a genius. That is how you convince Saf to do anything just be near Colonial Williamsburg😂 love you Saf

  • leyxbey
    leyxbey Hace un año +5478

    The fact that she did all this for content and not money is just so generous. It was probably so nerve-wracking but it seemed like her energy really gave life to this boba shop and these boba teas are so creative. I enjoyed every minute and second of this video. I never tried boba in my life so this inspired me to try it :)

    • Cradio
      Cradio Hace un año +97

      @Sunny day I was gonna say the same thing… I mean, Kung Fu Tea didn’t literally pay her but she went there to make a video which in turn got 5 million views, which probably translates to a pretty penny. I wonder if she donated a percentage to this struggling business?

    • scorpihoe x
      scorpihoe x Hace un año +151

      @Cradio at the end of the day, she’s a huge influencer who gave a small company a huge profit just by being there. They were busy non stop the entire day which really helped the store out for sure.

    • BluForrestLeaf
      BluForrestLeaf Hace un año +6

      @Cradio well I will say that’s before taxes. Probably a good chunk cut off

    • Fairies are Fair
      Fairies are Fair Hace un año +33

      You do know that ESclips does pay content creators right? Especially the ones who get millions of views? 😅

    • kitty !!
      kitty !! Hace un año +4

      Did you try it?
      If yes, how did you like it??

  • Sarah Coleman
    Sarah Coleman Hace un año +414

    I'm kind of curious if they carry a secret menu now, or if people have tried ordering off of Safiya's list since then.

    • Amani
      Amani Hace 8 meses +14

      same ! i wanna visit them if i'm ever in the area and would love to try one of safiya's drinks

  • July Tello
    July Tello Hace un año +17728

    How can we get Megan a raise? This was the best marketing strategy I’ve seen in a while

    • mighty milkshake
      mighty milkshake Hace un año +318

      Yes #give Megan a raise

    • kikibirdball
      kikibirdball Hace un año +414

      Wiola J not sure what struck you as unclean, the place just looks like an industrial kitchen to me

    • Lily Crayton
      Lily Crayton Hace un año +149

      Wiola J make some tea for a while you will understand

    • jessie 1500
      jessie 1500 Hace un año +292

      Wiola J it isn't dirty. It is tea stained. No matter how much you clean it, it is gonna look that way.

    • BluForrestLeaf
      BluForrestLeaf Hace un año +197

      Wiola J As someone who works in a Cafeteria/Espresso, those stains seem like they will never come off. You can pour as much sanitizer and bleach and steel wool those thin stains by liquids don’t come off. Yea it looks weird and damaged but you gotta do what you gotta do as long as it’s sanitary

  • Courtney
    Courtney Hace un año +1035

    I'm a Barista and this video captured the frantic energy of a busy day so perfectly. I especially love how excited she got when she got the stencil right! It showed that she was really trying her best and reminded me of when I made my first latte foam heart after months of failing.

    • Owen Edwards
      Owen Edwards Hace 10 meses +2

      I am also a Barista (just started working 2 months ago)

  • Marie Of The May
    Marie Of The May Hace un año +805

    I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for Safiya to hop into a customer facing position after being self employed for so long, but it says a lot about her work ethic and the abilities of megan training her and the rest of the staff at the store to have handled it and the increased customer flow so well!

  • Somebody Piano
    Somebody Piano Hace un año +171

    I love how humble Safiya is - she came to the rescue of a random boba tea shop, learned to make boba, and shared cool content!

  • Yaymeli Melendez
    Yaymeli Melendez Hace un año +600

    shoutout to Megan and the staff for making this happen. Megan for sure deserves a raise + a shoutout from Kung Fu Tea for the genius marketing and how well she manages the store! I have honestly never seen my local KFT so full so this was fun to watch and I definitely want to try the Oolong Tea with Cheese Foam next time!

  • KB Arts
    KB Arts Hace un año +135

    Safiya's vids somehow feel super educational, even when it deals with the most obscure subject matter. 😂

    • L'Enchanté Rose
      L'Enchanté Rose Hace 11 meses +14

      That's one of the biggest things I admire about Safiya and her husband, Tyler. They clearly put a lot of effort and research into their videos and do their best to learn everything they can.

  • patrick schneer
    patrick schneer Hace un año +6759

    Safiya: Has 9.3 million subscribers
    Also Safiya: worried no one will show up
    I absolutely love her!!!

    • Jainaba Sanneh
      Jainaba Sanneh Hace un año +18

      9.31 million subscribers

    • pvic
      pvic Hace un año +68

      seeing all the people in line i feel like im one of 10 male watchers LOL

    • Mattymathics
      Mattymathics Hace un año +21

      @pvic dude same. Almost all of my friends who eatch safiya aren't dudes lol

    • IDGAF
      IDGAF Hace un año +11

      @Jainaba Sanneh 9.3 and 9.31 is the same thing

    • pvic
      pvic Hace un año +8

      @Mattymathics iedk anyone in my real life that watches her lol. but tbf i keep most, if not all, of my yt life to myself lol. i do have one friend ive sent links to, but shes a girl lol

  • Abby Maruri
    Abby Maruri Hace un año +210

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the thought and effort Megan put into the drinks?!!

  • Mallory Upton
    Mallory Upton Hace un año +191

    Safiya and Tyler were made for each other!! They get every reference each other day and you definitely can tell they love each other! 💙

    • L'Enchanté Rose
      L'Enchanté Rose Hace 11 meses

      100th like!

    • zhenmei xue
      zhenmei xue Hace 6 meses +2

      I know!Like they’re never offended by each others jokes and find them funny.They definitely have the same sense of humour

  • Firdose Khan
    Firdose Khan Hace 9 meses +190

    the entire time she described the menu i was waiting for a colonial williamsburg inspired tea

    • Ginger Snap
      Ginger Snap Hace 4 meses

      It comes served in salt water. 😆 I know the Boston Tea Party was in... well... Boston, but it was the first joke that came to me.

  • Malkia Debbie
    Malkia Debbie Hace 11 meses +90

    The rewatchability of her content is unmatched🙌🏾

  • Trilby B
    Trilby B Hace un año +130

    Saf at 26:38 "what can I say? Apparently UVA goes hard" As a 2018 alumni, that made me laugh so hard, can confirm we do go hard at everything lol

  • kelsey
    kelsey Hace un año +2867

    i really appreciate how much she helped this cafe, she didn’t get paid, the video wasn’t sponsored, and she genuinely seemed like the enjoyed working

    • Karina Iskandarsjah
      Karina Iskandarsjah Hace un año +38

      She’s a sweetie

    • Samerina
      Samerina Hace un año +1

      All the best things!!

    • Aur
      Aur Hace un año +4

      I love her. I aspire to be someone like her one day

    • Jasper J. D.G.
      Jasper J. D.G. Hace un año +7

      I Mean, she's making money from this video.

    • Rachel Torres
      Rachel Torres Hace un año +13

      @Jasper J. D.G. yeah but given her follower and view counts, she could have asked for money from Kung fu tea in addition to the rights to take the profit from the video on the grounds that she was advertising for them leading up to the event and again when the video was posted. I mean, she's def making money off of this (as she should) but she wasn't predatory about it.

  • fedupwithusernames
    fedupwithusernames Hace un año +292

    The reason the stencil dusting was messed up was because the stencil itself touched the surface of the drink, which caused the surface to get smushed when you lifted the stencil. In all the successful ones you can see that there's a little gap between the stencil and the drink.

  • Toca Wildflowerr
    Toca Wildflowerr Hace un año +72

    Never again will I complain about the price of boba, so much work goes into this. I'm impressed!

  • Art with Iris
    Art with Iris Hace un año +28

    imagine being a customer just here for the bubble tea and wondering why there is such a long line/crowd

    • 🌼Leafy🌼
      🌼Leafy🌼 Hace un año


    • Megan Lin
      Megan Lin Hace un año +11

      We definitely had some regulars who were VERY confused 😅

    • Art with Iris
      Art with Iris Hace un año +1

      @Megan Lin oh hi megan! did they still stay there?

    • Megan Lin
      Megan Lin Hace un año +16

      @Art with Iris some of them did! The "Berry Me in Beans" girl at 29:40 was actually a semi-regular and had ordered that a few times before and seemed very confused why our line was out the door! Her order was definitely memorable even before the Safiya event haha

  • CJ Wacker
    CJ Wacker Hace un año +68

    Saf, this video is the reason I got a job at my local KFT and I make your thematic drinks for myself on a regular basis :) Thank you for this, you are wonderful

    • Megan Lin
      Megan Lin Hace un año +14

      Ahh welcome to the KFTeam! 🥳

    • cenicer☆
      cenicer☆ Hace 10 meses +2

      Can you get a job there even if you have no experience? Kinda wanting to work at a similar place

  • Leah Wilson
    Leah Wilson Hace un año +66

    I know you think you had a rocky start but that’s literally everyone’s first day at Starbucks, minus the crowd of adoring fans. Usually it’s a crowd of Karens in a hurry. You did fine. I owe so much to my barista mentor, she was the reason anything got made correctly, just like Megan. The cashier machine takes a couple of weeks to really get the hang of, especially for weird off menu requests.

    • English at Heart
      English at Heart Hace un año +6

      Right? She had one day of training. Of course she isn't going to remember everything. I know I couldn't handle this job as I have severe anxiety and am a major klutz, so I would have a panic attack and probably end up spilling drinks on people. 😂 And while I don't base anyone's worth on their job or even if they work at all (since I think it's effed up that people are forced to pay/work to exist when they didn't choose to exist), I still give props to people who are able to do this type of thing.

  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia Hace un año +4936

    Dear Kungfu Tea franchise owners, PLEASE give Megan a raise coz really this was genius marketing! If i lived there, i would be visiting the store not only for Safiya but also for my unhealthy love for boba 😂

    • Berry🍓
      Berry🍓 Hace un año +5

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      "Arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord arises above you."

    • Laiila Strautins
      Laiila Strautins Hace un año +10

      @Berry🍓 no one cares.

  • Un Knobody
    Un Knobody Hace un año +48

    What I really appreciate about this video is Safiya really put the time and effort to learn all the step she need to know and not just show up and film the content. And she was so nice, like this is amazing

  • corneliastreet
    corneliastreet Hace un año +190

    I was really worried this might turn into one of those: “rich person has a normal person job this is torture how do you do it?!!!” Kind of thing
    Fortunately it was respectful and fun and they gave the workers credit and calling Megan out big time for her skill lol.

  • Angelique Cheung
    Angelique Cheung Hace un año +62

    Watching Safiya learn the skills of food service is SO RELATABLE to me. Especially learning/trying the POS System. The trauma comes back to me. 😵‍💫

  • ItsJustJill
    ItsJustJill Hace un año +46

    The amount of support, publicity, and profits you have single handedly given them is so awesome and wholesome awesome how much of an impact you have made

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams Hace 6 meses +9

    No sponsors, no money, no pessure, just good old fashion content. Love it 🫡

  • John Pruden
    John Pruden Hace un año +2741

    saf is literally just an adult that gets to make up her own field trips as a job. goals.

  • Oliver
    Oliver Hace 10 meses +19

    Saf needs one of the shirts that say "In my defense, I was left unsupervised"

    • Malak Fayad
      Malak Fayad Hace 2 meses +1

      Lmao my dad owns that shirt haha

  • Alex Salas
    Alex Salas Hace un año +52

    The chemistry between you two is so comforting. It's nice to see a non-toxic het marriage.

  • Kathrine Ann Vlogs
    Kathrine Ann Vlogs Hace un año +24

    It's so fun to hear Safiya's customer service voice 😅😅

  • hylamyc
    hylamyc Hace un año +45

    This episode is so goooooood! I hope Meghan's shop will continue to prosper in the future :)

  • Kris the Dumbass
    Kris the Dumbass Hace un año +27

    Fun fact: The original Chinese word for Longan or Lóngyãn is 龍眼 and it literally translates to 'Dragon eye' which is so freaking cool.

  • Winslow
    Winslow Hace un año +7752

    Megan is going to go far in life: excellent trainer and a brilliant marketing ploy to save the business she works for? Megan for president.

    • Iconic Blue
      Iconic Blue Hace un año +375

      I hope she gets a raise

    • Winslow
      Winslow Hace un año +84

      @Iconic Blue for real!

    • Winslow
      Winslow Hace un año +326

      She was working so hard she lost her voice lol

    • Megan Lin
      Megan Lin Hace un año +110


    • Ar
      Ar Hace un año +35

      @Megan Lin so you're the famous megan! thanks for this 😃💜

  • シʕ•ᴥ•ʔシ
    シʕ•ᴥ•ʔシ Hace un año +60

    As soon as ty said “ you can be Iroh or you can be Zuko” I literally screamed and said “this man is a legend”

  • Abby Maruri
    Abby Maruri Hace un año +14

    My heart is so full seeing Tyler and Saf get so much love from viewers ❤️ I know Saf went through a rough time so she deserves to feel how much we all enjoy their content and care about them.

  • Kira Smith
    Kira Smith Hace un año +32

    I love this so much, if possible, you could turn this into a series of helping out small businesses and places like this boba shop.
    We all know businesses need help right now, other influencers should jump on this train as well.

  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray Hace un año +30

    Saf, I love that you helped the whole day and didn’t leave anyone disappointed to see you if that came that day, you were there! Love this idea of a series too and you’re making me want to go down the street to KFT

  • Kathy Garner
    Kathy Garner Hace un año +4614

    Everyone's all [rightfully] "Way to go Megan!" but can we also thank some of the unnamed employees in the video? I can't imagine what all they had to do; even with Safiya and Tyler moving things along, having such a massive increase in customers must have been super challenging, and they're all handling it like pros!

    • Kris Howlter
      Kris Howlter Hace un año +15

      double agreed

    • Diamond1234
      Diamond1234 Hace un año +31

      Ha, they were amazing too even if we didn't see them talk to us, I appreciate em, couldn't do it without them, I'm sure, since there were a lot of customers. XD

    • Faith Black
      Faith Black Hace un año +49

      Food service is hard work...I can attest you lose weight doing this kind of work

    • ilikebeingsmart
      ilikebeingsmart Hace un año +23

      @Faith Black We used to call it the manager diet, because we were so busy you didn’t have time to sit down and eat.

  • Kyra Wiginton
    Kyra Wiginton Hace un año +34

    I love listening to Safiya's "in case you didn't know..." explanation of boba as if I don't know what it is, cuz for some reason she makes it sound cooler that way lmao

  • Kendall K
    Kendall K Hace un año +6

    I watched this video twice from start to finish and sobbed uncontrollably both times, because I thought of how nice of a thing this is for Safiya to do. Helping out a local business? During a PANDORAMA?? By PHYSICALLY being there...WORKING...MARKETING.....she deserves an award...and Megan deserves a raise. Who's down to start a petition for Megan's raise???

    • Abby Maruri
      Abby Maruri Hace un año

      Right! I just love that Saf and Tyler got to see how much all of us care about them and get some love :) especially since Saf went through a rough period before moving out of LA.

  • ✨Duckies✨
    ✨Duckies✨ Hace un año +18

    Saf: fails at stencil
    Megan: can do the stencil
    Me thinking: it’s the way she lifting the stencil
    Also Saf: figured it out and covers the entire thing on powder

  • cryptidkieren
    cryptidkieren Hace un año +13

    im a barista for a small hella popular massachusetts coffee chain so i really get how busy it was! you did great for your first day (i am CONSTANTLY spilling things on myself and ive been working there for almost a year lmao) and i really hope megan & her team got great tips/bonuses 🖤🖤

  • Latania Fenn
    Latania Fenn Hace un año +9

    Love the content but weird question: are those urns suppose to be on the ground? I’ve been in the service industry for a very long time and have always understood that anything with edible items that will be served can not be on the floor. Which would include pans, urns, glass racks, ice buckets…
    I highly doubt anything can get contaminated but this spouts and stuff are dangerously close to the floor and I imagine anyone in the health inspection field wouldn’t be too happy to see that.

  • Shristi Verma
    Shristi Verma Hace un año +2576

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      @Joseph Miller Franchises are sort of a cross between a small business and a corporate chain. The corporation gets a cut of the individual business' revenue in return for providing branding, advertisement, recipes, some training, etc, but the franchise owner's earnings are still proportional to the revenue, and they can control employee scheduling and payroll. And like Amelia said they are responsible for the store's debt and can go out of business. Some chains, like McDonalds, have both corporate-owned stores and independently owned franchise stores. If you want to support a small business, a franchise may or may not meet your criteria but it's worth looking into. You can always ask the staff who the owner is.
      I might be overexplaining but I'll leave this here for anyone who hasn't worked for a franchise or assumes all chains have the same structure. I didn't know the difference for a long time.

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