Melting Thrift Store Jewelry Into New Jewelry

  • Publicado el 22 ene 2022
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! So, this week we're taking on something a bit different -- jewelry casting! As something of a melting fiend, ESclips has recommended me a few different videos about metal casting over the past few months -- and I found myself with a big NEED for FLAME. So, we picked up a bunch of jewelry from the thrift store, and then melted it down into molten metal, cast it into organic shapes with water & frozen peas, and then fashioned our castings into wearable jewelry pieces. What do you guys think of my ~collection~?
    A big thank you to Sarah Tector, Suijin Li, and the NC State Crafts Center for all of their help!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +7565

    HELLO FRIENDS!! and welcome to another episode of "what can i melt next" -- i hope you all enjoy this video, in which the melting becomes much more high stakes, lol. which of our new jewelry pieces was your favorite?? xoxo, saf

    • roosh
      roosh Hace un año +10

      ahhhh saf, ily

    • Joahie Squashy
      Joahie Squashy Hace un año


    • Ella D.
      Ella D. Hace un año +15

      Day I don't remember of asking u to make a franken perfume or lotion, but mixing the products from different places, like bath and body works and Victoria secret or something. Please!

    • The Witch
      The Witch Hace un año +5

      Hello Saf, I just wanna say you’re my favorite ESclipsr and I love your videos!

  • deni.
    deni. Hace un año +5686

    if this was done in a cauldron, safiya would be achieving ultimate witchy vibes 😌

    • Elleeeish
      Elleeeish Hace un año +40

      Omg. Safiya needs to make potions in a cauldron. Right. Now.

    • Natalie Sue
      Natalie Sue Hace un año +19

      She's a bat not a witch. 😉

    • Nat pelentsov
      Nat pelentsov Hace un año +12

      Rip to your notifications

    • Annie Mayfield
      Annie Mayfield Hace un año +9

      They could totally make a crucible in the shape of a cauldron!

  • mayamahal
    mayamahal Hace un año +3526

    As a metalsmith with a degree, it made me sooooooo happy to hear you call them 'metalsmiths' and not just 'jewelers'.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Hace un año +191

      "Is there anything you like?" "Melting stuff.." "Is there anything you dont like?" "Stuff that doesnt melt."

    • Sunshine27234
      Sunshine27234 Hace un año +94

      in Germany we call a smith who is making jewelry a Goldschmied, a goldsmith. Of course they also work with other metals, but it's rather seldom that they call themselves more specific a gold and silversmith or something. A jeweler or Juwelier is a person who sells jewelry or owns a jewelry shop, but is not a goldsmith. So I didn't know, that people use those terms interchangeably but you are right, those are completely different professions and require different skills and training.

    • Ro Vy
      Ro Vy Hace un año +29

      @Sunshine27234 at my school a goldsmith is someone who works with metal on a small scale (jewellery, pill boxes, small charms, etc...) and a silversmith is someone who works on a large scale, vases, teapots, cutlery etc...

    • tiki riot
      tiki riot Hace un año +26

      I thought jewellers just sell the jewellery? Goldsmiths/metalsmiths make the jewellery?

    • Ro Vy
      Ro Vy Hace un año +11

      @tiki riot true, some jewellers can also do basic repairs and cleaning, but it's mostly marketing and professional knowledge (don't want to drag them but at my school they're all expensive assholes)

  • Dawn Earp
    Dawn Earp Hace un año +4287

    I really appreciate that Saf went to professionals for this. I had a HUGE fear when this started. Yay for very safe work.

    • The Real 33pandaGamer
      The Real 33pandaGamer Hace un año +95

      I was concerned that they were going to melt something that has some kind of plating that's toxic to melt, So glad they dodged the bullet there.

    • Veronica Gu
      Veronica Gu Hace un año +1


    • Liana H
      Liana H Hace un año +40

      Yesss and she properly credited them

    • J
      J Hace un año +9

      I knew there was gonna be one dumb comment like this

    • chronically_mads
      chronically_mads Hace un año +5

      They seemed like lovely teachers too! I was a little worry by pretty intense fear of fire would make this video impossible for me to watch, but their presence assured me quite a bit.

  • Brenna
    Brenna Hace un año +1463

    Safiya totally needs to try glass blowing, pottery, and bladesmithing. (2/3 involve a blow torch, all 3 involve extremely high heat)

    • Rey Squadron
      Rey Squadron Hace un año +10

      Armor making??

    • Tania L. Williamson
      Tania L. Williamson Hace un año +6

      She’d probably break all the pottery to make grog for new pieces without bothering to check if ANY of those might POSSIBLY be worth something because they were ANTIQUES. This video is offensive. That bracelet with the balls on the end was an ANTIQUE. I was given an identical almost FIFTY YEARS AGO.

    • Goose
      Goose Hace un año +41

      @Tania L. Williamson Dude, chill out.

    • ApostleOfCats
      ApostleOfCats Hace un año +51

      @Tania L. Williamson it’s old metal, unless it has any real historical significance it doesn’t matter. Also it was all in a thrift store so I think this was the best thing that would happen to the jewelry.

    • syd
      syd Hace un año +54

      @Tania L. Williamson funny how no one cared about those pieces of jewelry in the thrift store until she used them to create items that are now more wearable and have a neat history. we put value on the silliest of things; time will pass no matter how hard we try and preserve it

  • Katie Hambrick
    Katie Hambrick Hace un año +2629

    “I’ve become a melting fiend.” Pyro. It’s called being a pyro, Saf. Lol.

    • aura
      aura Hace un año +1


    • Kiki Black
      Kiki Black Hace un año +3


    • Anya
      Anya Hace un año +31

      Actually pyroMANIAC

    • Kiki Black
      Kiki Black Hace un año +12

      Shes not a pyromaniac, pls stop

    • Kiki Black
      Kiki Black Hace un año +2

      @maria o_o I was replying to anya

  • Kait
    Kait Hace un año +1166

    This seems less Frankenstein and more Phoenix, it's like the jewelry is being reborn. And that would be an awesome name for a shop that did stuff like this.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Hace un año +7

      you get a clam shell, but in symbolistic meanings. Would be kind of fun to do it with silver sometime and make jewellery out of predictions.

    • Gibmeprimogemss
      Gibmeprimogemss Hace un mes

      I’m sort of a Harry Potter nerd (“Sort of”) and I instantly went, ‘Fawkes’??

  • DollyAnna
    DollyAnna Hace un año +4273

    The sweet man and woman going "They're looking for silver, and they're on a roll" and "Alright!" sound so encouraging and adorable. If I could fit them in my purse and take them home with me, I would.

    • Yeema Wheaver
      Yeema Wheaver Hace un año +57

      Just be aware that they were encouraging them to buy more things so they could get more money.
      Edit: since people are mad I said this I'll go ahead and say that this isn't even an attack to the people. That's literally what they were doing and I wasn't trying to demonize them. I'm just saying that they want you to spend as much money as possible. Don't try and read into this as something negative.

    • Snowleopard 0
      Snowleopard 0 Hace un año +40

      @Yeema Wheaver were they the owners? I thought those were just costumers judging on what she showed of the employees

    • Yeema Wheaver
      Yeema Wheaver Hace un año +11

      @Snowleopard 0 nah, ypu can tell the worked there or probably own the place.

    • DollyAnna
      DollyAnna Hace un año +114

      @Yeema Wheaver This was a thrift store, and some of these were very obviously run for charitable reasons. So if they got more money, good for them. It's a win win, both for Saf and Ty who got more stuff to work with, and for the small business who got more money.

    • DollyAnna
      DollyAnna Hace un año +4

      @Snowleopard 0 I think they were likely working there or the owners

  • SugarBugX
    SugarBugX Hace un año +332

    can we just appreciate that Saf does everything that we have an itch for but not the time or resources to do and does it safely. 10/10 love living vicariously through her.

  • Jade Beason
    Jade Beason Hace un año +833

    13:10 That ‘How’s your arm, sweetie?’ Tyler said is the cutest thing to me.

    • Rachel Harris
      Rachel Harris Hace un año +30

      I was looking for this comment!

    • lovelyves
      lovelyves Hace un año +23

      awe, i didn’t even notice! they’re so cute together

    • M A
      M A Hace un año +15

      i need me a man like that fr 😩😩

    • Lillian
      Lillian Hace un año +6

      I was about to comment that! they are so cute together!😩

    • sophie maree
      sophie maree  Hace 2 meses


  • VioletSkies
    VioletSkies Hace un año +711

    Just so people know there's nothing wrong with rhodium plated silver for non casting purposes. Rhodium is more expensive than gold so you're not getting scammed and it just helps prevent tarnishing. If you want silver but not to polish and take care of it then rhodium plating is a great alternative.

    • d
      d Hace un año +13

      thanks for this info!!

    • VioletSkies
      VioletSkies Hace un año +130

      @Katherine Sheremeta rhodium compounds are carcinogenic and the dust is flammable however when used in jewellery it is non recative and hypoallergenic. They didn't want any rhodium plating here because it has a different melting point along with the potential for harm as they're not equipped to properly handle it. I was just letting people know that when buying jewellery rhodium plating isn't a negative, it just wasn't suitable for melting down in this case.

  • Rebecca Schena
    Rebecca Schena Hace un año +386

    As a jeweler, this is extremely exciting and I'm glad you found metalsmithing fairy godmothers to help you through the process and make sure you weren't melting down any unsafe mystery alloys. Some notes if you are going to keep making jewelry in the future (which you absolutely should!): it's best not to quench your pieces right in the pickle after soldering/heating. It can expose you to unnecessary fumes. It's best to quench them in some plain old water first. And, the brass brush will give you the best finish if you use it wet, with some dish soap, and you brush forwards in one direction. I hope you had fun!

    • I K
      I K Hace 11 meses +3

      Hi Rebecca. Quick question, if you don't mind me asking. I'm a beginner and I want to primarily make jewellery with stainless steel because it's waterproof and all of that. Do you know if I can melt stainless steel the same way as with sterling silver? Could I melt stainless steel AND sterling silver together? I'm having a hard time figuring out

    • Paula Ramos e Ramos
      Paula Ramos e Ramos Hace 7 meses +3

      @I K Hi! no, you can't because they are metals from different families with very different metallic alloys

  • McKinley Mickelson
    McKinley Mickelson Hace un año +30

    I think it’s so cool that you went in and shopped at a local thrift shop, that older gentleman behind the counter seemed delighted that you guys were there! “They’re on a roll!” ❤️❤️❤️

  • Aleena Ahmad
    Aleena Ahmad Hace un año +16891

    Glassblowing might also be something to try! I've been itching to take a beginner's class, and the process looks so cool. You can make glass ornaments, decorations, charms, and a whole bunch of other things with a variety of colors. Would be really cool to see you try that!

    • Lisa Hoshowsky
      Lisa Hoshowsky Hace un año +183

      The youtubers Evan and Katelyn just did a at home glass blowing kit (from the early 2000’s😅) but it looked super cool! Safiya might be able to try something like that too! (With a new kit of course). They made adorable little beads including like a peach emoji, mushroom and like 90’s fantasy spiky one.

    • Elora Hildebrand
      Elora Hildebrand Hace un año +60

      I would love this. I like Saf learning from subject matter experts and sharing the experience with us.

    • Father Ramen
      Father Ramen Hace un año +50

      @Lisa Hoshowsky I don’t think what they did was glass blowing. Not an expert so I could be wrong but I think they just made glass beads. Isn’t glass blowing where you actually blow into hot glass to make a bubble?

    • Kermit De Frog.
      Kermit De Frog. Hace un año +10

      @Lisa Hoshowsky
      I love Evan and katelynn.

    • Kam Mc
      Kam Mc Hace un año +40

      There is a studio in Charlotte NC not too far from where they live that has make your own glass blowing classes! I did it and made a gorgeous wine glass!

  • Clara Lima
    Clara Lima Hace un año +78

    Safiya has an odd penchant for exposing herself to potentially harmful vapors. My role model

  • Neon Unicorn
    Neon Unicorn Hace un año +112

    I’m a silversmith and this video was very well done! Your explanations were perfect and you did great for your first time! Love to seeing awareness brought to the universities too! Most people don’t know you can get a degree in metalsmithing!

  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth Hace un año +119

    This actually seems like it's the perfect transit video into a new series. From what can Saf melt, to what can Saf learn. Like learning the boba and now melting. I want to watch you learn to do more specialty things.

  • Rebecca Stark
    Rebecca Stark Hace un año +391

    That little horse looks like the Sterling silver one I lost in Raleigh in the 1990s it was my favorite necklace I ever had. It would be so weird if it was mine.

    • aura
      aura Hace un año +53

      omg no

    • Paige
      Paige Hace un año +30

      anything is possible

    • Wisconsincheez
      Wisconsincheez Hace un año +19

      Horse girl energy :)

    • Sophie Skaggs
      Sophie Skaggs Hace 11 meses +6

      I mean it melted so I hope not😅

  • Sky
    Sky Hace un año +31

    The way Tyler calls her sweetie and asks her if her hand is fine is so sweet

  • deni.
    deni. Hace un año +1921

    one man’s trash, is safiya’s next franken project 😩

  • Yasmin Shaikh
    Yasmin Shaikh Hace un año +156

    I recognise the key necklace Saf is wearing. Isn't it the one that was gifted by Simply Nailogical? Love it❣️

  • coconutcore
    coconutcore Hace un año +40

    As a young goldsmith I must say, well done! I remember doing these things for the first time. Especially the soldering is hard. It’s all pretty complicated and dangerous stuff. I’ve burnt my fingers on hot metal before. The burn was white. Do not ever try at home, people.

    • coconutcore
      coconutcore Hace un año +10

      Also, just to get this out there: if you see fun videos about smelting any other kind of metal in any way: don’t get ideas. Alluminium’s poison, brass explodes, tin does weird stuff, gallium…gallium…
      Okay, you can try gallium. Wash your hands because it’s slightly bad for your skin or something and have fun.
      I know I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t play with hot metal. The internet doesn’t say this enough.

    • eugenemetayhas
      eugenemetayhas Hace 11 meses

      Is it typical for metalsmiths to not wear heat resistant gloves for protection when working as shown in this video? As a chemist, I am cringing at the lack of heat resistant gloves and appropriate gloves for the acid bath.

    • coconutcore
      coconutcore Hace 11 meses +2

      @eugenemetayhas yes, this is typical. The acid bath is diluted, so you should be fine with washing your hands if it comes in contact with the skin. Some older versions of the acid we use can decolour your clothes though. It may sound dumb to a chemist, but you really really can’t pause every step of the way to put on safety gear when making something artistic. We have tools to avoid touching it all.
      Heat resistant gloves are sometimes used, but it’s rare and only when smelting and casting, but again, if your hands come near the dangerous stuff there, you’re doing it wrong.
      The situation I burnt myself in was when I cast something very solid and didn’t cool it down any longer than I would something smaller. Second degree burns on two fingers. However, if I had put on gloves, they would have been off already, because I couldn’t even heve picked up the piece of metal with them on.
      Soldering though…that stuff’s a whole different can of beans. Your hands and face are always up close and personal with fire and hot stuff, but doing fine work like that would be impeded by nylon gloves, let alone heat-resistant ones. It’s not an option. I have to admit that, here again I’m an example of stupidity. I got frustrated and stressed from a regular, run of the mill attempt at saving a day of work, and because I stopped paying attention, I soldered something and tried to pick it up…without tongs.
      Then there’s the many cuts one needs to get to learn not to put your fingers IN FRONT of the saw, even when there’s no other convenient place to hold the thing you’re sawing. It doesn’t cut all that deep, but it can get deep enough to bleed and gets metal sawdust in the wound (which sounds worse than it is).
      As I did say, it’s dangerous stuff, but it’s no science lab, it’s a workshop where you’re making very small stuff. You have to feel everything you can, because your eyes aren’t enough. Routine is also a creativity killer, so you need to keep it…exciting I suppose. So no, limited safety procedure usually, just a slowly trained amount of common sense.

  • web_
    web_ Hace un año +23

    I love when Safiya wants to melt things. She gives me mad scientist vibes

  • Ravyn
    Ravyn Hace un año +48

    i love how long each video is, but not like its being dragged on, its just a good amount of content for a video and fun to watch.

  • mightbeiguess
    mightbeiguess Hace un año +10

    I love Safiya’s apron, it literally says “silver saf” lol

  • Ashley Xu
    Ashley Xu Hace un año +3348

    Idea from a knitter: making thrift store sweaters into a frankensweater.

    • Tate Mitchell
      Tate Mitchell Hace un año +30

      YESSS use a string of yarn or a 2x2inch square from each one

    • manicmuffin
      manicmuffin Hace un año +130

      Especially if it's a terrible "couple's sweater" with two neck-holes that both Safiya and Tyler can wear at the same time, lol

    • knittinninja
      knittinninja Hace un año +25

      You could probably use a knitting machine to pull this off without putting in the months of labor!

    • Tessa Armstrong
      Tessa Armstrong Hace un año +3

      Yaaaaaas, I’ve just started knitting and I’ve had this thought too

    • katherine
      katherine Hace un año +1

      OMG im so going to do this lol

  • Leah Jumper
    Leah Jumper Hace un año +23

    The candle stick stand melting gave me “Khal Drogo melting gold over Viscrys’ head” vibes

    • J P
      J P Hace un año +1

      Notice how fast they have to pour when the metal is ready though. It hardens up fast, doesn't just run like butter over some guy's head 😆 That scene in GoT was cool but crazy inaccurate!

  • aprlshowers
    aprlshowers Hace un año +26

    As an alumni of NC State who frequented the craft center, it was so nice to see you visit and use the space. I miss it so much!!

  • alexandra falbo
    alexandra falbo Hace un año +43

    I was a metalworker in a studio that looked a lot like this when I was in school for about 3 years. This video brought back so many memories. I was surprised to see they started you off with found metals, the reason why the alloys are harder to melt and cast is because all metals melt at different temperatures which is why you go those chunks. It’s also often more cost effective to use the bulk granules.The crucible can be heavy after a long time, what we often did on casting days like this was have one person hold the crucible then have 2-3 people with torches blasting on it at the same time. If you ever wanted to try more rustic casts again before you go into lost wax I highly recommend broom casting (a dumping molten metal onto an old fashion broomhead) which results in a stalagmite looking shape or cuttlefish casting which is the bone of a cuttlefish (commonly found at pet stores in the bird section) cut in half then you carve into the bone to create the empty space for your cast to go, which results in an almost fingerprint kinda texture on any shape you make it’s quite lovely.

  • camden svec
    camden svec Hace un año +2

    i almost think that those two long pea casts could’ve made really cool earrings

  • Matthew Streacker
    Matthew Streacker Hace un año +21

    The vertical pea necklace looks a lot like a Foxglove flower

  • Safiya & Tyler
    Safiya & Tyler Hace un año +21092

    Lots of jewelry was harmed during the making of this video.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Hace un año +50

    The earring would have also been really cool as a minimalist ring too! But they all look so cool!!

  • PredictableAlly
    PredictableAlly Hace un año +53

    This was an incredible video! Right up my alley. I am a beginner silversmith and experienced wire wrapper! I enjoyed this video a lot and would love to see you contiue your metalsmithing journey! Hopefully next time you can incorporate some natural crystals and gemstones! North Carolina is notorious for it's extraordinary emerald crystals in Hiddenite! You can also find gold, amethyst, garnet, and various other gemstones in the pegmatite veins! I would love to see you do an extraction video and then metalsmith with your crystals that you dug! If you need any help finding private claims or public mines to dig at I am happy to steer you in the right direction!! The Great Smoky Mountains is incredibly abundant with diverse gems and minerals!

    • Jessica Jenkins
      Jessica Jenkins Hace 10 meses

      Do you know if there’s any good mining places in New York?

  • 💗DizzyKitty💗
    💗DizzyKitty💗  Hace un año +33

    Wait, you could try and melt all the chocolate from a store (or two) into a frankenchocolate…

  • Piro Nesia
    Piro Nesia Hace un año +9

    This was awesome! Those pea necklaces came out SO cool. I'd totally buy something like that. Really hope she does a part 2 or makes a series out of this.

  • Coffeeisbest
    Coffeeisbest Hace un año +6

    You should buy every nail polish in a dollar store and mix them together to make a frankenpolish! I love your videos! Such a big fan!

  • Arena Grenade
    Arena Grenade Hace un año +2841

    Safiya in 5 years: *Melting our entire house and making a new one out of it*

    • Anna 'Pixie' Howard
      Anna 'Pixie' Howard Hace un año +16

      It feels like the logical conclusion

    • San Schmidt
      San Schmidt Hace un año +15

      melting the whole neighborhood and making a frankenhouse out of the ashes

    • whiteraven181
      whiteraven181 Hace un año +20

      @San Schmidt I don't think that's called "melting." I think that's just arson

    • San Schmidt
      San Schmidt Hace un año +13

      @whiteraven181 well if you do it for a youtube video it is tax-deductible :)

  • TamKay Jewelry Design
    TamKay Jewelry Design Hace un año +3

    I'm a bench jeweler, and I love that you did this video. People got to see a small part of what goes into making pieces. You are also very lucky to have a place where you can go to do this. In my area, there is no place to learn, so I'm completely self-taught with just books and ESclips videos to learn from. Having someone to help takes a lot of stress off of ruining metal. Nice work!

  • Chloe Badenhorst
    Chloe Badenhorst Hace un año +6

    Im a second year jewellery design student and this video makes me so happy. Im so excited to see my future career displayed on an amazing channel like yours. Thank you so much❤️

  • Frog Bean
    Frog Bean Hace 2 meses +1

    "I feel like a $20 spoon could be silver"
    Safiya identify silver by price

  • 7LeopardStar
    7LeopardStar Hace un año +8

    Safiya's videos are always so informative. I love it

  • ellieminnow
    ellieminnow Hace un año +5

    As a welder, I appreciate what you're doing more than I can say.

  • Fjuktkaka
    Fjuktkaka Hace un año +2354

    Saf is like Phoebe’s brother in Friends. She likes melting things and probably dislikes things that won’t melt.

  • Sophia Soto
    Sophia Soto Hace un año +5

    That was definitely an itch to scratch to do this project! Thanks for sharing!

  • Audrey Arsenault
    Audrey Arsenault Hace un año +5

    It's so exciting to see your melting evolution from makeup and candles to silver jewelry!! I had actually studied metalsmithing for 4 years at a craft and design college and have missed it dearly since moving on to a different university! I'm so happy you had fun with this, it's such an amazing fine craft 😍 I look forward to more videos on this!

  • AnnaGrey Lassiter
    AnnaGrey Lassiter Hace un año +8

    as a recent NC State Design grad and a subscriber since you made your own channel this video is the besttttt!!! GO PACK!

  • Frances Anne
    Frances Anne Hace 3 meses

    seeing Safiya going to those thrift stores made me realize that I have a high chance of meeting her 😭😭

  • River Fox
    River Fox Hace 7 meses +1

    Love the old man's commentary: "They're looking for silver and they're on a roll."
    Was a great video and now I want to try this someday, of course under some experienced supervision! :P

  • RoxyJK47
    RoxyJK47 Hace un año +1847

    Tyler: "its like a demon pancake"
    The blueberry maple pancake candle still haunts

    • Flip
      Flip Hace un año +4

      Always come back to pancake

  • Indy-FM93
    Indy-FM93 Hace un año +3

    I love that you and Tyler use your influencer powers for good. Let me explain…it’s not just all “look at how I organized my closet” “here’s my ikea haul” “let’s shop together” you are actually giving us you’re real life experiences which is so dope I e always wanted to do this!! And plenty other things that you guys show us. It’s neat to watch you use your powers for real life wholesome memories and experiences! Love you guys sm!

  • Maddison Ramos
    Maddison Ramos Hace 6 días

    Next episode of “Safiya collecting obscure hobbies”: Saf tries glass blowing

  • Hawk Talon
    Hawk Talon Hace un año +5

    Wow, those are some fancy thrift stores. I think the most memorable thing I've ever found at a thrift store was 6 different wheelchairs all lined up in a row. And a bunch of carpets shoved into a cardboard box.

  • Todd Norton
    Todd Norton Hace un año

    Imagine repurposing some old gold jewelry from thrift stores and using one of your lipstick molds and making a stick of gold "lipstick"! 🤩🤩🤩

  • TabbNabber
    TabbNabber Hace 10 meses +2

    As a metals student, it’s so cool to see things that I recognize in this video. I love that I finally don’t have to just live vicariously thru Saf on this one! :D

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