Our Ancient Street Cat Passed Away

  • Publicado el 1 abr 2022
  • Hello friends! Unfortunately, we come bearing some sad news - our ancient ex-street-cat Crusty passed away a little while ago at the ripe old age of 21. So we decided to make a little memorial video for him here, as a celebration of his long, dusty life and how much he impacted ours. We met him back in 2015 on the streets, he was there when we started our channel - he judged my ugly clothing and lounged in a giant beanbag - and when we moved across the country, he came too. Tyler & I loved him like crazy, and we're gonna miss him like crazy - and we know that a lot of you guys will too.
    A huge thanks to Shelby & Sandy for the really sick art piece - you can check them out here!
    Via AudioNetwork
    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Hannah Bruce
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +75906

    he was a good cat ❤️ thanks to all of you guys who have loved crusty over the years, and thanks to all who are leaving sweet messages in the comments below, it's making me cry but it's also making me feel better. love, saf

    • Whiskered Shrimp
      Whiskered Shrimp Hace un año +272

      we will miss crusty so much ❤️ may he rest in peace

    • 1ryan
      1ryan Hace un año +22


    • Tekkico
      Tekkico Hace un año +129

      he was such a great cat

    • devil'sbigsister
      devil'sbigsister Hace un año +190

      He had the best golden years. Don't ever doubt that ❤

  • ShadowDragonia
    ShadowDragonia Hace un año +20922

    That old man found two crazy and confused kids and went "These are mine now" then refused to leave until he knew you two would be okay. Crusty was awesome and he will be missed greatly.

    • jasperylemonade
      jasperylemonade Hace un año +462

      Yess this made me start bawling all over again

    • Rock Lee
      Rock Lee Hace un año +8

      esclips.com/video/sU2dwEDlwQg/vídeo.html Finally it’s here..

    • אבישג ג'ירד
      אבישג ג'ירד Hace un año +38

      @jasperylemonade was about to comment the same thing lol

    • Wonderland
      Wonderland Hace un año +102

      this put a smile on my face before bursting into tears again

  • 1210 Bull
    1210 Bull Hace 9 meses +3416

    "Do you think we can do this without him?" absolutely broke me because that's how I feel about my ancient dog. He's not just a cat. They're never just cats.

    • Ivanna Del Castillo
      Ivanna Del Castillo Hace 7 meses +10

      i have an anchient cat too and i relate with this videobut i dont wanna kive wtthout boni[my cat shrs a girl]

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) Hace 7 meses +16

      Had the same feeling when the cat I'd had my whole life (as in my parents got her as a wedding present before I was born) died. When she breathed out I held my breath for a really long time not knowing what it would be like to breathe in a world she wasn't there.

    • Alyssa Jahn
      Alyssa Jahn Hace 7 meses +9

      @user-xo5zl6xr9e I lost one of my childhood cats when I was 19 and sometimes I still swear I see her out of the corner of my eye. We never forget our loved ones, no matter what species they are. 💗

    • ren 💕
      ren 💕 Hace 7 meses +5

      my chihuahua is getting older, and im so stressed out knowing he's getting older. this really helps, knowing that everyone gets this feeling.

    • 1210 Bull
      1210 Bull Hace 7 meses +2

      @ren 💕 I work in veterinary medicine. One of my main job duties is walking owners through euthanasia paperwork. Trust me, just about every owner I've interacted with has this feeling.

  • Sarah Sarosh
    Sarah Sarosh Hace un mes +130

    Sobbing my way through this. Crusty you will be missed💔

    • Levi Laraki
      Levi Laraki Hace un mes +3

      I've watched this so many times. I miss crusty but they helped him more then any cat could dream of. I bet he's in peace knowing he made so many happy and loved

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Hace 9 meses +1566

    "'He was only a cat'
    But he was human enough to be a great comfort in hours of loneliness and pain."
    -Gravestone inscription for Dewey, a cat that passed away in 1910.

    • Meredith Carter
      Meredith Carter Hace 6 meses +22

      Holy shit, that’s beautiful. 😭

    • R J
      R J Hace 6 meses +9

      Oh cmon I didn’t want to cry today

    • Morgan VS The Internet
      Morgan VS The Internet Hace 5 meses +5

      I keep flip flop between having our current hell fluff cremated so I can have his urn bared with me or find a place that does both human and pet burial!

    • Rubyrock
      Rubyrock Hace 5 meses +4

      I really feel that. My older cat (I have two), who we adopted when she was 3 months old, is very smart.
      I came home one day feeling upset and just had to cry and she rubbed against my legs at first and then settled on my lap. I felt better almost instantly. She’s always up to something mischievous and I often complain about her antics but I really love her and don’t know what I’d do without her 😢

  • Clint Potts
    Clint Potts Hace 9 meses +1583

    It’s been 8 months since I watched this and I think I cried harder than the first time. RIP crusty.

  • Bjd Love
    Bjd Love Hace un año +2487

    4 months later and I finally had the courage to watch this video. Waterworks as expected. Pets are never ‘just pets.’ We all know that. They are pieces of our hearts. Thank you for sharing Crusty with us and for giving him the best life.

    • Mendejo
      Mendejo Hace 10 meses +15

      Same same I put it off for the longest 😩

    • Defayeolson
      Defayeolson Hace 10 meses +7

      i was finally able to watch it 😭

    • Tania NIXzS & Mench            ( 💫Share Fort )
      Tania NIXzS & Mench ( 💫Share Fort ) Hace 9 meses +5

      Took me 7 months and I can't even listen to the sound. Knowing me 🥲. I'll get too emotional and stop it just to cry. It's just not easy when you lose someone or even a best friend like rusty 😞. I think about it every day with my cat even though it's 3. But time tends to fly and it feels like yesterday when we got him as a kitten. Now he'll be 4 since next year is almost here 😭

    • Rezamae Zamora
      Rezamae Zamora Hace 9 meses +4

      I did it now, 7 months later I did not want to cry 😭

    • Ayokanmi Bolu-Ariyo
      Ayokanmi Bolu-Ariyo Hace 9 meses +3

      Romans 10:9-10, 13 (KJV) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
      For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
      For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
      John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  • Alyson
    Alyson Hace un año +39202

    No such thing as "just a cat". No need to justify yourself. Cats are incredible, loving, little passionate souls. He loved you two so much and was so grateful for his life with you. RIP Crusty boy

    • Alexa
      Alexa Hace un año +282

      Same with any pet. When you love them they become part of the family

    • Ruruka
      Ruruka Hace un año +219

      Savetion 👑 you have too much free time, also you care enough to comment so 🤡

    • sage
      sage Hace un año +166

      Savetion 👑 you’ve also commented a LOT on this video, so it seems like you care a lot.

    • Georgina Russell
      Georgina Russell Hace un año +123

      Savetion 👑 how sad you came to this video so quick to comment that, clearly nothing better to do with your time

    • Tara-Jo
      Tara-Jo Hace un año +103

      Savetion 👑 clearly I do since I'm literally crying because of this video rn. Bro, you ain't invalidating fur parents feelings today 👊

  • Jazz
    Jazz Hace 10 meses +455

    Knowing Crusty waited until you guys moved and were situated; where he knew you would be okay, to find peace is just beautiful. He loved you guys so much. I've put this video off for so long and I'm still bawling like a baby..

  • sadiee.q
    sadiee.q Hace 12 días +15

    "maybe he knew that we needed him." That broke my heart, but it's so true... crusty will be missed ❤

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G Hace un año +618

    My 12 yr old daughter watches your channel and came to me tonight crying because “a ESclipsr she watches cat died” she wanted me to watch this video, so I did and by the end I was crying too. I am so grateful for people like you two who have love in your hearts for an animal that a lot of people wouldn’t have wanted, simply because he was old, unhealthy (at first) and “Crusty”. I subscribed to your channel tonight just because of your love, compassion, and gratitude for Crusty. What a wonderful gift of love you both gave to him that he returned in full to both of you. I fully believe you are both fundamentally good people and I am glad my daughter watches you guys.

    • Maravilla
      Maravilla Hace 8 meses +41

      You are a wonderful mother.

    • Maxolotl the Axolotl
      Maxolotl the Axolotl Hace 4 meses +13

      Your comment made me cry after returning to this video! Your daughter is so lucky to have a mamma like you!

  • dannimalsholderbro
    dannimalsholderbro Hace un año +483

    "I know he's just a cat..."
    No, he wasn't "just a cat," he was Crustuselah the Ancient, and part of your little family. It
    makes me sad that people feel the need to try to explain why they feel emotional when they lose a pet. The people that have never bonded with an animal will never understand it, but those of us who have loved and been loved in return by another creature will always understand wholeheartedly the feeling.
    RIP Crusty. Thanks for letting all of us be a part of your life.

  • mollycatrin
    mollycatrin Hace un año +590

    a pet is never just a pet, they’re family. you and tyler gave him the best life he could ever have, he was loved and he was happy, rest well little guy

  • Roh
    Roh Hace 7 meses +185

    I just re-watched this and I can't stop crying. I hate the fact that Safiya felt like she had to say "it's just a cat" but honestly, if you've had a pet in your life, you know they are not "just an animal". They are family. Losing a pet will forever be one of the toughest losses a person can go through.

  • lawn_clippings
    lawn_clippings Hace 15 días +8

    Crusty was never just a cat. Crusty was the crustiest, grumpiest-looking little old man any of us could ever ask for. He deserved a whole documentary.

  • Barefoot Doctor
    Barefoot Doctor Hace un año +631

    I only made it through 3 comments before the waterworks started. What a fantastic, unbelievably kind and compassionate fan-base Safiya has. My daughter turned me on to Saf about 3 years ago and I'm SO glad she did. It's an honor to feel like a part of THESE kinds of people. Thank you to Safiya's fan-base, welcoming from the beginning, quick to be kind rather than confrontational. You people are amazing.

      MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA(RAIN) Hace 11 meses +4

      i lasted 2

    • Jessie D
      Jessie D Hace 7 meses +1

      People can be better than you think. I've witnessed many acts of kindness in life done without a second thought.

  • Oscar Green
    Oscar Green Hace 7 meses +71

    It has been months since this video was posted, but I will still cry in the art studio with safiya every time.

    • Nicola Kunz
      Nicola Kunz Hace 4 meses +3

      I also loose it in the art studio when Saffie cries.

  • Rose C
    Rose C Hace 13 días +8

    He wasn't just a cat. He was your family and a great friend. Pets choosing to live with and love us is a super special bond. I'm glad you guys got to have that.

  • Celie Candy 【safe haven】
    Celie Candy 【safe haven】 Hace un año +1900

    i started sobbing when Safiya voice cracked. every pet owner knows how much impact of losing one of their family members. he was not “just” a cat, he was a family and a best friend. RIP Crusty ❤️

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Hace un año +9

      that look raggedy don't get the love they deserve. I love how careful you were moving across the country to make sure he was comfortable. 🥺

    • Tulsi Kanodia
      Tulsi Kanodia Hace un año +11

      Dude, same. Starting tearing up, if the video had gone on for even a lil bit more I’d have cried.

    • [Lavender flower🌷]
      [Lavender flower🌷] Hace un año +14

      I had to wait a few weeks before watching it because I knew I was going to cry I’ve cried twice now

    • I love me me ME!
      I love me me ME! Hace un año +4

      Yes literally in tears 😞 rip crusty

    • I love me me ME!
      I love me me ME! Hace un año +2

      @[Lavender flower🌷] yes😞

  • Marlowe
    Marlowe Hace 9 meses +280

    When she said the vet told us to put him down I started crying because it made me think about my two cats and how I know one is 12 weeks but the other one is 8 years. You never know how much time you have left or your animal has left. It’s hard to imagine life without my animals. So everyone cherish the time you have with someone, something, or an animal. And always please stay safe

  • Meredith Carter
    Meredith Carter Hace 6 meses +53

    If I may - Crusty is not “just a cat.” He’s your cat and you loved him and he matters. You don’t owe any of us an explanation or justification for how much you love & miss him. He mattered to you & he helped you through some tough, uncertain years. That’s all we, as your supporters, need to hear. Take as much time as you need. Grief never hurts less, but, eventually, it hurts less often. ❤❤❤

  • Kayla Varela
    Kayla Varela Hace 21 un día +6

    Saf I’m crying. People don’t understand how close these pets get to our hearts. They’re like our babies. Our forever companions.

  • Jordan Hasch
    Jordan Hasch Hace 9 meses +186

    To #teamtafiya: Crusty knew that you guys were struggling a bit, so he made a promise to himself that he was going to hang around long enough for you to come up for air. I know he's purring with delight at watching you two succeed and grow each and every day. I haven't been watching your vids for very long, but I know he's excited to see your next step.
    Love, from the Midwest, Jordan.

    • mellowcat.
      mellowcat. Hace 8 meses +9

      I fricking love the way you put it.. a couple years ago my cat jellybean passed away and it killed me

  • rurban manipur
    rurban manipur Hace un año +79

    Found myself tearing up watching this. He was not just a cat, he was one snarly angel.

  • Amy Zieba
    Amy Zieba Hace un año +1403

    I was crying but when Saf started crying in the voice over I started sobbing. The amount of love in this video is incredible. You two gave Crusty the best years of his life. He’s not just a cat, he was a part of your family. He will be so dearly missed

    • Brooklynn
      Brooklynn Hace un año +42

      I started crying at the art piece but then was like hyperventilating crying when she started crying in the voiceover

    • l👁2👁l
      l👁2👁l Hace un año +3

      @Brooklynn same 😭

    • Panda Mom
      Panda Mom Hace un año +14

      Got all teary hearing his story. Ugly cried when she got emotional.

    • Lady Stog
      Lady Stog Hace un año +2

      Me too 😢

  • Will George
    Will George Hace 9 meses +118

    It's been 8 months and now I feel like I'm ready to watch this video, but I'm still bawling my eyes out 😭

  • C Sailer
    C Sailer Hace 6 meses +32

    What a sweet remembrance video. I did not know Crusty's origin story, or that you guys only had him for 6 or so years. You gave him what was probably the best years of his life. You can cherish that, knowing that he chose you to spend that time with. Both of my cats were strays, and chose me, and I think that makes me appreciate them even more. Having also lost numerous pets over the years, I can understand how hard it is to say goodbye. I loved seeing all the footage with Crusty, he lives on in the digital world.

    • Jessie D
      Jessie D Hace 4 meses +2

      About a year ago we lost a family cat. I broke so many traffic laws getting to the vet.
      My brother wept so hard. One of the saddest memories was watching him angrily dig a grave.
      But right before he died, he purred so loud and snuggled us both. He was a solid cat.

  • Joanne Sabourin
    Joanne Sabourin Hace un año +116

    R.I.P Crusty, well done the video is great...he will be missed. Never apologize for wanting time to grieve your loving pet. My cat is turning 18 this year, so I'm enjoying everyday even more.

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith Hace 5 meses +16

    As much as you adopted him, He adopted you as well ❤ You two gave him an amazing life

  • Sabine Bruhns
    Sabine Bruhns Hace 9 meses +63

    Crusty was not just "a cat". As you mentioned, he was your little buddy, kind of an guardian angel and the best friend to both of you. He will forever have a place in your heart and that's how it should be. Your channel is his legacy and he will watch you from above and waits for you.

  • Alice
    Alice Hace un año +3859

    I know you said many times “I know it sounds silly”, but any pet owner know it’s now. They come into our lives and change them forever. We all loved Crusty and I’m so happy you had him in your lives

    • Rock Lee
      Rock Lee Hace un año +1

      esclips.com/video/sU2dwEDlwQg/vídeo.html Finally it’s here.

    • thoa tran
      thoa tran Hace un año +1


    • Suzannax
      Suzannax Hace un año +12

      Cats and dogs are part of the family and sometimes they're the only family member you can get on with

    • Ink
      Ink Hace un año +2

      Completely agree ❤❤❤

  • Garden Fairy
    Garden Fairy Hace un año +51

    I cried so hard at this, my cat also passed away earlier this year and she was 20. I had her from when she was born and this just wrecked me. Rip to both of our little angels 💖💙

    • Jessie D
      Jessie D Hace 6 meses

      I had a cat buddy for years, all through college. Then my family took him on when I couldn't bring him with me. He attached to my brother. At 15 he went over the rainbow bridge and I broke so many traffic laws getting to the vet where my brother wept.
      Another time I sat with a friend whose 20 year old died that wept. They mean a lot.

  • yasmine az-zahra
    yasmine az-zahra Hace 4 meses +13

    i’m crying really hard when you said ‘maybe he like hanging out with us or maybe he know we needed him’ … and the fact he’s passed away when he’s sleeping, after doing the night routine normally make my tears just burst. i think he feel really happy at his last time, being with you guys… thank you for taking him in eventho he’s already old, thank you for always taking him to vet, and thank you for making him the happiest ancient cat in his golden time❤🥹

  • Evangela de Leon
    Evangela de Leon Hace un año +41

    Hes not just a cat, hes family. Pets are family. Rip crusty

  • Misses Captain
    Misses Captain Hace 7 meses +39

    Crusty is an effing legend!!! I put off watching this for so long. I knew I would cry. Thank u guys for giving him the BEST life. Those years were def golden. Rip Crusty

  • Maddie isabadword
    Maddie isabadword Hace un año +13

    This is so special, he wasn't just a cat, he was your bud and a part of your family. ♡

  • Sav
    Sav Hace un año +3438

    You shouldn't apologize saying "it's just a cat". He's been a big part of your lives! Cats are just as much family as a human can be. He had a good run.

    • Style_Icon
      Style_Icon Hace un año +15

      Yes! I have a five year old cat and he is my baby!

    • Jack Kids
      Jack Kids Hace un año +10

      He was family.

    • Elyanley
      Elyanley Hace un año +21

      All pets are. They are family. They love us or tolerate us.. are our companions.. and they deserve to be mourned and loved and adored and cherished. Because they are our family. Feline, canine, or otherwise.

    • Mothman In A T-Pose
      Mothman In A T-Pose Hace un año +14

      Pets are never "just a x". They're our family, our friends, our companions. They are a constant safe space and provide us joy, contentment, and love.
      When my dog passed away, it ruined me for a few weeks. It was a natural, expected death and he went out in his usual considerate way (this was the kind of dog who would only poop near trashcans on walks; we never trained him to do this), and it was objectively an "easy" death. But my dog had been my rock and my home for so long, it was like losing a piece of myself. He was like my unofficial emotional support animal, who had gotten me through so much. My entire life upended when I lost him. He wasn't just a dog; he was my family.

    • K B
      K B Hace un año +13

      @Georgina Russell don't even bother replying, just report. they're likely just sad no living being has ever given them unconditional love like a cat could lol

  • Kaseyfullofjoy
    Kaseyfullofjoy Hace 9 meses +23

    15 years of sleep debt 😂 love it. Complete and absolute feeling of safety guard completely down basically in a coma. Great level of trust. What a loved boy.

  • Yum_yumsauce
    Yum_yumsauce Hace 9 meses +104

    I just rewatched this after seeing the short you guys made about Cosmo and honestly I’m in tears. Sad and happy tears. Y’all are amazing people and you deserve every blessing in your lives and coming your way. 💛

  • Ariana Padilla
    Ariana Padilla Hace 6 meses +16

    I don't think I ever got around to fully watching this, but I'm absolutely sobbing 😭 Crusty was such a cute old man and we all miss him so much. He's thriving now as space dust or wherever he is, pain free and eating all the snacks he could ever imagine ❤️❤️

  • Jujubees711
    Jujubees711 Hace 3 meses +11

    So glad Crusty found you guys and lived out his last years with two humans who really loved and adored him.

  • Marcela Costa
    Marcela Costa Hace 4 meses +8

    As an anciant cat owner, i think i have never cried so hard over a video before. Those guys are angels in our lives

  • Miles Espadoto
    Miles Espadoto Hace un año +1851

    “because he was a really good cat and he deserved it” just destroyed me. thank you for sharing a bit of him with us all these years, he was the best crust anyone could ever ask for

    • Rock Lee
      Rock Lee Hace un año +1

      esclips.com/video/sU2dwEDlwQg/vídeo.html Finally it’s here.

  • Quinn Is Here
    Quinn Is Here Hace 7 meses +14

    I’m watching this 9 months later, 2 months after losing a beloved pet myself, and I am sobbing like I just lost Crusty myself. Rest In Peace, lil guy. Go get that turkey.

  • Chris Teene
    Chris Teene Hace 6 meses +12

    Yeah...knew I was gonna cry.But only now was brave enough to watch. Beautiful tribute to Crusty...these little fur bubs,really know a way to our hearts 💕

  • Miranda Richardson
    Miranda Richardson Hace un año +83

    My wife and I lost our cat of only 6 years yesterday. His name was Astro, he came to us when we had started dating as well, and he was the sweetest cuddle bug that only wanted to spend as much time as possible with his two moms. It hurts so much to come home and not see him there, but to constantly be reminded of where he used to be.
    Watching this video helps us out a lot, focusing on the good memories and processing and accepting our loss. We've always loved your content and Astro would even sit on the couch with us while your videos were playing. I hope you know how much your content means to us.
    Miranda & Jen

  • S Maggie
    S Maggie Hace 2 meses +7

    A year later and I still can’t watch this without shedding a tear 🥺🥺

  • Unicorn Dreamer83
    Unicorn Dreamer83 Hace un mes +5

    He was not "just a cat" he was your companion, friend and fur baby. He was your heart cat. Ive had one of those and now I have one in dog form. I know this pain all too well, he was beyond amazing 😢❤

  • Pansyleia
    Pansyleia Hace un año +1459

    "Do you think we can do this without him?" That. That summarizes the pain and sadness of loosing "just" a cat.
    Hell, I did handle it pretty good until the painting.... Then, the rest of the video was blurred by tears....
    Rest in peace, Crusty, you got the best family.

  • E Jones
    E Jones Hace un mes +5

    all your fans will always love crusty

  • Alex Stan
    Alex Stan Hace 4 meses +12

    I finally got the courage to watch this after seeing it posted such a long time ago. And maybe watching this while vulnerable and PMSing wasn’t the best idea as I spent the last 5 or so minutes of the video crying. Hearing your voice break, Saf, hurt my heart. Crusty wasn’t just a cat. He was so special to you, to Tyler, and to us. Thank you for sharing him with your channel. He was so special to you and it truly sounds like fate that he stumbled into your lives. After years and years of watching you, it kind of felt like we knew Crusty, too🖤

  • Zane Ro’meave
    Zane Ro’meave Hace un año +24

    I’ve been putting off watching this because I knew it’d make me cry but I’m glad I finally watched it. Seeing all those adorable Crusty moments and hearing his life story made me smile and I’m still so sad that he’s gone. I always enjoyed seeing him. I’m glad you guys made his final years so good and filled with love

  • 𝙼𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚍𝚊𝙰𝚗𝚗

    I know we all loved Crusty here and he will forever be in our hearts. But a nice thing to think about is if he was 21 years old, in cat years he was about 100 years old, so go Crusty! 💗

  • Piss Farted
    Piss Farted Hace un mes +1

    Didn’t make it past the first 3 minutes without sobbing. He was such a joy! Rest in paradise crusty. To new adventures 💪✨

  • April Clinton
    April Clinton Hace un año +1281

    He wasn’t “just” anything. Crusty was family, still is. You can still do this, both of you can. It just might take you time, and you take the time you need. You’re human. I’m so sorry about Crusty, but he’s the best boy always and forever. We all love you so much.

    • Tiffany Escamilla
      Tiffany Escamilla Hace un año +2

      Crusty was family I cried watching this when my dog passed away I did a native hair cutting ritual that my native dad did on me because we both agreed she was family

  • ItsEllieBoom
    ItsEllieBoom Hace 5 meses +6

    Finally worked up the courage to watch this video and I am sobbing. I’m a similar age to Safiya but for some reason I feel like I’ve grown up watching her and grown up knowing crusty. I hope you’re chilling in an eternal sunbeam crusty 💕✨

  • Satoki
    Satoki Hace 2 meses +2

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    the internet is so self-centered and bitchy, and it makes me so mad that she has to justify loving her cat. safiya, just know that the only opinion of you that matters is your own^, and we're all human. we absolutely love you and your channel and everything you do, btw :) keep it up and know its going to work out

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    Rest In Peace Crusty ❤❤
    I knew this vid was uploaded long time ago but couldn’t get myself to watch it till today. I was rewatching the Moving across the country video and saw Crusty and felt like I’m ready. Crusty and you guys were lucky to have each other. And thank you for the awesome video!

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    Hi, nice to meet you Hace un año +1228

    Saf keeps saying that Crusty was "just a cat", but I didn't even know him and I'm crying. Cats are family too. They need love and care, and they give it back in their own way. You gave him an amazing life from the moment you met him, and he gave back to you however he could. I hope you get to meet again someday. Rest in peace lil dude ❤

    • Dylan García
      Dylan García Hace un año +45

      I think she is saying that cause people with try to attack her with the argument of saying he was just an animal, we as humans forget we are just animals as well and that out existence is as worthy as their (cats, dogs, animals) existence.

    • Sloan Julia
      Sloan Julia Hace un año +3

      exactly. I think the hardest thing for me to comprehend with the pet/human relationship is that our timelines are different, that’s about it. They love as hard as we do, they get as sad as we do, they’re a part of our families as much as any person (my mom considered our dog Mike a sibling 😂, she even called him Michael when he needed to be scolded and he definitely learned that when his “full name” was being used, he was in trouble). They’re so much more than an animal and I don’t think anyone who says otherwise has even been as attached to a pet the way I have been or the way Saf and Tyler are to Crusty

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    • Finnan Maxwell
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      shame on all the bots and spam postings under this comment.

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    bobofc Hace 9 meses +3

    You guys did an amazing thing giving Crusty the best 7 years of his life, you did a brilliant job and you can tell he loved you just as much as you loved him. Sending lots of hugs from me but mostly my cat Arnold who purrs when he sees Crusty on my screen 💌

  • ElenaSimone
    ElenaSimone Hace un año +3739

    he's not even my cat and i'm crying, he wasn't "just a cat", he was a friend and a companion who got you and tyler through some really tough spots, and i genuinely hope that he's having an amazing time in the kitty afterlife and watching over you guys

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      Charlotte Scott Hace un año +22

      i could not stop crying when i saw this vid

      JENNITA B.O Hace un año +1

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    • Person
      Person Hace un año


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      Solstice Hace un año +45

      I was holding up until the painting and then I broke down :( I have an 8 year cat and as much as she drives me crazy and I joke about selling her, I still love her so much and would be devastated if anything ever happened to her. Sending lots of love, Safiya 🤎

  • Marie Soler
    Marie Soler Hace 4 meses

    I just recently found your channel and you have made me cry twice already. First was your wedding and now with Crusty. As the comments say, they are never just pets. Thanks for giving crusty a good life ❤

  • Michelle Brewer
    Michelle Brewer Hace 6 meses

    Thanks for sharing Crusty with us all. They are never just a pet but a part of the family and he was so lucky to have found you both, as with your love he managed to live such a great life for the time you had together. 21yrs, give or take a few is a damn good age for a cat.
    I lost my cat Boots in 2017 at the ripe old age of 22, and I didn’t know how I was suppose to go on without him, as he’d been my best friend since I was 10. I still cry for him today but I know that he’ll forever be protecting me as he watches me from Kitty Heaven and I know Crusty is doing the same for you and Ty.

  • Sarah Scarisbrick-Rowe
    Sarah Scarisbrick-Rowe Hace un año +11

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a rescue cat who means the world to me so can imagine how difficult it has been. It looks like you gave crusty a wonderful life and that he was a much loved member of your family. Thanks for also being real about mental health challenges over the last couple of years. You always look like you have everything together in your videos, it’s a good reminder that we all struggle and need each other. I know your videos bring joy to a lot of people but it’s always okay to put your own mental health first.

  • Duru Ates
    Duru Ates Hace 3 meses

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  • Jdog
    Jdog Hace 26 días

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    KristenK Hace un año +1495

    Started crying at the art, which is PERFECT. He wasn’t just a cat, he was family, and this video tribute is beautiful. Never apologize for loving Crusty and giving him the best golden years.

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    G Glizzy Hace 4 meses

    I had my dog for 11 years and he passed away from lung cancer today. I revisited this video looking for some peace. Thank you so much for showing me that it's possible to move on without forgetting your old friend. I will miss mine forever. I also drove my friend across the country from Boston to Miami when I moved. He was terrified of driving and stood the entire 1000 miles just to watch the road with me. I feel like I lost my best friend.