Melting Every Soap From Whole Foods Together

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
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    The franken-soap giveaway is now closed! Thanks to all who entered - the giveaway winners will be contacted in the coming weeks!!
    HELLO FRIENDS!! Today I let the intrusive thoughts win and melted together every bar of soap sold at Whole Foods…yes, that’s right - not even Whole Foods is safe from some ~mad franken-science~.
    So we bought 109 bars from 23 different brands - and shredded them all down to tiny little cheese shreds, and then used a "rebatching" technique to create one singular & striped franken-bar. The process was long and grueling, but it was definitely worth it in the end since our final franken-bars ended up so cute!! What do you guys think of our final product? And since we've tackled both Lush and Whole Foods soaps now, whose soaps do you want to see us demolish next???
    Big thank you to both Katie at Royalty Soaps & Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry for their expert opinions on our franken-soap!! You can check out their channels here:
    Royalty Soaps: / @royaltysoaps
    Bramble Berry: / @bramble-berry
    And here’s the link to the video by Elly’s Everyday Soap Making that we used for our rebatching procedure! • How to rebatch your ol...
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    0:00 Intro
    3:44 Shopping Time!
    6:45 Our Plan Of Attack
    7:41 Let The Shredding Begin!
    9:24 Black & Adjacent Soaps
    10:59 Brown Soaps
    12:57 Medium Beige, Off-White, & White Soaps
    16:12 Red & Pink Soaps
    17:38 Yellow & Orange Soaps
    19:04 Green Soaps
    20:23 Blue & Purple Soaps
    21:56 Mixing Our Soap Shreds
    25:32 Crockpotting Commences
    26:50 Pouring Our Soaps
    28:28 De-Molding Time!
    31:27 Smell Test & Expert Opinions
    33:59 Hand Washing Test & Final Thoughts
    35:02 Subscriber Giveaway
    35:15 Outro
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 22 días +2386

    For 50% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code 50SAFIYA at! i hope you guys enjoyed watching this 🧼 mad soap experiment 🧼 & don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the description for your chance to win one of these whole-franken-bars!! what did you think of the final product?? and what should we franken next?? xoxo, saf

    • Zerkton 264
      Zerkton 264 Hace 22 días +7

      Slayyy u guyssssss

    • Chelly Blue
      Chelly Blue Hace 22 días +29

      Nail Polish! 💅

    • lana
      lana Hace 22 días +1

      loooove hellofresh🩵

    • Know Nothing Cosplays!!
      Know Nothing Cosplays!! Hace 22 días +12

      Maybe you could do something with skincare products (ex. Oils) or food (ex. Cheese)

    • No idea
      No idea Hace 22 días +23

      Franken ice cream???

  • Simply Not Logical
    Simply Not Logical Hace 20 días +4125

    i can smell this video all the way from Canada

  • Raven Keating
    Raven Keating Hace 10 días +307

    Safiya: I don't want to get de-monitized
    Also Safiya: Tequlia! It's good for you!

  • Jai Stabler
    Jai Stabler Hace 8 días +65

    I loooove that after Safiya said “Katana Wins” and Tyler followed up with the “flawless victory” Safiya laughs close to the way Katana does when that happens in the game!

  • Faith g Gerrard
    Faith g Gerrard Hace 11 días +136

    I think it’s pretty cool how she just takes random products and just mixes them all together to make something that’s really cool and it’s still useable😂❤

  • 🍄Tallulah🍄
    🍄Tallulah🍄 Hace 10 días +133

    I love how much safiya commits to a project, especially including all the stats. And Tyler just behind the camera for moral support. You guys are awesome ❤

  • Kiyotea
    Kiyotea Hace 11 días +33

    I love watching Safiya and Tyler making unhinged things like franken soap while I’m doing my own silly little hobbies it’s like parallel play

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Hace 21 un día +1285

    Love how all her videos are so well researched

  • Hannah Doyle
    Hannah Doyle Hace 8 días +12

    I love watching these so much reminds me of mixing “potions” in my bathroom as a kid

  • Eduarda
    Eduarda Hace 10 días +41

    At this point Safiya has a degree on melting and reassembling organic stuff, quite impressive.

  • Kiana Russey
    Kiana Russey Hace 3 días +11

    I will never tire the Frankenstein-ed videos. The are easily my favorite videos on ESclips. And I highly appreciate the time and work that goes into each one. Thank you Safiya and Pickle Juice Papa.

  • rock fact
    rock fact Hace 8 días +16

    can we appreciate that she had all the stats of the types of soap she included, it was so fascinating to hear about

  • DubiousKazoo
    DubiousKazoo Hace 6 días +5

    This series validates my mix-my-childhood-soaps urges that i would get scolded for lol

  • Cin Wicked
    Cin Wicked Hace 22 días +1852

    The childhood "making potions with a stick and random stuff" energy of the Franken series is so strong and so soothing.

    • FruityPies
      FruityPies Hace 22 días +51

      This, this is it ^ The Franken series is simply the adult version with adult money 😂😂😂

    • Izzyfinchy
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    • Maarit L
      Maarit L Hace 22 días +17

      Agreed! I also love the alchemy/witch cauldron-vibe of it all.

    • Audenim
      Audenim Hace 21 un día +8

      You guys are adorable ☺️
      Childhood wholesomeness!

  • Curly Que
    Curly Que Hace 9 días +2

    I love how Safiya takes time to actually do some research on whatever it is she's frankensteining together.

  • Mariel Bailey
    Mariel Bailey Hace 8 días +9

    I love when Safiya posts new fraken videos. It's such a strange and creative outlet. I love seeing the results and the things she and Tyler go through to achieve crazy results.

  • Adelina Mican
    Adelina Mican Hace 11 días +13

    Obsessed with the whole Franken series. I would watch safiya melt and combine anything for hours ❤

  • Joe Schuster
    Joe Schuster Hace 8 días +2

    I'm really impressed at how well the stripes were sticking together honestly

  • Aliyah g
    Aliyah g Hace 4 días +3

    I love how you are slowly becoming a soap creator!!
    Ps. I screamed when you had Katie review your soap! I love her so much!!! Best collab ever!

  • Maram Z
    Maram Z Hace 22 días +9263

    Safiya could literally mix every type of dirt and we would still enjoy it😭

    • MrBread
      MrBread Hace 22 días +337

      *next month* hello friends! Today we will be making franken dirt!! Now you may be wondering, why did you do this? I don't know either!

    • EnigmaticLucas
      EnigmaticLucas Hace 22 días +233

      Dirt actually is classified into different types (there’s a whole field of science dedicated to studying it) so maybe she could do that for April Fool’s or something

    • Lemon
      Lemon Hace 22 días +42

      I swear I have literally seen this exact comment on a different frankenvideo lmfao

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  • Banana HumanSimulation
    Banana HumanSimulation Hace 9 días +4

    I’m so happy to see you guys continuing the Franken series! I remember finding you
    years ago, it’s so much fun to sit down and watch you mix and melt things together, and to get a little data analysis out of it as well!

  • jessisoldschool
    jessisoldschool Hace 10 días +2

    Would love to see a collab/ candle making deep dive with Evil Queen candles! They have such nice smells and lean into the Halloween vibe hard.

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    Jessica Kelly Hace 5 días +1

    I really appreciate how hard you work to describe the scent in as much detail as possible! It’s the next best thing to being able to smell through the screen :)

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Hace 22 días +10832

    Are we toenails? Or are we dancer? 🦶🏼

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      Safiya = dancer lol 😂😅

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  • Alex
    Alex Hace 5 días +1

    Those soap’s actually look fantastic 🥰 I’m proud to see your soap making skills brought you to doing a design of sorts on rebatched soap

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    jade Hace 10 días +2

    i feel like every time im surprised there’s something else to make into a franken item

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    Hayley Tack Hace 10 días +1

    I love how organized everything always is and the extra details like splitting everything into categories and finding the percentages of the most to least used stuff is always really cool to hear

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    Dickney [with Plants] Hace 22 días +1775

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    Also Safiya: "yeah... 109 bars should do it."

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      The $17 salad can't be written off as a business expense, though. 😆

    • Tony McGrew
      Tony McGrew Hace 22 días +28

      Not to mention the crock pots...

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      vin Hace 22 días +20

      @Anna Roseno it definitely can lmao

    • Dickney [with Plants]
      Dickney [with Plants] Hace 22 días +8

      @Anna Rose gurl that's what I was thinking too! lol tax write offs

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  • Vaiga's wonderland🌷
    Vaiga's wonderland🌷 Hace 20 horas

    The soaps look sooo good!!! Great job. I really enjoy watching your videos and I like how detailed they are. ❤️☺️😀

  • Will G
    Will G Hace 9 días +1

    I can tell these videos take a lot of time to make, there’s so much data collected here, it’s impressive

  • Audrey Decontie
    Audrey Decontie Hace 10 días +1

    My inner child absolutely loves the Franken series.. it brings back memories of when I was in the bath mixing all the body washes/conditioners/shampoos together in a cup 😂😂💀

  • Janine Höfer
    Janine Höfer Hace 10 días +1

    It gives me “I’m a child and I put all the shampoos I can find together to create the ultimate shampoo” vibes (alternative I did the same with cremes) I guess that’s my inner witch 😂

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    Also Safia- buys 109 soaps AND multiple crockpots

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    The results are amazing but the effort that goes into making franken products and the muscle stremgth you had to give here,my honour and love for you doubled...
    From one weird girl to other,love you!❤

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    Kassidy Meinhardt Hace 10 días

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    Maybe you could shrink the volume by only shredding the same amount of each soap, eg 20 grams? Love the video

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