I Got An 18th Century Makeover

  • Publicado el 23 abr 2022
  • Finally, the video we've all been waiting for... the one where I get to return to Colonial Williamsburg after ~20 years!! As some of you guys might know, I bring up Colonial Williamsburg *a lot*, as it left a big impression on me as a child - so we decided to make the trip to the historical town of Williamsburg, VA to get an 18th century makeover (hair, makeup, and outfit!) and explore their living history museum, in costume. A big thank you to Abby Cox & Nicole Rudolph for helping out with our final look, and thank you to Colonial Williamsburg for inviting us!
    (btw - CW = colonial williamsburg lol)
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +9596

    HELLO FRIENDS!! the williamsburg x safiya x abby x nicole collab is finally nigh!! i hope you guys enjoy it & please make sure to check out abby, nicole, and cheyney's youtube channels linked in the description! ps - for legal reasons, the panty thing is a joke 🌝 what did you guys think of my final look?? xoxo, saf (btw - CW = colonial williamsburg lol)

    • M.710
      M.710 Hace un año +48

      your videos have helped me in some of my darkest times. thank you so much for the laughs!

    • Amanda
      Amanda Hace un año +29

      Making my 4 hour turned into a 8 hour train ride more fun!

    • LoveandPopRocks
      LoveandPopRocks Hace un año +21

      i love that you know what libertys kids is!! it was my whole childhood!!!

    • Alice B (the Gacha weirdo)
      Alice B (the Gacha weirdo) Hace un año +2

      I love your videos so much! I’m so glad I found your channel.

    • Lily's Life 18
      Lily's Life 18 Hace un año +7

      @M.710 yeah me too. Especially the one about your cat. My dog died in January and so it made me feel not alone going through that.

  • NotYourMommasHistory
    NotYourMommasHistory Hace un año +22005

    Thank you Safiya for the shout out, and for shining a light on historical interpreters and tradespeople! 😍

    • oceansofgray
      oceansofgray Hace un año +325

      SO happy you got a shoutout in her video! I love your work.

    • H Macklemore
      H Macklemore Hace un año +148

      So happy Saf knew about your work and your fun and informative videos!

    • Michaela Desimone
      Michaela Desimone Hace un año +82

      I was so excited to see you featured here Cheyney! Much love from Michaela Desimone from Keeler Tavern 🥰

    • emily
      emily Hace un año +14


    • J Rakoczy
      J Rakoczy Hace un año +14

      I love your videos! It seems like time-travel!

  • Cameliole
    Cameliole Hace un año +6572

    So there’s a candle company that has a scent for every us state. She should combine all 50 states to find the scent of America. It’s called homesick candles! Copy and paste if you agree and want her to do this!!!

    • Noemie Phan
      Noemie Phan Hace un año +78

      lmao she better be paid cause that would be a litteral ad

    • KLM💗
      KLM💗 Hace un año +4

      wowowowoowowowow WOAH

    • Rowan Jalso
      Rowan Jalso Hace un año +45

      Homesick candles are SOO EXPENSIVE THOUGH!!!

    • 𓆣
      𓆣 Hace un año +6

      Dude that's a really cool idea!

    • Spaceman Craig ☆
      Spaceman Craig ☆ Hace un año +27

      Marylands scent is prob freaking old bay

  • TotallyNotAZombie
    TotallyNotAZombie Hace un año +2624

    I can't imagine how hard it would be to decide to take on a re-enactment role of an enslaved person. The history needs to be remembered though and the culture that was born through such pain and suffering. Mad respect to these people that take on these roles.

    • Michaela Jordan
      Michaela Jordan Hace un año +230

      It's less of a burden to take on and more of an honor to show the strength of the people in that time. That way we can understand and appreciate the strength that we have now. A whole culture of people lived and worked and created families in a time that they were demeaned and abused. And then survived, and inspired movements and laws to change and colored people in our government. My mother played the first educated slave in a reenactment museum like this and there was so much power in the lessons that she taught people. How in America, even now, you can do anything.

    • Choco Toasties
      Choco Toasties Hace un año +164

      @Michaela Jordan Nah it can definitely be a burden. Some guests are disrespectful and use the reenactment opportunity to be rude and dehumanize slave and working class reenactors.

    • Michaela Jordan
      Michaela Jordan Hace un año +62

      @chocotasties that's true, but people are ignorant everywhere about everything. Teachers get made fun of, but they still know they have a job to do. I would rather people be educated and rude then uneducated and oblivious because at least if they know then there's no other reason for them being rude then them just being a disrespectful person. And I promise you most actors like myself and my family, don't care about the opinions of ignorant people

    • Caroline Nochasak
      Caroline Nochasak Hace un año +32

      Yes, as well as the lands that belonged to Indigenous Peoples that everyone is THRIVING on. While we Died and struggled, to today.
      Thank you @Safiya Nygaard for mentioning this once in this video.

    • kt
      kt Hace 9 meses +27

      Cheyney McKnight (ex-CW interpreter) has a great video about just this. She loves doing interpretation about the lives of enslaved people but she had to quit CW because of the emotional toll and harassment and disrespect from guests

  • PlagueDoctor
    PlagueDoctor Hace un año +1546

    As a lover of history, historical fashion, and museum, I cannot described how jealous I am.

    • AUroraMoon _Draws16
      AUroraMoon _Draws16 Hace un año +26

      I’m not even that much of a lover, more like an average enjoyer, but even I’m jealous

    • H J
      H J Hace un año +2

      i love museum

    • TheMeloettaful
      TheMeloettaful Hace un año +5

      Even though I'm not a history buff/expert I've always gravitate towards the fashion aspect of it. I wouldn't mind at all going there as part of a vacation it's very fascinating ❤!

    • Emilia Cabanillas
      Emilia Cabanillas Hace un año


    • Sneha Chattoraj
      Sneha Chattoraj Hace un año

      @PlagueDoctor love your username hun😂😘

  • Ei Khaing
    Ei Khaing Hace un año +1307

    Safiya should’ve been invited to the 2022 met gala

    • Celeste newsome
      Celeste newsome Hace un año +10


    • Erin
      Erin Hace un año +13

      She would steal the runway

    • 블링 블링
      블링 블링 Hace un año +10

      Frfr, her and Billie Eilish would be the only ones who would fit the theme

  • Felix Fern
    Felix Fern Hace un año +876

    The background crab walk at 27:38 absolutely destroyed me.
    This entire collaboration was such a delight and worth the wait!

    • Lifealope
      Lifealope Hace un año +22

      I was searching the comments to see if anyone else noticed that.

    • Gui Smith
      Gui Smith Hace un año +4

      I would’ve commented my own timestamp if I didn’t see this comment soon 😆

    • English at Heart
      English at Heart Hace un año +2

      @Lifealope Why wouldn't other people notice it?

    • I’m Not Good With Names
      I’m Not Good With Names Hace 7 meses +4

      @English at Heart Cause its kinda in the background and is not really adressed.

    • velvet.snakes
      velvet.snakes Hace 6 meses +1


  • Jennifer Hutchens
    Jennifer Hutchens Hace un año +6356

    Blown away by how thoughtful your explanation of understanding the context of history was at the beginning. Will always be impressed by your integrity and intellect - you’re such a valuable and unique voice on ESclips.

    • Leslie Moise
      Leslie Moise Hace un año +37

      Same thoughts during the intro.

    • AxxL
      AxxL Hace un año +1

      i was a boy. they were 138 girls. can i make it any more obvious? thats right, i had a crazy dream last night. HAHAHAHAHA!!! im the funniest youtube star ever. youre welcome for laughing dear j3n

    • Maverick Mayhem
      Maverick Mayhem Hace un año +34

      I have always been tempted to visit but the historical context discussed always bothered me...interestingly this has given food 4 thought

    • Jaime Oesterling
      Jaime Oesterling Hace un año +30

      I concur. It was incredibly eloquent and something I have thought about a lot as someone who traveled to a lot of these places as a home school kid.

    • Andrea Evans Smith
      Andrea Evans Smith Hace un año +25

      The historian in me was so excited to see time given to this context! Thank you Safiya and Tyler for this thoughtful move.

  • natashara08
    natashara08 Hace un año +363

    Im native american but can say, i love the fashion from then as well.. it was an aweful time period for our people but its our history. We cant change that. So we embrace it.

    • Jerry Gurrola
      Jerry Gurrola Hace un año +3

      Natives are forever grateful towards my life and family
      We forever respect you all :)

    • totesmegoats crystal
      totesmegoats crystal Hace un año +9

      Every race has gone through an awful period, every nation, even tribal natives to other tribes as well...everyone has sin in their past. I have Sioux in my blood also Jewish in my blood, along with all sorts of European but of course that doesn't matter my European blood, cuz somehow they are untouched(which they aren't untouched)but society lets me mention the past of my POC ancestors and their oppression, but guess what I wasn't there, neither was you, so why should I allow it to bug me to a point I have to mention it while enjoying learning about things I like from the past?

    • English at Heart
      English at Heart Hace un año +16

      @totesmegoats crystal You can't tell facts in today's society. Just like you can't point out that every race has enslaved (including black people, as Africa was enslaving its own people long before anyone else did, and they're the ones who sold/traded their own people to others), and every race has been enslaved (including white people). You can't point out how Native Americans suffered way worse in the US than other races, you can't point out how every race has racists in it and every race can experience racism. People refuse to acknowledge any history that shows that white people aren't the only ones to commit atrocities and have suffered atrocities themselves. We should of course acknowledge the horrible things that have happened throughout history, but all of it should be acknowledged and taught, not just specific areas.

    • The Pinkest Pigglet
      The Pinkest Pigglet Hace un año +29

      @English at Heart OK so this is a out peeve and I don't want to get deep into politics but
      African slavery was really different than American slavery. In African slavery slaves could make their own money and buy their freedom, and often if you were a slave it was because of debts you owed and could hopefully one day pay off.
      And historically everyone was a slave, or at least there were a few people who felt they owned everyone else. Mideveal Europen lords taking your taxes and your crops was nothing like what America did.
      Slavery is always wrong, but what old Americans did was not the usual sort of wrong.

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam Hace un año +364

    You know Abby is a fan when she says the word "Murkin" in front of Safiya. Gosh I love her for that.

    • Sophie Skaggs
      Sophie Skaggs Hace 6 meses +3

      It’s the cutest thing really. She is such a fan

  • Ozpex
    Ozpex Hace un año +683

    Just a neat little thing I’d love to mention! As someone who’s worked at the Renaissance Festival before, we have a somewhat very similar way of running things! No modern words, many hot layers, and no modern technologies or inventions in sight (my cloak helped with hiding SO much “contraband”!). Everything is just in the Elizabethan period, so just a hundred or two hundred years older than Colonial Williamsburg! It’s such a fun place to work and everything that happens between the cast is always story-worthy! You should totally make a video on visiting a Renaissance Festival sometime soon!

    • Mia J
      Mia J Hace un año +14

      Well met! I too am a retired Rennie and got a giggle out of the similarities of the situation.

    • eerielake
      eerielake Hace un año +20

      yes! i'm a faire brat raised by rennies, and am always hiding contraband in my boots or my cloak lol. my favorite thing is making up silly faire names for objects; magic sundial = watch, box of fairies = fan in the booth, scrying mirror = phone etc.

    • unbothered kai
      unbothered kai Hace un año +2


  • marlar98
    marlar98 Hace un año +390

    I appreciate how thoughtful you are about contextualising historical fashion. I love fashion history and sewing, but i see so many people refusing to acknowledge the economic disparity and slavery without being so aggressively defensive.
    Great video as always saf!

    • just me
      just me Hace 8 meses +6

      Exactly! I'm glad you agree, I've seen some nasty comments around, which is kind of unusual on Safiya's channel. As she said herself, we can appreciate vintage clothing without conforming to the vintage values

  • Hazzmat
    Hazzmat Hace un año +466

    How did it take me this long to know that Safiya's mom was from India?! That's so cool! The pictures of your mom and dad together are so sweet

    • Felix..Julian
      Felix..Julian Hace un año +61

      Yup! Danish and Indian!

    • Woodshadow
      Woodshadow Hace un año +57

      I didn’t realize either. When Tyler said she looks like her mother it hit me that she absolutely looks Indian

    • Musiccubed
      Musiccubed Hace un año +50

      I think she mentioned in her "dressing like it's 1967" video that the 1960s evening gown she wore belonged to her grandmother back in India. Her great uncle was in the United States and sent back fabric and a pattern so she could take it to a tailor to get it stitched. (Which was common for a lot of Indians who wore American/European clothing at the time. My grandmother did the same thing but she got her patterns from family in Australia)

    • Mar Vergara
      Mar Vergara Hace un año +19

      She had a video back in buzzfeed days about learning how to drape a saree- being half indian and such

  • Em Stronach
    Em Stronach Hace un año +4418

    Alternate title: Tyler following Safiya and her new friends back in time.

  • Melina
    Melina Hace un año +89

    I genuinely think that Safiya and Tyler make some of the highest quality ESclips videos on the platform. Amazing videography, creative editing, supplementary visuals, acknowledgement of historical context, and so much more. Their videos never fail to blow me away. They’re also highly rewatchable and still engaging after the third and fourth watch.
    Thank you (and your team) for all the hard work you put into creating this content!

    • Sophie Skaggs
      Sophie Skaggs Hace 6 meses +2

      I’ve watched this maybe 120 times 😅but I love it more each time. As for every video really. I showed my grandmother her historical wedding dress video and she loved it sooo much.

  • brunch everyday
    brunch everyday Hace un año +540

    Tbh this could pass as behind the scene for 2022 Met Gala's and I won't be mad

    • Karla Mtz
      Karla Mtz Hace un año +14

      Met gala could never honestly

    • gasparrrd
      gasparrrd Hace un año +12

      wrong decade but Safiya would’ve done so well if she was invited

    • annajanehesmondhalgh
      annajanehesmondhalgh Hace un año +8

      it’s 100 years too early, but i have no doubt safiya would have done amazing at the met

    • Jackie Rocha
      Jackie Rocha Hace un año +1

      Definitely closer to the 2022 theme then the majority of those actually at the event

    • m
      m Hace un año +3

      It would still be the wrong time period for the met gala theme but it’s a whole lot closer to the theme than what the actual attendees did

  • Kristin Fiehler
    Kristin Fiehler Hace un año +102

    As someone who was born and raised in Williamsburg, had friends who were junior interpreters, dated someone in the fife and drum, the whole nine yards, this is the best video to come across. I really appreciate someone who loves my home town lol

  • Nicki Zufelt
    Nicki Zufelt Hace un año +31

    How much Tyler loves Saf is cute and all.. But the way he gets into her nerdy fantasies is beyond amazing

  • IceNixie0102
    IceNixie0102 Hace un año +108

    I have never been this jealous of anyone. What I wouldn't pay to hang out with Abby & Nicole and get custom-made Nicole shoes. Like DUDE.

  • Bernadette Banner
    Bernadette Banner Hace un año +3575

    On Wednesdays we wear ye Clokes o' carnation Velvett 💅

    • drunkhyena
      drunkhyena Hace un año +79

      Salutations Bernadette! The costubers are truly all here 😄💚

    • Afternoon Da Lite
      Afternoon Da Lite Hace un año +22

      Of course it’s you leaving sassy adorable comments! ✨💖✨

    • Dancing Colors deR
      Dancing Colors deR Hace un año +11

      I have been looking for the one I made for my daughter to be L R R H for Halloween when she was 15. Made of pink carnation silk velvet... I need to wear it for my own costume now! Where did it go? ? You've reminded me of it's glory!

    • A
      A Hace un año +26

      the crossover we needed but don't deserve 😍

    • Koffee Kat
      Koffee Kat Hace un año +2


  • Jade Lotus
    Jade Lotus Hace un año +60

    My parents were professional colonial re-enactors and this brought back sooo many memories! From the age of 3-13 I would go with them to all sorts of locations around the US and Canada. We made all our own clothes, using authentic patterns and materials, and being that I was a kid when they started, I got to experience a wide range of outfits from little girl style to the more grown-up garments that a teenager would have worn. When we were doing a show, we would literally camp out in the exact style of tents that they would have used during the American revolution, and we would cook on an open hearth outside, making recipes from the times. (They’re actually pretty tasty!) We camped out at Williamsburg several times and I remember our tent was right in that green you showed in this video! Such good times.
    Also, yes my dad is a history buff and he absolutely had a Gettysburg phase when I was a late teenager/in college! We used to go every summer! I’ve seen civil war battlefields all over the country lol

  • Dawn Oldham
    Dawn Oldham Hace un año +226

    Oh my goodness! When our children were young, we took them to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown several times. (I taught them history during those years using the American Girls books and resources as part of our curriculum!) Cutest thing was that my eldest were about nine years old- boy/girl twins. She wore the Felicity costume during our touring day(s) and he enthusiastically joined in on the “Felicity’s Tour”. We were with another brother/sister pair of similar age, and while the other boy was hanging back in embarrassment, our son joined in on the sewing of a pin cushion, learning to dance 18th century dances, and taking tea. When touring, our guide asked us why there were ladders leaning on the houses. History son (who had been listening to the Felicity books) said, “because they needed to be able to stop fires that a chimney’s spark might drop onto the thatched roof!” He surprised us all and made such a fun memory for me. He’s all-guy- ex Minor League Baseball player, but still loves to learn. And sister? She’s now teaching 2nd grade- the age she was when being taught and touring Williamsburg, VA. Thank you for letting me share and for bringing up these wonderful memories!

    • Eliana Z
      Eliana Z Hace un año +6

      That is adorable on so many levels. Thank you for sharing a feel good story, no doubt a treasured memory. Have a nice day everyone 😊

  • Celeste Seeker
    Celeste Seeker Hace un año +51

    "I invoke the right of parley." & "It has pockets." My two favorite quotes from this video! Hahahaha!

  • Solanum
    Solanum Hace un año +38

    Next, please get a Victorian makeover! It would suit you so great and I love your style/makeover videos!

  • perksofbeingcurvy
    perksofbeingcurvy Hace 9 meses +39

    Tyler's comedy is top-tier in this video 💕🥰

  • Valentin Gonzalez
    Valentin Gonzalez Hace un año +2529

    the fact that Safiya still managed to fit the color black into her outfit is insane

    • It’s CJ
      It’s CJ Hace un año +57

      It's honestly impressive. Can't say she isn't dedicated!

    • Ashely Diaz
      Ashely Diaz Hace un año +34

      When there's a will Safiya finds a way

    • DY
      DY Hace un año +16

      You should watch Abby Cox’s video: I took Safiya Nygaard to study 1700s gowns & stays at Colonial Williamsburg!
      There’s a black dress in the collection that’s pretty neat.

    • English at Heart
      English at Heart Hace un año

      How? Black is a prominent color. It isn't hard to find articles of period clothing that have the color black.

  • Tiffany J
    Tiffany J Hace un año +22

    Nicole scuddling like a crab sent me 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️ I wanna see the two of you together again soon

  • Eleanor
    Eleanor Hace un año +28

    I think that this is my favorite video you’ve ever done. I grew up in Williamsburg, and was a junior interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg for three years (junior interpreters are middle and high school age volunteers and the application process is intense). This was such a blast from the past for me! The last time I saw the inside of the costume warehouse was when I turned in my costume three days before I moved away. My 7th grade history teacher used to be the blacksmith. I used to carry all my contraband in my folded up apron, and my mom and I used to stop in that Wawa on our way home! This video was so much fun for me. A few differences in experience: my shoes for my costume were a similar design, but leather, not wool. My costume was meant to be a poorer person than your costume because of the house I worked in, so I didn’t have to wear stays or petticoats, just a cotton shirt that went over my shift and a cotton or wool skirt depending on season. They didn’t make us pomade our hair (thank god) and the break room was stocked with Gatorade (or hot chocolate, depending on the season) to pour in our official-issue colonial mugs and some pretty unhealthy snacks. It was such a fun experience for me that I’m so grateful for, and I’m glad you had such a good time too!!

  • G T
    G T Hace un año +6

    I appreciate you taking time to emphasize the crimes committed against various people because that is also a part of history and not just the intersting fashion elements. I have to agree with Tyler about you killing it, granny vibes and all.

  • Lisa Jennings
    Lisa Jennings Hace un año +42

    One of my favorite videos you have ever done. I LOVE both "Not Your Mammas History" and "Nicole Rudolph" so much. It's amazing you got to work with them!

  • Libby Ann
    Libby Ann Hace un año +13

    You lived the 12 year old me’s life dream to get to have a Colonial Williamsburg makeover! Must have been a tween girl in the mid-2000s thing (all the American Girl and Dear America books must have played a part!)

    • Astrid Hannestad
      Astrid Hannestad Hace un año +1

      I think it’s a universal tween girl dream. I am from Denmark, and I definitely had the same urge to dress in 18th century fashion

  • Abby Cox
    Abby Cox Hace un año +11530

    This was such a fun time and I can’t wait to hang out and plot more historical clothing shenanigans with you 😭❤️🎉

  • Eva Wilcox
    Eva Wilcox Hace un año +31

    I adore you! Started with the wedding videos as I am getting married in June and they just popped up. Then I got hooked on your Asian tour and totally loved the McDonald's wedding video. You are so funny and eclectic in the best of ways. Seeing you and Tyler together is beautiful, you two are so made for each other. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I'm close to 60 in age, so I might not be typical, but who knows, of most of your subscribers. You just make my day.

  • janjoon
    janjoon Hace un año +29

    safiya should’ve been invited to the met gala

  • vliase
    vliase Hace un año +26

    This reminds me of this years theme for the met gala. If some A list celebs cant do it right, at least Safiya can

  • Amom2go
    Amom2go Hace un año +6

    Being the island, in a sea of family members that do not thrill at all with any kind of cerebral learning vacation, I thank you for this. I am literally lying in my bed as a severe storm moves in, allowing myself to enjoy being transported to Williamsburg and experience it through your journey. I love your witty intelligence and the thought you put into your videos . I feel as if I come away with having learned, but feeling light-hearted, as opposed to stamped on.
    Keep them coming girl!...except you might want the panties back on first😉

  • Kirk Northrop
    Kirk Northrop Hace un año +3090

    Safiya saying “colonial Williamsburg” would be a dangerous drinking game.

    • Witches_are_Real
      Witches_are_Real Hace un año +7

      Ooooh! This is nice!

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha Hace un año

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!
      Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤

    • Leslie Moise
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    • iwillsmiteyall
      iwillsmiteyall Hace un año +14

      Safiya is not at all responsible for any poisonings via alcohol incurred from reckless drinking games 👩‍⚖️

  • a sandwich
    a sandwich Hace un año +10

    I love how safiya doesn't care what people say she wears what she want and do what she wants

  • JustARandomChanel Don'tMindMe

    Tyler loves her so much, we would all be incredibly lucky to have a Tyler in our lives. 😢

  • bark abrk grr grr ruff bark abrk grr ruff

    she should have been invited to the met gala

  • Gabrielle Cloverbow
    Gabrielle Cloverbow Hace 8 meses +6

    Is it a bad thing that I wanna wear a medieval gown to prom? I mean… I don’t really care if people think that’s weird. It’s my dream and now I need to find a way to make it reality

  • Meg B
    Meg B Hace un año +31

    My father was the very excited, proud, immigrant. Yeah, we visited historically significant sights!!!

  • DramaLlamaRama
    DramaLlamaRama Hace un año +1135

    Safiya’s full outfit, hat & shawl/cape, does sort of look like if little red riding hood grew up to be a courtiers poison maker.
    It’s a vibe and I love it

    • Elora Hildebrand
      Elora Hildebrand Hace un año +11

      This is an excellent description and I applaud you.

    • Hessed3712
      Hessed3712 Hace un año +3

      Perfect description.

    • I.
      I. Hace un año +1

      I could never thought of better description

    • Kelsey D
      Kelsey D Hace 5 meses


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