We Built A Custom Nail Polish Truck

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
  • If you want to snag the safiya x holo taco collection (or any of the individual colors) - you can check out all the products here!! 🦇💿 holota.co/safiyaxholotaco
    HOLO FRIENDS!! Buckle up & get your fingernails ready, cause this one is a wild ride! a few years ago, I had the crazy idea to make a custom food truck of some sort - I just needed the perfect opportunity to do it. So when Cristine and I decided to create a Holo Taco collection together, I thought why not now - let's make a (holo) taco truck!!
    So we took a super old FedEx truck and renovated it into a batty, vampy, ~holographic~ nail polish truck! Once it was finished, we loaded an army of nail polish into the truck and drove it around to several different meet ups around Raleigh. At each location, we gave away some free nail polish, saw lots of great nail art (a decent amount of which is featured in this video), & gave out some other fiendish goodies for you guys to enjoy (think chocolate & boba)!!
    Thank you to everyone who could make the event!! What do you guys think of our nail polish truck? What should we turn the truck into next??
    And now, we’ve finally reached the release date of the safiya x Holo Taco collection!! I hope you guys love it as much as we do! You can shop the limited edition collection now here: holota.co/safiyaxholotaco
    Huge thank you to the people over at Jack of All Trades by George for the crazy transformation of our nail polish truck - you can find them here!! www.jackofalltradesbygeorge.com/
    And thank you to our partners for the event day - Lola’s Nail Closet, Escazú, & MILKLAB!! You can find them all here:
    Also a shout out to my entire production team, along with a huge thank you to the Holo Taco team for their help designing the truck and assisting during the event.
    You can find a downloadable & printable mini cutout of our truck here!! www.holotaco.com/pages/truck
    Check out our merch shop here!! fiendishbehavior.com
    My Instagram: safiyany​
    My TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@safiyany
    Tyler's channel: / @tylerwilliams
    Our ESclips Shorts channel: / @safiyashorts
    Via AudioNetwork
    Executive Producers: Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams
    Head of Production: Carey Fiock
    Production Manager / Producer: Melissa Douglas
    Junior Associate Producer: Ishara Mathews
    Production Assistant: Aayanah McCreary
    Content Promotions & Video Packaging Manager: Alaina Simmons
    Short Form Producer: Myia Lambe
    Short Form Editor: Hailey Cox
    Editor: Andrew Lainhart
    Editor: Mandy Padgett
    Graphic Designer: Dayana Espinoza
    0:00 Intro
    1:55 Our Holo Taco Collection!
    3:47 Designing Our Truck
    8:06 Renovation Time!
    10:10 Revealing Our Truck To Cristine
    13:45 Test Driving The Truck
    15:57 Truck Stop #1 (and Manicure Stations)
    19:41 Truck Stop 2 (and Custom Chocolate)
    21:54 Truck Stop #3 (and Custom Boba Drinks)
    25:22 Outro
    #nails #renovation #vlog

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 11 días +5557

    HOLO FRIENDS!! Simply & Safiya are back at it again - this time with a one-two punch of a holo taco nail polish collab, and a matching (holo) taco truck that we built from an old fedex truck. I hope you guys enjoy this one - what else should we do with our new truck?? Also, if you're interested - you can shop any of the safiya x holo taco collab products here!! holota.co/safiyaxholotaco
    QUICK UPDATE: as of this video going live, the collection bundle that includes the nail file & the glitter is sold out, BUT there are still collection boxes and individual shades available!!
    💅 xoxo, saf

    • Alice B (the Gacha weirdo)
      Alice B (the Gacha weirdo) Hace 11 días +8

      Hello! This is so amazing!

    • Pay_Pay Equestrian
      Pay_Pay Equestrian Hace 11 días +10

      So proud of you both!

    • lil shorty
      lil shorty Hace 11 días +2


    • KREW fanart
      KREW fanart Hace 11 días +2

      Hi! I'm surprised that I'm the third person to reply and not like the 100th and I hope I can get it as a birthday gift cause its on the 20th this month I really like the purple pink color also!

    • Rock and Fashion
      Rock and Fashion Hace 11 días +2

      Great job Safiya!

  • Simply Not Logical
    Simply Not Logical Hace 11 días +6949


    • ScriptKeeper
      ScriptKeeper Hace 11 días +7

      Hi Christine!!!!

    • Jellylover11
      Jellylover11 Hace 11 días +11

      Holo Cristine!

    • love
      love Hace 11 días +3


    • bbysiea
      bbysiea Hace 11 días +6

      Holo! So proud of you, I remember watching when Holo Taco first launched, you and Beeeyyynn have come so far!

    • Hawwa ali
      Hawwa ali Hace 11 días

      Holo Cristine! Surprised this doesn't have more comments

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Hace 10 días +1604

    Everyone was so respectful and so well mannered

  • Alexandra May
    Alexandra May Hace 11 días +2700

    As the person at 23:12 being handed tea by Ben, I can confirm the event was absolutely amazing and everyone involved did an amazing job! Also as someone who lives in Raleigh, it’s so cool to see Safiya collaborating with local brands and promoting them in her videos. I don’t know that I would have known about MilkLab or the other local vendors she highlights in her videos without them.

    • rawr wateryourcermet
      rawr wateryourcermet Hace 10 días +237

      I also love that she’s proving that a big ESclipsr doesn’t have to live in LA to be doing cool things, finding amazing places and artists and vendors, having filming opportunities, and bringing a crowd. Like, other places exist 🙄 and there are so many talented people/businesses to work with in those smaller towns.

    • Alexandra May
      Alexandra May Hace 10 días +10

      @rawr wateryourcermet omg yes!!

    • jj
      jj Hace 10 días +30

      love that she moved away from LA@rawr wateryourcermet

    • Anakha nair
      Anakha nair Hace 10 días +5

      You're so pretty

    • ChlarkNadia
      ChlarkNadia Hace 10 días +13

      Getting the tea from Ben is a lifelong dream. Happy for you!

  • honey swan
    honey swan Hace 10 días +1154

    Everyone was so respectful and so well mannered , so artistic and nice! It’s so nice to see a fandom made by such awesome people. The fandom really reflects who the creators really are

  • OlicityFan1
    OlicityFan1 Hace 11 días +1049

    Tyler and Ben both keep questioning if Safiya and Cristine being together in a nail polish truck is a "good idea" in the beginning is just pure gold 🤣

  • Vannie96
    Vannie96 Hace 11 días +894

    The security guard was so cute. She definitely took her job of guarding the holo seriously

  • crunch evo
    crunch evo Hace 11 días +8611

    Ben unintentionally starting his own meet and greet line and creating competition in the holoverse is pure gold lmao

  • SammyIAm819
    SammyIAm819 Hace 11 días +918

    The fan at the end saying “get home safe” was so sweet. You guys have really built a kind and caring community around your content!

  • musictomyears
    musictomyears Hace 10 días +465

    As someone who has driven a food truck for over four years, the fact that you only hit one curb is beyond impressive. I’ve seen so many much worse things happen to first time food truck drivers 😅

    • nicole h
      nicole h Hace 9 días +17

      I imagine the fact they bought a micro truck might contribute to their success in driving it. I'm not saying driving a micro is easy, just easier than a longer vehicle. Probably for the best that they didn't get something so big that it barely avoided CDL requirements.

  • DragonTamer
    DragonTamer Hace 10 días +323

    Ben realizing he has his own little fan base within all of this is just amazing ❤

  • its.clean
    its.clean Hace 10 días +260

    Just rewatched the video and was thinking about how clever it was for Saf to make the truck the highlight of the video, rather than the polish collection itself. Whenever she collabs, aside from whatever royalty or percentage she's paid in the agreement, the video content is really what she gets out of it. Usually, like the custom candy and boba shop takeover, the content is almost all about her learning to do stuff, BTS, making and experimenting. But with HT so much of that process is proprietary or trade secret that if she had tried to make the video about "I designed my own nail polish with Holo Taco" it would have been really awkward and she'd have to be intentionally vague about almost everything. Instead by making it about the truck and her friendship with Cristine, she was able to promote the launch, make a really fun and clickable video, and not worry about leaking HT proprietary info. Just thought it was a smart move on her part.

    • Heather Lisi
      Heather Lisi Hace 9 días +12

      Agree! Super smart and creative solution. Really love seeing these two work together ❤

    • Elisa Mohamad Izhan
      Elisa Mohamad Izhan Hace 6 días +24

      same as what she did for her Colorpop collab! making the Giant lipstick the video’s focal point, rather than the collection itself. she knows a thing or two about protecting trade secrets by now, i’m sure 😊

  • Liz Rochester
    Liz Rochester Hace 10 días +315

    I love the crowds shouting “Ben” and “Tyler”, seems like such a wholesome event :) plus Saf’s determination to drive the truck herself really shows all the sincerity! So proud of everyone!

  • Akira-Miyashi
    Akira-Miyashi Hace 11 días +3606

    Cristine slowly becoming more and more unhinged as the day went by was awesome 😂😂

    • its.clean
      its.clean Hace 9 días +73

      Cristine has big time ambivert energy. Yes she's a sock who never leaves the house but you can tell when she's with her people and doing what she loves she gets ENERGIZED and crazy.

    • Jo DoodlyBoi
      Jo DoodlyBoi Hace 9 días +9

      ​@its.cleanthat's really true. I hadn't thought of that ☺️

    • Ligeia Siren
      Ligeia Siren Hace 5 días

      A queen.

    • Super S Patrick
      Super S Patrick Hace 5 días

      Canadian. Reserved and polite at first. Just look at all the hilarious talent coming out of this country.

  • Rachael McInnes
    Rachael McInnes Hace 11 días +387

    Wow the organisation of this event was impressive! Buying the truck, getting George's team to renovate it, collabing with Escazo and Milk Lab and arranging several cross state meet & greets. It's no small task (not even an average size task). Well done Saf and Tyler for organising all this and Cristine for being the nail polish queen!

  • Katie Bolander
    Katie Bolander Hace 7 días +81

    Y’all literally hosted a tour successfully. That’s crazy. Look how far we’ve come since Tanacon

  • Brittany Heimer
    Brittany Heimer Hace 11 días +133

    I absolutely love the caffeinated, frat boy energy that Cristine expressed in this video. It was hilarious A+.😂😂

    • Marcus Howell
      Marcus Howell Hace 5 días +4

      caffeinated csmply and non-affeinated saf are my two braincells haha

  • Jenn Jacky
    Jenn Jacky Hace 10 días +116

    Did I cry watching this? Yes. Am I proud of Cristine? Yes.

    • MaPa Mundi
      MaPa Mundi Hace 9 días +1


    • Rhina Perez
      Rhina Perez Hace 9 días +1

      im also proud of Saf, i smile the intire video

  • Lilly Djunaedi
    Lilly Djunaedi Hace 11 días +213

    The way they organized this so well just proves how great of creators they are. They don’t take their influence lightly and wanted to make sure everyone was safe and happy. Wished I could’ve been there ❤

  • George Campeau
    George Campeau Hace 11 días +3820

    Thank you all so much for the opportunity to work with you on this project. We really enjoyed meeting and working with you all. Great video.

    • Daphne
      Daphne Hace 11 días +252

      The truck turned out so beautifully~ Well done!

    • George Campeau
      George Campeau Hace 11 días +91

      ​@DaphneThank you very much!!

    • Lilz
      Lilz Hace 11 días +171

      ​@wireddone why don't you put your truck makeovers up on ESclips... I would definitely watch 👍🏼

    • burieVropride
      burieVropride Hace 11 días +26

      it turned out AMAZING! 🦇✨

    • zumeraaa
      zumeraaa Hace 11 días +23

      You have a really cool job!

  • Camilla J
    Camilla J Hace 8 días +68

    From a marketing perspective... this is brilliantly executed. I love watching this friendship thrive over meeting fans and bonding over nail polish. I can't help but smile.

  • Lizzy Morang
    Lizzy Morang Hace 10 días +105

    I feel like Cristine has grown so much as a business owner and entertainer, because when she started she wouldn't have enjoyed being in front of a big crowd, but here we get to see her get pumped up to share her work with the world

  • Okami Kotori
    Okami Kotori Hace 11 días +30

    I love it when Safiya works with crafstmen like the truck guy. There's so much to learn from people like that

  • David Ezzell
    David Ezzell Hace 9 días +53

    Safiya x Christine is the most wholesome collab of the century. We need more creators like these in our worlds.

  • xXxPriscSlcdoxXx
    xXxPriscSlcdoxXx Hace 10 días +42

    Keep the truck so if you guys ever do another collab this becomes a tradition

    • thirstbasket
      thirstbasket Hace 3 días +7

      I predict there will be another video where Safiya's house gets reorganized and they have figure out what to do about the food truck sitting in the garage 😂

  • Shelby Harrison
    Shelby Harrison Hace 11 días +2236

    I'm so surprised that she didn't mix every shade of holo taco together and make that color her shade 😂

    • Heidi Davison
      Heidi Davison Hace 11 días +59

      THAT would have been awesome!! Lol Great idea!

    • Bruno Caldas
      Bruno Caldas Hace 10 días +48


    • Mokomis
      Mokomis Hace 10 días +81

      it has already been done, although a few releases ago. The colour was purple. Rainbow flood was released as a limited edition colour after mixing all the holo rainbow polishes.

    • Rhina Perez
      Rhina Perez Hace 9 días

      FOR NOW!

    • Cleodel
      Cleodel Hace 9 días +1

      I hope she does it!!!

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila Hace 7 días +15

    As an NC EMT- THE WAY MY EARS PERKED UP WHEN I HEARD “I came straight from my emt exam!” CONGRATS GIRLIE!!!! I hope you have an amazing time on the truck!!!

  • Shae!
    Shae! Hace 10 días +50

    Literally cried when Saf said how proud she was of Cristine. Love them both so much this was so refreshing to watch!!!🖤

  • Kaylee Elizabeth
    Kaylee Elizabeth Hace 9 días +32

    I feel like no matter how old I get or how much ESclips changes, seeing a video from Safiya will always make me happy. It’s really the simple things.

  • shanie o
    shanie o Hace 7 días +12

    the last part of safiya talking about how proud she is of cristine is the sweetest😭

  • Audrina
    Audrina Hace 7 días +12

    i made you guys the clay bead bracelets!!! i had so much fun!!💕

  • bachgalite
    bachgalite Hace 11 días +3928

    The way Safiya said she is proud of Cristine at the end really made me tear up. You guys are such positive people!

  • Jaime Katz
    Jaime Katz Hace 5 días +7

    Thank you guys for such a fun event! I was at stop 2 and it was such a joy to meet you both! And to get Safiya to quote my favorite quote of hers to me: "Onward, on the inexorable march towards death!"
    Also, yours and Cristine's friendship is everything 💜

  • Shelby
    Shelby Hace un día +3

    I have to say, this video gave me so much joy. As a big fan of Safiya and Simply, I love seeing their genuine interactions with their fans and how much love they put into this event. I giggled and smiled with such wonder at this video and I'm so glad for all the people who got to enjoy this day. :)

  • rawr wateryourcermet
    rawr wateryourcermet Hace 10 días +36

    This collab makes me unreasonably happy and I can’t even explain why. My best attempt is simply that these two are so amazing together 💛 it’s absolutely friend goals.
    And obviously a crazy amount of people agree. I can’t imagine people who didn’t know the event was going on seeing these crowds that days and being like “what’s going on?” and learning it was a nail polish event and just being sooooo confused as to why there were hundreds of people there for it. Like… YOU DONT GET IT!! Saf and Cristine are magic together 🌮🦇
    It genuinely made me tear up when Saf said she was proud of Cristine. We are too! I’m proud of both of you! (All four of you!!!)
    I hope you keep chewing bubble gum and kicking ass!

  • LexusC/A
    LexusC/A Hace 9 días +24

    I cried seeing Cristine so excited to interact with the crowd and every fan cause I remember when she went to her first con and said it was exciting but overwhelming. What a wonderfully planned event and everyone who dressed up or painted their nails looked great 😭❤️✨

  • Nini Rossau
    Nini Rossau Hace 10 días +4

    I only use nail polish for christmas ornaments and I really think Christine should make some special edition ornaments. it would be freaking awesome with the holo effect.

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Hace 11 días +2378

    @simply & @bentendo - when are you guys moving into the truck? the 90 days *could* start now

    • NAMAN
      NAMAN Hace 11 días +7

      Safiya inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • Ndebele Doll (Ndebeledoll)
      Ndebele Doll (Ndebeledoll) Hace 11 días +7

      I wish @simply would ship to South Africa (the country) - we could do with those awesome colors and holographic nail polishes…please can you look into it?

    • PrincessManitari
      PrincessManitari Hace 11 días +7

      ​@Ndebele Doll (Ndebeledoll)i would email them privately! They might be working on it

    • Hannah Ruth
      Hannah Ruth Hace 11 días +18

      @Ndebele Doll (Ndebeledoll) From what I understand it depends on the destination country’s import/customs regulations. A lot of countries don’t allow nail polish to be mailed because the chemicals in them can pose a safety risk if something goes wrong in transit.

    • Yonis Diaz
      Yonis Diaz Hace 11 días


  • Pretty Pic
    Pretty Pic Hace 5 días +5

    I fully expect Safiya to make a "I drove the wienermobile" video at some point (also, George needs his own food network show!)

  • tammy JerkChicken
    tammy JerkChicken Hace 8 días +5

    OMG I don’t live in the US and might never see this in person but I love seeing my girls shine and happy!
    I cried at the revel part

  • Vivian Russell
    Vivian Russell Hace 8 días +3

    i love how this fandom is mostly very kind millenials it brings me joy

  • Susana López
    Susana López Hace 6 días +7

    As a 35yo-lady fan, this is the cutest most wholesome video ever and I'm crying

  • Lian
    Lian Hace 11 días +2

    With Christine and they getting chocolate and tea from the places they've been in videos it feels like a huge crossover event

  • Derpy Squiddles
    Derpy Squiddles Hace 11 días +2842

    I like how every time Saf does a video like this shes always like 'I thought only a couple of people would come but you guys really showed up for it' we love a humble queen

    • Jessie D
      Jessie D Hace 11 días +40

      I actually smiled through this whole video

    • J 8922
      J 8922 Hace 11 días +9

      @Jessie D Same! It was so wholesome 💞

    • pvic
      pvic Hace 10 días +8

      @Jessie D im more of a casual viewer (and a guy that doesnt do makeup so not 100% the target audience) and yet i was tearing up the whole time. its so cutee

  • Sophieslazy
    Sophieslazy Hace 4 días +3

    I am really happy for you all! What a nice attention, and all those people you met! This will be a day to remember =D! Congratulations!

  • Jen Blair
    Jen Blair Hace 11 días +8

    I will 10000% be ordering spirit fingers. My wedding is in November and my dress is grey. It's the perfect nail color for my dress. Also it's just gorgeous. They are all beautiful. Good job guys

    • Abby
      Abby Hace 2 días +1

      Congrats on the upcoming marriage! I hope the wedding is everything you hope for 🫶

    • aesthetiix
      aesthetiix Hace un día

      Ooh! Good luck:)

  • Sn0wed
    Sn0wed Hace 11 días +2

    The fact that Ben was just the server and he was getting into all of it just warms my cold dead heart

  • RenTheWren
    RenTheWren Hace 20 horas

    Cristine giving ALL THE ENERGY is so hecking adorable.

  • Danny Tipton
    Danny Tipton Hace 11 días +14

    This quartet of people is very possibly my favorite thing on the internet. Y’all are just so wholesome and wonderful and I love you 💕

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Hace 11 días +1912

    The collab we didnt deserve, but needed. Only Safiya goes from melting soap to building custom nail polish truck

    • NAMAN
      NAMAN Hace 11 días +7

      Safiya inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • ShowHunter
      ShowHunter Hace 11 días +4


    • sideeyechicken
      sideeyechicken Hace 11 días +7

      HOW R U eVeRyWhErE

    • thirty five out of fifty characters
      thirty five out of fifty characters Hace 11 días +3

      I've seen you on every comment section 😭😭

    • Anneliese Goodare
      Anneliese Goodare Hace 11 días +1

      You are like EVerryyyyWGhEree

  • May 👹🧧
    May 👹🧧 Hace 11 días +8

    It was really sweet of you guys to stay and get through the whole line at the last location, I'm sure the people there really appreciated it 🥰 You didn't have to, but it probably meant a lot to them! This whole video was so wholesome, you all did an awesome job on the collection, the truck, and the event. What an exciting day and video

  • Abi F.
    Abi F. Hace 11 días +11

    So much respect for you guys staying late to say hi to everybody, even without the nail polish. I just know that meant so much to everyone 🥹

  • Gali
    Gali Hace 11 días +3

    this video was so wholesome and i was actually smiling and laughing along qwq saf and cris are such cute besties huhuh

  • Jaycee Marie
    Jaycee Marie Hace 22 horas

    Congrats to the girl who became an EMT!! I'm glad I got to meet you both at the mall!

  • Jessica Å
    Jessica Å Hace 11 días +12

    Lmaooo I've literally never seen Cristine that pumped up for anything! I love it. Must've been an insane day meeting that many people there just for you!

  • hello dubai 😜😜
    hello dubai 😜😜 Hace 11 días +4387

    every time i see a title of a safiya video, i never get shocked bc she is able to do literally anything and everything

  • Ania
    Ania Hace 8 días +1

    It's not cheesy at all that you are proud of your friend! This looked so fun

  • Elsiksmith
    Elsiksmith Hace 9 días +2

    Not me crying when Safiya said she was so proud of Cristine 😭 This collab is everything!!! Love you both

  • Andrea Cleofas
    Andrea Cleofas Hace 10 días +9


  • Tina Yang
    Tina Yang Hace 10 días +8

    Cristine was such a vibe! Love her energy!

  • Kris Lee
    Kris Lee Hace 9 días +4

    i started watching simply at the age of 13, im now going to be 20 in a few months and havent been able to watch any of her videos since she stopped, when i saw this on my recommendations i got so happy man

  • Sahie
    Sahie Hace 11 días +1804

    A lot of collaborations can feel like a cash grab, but as soon as Safiya said she was doing this with Christine, I was like, “Yup. That checks out.” 🤣

    • PrincessManitari
      PrincessManitari Hace 11 días +85

      Also the fact they gave a way a bunch says a lot!!

    • Tinker belch
      Tinker belch Hace 10 días +73

      Ever since the launch of Holo Taco, I've been waiting for them to do a collaboration. I think we all just knew that it was going to happen at some point lol.

  • Josean Matos
    Josean Matos Hace 10 días +8

    Why am I crying with that ending?? 😭 💖 Such magic you both create and such a beautiful friendship. Never stop shining 🖤💿🦇 💜🦇 💿🖤

  • Kate Nyx
    Kate Nyx Hace 10 días +10

    “Have we lost the plot yet??? Or are we still on it” oh how I have been there. 😂 been waiting for this video and I’m so excited to see it, thank you for sharing your wacky adventures with us ❤

  • sophia isabelle
    sophia isabelle Hace 11 días +6

    This is the type of collaboration we all look forward to. It's entertaining to see these two come up with all sorts of creative ideas. No wonder why their friendship still stands strong.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace 11 días +1

    This made me so happy. Only sad part is I wish I could have attended. Saf, you are such a sweet & supportive friend & you are both boss babes kicking butt! Keep rocking it & I hope I can attend next time! 🦇💅❤

  • kae marie
    kae marie Hace un día

    everything about this is amazing!! you can really tell how much thought, passion, and time went into this project/video. have my fingers crossed that 'spirit fingers' gets restocked because in looove with that shade omg

  • myra
    myra Hace 11 días +3799

    im convinced saf and cristine will actually discover a new colour

    • Maanika Mishra
      Maanika Mishra Hace 11 días +26


    • myra
      myra Hace 11 días +16

      @Maanika Mishra aah i didnt see that lol thanks ive edited it xxx

    • Q q
      Q q Hace 11 días +17

      The color of magic :)

    • Essie
      Essie Hace 11 días +4

      @Q qyess exactly what I try thought, octarine!

    • Bunny Frosting
      Bunny Frosting Hace 11 días +6

      If anyone can, it’s them :,)

    𝐍𝐈𝐊𝐎𝐑𝐔 Hace 4 días +1

    They're both chaotic friends love it✨😂😭

  • lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.

    2:41 It is magical it's like grey but with this hot pink shimmer!
    17:12 Whoa their fans are so civil and chill! They're aren't swarming her like vultures...
    23:11 BEYYYYN

  • cheyenne sunshine
    cheyenne sunshine Hace 7 días +2

    I love the duality of Saf and Simply, she brings saf out of her comfort zone to be equally as batty 🤩🥰 prime examples of amazing humans.

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