I Went To An Amazon Returns Store

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
  • HELLO FRIENDS!! This week, I ventured to an Amazon Liquidation Store in Raleigh, NC called Treasure Hunt Liquidators to get me a haul of Amazon customer returns! A few years ago, we bought an Amazon Return Box from a liquidation website -- and it was kind of crazy, but we were able to get a lot of stuff for a pretty big discount. So when I heard about an Amazon Returns Store... I figured we had to go! I got a drone, a spice blender, a go pro lens, a massage chair, and a microdermabrasion tool (and a lava lamp & succulent growth light) -- all for $10 each!
    You can check out Treasure Hunt Liquidators here!
    Quick note -- the in-store shopping segments were filmed in late July/early August, when the mask mandate in NC was lifted -- which is why you see a mix of mask & no-mask! We decided to wear a mask while shopping just because it was kind of close quarters in the store, but it was optional at that time.
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +7995

    HELLO FRIENDS!! this week we ventured to an amazon liquidation store to get ourselves some treasures 💸and also figure out what it was all about, lol. what did you guys think of our haul?? 🧐 PS -- quick note -- the in-store shopping segments were filmed in late July/early August, when the mask mandate in NC was lifted -- which is why you see a mix of mask & no-mask! hope you guys have a great weekend

  • Ana Jagarinec
    Ana Jagarinec Hace un año +26915

    The delivery guy having an existential crisis over chocolate had me rolling

    • OlicityFan1
      OlicityFan1 Hace un año +589

      For someone who works in production at a thrift store. I felt really bad for the guy and was very relatable to me

    • A33L
      A33L Hace un año +249

      Well, it's chocolate, you either love it or hate it, both have intense passion behind them 🤣

    • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
      Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag Hace un año +151

      Who returns Biscolata???

    • A33L
      A33L Hace un año +21

      @Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag Right?

    • Emily Rose
      Emily Rose Hace un año +213

      I bet a food bank would gladly take anything he's not able to sell...

  • WikiAndi
    WikiAndi Hace un año +9818

    You know you've made it as a ESclipsr, when instead of getting kicked out of a place for filming, you're invited to the back of the store to film some more.

    • DarkMega 24
      DarkMega 24 Hace un año +577

      Ikr? It was so nice of them to actually invite them to do that. And ngl, a really smart marketing tactic as well. Win-win, I say XD

    • Racer Pepe
      Racer Pepe Hace un año +301

      I guess it's because she is generally a very respectful, calm, mature ESclipsr. None of the crazy stuff, no disrespecting staff, no pranks. I would feel safe inviting Safiya to film the back of my business too.

    • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
      Alexis Yoko [Alexander] Hace un año +4


    • Chloee Ng
      Chloee Ng Hace un año +3


  • Miranda Tilley
    Miranda Tilley Hace un año +3396

    I think the best way I can sum up me feelings about these stores is that they're a great solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place. I'm glad all this can get reused but holy fuck I hate this capitalist dystopia we live in.

    • The Sleepy Archive
      The Sleepy Archive Hace un año +81

      The waste is a problem, but why bring capitalism into this? Capitalism is an economic style for how things are sold, excessive consumerism is a cultural thing and has to do with the buyers, not the sellers? Or a behavior developed through growing up very spoiled. As for the large amounts of excess products, this once again has to do with the buyers? They keep returning perfectly intact products instead of using them. Or at least this is my understanding, ofc correct me if I’m wrong on smth, but I always remember capitalism being taught as an economic system

    • Margaryta
      Margaryta Hace un año +261

      @The Sleepy Archive well this quantity problem is a direct result of capitalism as the core value of all companies under capitalism is the maximization of profit, that means all other values that a company might have will always be overshadowed by the goal of making as much money as possible. I'm not even exaggerating that's exactly how it's written in economy text books. But if you have even juuust a smidge of life experience you KNOW that profit comes at the cost of people that actually did the labor and the environment. You could solve some issues by setting more regulations but people would complain that that's communism (it's not, it's just government doing their job).Capitalism created sentences like this -produce food if you can profit, if not let them starve

    • sakuno ryuzaki
      sakuno ryuzaki Hace un año +22

      interesting, I didn't think about that, in some ways its true, but I can also think of this store as a positive thing as it can count as a thrift shop.

  • Katmet
    Katmet Hace un año +1995

    saf buying a weed grinder by accident is literally such a saf thing to do😭

    • General Sorrow
      General Sorrow Hace un año +19

      That's not the only thing it can grind.

    • General Sorrow
      General Sorrow Hace 7 meses +1

      @v It can be used for tobacco grinding.

    • Jesus loves you!
      Jesus loves you! Hace 6 meses +3

      May God bless you all and your loved ones and have a blessed day, night and life!✝️💞

    • kayla
      kayla Hace 6 meses +8

      Also the fact weed is illegal in NC…

  • bascal
    bascal Hace un año +1537

    If I was an employee there, there is no way I wouldn't have a friend come through and store the best stuff in a special place.

    • ꧁Jesstabulous꧂
      ꧁Jesstabulous꧂ Hace un año +233

      I almost imagine with how much they purchase weekly that the staff doesn’t pull a few things for themselves as a bonus - but so much good awesome stuff comes through that eventually it probably looses its appeal and you only grab what you really want/need after awhile and the novelty wears off lol

    • caween 🥔
      caween 🥔 Hace un año +50

      I'm sure staff sorts out the stuff they want. I know for a fact goodwill does this and stores like ross and tj maxx! I'm sure they've seen a lot of drones and otherwise expensive things come through, and that staff member likely didn't put that Apple watch in a bin lol

    • Catchmeifyoucan
      Catchmeifyoucan Hace un año +32

      @caween 🥔 a friend of mine worked at Amazon and he told me that the staff are the ones who actually take the goods out of the boxes, because they only had a computer system that checked the labels on the boxes of retuned goods or undelivered packages, so they only had to make sure to scan the box when they’ve returned it to the warehouse and it was all good. He told me that literally everyone was stealing and doing these tricks, some people even got 60” TV’s, PlayStation’s, phones, laptops etc. If someone thinks that these liquidation companies are getting the real good stuff they’re dreaming because they won’t even make it all the way there in the first place 😂.

    • josie🫶🏼
      josie🫶🏼 Hace un año

      @Catchmeifyoucan after someone returns it or before they ship it to the person who ordered it?

    • Catchmeifyoucan
      Catchmeifyoucan Hace un año +1

      @josie🫶🏼 after they get returned, or undelivered

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf Hace un año +502

    It’s insane teachers are having to buy their own supplies. This story would be SO HELPFUL if they donating some of their items to underserved schools and inner city schools!!!!!! And if there is luggage and basic items very helpful to children in foster care. Ahhh this could be so helpful to so many people. I’m hoping they donate items that don’t sell.

    • Vixx Celacea
      Vixx Celacea Hace un año +36

      I doubt they almost ever have anything that doesn't sell. A dollar for anything, even if it's garbage is a huge consumer driven idea. People like to think they're getting a deal, even if it's on junk they don't need.
      It should be criminal that your job doesn't cover the tools you need to do your job.

    • Aesya Mazeli
      Aesya Mazeli Hace un año +9

      Teachers need pens not all these plastic junks

    • Anna H
      Anna H Hace 10 meses +7

      They should donate that kind of thing before they set it out on the shop floor. (Obviously schools should be able to provide these basic necessities to pupils so teachers don't have to buy them, but in the absence of that...)

    • Jesus loves you!
      Jesus loves you! Hace 6 meses

      May God bless you all and your loved ones and have a blessed day, night and life!✝️💞 4:37

    • Gabrielle Duplessis
      Gabrielle Duplessis Hace 7 días

      I thought the parents of the students buy the teacher supplies. That is what the tissues, markers, and other stuff on the list are for.
      But it is sad that if a teacher wants to decorate or even have supplies, it either comes from the parents or their own pockets instead of using a modicum of the budget wasted only on administrators instead of the classrooms.

  • HopeScope
    HopeScope Hace un año +3324

    I NEED to go to one of these stores lol I’ve been seeing them all over TikTok too! Honestly it’s a brilliant business idea

    • Yulianna Perales
      Yulianna Perales Hace un año +49

      Omg my two favorite ESclipsrs !!! Yes you shouldd make a video out of it

    • Safiya Nygaard
      Safiya Nygaard  Hace un año +638

      omg hi take me to the lost luggage store please

    • HopeScope
      HopeScope Hace un año +437

      @Safiya Nygaard LETS DO IT. We will bring our Tylers and it will be a party

      ALLIE XCX Hace un año +2


    • SweetyPie
      SweetyPie Hace un año +5


  • Arena Grenade
    Arena Grenade Hace un año +568

    I worked at one of the Amazon slavehouses-i mean warehouses* for a year. It's honestly crazy how much seemingly good stuff gets moved to the liquidation center. And sometimes people make mistakes when inspecting returned items so perfectly good items get caught in the loop too

    • Jesus loves you!
      Jesus loves you! Hace 6 meses

      May God bless you all and your loved ones and have a blessed day, night and life!✝️💞

  • L Rose
    L Rose Hace un año +578

    It's really rad that the owner recognized you and let you take a peek behind the scenes, that's awesome

  • max with the medium hair
    max with the medium hair Hace un año +298

    i think it would be cool to see a haul on what’s left on the $1 day

      OMG IM AN OWL Hace 8 meses +4

      At the store in my town, it's a lot of empty boxes

    • Cynthia Bogacz
      Cynthia Bogacz Hace 7 meses +1

      $1 day at my place you can get some good stuff, there’s isn’t a ton left, but we have a .50 cent day and there REALLY isn’t much but if you really look you’ll find a few things.
      $1 day- clothing, toys, pet stuff, kitchen utensils (like packages of them), wall art, maybe phone chargers, glassware, kitchen cups, different glass jar containers. (That’s some stuff I’ve seen there on $1 days, you lol randomly come across something really good though)

  • Stacie DaPonte
    Stacie DaPonte Hace un año +3984

    This is actually a dystopian capitalist nightmare.

    • R
      R Hace un año +336

      I can imagine a 3rd worlder watching this absolutely mortified, privileged American hustlers camping out over night to make 100x return on their investments

    • Grenadaspice1
      Grenadaspice1 Hace un año +296

      @R ikr, I’m not mad at the people trying to make a dollar. I’m mortified at how spoiled people are, ordering things to probably use it once then return it.

    • Yazmin Austin
      Yazmin Austin Hace un año +227

      @R 3rd worlder here. I think it is a good way to make some extra bucks or save some money if you need some electrodomestics but you are in a budget, but the amount of returns is crazy to me. Why would you order something, use it once and then return it? We dont even have returns in here so we are extra careful with the stuff we buy

    • Yazmin Austin
      Yazmin Austin Hace un año +83

      asdfasdf thats the thing, we usually do the research in beforehand because once you bought the thing there is no turn back lol i guess is just the difference in the consumption culture

    • Sam Struys
      Sam Struys Hace un año +108

      Happy to see people post such comments as I was feeling like I was alone feeling this disturbed about seeing this consumerism in action….
      Be safe and happy and have a lovely day.

  • Maegen McCleary
    Maegen McCleary Hace un año +279

    I am an employee of an amazon, these aren’t necessarily returns but products that we can’t verify the vendors legitimacy, or when products are missing serial numbers etc, still a great deal.

    • stinky
      stinky Hace un año +23

      yeah that makes sense, all the stuff seemed very unregulated, hair, dirt and weed,

  • Hanna H
    Hanna H Hace un año +5406

    The weed grinder being called a 'herb & spice grinder' has the same energy as companies marketing vibrators as 'personal massagers' lol

    • Sabrina Hawk
      Sabrina Hawk Hace un año +225

      ‘Adult novelties’

    • Harkishan Virk
      Harkishan Virk Hace un año +138

      Its essentially how they make it through customs

    • Mandy Waynick
      Mandy Waynick Hace un año +2

      Why won't it post my reply, I've tried 3 times grrrr

    • EgSauce
      EgSauce Hace un año +160

      It also gave me big 90s era Disneyland calling shot glasses “toothpick holders”.

    • Rachel Willis
      Rachel Willis Hace un año +28

      Also, the best grinder I’ve ever purchased. I wish I got mine for $10 lol

  • Isis A
    Isis A Hace un año +214

    I work at Amazon, and almost had a mini heart attack at 9:51 when Saf showed the telescope. little f*cker caused trouble for us for about a month because, for some reason, the barcode on the box didn't work and packers couldn't pack them out 🙃
    edit: kept watching the video and saw a lot more stuff that have haunted my dreams at least once.

  • Megan's Meow
    Megan's Meow Hace un año +295

    Honestly, the fact that they resell these things at all is GOOD news. At least it's not ALL going to dumpsters!!

  • Stagnant Fox
    Stagnant Fox Hace 6 meses +26

    I definitely think that in these types of stores you shouldn't be allowed to "hoard" a corner for yourself because lets be real here, that guy probably got all those products for the sake of reselling them for a mark up and that is scummy. There should be policies/rules to prevent this type of behaviour such as not being allowed to have more products than what you can fit in your shopping cart.

    • .
      . Hace un mes +6

      technically you could just take one of “his” hoarded items and it would be completely legal

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie Martinez Hace un año +256


    • Bonnie Bickett
      Bonnie Bickett Hace un año +3

      that's our only real hope right now!

    • Sharon Strickland
      Sharon Strickland Hace un año

      A lot of people do that. We have one near us, well, about 30 miles from us

    • S
      S Hace 3 meses

      but it would come with old nose hairs and broken batteries lol

  • Dxrkroses
    Dxrkroses Hace 9 meses +38

    I used to work at Amazon dealing with liquidations and it’s not any liquidation companies that deal with the liquidation but instead it’s actually Amazon itself: all we did was throw the items in the box without worrying it would break or not because to us we told it was just trash. And so therefore I would just pocket some stuff lol.

  • Karmen
    Karmen Hace un año +3852

    The store owner really said “I know her! She’s going to love the tour I offer her.” 😅

    • Dreadful
      Dreadful Hace un año +74

      What the hell is going on under this comment

    • A33L
      A33L Hace un año +48

      She was so nice by allowing her to be behind the scenes 💜🥰

    • Amber🦋
      Amber🦋 Hace un año

      @A33L or he

    • A33L
      A33L Hace un año +14

      @Amber🦋 I think I heard Safiya referring to the owner as "she/her" maybe I heard wrong 🤭

    • Ronan 🌙
      Ronan 🌙 Hace un año +1

      Sorry if this sounds weird but your smile is so radiant!! 😊

  • firejungshook
    firejungshook Hace un año +455

    As someone who works in Vendor Returns (liquidations) at Amazon, its great to see the stuff actually gets bought. Unfortunately Vendor Returns also deals with the recycling, which is literally just really good, unused, returned stuff, that goes to the trash :/

    • No Th
      No Th Hace un año +37

      Man that sucks :(... I have to return some boots that don't quite fit, it's sad to know they might just end up in the trash for no good reason. I don't know if I'll buy clothing/shoes on Amazon anymore tbh.

    • Fun Explorer
      Fun Explorer Hace un año +1

      Wow, can I ask - does Amazon resell any returned items as new?

    • Erin Frazier
      Erin Frazier Hace un año +9

      Do the workers not get to keep the “trash”? Or would they think u would resell it and not let you take it

    • it’scelly
      it’scelly Hace un año +19

      @Erin Frazier sadly, no it would be considered stealing. So it must be thrown away.

  • Mikayla Shaw
    Mikayla Shaw Hace un año +858

    It's actually sad to see so much 'stuff' being sold from just unwanted/returned items. And this vid only shows the products from 1 store specifically. Think about how much 'stuff' gets produced everyday, how much of it is essentially junk (not to be negative but it's true). And all of this 'stuff' will have to be stored somewhere, in a landfill.. the oceans etc. Super entertaining video to watch though

    • Mallory Knox
      Mallory Knox Hace un año +5

      You wrote this comment with your cellphone or computer or whatever else that eventually will end up in the trash too. Hypocrisy much?

    • Cam
      Cam Hace un año +68

      @Mallory Knox this is stupid, it's not comparable. A phone is essential nowadays and you use it 2 to 5 years meanwhile these things are useless, broken, or good but will never last.
      Because someone has a phone or a computer doesn't mean they can't make efforts daily to pollute less or to criticize overconsumption

    • Mallory Knox
      Mallory Knox Hace un año +2

      @Cam phones are not "essencial" lmao people can survive without them. Also who uses a phone for 5 years? Most people buy a new phone every single year when a new model is released

    • scarlet night
      scarlet night Hace un año +63

      @Mallory Knox" you want to improve society somewhat yet you live in society. I am very smart"

  • sunshineflicker
    sunshineflicker Hace un año +34

    Tyler playing around having fun in the pool is just so precious

  • Kadaver goat
    Kadaver goat Hace un año +159

    Honestly this whole concept is amazing, kinda like a thrift store

    • val
      val Hace un año +4

      bodoti qwiu now why would comment someone else’s comment

    • peachy skeleton
      peachy skeleton Hace un año +6

      bodoti qwiu well it's better that this stuff is still given a new chance and could still make someone happy instead of immediately going to the trash cause clearly many things still work

  • little mustache emoticon :{
    little mustache emoticon :{ Hace un año +100

    On one side, this is very cool and it would probably be a dream to have one of these stores in my country, since my family has always been struggling with money.
    On the other, it’s very concerning to see how much stuff we throw away, when there are some people that can’t even afford clean water or food. It also seems like a place where lots of people that are actually rich or just average would go, aware that they have the money to buy a fully priced item, but they’re just greedy and always want more stuff for less in return. I could imagine a poor person showing up at the store to get something because they need it and giving up when seeing the line of rich people that are there just to get even more rich.

    • Vixx Celacea
      Vixx Celacea Hace un año +6

      It's not uncommon for rich/middle road people to want to save more and they tend to be stingy. So you are correct. This is also why I dislike hustle culture, auctions, blind buys etc. Because people are usually only interested for profit to resell, not to actually use an item that can improve their quality of life, even by a small amount.
      I even see people raid thrift stores for "vintage" stuff, taking anything decent and turning around and selling it.
      It's all very depressing.

    • little mustache emoticon :{
      little mustache emoticon :{ Hace un año

      @Marly my town doesn’t have one. I’m not even sure if they’re that common in my country

    • little mustache emoticon :{
      little mustache emoticon :{ Hace un año +1

      @Marly we life in different places, good for you if you have a thrift store but my town does not have one and markets along side of the road sell things very similar to fast fashion items

  • LizzyLavender
    LizzyLavender Hace un año +4798

    This is cool, but there’s a part of me that’s just really uncomfortable. Like we just throw so much away, it’s insane. It’s better that it goes here where someone might find and use this stuff, but the fact that all this stuff exists at all is insane. Whether it’s food or items or clothes, we waste so much that could mean everything to someone else, and keep producing at breakneck speeds in sweatshops just for most stuff to end up in the trash.

    • Georgiana O.
      Georgiana O. Hace un año +286

      I would even argue that people paying pennies for items worth hundreds make them even more prone to throwing them in the trash if they don't like what they get and can't sell it further. It seems like a never ending cycle of waste no matter how you put it :(.

    • Lilian Caran
      Lilian Caran Hace un año +113

      Returning is not throwing away, and people rarely return things for fun or to waste something. Where ANY product exists, there will be "all this stuff." Waste exists all over the world, even more so in poor countries. At least here we are starting to find ways to reduce and manage waste, including the kind of waste that damages the ocean and other ecosystems. This way people can potentially get items that they otherwise may never be able to afford and could mean a lot to them, and also it's unethical to officially donate items that may not function or be unhygienic, just like it's unethical to donate food that may make someone sick or donate clothes that are dirty and have holes in them

    • Martyna
      Martyna  Hace un año +160

      I think one of the reasons why people are so wasteful there is that they can return stuff like that (clearly used, broken, for no reason other than "I don't like it"). The fact that you can return a half-finished piece of cosmetics in the States is mind-blowing to me.

    • glittery_cucumber
      glittery_cucumber Hace un año +96

      I'm also sick of online shopping as a whole and videos about it in particular, although this one at least puts a spin on it where the items get repurposed. But shipping alone takes such an unneccesary toll on the environment... Not to mention the work conditions most of these items are produced in. The whole topic is a downer for sure.

    • Dot Euphoria
      Dot Euphoria Hace un año +80

      The waste of first world countries is criminal when third world countries don't even have basic needs. We suck. Fr.

  • Rachel Focht
    Rachel Focht Hace un año +186

    The owner saying he was having nightmares about the chocolate got me good for some reason

    • Phil Harry
      Phil Harry Hace un año +2

      Hello Rachel, how’re you feeling hope you’re fine and staying??

  • Madi Jo
    Madi Jo Hace un año +44

    Safiya's version of "I look insane and haven't slept" looks a LOT better than mine

  • mira tabch
    mira tabch Hace un año +24

    I love how cute and nice they are 😂 *man crashes cart into Saf* Safiya: it’s okay! Tyler: here you go man *helps him*

    • Phil Harry
      Phil Harry Hace un año

      Hello 👋,how’re you feeling hope you’re fine and staying safe??

  • VoidedMirror
    VoidedMirror Hace un año +15

    Safiya's content is infinitely rewatchable.

  • Jeanne Chapman
    Jeanne Chapman Hace un año +11

    Had so much fun shopping with Saf as well as testing the various purchases. I am a senior senior so don't think I could handle the store hassle but I can live vicariously! Totally enjoy your channels.

  • Sam K
    Sam K Hace un año +4323

    I love how innocent Saf is about the herb and spice grinder until she opened it and was like oh oh no no no haha

    • Kerry Andrews
      Kerry Andrews Hace un año +154

      As soon as I saw it I was like oh no 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor saf to be fair these things actually were once advertised and somewhat used for legit herbs. In australia the news just did and article on why people love the $12 coffee grinder so much 🤣🤣🤣

    • Beth Parker
      Beth Parker Hace un año +6

      Well, it's all legit in MICHIGAN

    • thebadpoet
      thebadpoet Hace un año +76

      She can use it for other herbs and spices, though. I have a cheap grinder that was definitely designed for pot but I use it exclusively for cardamom pods, because cardamom is so overwhelming I don’t want it in my regular spice grinder.

    • Kat Pinchin
      Kat Pinchin Hace un año +37

      I went to go buy it and it’s actually $150 on Amazon. $10 is a literal steal lol

  • rushfd69
    rushfd69 Hace un año +88

    Went here today and at 4pm on Wednesday, they do a "all you can fit" big bag for $20. I haven't done the final count, but I'm sure that I managed to get everything - which included 3 window blinds - for about $0.50. Be forewarned if you go on Wednesday, things are VERY picked over by then, but if you want Big Sexy Hair hairspray and don't care if you have the cap, then this day is a steal!

  • Gio
    Gio Hace un año +4

    my family got one of those massage chairs and we've uncovered a phenomenon called massage face, where upon sitting on the chair everyone makes the exact same funny relaxed eye half open face slightly slack face the second they sit on it. I laughed out loud 24:28 when Tyler showcased this phenomenon perfectly

  • Geneviève Donahey
    Geneviève Donahey Hace 20 días

    Tyler going “pleeeeease” when Saf is refusing to get out of the massage chair…you can tell they both have siblings. 😂

  • WinterLover29
    WinterLover29 Hace un año +12

    I would get into so much trouble in this store! I'd come out with things I didn't even know I would want

    • Mijt
      Mijt Hace un año

      Haha same lol

  • shinyshinythings
    shinyshinythings Hace 23 días

    I would not have watched this entire video from any other creators. Saf & Tyler are so fun.

  • ispeakfangirl
    ispeakfangirl Hace un año +2298

    I just realized how much trash we generate while watching this. It blows my mind how many of these online products we buy and discard ends up being a trash that needs to be disposed. Our needs seemed to be infinite but we only have finite resources. Its truly mind-blowing how this video put it in perspective for me

    • Heliocathus
      Heliocathus Hace un año +282

      right? im surprised at the lack of comments on this. Seeing all this made me feel so uneasy about just HOW much garbage we produce that we dont need >.< so much excess..
      tho i think more of these types of stores would be good tho, making sure said excess at least gets a home and lowers the need to buy so many new items

    • Shanna Farley
      Shanna Farley Hace un año +69

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing....so many pointless things

    • jesslikescoffee
      jesslikescoffee Hace un año +155

      It’s easy to feel poor seeing all of this stuff and thinking, “I don’t have that,” but really it’s just a bunch of stuff no one needs, produced from slave labor, and generates tons of waste.

    • HannahS
      HannahS Hace un año +83

      Same, I find this really interesting but it's also deeply unnerving. Just the sheer amount of stuff and imagine how many stores like this exist around the county. Very disquieting.

    • RandomLoreNerd
      RandomLoreNerd Hace un año +91

      Worked in a warehouse for years. Always made me laugh when people would say shopping online is better. They have no idea how much plastic is used, the amount of gas needed to ship the items everywhere, and just the shear volume of waste.

  • Linda Kay Holevas
    Linda Kay Holevas Hace un año +31

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    • Mikhael Highland
      Mikhael Highland Hace 5 meses +3

      not smart for the future of the earth and all those unfortunate to be affected negatively by that...

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    I can’t be the only one who’s seriously bummed out by how wasteful this all is - I mean, it’s technically the opposite because these are going to people and not landfills (initially), and I’m by no means upset with Safiya, she’s been doing this style of video (Amazon, Wish) for years. But just seeing the MASS SCALE of all of these products being delivered to one store makes my skin crawl and makes me think about how we’ve reached the point of no return with climate change.

    • glittery_cucumber
      glittery_cucumber Hace un año +62

      I agree, am also bummed out

    • a
      a Hace un año +77

      that and i also would have liked to know what happens to the stuff the store doesn't sell? surely there will be crappy items left on wednesdays, even if they're only a dollar?

    • Ari
      Ari Hace un año +88

      @a I asked a friend who works at such a store and she said that what’s left on the day before restock is usually broken-that was overlooked- or useless, but the useful items are either distributed among employees or donated to local homeless or women’s shelters.

    • J Marshal
      J Marshal Hace un año +92

      At least it’s getting another chance to go to someone who will use it, rather than just being dumped in landfill straight out. And it seems like a lot of those items were returned for honest reasons (at least the stuff Saf got). I think the bigger problem is just junk being made in the first place, poor quality, untested, prone to breaking, and meant to be thrown away as soon as it inevitably breaks.

    • lauralanthalasa7
      lauralanthalasa7 Hace un año +22

      @a I worked with the clothes and the stuff they didn't sell just went straight to the burner. So yeah, pretty sad.

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    Kamille Kaz. Hace un año +5

    This is actually so awesome to see! My family works in recycling and there's sooooo many items that can be used that have to be recycles because of business policies- just like amazon and others, other companies can't sell certain opened items or its just not worth the price to repackage and sell, so it gets trashed. I'm happy people are making ways to sell still usable items!

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  • TinyK0116
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    There's a store in Indiana similar to this called the Black Friday Store. It's just bins you dig through. Friday & Saturdays are $5 and they got down a dollar per day. And Thursdays are $1 and there are mystery boxes youre not allowed to open until you buy it and there's treasure chests scattered in the buns and you can win very expensive things such as airpods, etc. Its a pretty cool store

  • Tnez827
    Tnez827 Hace un año +6

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  • TikTok Girls Beautiful
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    • Valeria A.
      Valeria A. Hace un año +81

      I wouldn’t be concerned for ppl with low income, cause most of this stuff no one really needs… These are not obligatory life items. As an example I would not be really concerned buying a motorized device for my face… i can buy an exfoliating face foam from the drug store and be as healthy without the electric “toy”. However, if I were low income, I would be interested in buying some medical equipment, like a blood pressure meter for cheaper. But most of the stuff you can clearly live without. And not spend a penny on it.

    • rockin river
      rockin river Hace un año +158

      @Valeria A. yea, but depending on where you are money-wise, if you’re looking for stuff for gifts or yourself that aren’t necessary, but would be nice & you can’t afford full price, this seems like a great option

    • Playana Kobi
      Playana Kobi Hace un año +7

      @Valeria A. yeah or buy it here then resell it for a higher price

    • Sam Struys
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    • NoName No
      NoName No Hace un año +33

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    • Ionia
      Ionia Hace 5 meses

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  • Altaay Mattila
    Altaay Mattila Hace un año +6

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  • Kathy Kathan
    Kathy Kathan Hace 10 meses

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  • Adamina Carden
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    I like that these things at least get resold instead of going to landfill... reusing is definitely better than buying new and you're getting *mostly* like new stuff

    • Colt James
      Colt James Hace un año +13

      Same, honestly.

    • Mar-velous Marlena k8
      Mar-velous Marlena k8 Hace un año +22

      Yes, but just like buying a used car... you're running the risk of buying other people's problems. No thank you.
      Edit: I had no idea that there were so many sealed returns being resold this way. That definitely seems like a fantastic deal.

    • robin chen
      robin chen Hace un año +9

      Diana Meza Even if the product isn't damaged or doesn't work a lot of time ppl will buy stuff and keep bits returning the rest of it, so even if you get a good deal you might be ,missing key parts of the product.

    • Heidi Wallace
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  • The Slippery Noodle
    The Slippery Noodle Hace 10 meses

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    Just don't buy wigs there, learn from my mistake 😭

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    • the gorgon
      the gorgon Hace un año +255

      Probably minimum wage jobs so it's a perk of the job. Worked for a mail order book place in the 90s and once a week you could go and buy books by weight from the returns.

    • Beth II
      Beth II Hace un año +175

      That's what I've been thinking. There is no way that they would put a Kitchenaid stand mixer or a sealed apple watch or something like that in the bin to sell it for $10 each.

    • Brooke Bailey
      Brooke Bailey Hace un año +80

      @Beth II absolutely not! Kind of reminds me of Goodwill. Anything that's actually worth something never actually gets put on the sales floor.

    • James Pena
      James Pena Hace un año +103

      @Beth II I feel like they add a few items so that the lucky shoppers tell their friends or promote on social media.. like that mini 2 drone cost $600 and I doubt it made it to the sales floor

  • John3.14
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    new subber here, i was expecting like a return process video lol but this video was neat, never knew it existed in raleigh (i live there) so now i'm gonna make a trip on the $10 days for some good electronics. Also Safiya you're so adorable and funny, definitely enjoyed this! [presses the sub button with ferocity]

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    The crowd would probably be smaller, too

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    • TheExsniperxe
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    • chris tine
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      Umm.. this is what they’re doing about over production and over consumption 🧐

    • soleil
      soleil Hace un año +164

      @TheExsniperxe yeah no this is not a solution, this is coping with a problem but this doesn't fix anything. they still throw away hundreds of items every week. a solution means we stop over producing to the point of having to liquidate items.

    • Sweetzs100
      Sweetzs100 Hace un año +28

      @soleil Have you ever taken an economics class? The supply meets demand which means this isn’t a problem on the suppliers end. It’s on the consumers end. You need to be speaking to the people who are over consuming, not the people who are merely supplying

    • soleil
      soleil Hace un año +67

      @Sweetzs100 keep telling yourself that. we TOTALLY don't overproduce. we totally don't have warehouses full of trash nobody buys that become additions to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Noo, it's definitely economics and everything is fine.

  • Sheila Rogge
    Sheila Rogge Hace 10 meses

    I work at a UPS store in Raleigh and bag a lot of these Amazon returns...then we box them.....send them out. Its cool to see where the bags go that I bag everyday....lol. I really like the microface thingy you got. My face peels a LOT in the cold weather and I need something like that to help with it :) I might try to find one. I subbed and am a new fan.

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    • Katherine Foote
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