I Tested Clickbait DIY Candle "Hacks"

  • Publicado el 4 ago 2021
  • Hello friends! So, previously we have tested out many a bizarre hack video -- from beauty hacks, to fashion hacks, to photo/video hacks AND soap art hacks -- from Blossom, 5 Minute Crafts, and others -- and in general, I have not been impressed. BUT, a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon these beautiful CANDLE art hacks -- I fell in love. These are the coolest candles I've ever seen and I needed to have them. So we decided to pick out a few key candle art hacks and see if they are just pure clickbait, or if you can actually make any of these crafts IRL. We tried a margarita jelly candle hack, a whipped wax latte candle hack, and a wax cherry blossom tree hack. What do you guys think of our final products??
    What do you guys think of these soap hacks??
    You can check out the Blossom videos that contain our hacks here!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 2 años +12272

    EDIT: also, the wick we used for the cherry blossom hack was pre-waxed! it was a roll of pre-waxed wick :)
    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope u all are doing well! in this video, we test out 3 ~viral~ candle art hacks and honestly, they didn't turn out all that bad!! what do you guys think of our attempts?? xoxo, saf

    • Basset Hound Blooze
      Basset Hound Blooze Hace 2 años +127

      Try to make crayons. That would be cool lol!

    • Deena Shawkat
      Deena Shawkat Hace 2 años +35

      The wax to wick ratio was wonderful

    • michelle reyes
      michelle reyes Hace 2 años +66

      you should do a lipstick candle

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish Hace 2 años +22

      Great job!! The final results were very impressive aesthetically for all 3, all things considered.
      Please do more with jelly soap/jelly wax/maybe even Jello someday! It's so fun to watch.

    • Elizabeth marvelfan
      Elizabeth marvelfan Hace 2 años +11

      Can you test cheap / recommended clothes from shein or try tiktok hacks

  • David Roybal
    David Roybal Hace 2 años +17307

    As a bartender who makes my fair share of margaritas, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overfilled a cup with too much ice and ruined part of a salt rim 😂😂 so seems pretty authentic to me

    • David Roybal
      David Roybal Hace 2 años +793

      @Reddish Gurl the restaurant I work in serves our on the rocks. There so many different variations of the classic margarita recipe, which is the cool part about bartending; there is no one set way to make any one drink.

    • Jade Michel
      Jade Michel Hace 2 años +556

      @David Roybal just wanted to say I admire your nice response to that snarky comment lol

    • Sian Milne
      Sian Milne Hace 2 años +231

      @Reddish Gurl There are literally frozen margaritas blended with ice, don't think some ice cubes will ruin it too hard haha

    • Alansaurus
      Alansaurus Hace 2 años +111

      @Reddish Gurl though it isnt the traditional recipe, of course you can!!! There are recipes that call for ice and some people might want their drink on ice, it wont ruin the flavor

    • Mx.Lilith
      Mx.Lilith Hace 2 años +6

      You literally make a boozy slush, why is ice needed? lmfao

  • Aurora Genim
    Aurora Genim Hace 2 años +4585

    I love how Safiya and Tyler are still out here breaking societal norms of daily uploads by staying true to rarer, longer, quality videos. No pressure to keep up with weekly or even daily videos. Just intense excitement every time I stumble across the newest video.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo Hace 2 años +35

      They should've made the "toppings" scented too, maybe vanilla for the latte candle?

    • 𝐧𝐚𝐭 💌!
      𝐧𝐚𝐭 💌! Hace 2 años +3

      @bofooit gojo yeah

    • Squinkling
      Squinkling Hace 2 años

      Im ur 200th like :)

    • Anne Enna
      Anne Enna Hace 2 años +22

      True. It's a pleasant surprise to see a new video from time to time.

    • Ven7ce
      Ven7ce Hace un año +31

      I thought the exact same thing a few days ago. I was just thinking about her and how I actually find time to watch her content and look forward to it because it is not not three cheap videos that I have seen somewhere else already but instead original high quality stuff. Tylers and Safs videos always have this fun "small documentary" feeling to me.

  • CorvusTheFeatherbrain
    CorvusTheFeatherbrain Hace 2 años +7684

    That turned out surprisingly well. If Blossom starts doing a better job at giving instructions, measurements, and necessary warnings then they could become a legitimate craft channel.

    • I don't kn ow what to put
      I don't kn ow what to put Hace 2 años +360

      As well as actually start doing more real stuff, since they still have too much fake stuff

    • CorvusTheFeatherbrain
      CorvusTheFeatherbrain Hace 2 años +60

      @I don't kn ow what to put That's true as well.

    • 𝐧𝐚𝐭 💌!
      𝐧𝐚𝐭 💌! Hace 2 años +83

      yeah i mean atleast theyre better than 5 minute crafts lmao

    • ностромов
      ностромов Hace 2 años +30

      5 minute crafts... imagine the frantic search to add something, anything, to a new video that hasn't been shown 100,000 times already, blah

  • paintedcrow
    paintedcrow Hace un año +1476

    5 tips from someone who's made candles with better tutorials than Blossom's:
    - *Glue your wicks to the bottom of the candle before you even start melting wax.* Don't do the latte thing where they just shove the wick in last minute!!! They definitely just forgot it in the video and went like "well it only has to work for as long as it takes to light the candle." Your wicks need to be centered well, in the bottom of the jar, or the candle won't burn right! You can prop them on popsicle sticks laid across the rim of the jar too, to help keep them centered while your wax cools.
    - *There's an ideal temperature to add fragrances.* Look it up for the kind of wax you're using. Otherwise the scent oils can bead up in weird ways or just not bond with the wax properly. At best it won't disperse scent well (poor "throw") and at worst you can end up with pockets of flammable oil.
    - *Candle making suppliers sell coloring chips.* Saf used one for the cherry blossom branches. Honestly, I was really surprised how well the brown crayon worked for the latte drink candle--normally that doesn't go so well. Coloring chips are much more reliable. Never try to use liquid food coloring for candles, it's literally oil and water.
    - *There are lots of kinds of wax.* Even within a category, like "soy wax," there are different consistencies and they're for different things; the wax you use for jar candles is softer than the stuff you use to make pillar candles. Most kinds of soy wax have a lower melting point than paraffin (except the really hard kinds used for pillar candles), and so it probably would have been less burny to use for the cherry blossom thing because it can get cooler and still be liquid. Hard to say without testing though.
    - *In the whipping video,* their wax was already close to melting point in the bowl (it was just about to harden). You can see it starting to turn white around the edges of the bowl. It's probably easier if you let it cool off a bit first. It'd probably be a better tutorial if they _told you this._
    As always, the tutorials leave a lot out here. Real instructions just don't make as pretty of a video as attention-grabbing jumpcuts. I'm glad these worked out as well as they did though!
    (Edit to add extra linebreaks so this isn't such a wall of text lol)

    • Abeeha Shahid
      Abeeha Shahid Hace un año +8

      Thanks 😊 but how. Much free time you got🤔

    • GayJayy
      GayJayy Hace un año +21

      But pockets of flammable oil! It's a risk Blossom is ready to take on your house.

    • H Macklemore
      H Macklemore Hace un año +2

      Sis it's not that deep, Saf is doing this for fun and isn't presenting it as a tutorial

    • GayJayy
      GayJayy Hace un año +64

      @H Macklemore You misread the comment. They're criticising Blossom, not Saf. Blossom is 100% trying to make it a tutorial.

    • Ragmatical Rachel
      Ragmatical Rachel Hace un año +12

      Wow that all great info ty

  • ꧁ 𝐽𝑜𝑠𝑒 ꧂
    ꧁ 𝐽𝑜𝑠𝑒 ꧂ Hace 2 años +5270

    Safiya: “is this a fire hazard?”
    *candle literally on fire*
    Tyler: “uh probably”

    • krisha
      krisha Hace 2 años +37

      Me: Does this possibly look like the lights in the great hall in Harry Potter?
      Mind: Probably

    • irrelevaant idiot
      irrelevaant idiot Hace un año +12

      A NSFW profile took this comment and replied to me :l

    • I quit!
      I quit! Hace un año +2

      Irk lolllll

  • Nadia Delphi
    Nadia Delphi Hace un año +317

    Tyler yelling “I Promised my mom” as Saf eats the wax is my favorite moment ever

  • Lyric Mailloux
    Lyric Mailloux Hace 2 años +6542

    As someone who stuck her hand warm wax as a child, I was actually fairly confident in the cherry blossom one lmao

    • *Weeb Simp*
      *Weeb Simp* Hace 2 años +77

      Same 😂

    • imagery
      imagery Hace 2 años +93

      its actually pretty common for ren fairs

    • altriyality
      altriyality Hace 2 años +17

      Omg same

    • Gremlin
      Gremlin Hace 2 años +45

      Used to do that in scout camps when we made candles lol

    • Shannon S
      Shannon S Hace 2 años +10

      @imagery what're ren fairs?

  • Ace Irish
    Ace Irish Hace 2 años +1603

    Tyler: "it looks amazing from this angle."
    Saf: " then film it from that angle!"

  • Lunestia Crescent
    Lunestia Crescent Hace un año +624

    On the margarita candle, perhaps allowing the "drink" portion to partially cool would hold the "ice cubes" up a little better? So there'd be more structure to provide distinction between the colored base and clear additions?
    I also agree, scenting the "cubes" would be smart!

  • Moni's Life
    Moni's Life Hace un año +135

    As a candle maker that margarita is a fire waiting to happen. The container is not thick enough and the fact that is gel wax which burns hotter than wax makes it even worse. Also fires are caused by too much fragrance/essential oil and using the wrong wick. And never ever use crayons

    • Chloe
      Chloe Hace 7 meses +3

      Hello I am a year in the future

  • Maddy Grace
    Maddy Grace Hace un año +166

    having Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers playing in the background somehow just adds to the pure chaos that is Safiya putting candle whipped cream on a fake latte

  • Hanako Kun
    Hanako Kun Hace 2 años +461

    The 3rd candle is actually something some do on Vietnamese new year and we stick it onto branches and we leave it in our house. But instead of lighting it we leave it there and get rid of it at the end of new year ( lasts 3 days). If you want to do it I recommend you have cold water nearby and coat the flower 2 or 3 times because it becomes thicker making it less breakable and easier to remove

  • Matti Yosafat
    Matti Yosafat Hace 2 años +3471

    Safyia is gonna start her own hack channel called “4 hour hacks”

    • Neh
      Neh Hace 2 años +6

      TommyInnit 🅥 Jump in the Cadillac

    • meepbeep
      meepbeep Hace 2 años +1

      SuperSpaceBro anything you want-

    • surya
      surya Hace 2 años +3

      SuperSpaceBro never gonna give you up

    • emroes
      emroes Hace 2 años +2

      @surya never gonna let you down~

    • Kuukii
      Kuukii Hace 2 años +2

      @emroes never gonna run around, and hurt youuu

  • Christine Lim
    Christine Lim Hace 2 años +395

    She was making that latte foam and said "Maybe you should back up....." and Tyler DID NOT EVEN HESITATE. We stan a husband who listens. 😂😍

  • 愛 LOVE アイドル
    愛 LOVE アイドル Hace un año +52

    Safiya: Is this a fire hazard?
    “Candle”: *has a billion wicks*
    “Candle”: *literally has highly flammable material for a base*
    “Candle”: *making of process is from a content farm and is literally a burn hazard before the damn thing is lit*
    … you might wanna have a fire extinguisher on standby next time you do Hacked Candles…

  • mermaidpotato
    mermaidpotato Hace un año +35

    The cherry blossom branches are basically just very oldschool candlemaking. Start with a wick, dip it, hang to dry, repeat for 7 million years until it's thick enough to be sturdy and burn slow. So that's pretty cool!

  • Maddie
    Maddie Hace 4 meses +7

    is it just me who loves the way saf talks? her voice just gives her so much personality and the minute i hear her talking i get happier

  • Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist

    This woman is saving me so much money, time, and frustration by doing all of these 'quick' and 'easy' hacks so I don't have to.

  • daisy
    daisy Hace 2 años +4877

    Safiya's obsession of candles will NEVER get old

    • zigi x
      zigi x Hace 2 años +5

      more like her obsession with wax🤣

    • Abi
      Abi Hace 2 años +2

      omg you got a heart!

    • A33L
      A33L Hace 2 años +3

      My obsession with Safiya never gets old!

    • Cass. Cassandra
      Cass. Cassandra Hace 2 años


    • Cass. Cassandra
      Cass. Cassandra Hace 2 años +1

      Never thought I’d see you here, what are you doing nowadays?

  • Jamie
    Jamie Hace 2 años +484

    Anyone else screaming that the “vase” in blossom’s video is clearly also full of wax??? They made it so much harder on themselves with the foam 😭

    • ностромов
      ностромов Hace 2 años +9

      I'll just pretend like this -video- could be of any relevance, to anything, and like I know what we're talking about here. xD

    • ryhse22
      ryhse22 Hace un año +37

      @Jamie Probably not harder as far as construction goes but definitely much more of a fire hazard... they were lucky that the flames did not touch the foam (even if it didn't catch on fire but melted instead, there still would be some horrid and possibly toxic fumes)

    • Pendlera
      Pendlera Hace 4 meses

      It would probably have been harder considering that they'd have to either shove the wicks into a vase of hardened wax or time everything so the wicks went in while the wax was still soft, but not so soft the wicks fell over.

  • Red
    Red Hace 2 años +121

    not a candle maker, but as a professional baker i have sooooo many ideas on how to whip the wax more efficiently:
    - you could use ice bath while whipping it, or just some cool water if it hardens too fast
    - you could let it semi-harden, THEN whip it so the hard bits and the liquid bits blend together in the desired texture while it fluffs up, but that risks in it being a bit chunky
    - same technique as above but instead of letting it harden you melt half the wax and after cooling it a bit you dump in the other half to get the right temperature and texture (we use technique for tempering chocolate, and the name for it in french translates to "insemination" 😳)
    - im just having fun at this point but if you have a marble countertop, you could spread it around with a spatula or bench scraper until it thickens, then return it to the bowl for whipping
    a lot of these ideas come from working with chocolate cuz wax and cocoa butter (a component in chocolate) do seem to share a lot of qualities, so that white chocolate comparison wasnt too far off actually 😂 and again tho, im not a candlemaker so dont quote me on any of this lol

    • Maria Zöllner
      Maria Zöllner Hace un año +9

      So that you have an actual real person in this threat: those are some really cool tips

    • felixthecat
      felixthecat Hace un año +1


    • ⚡Coffee-Ouji⚡
      ⚡Coffee-Ouji⚡ Hace un año +3

      the last tip is how you make branch chocolate! that's how we call it in my country.
      basically is doing what they said but just folding it until it almost hardens, make a thin sheet and then roll and/or fold it until it looks like a cinammon branch
      it's so fun to bite into! i think it's also good for people who can't bite the hard chocolate
      and it's so fun to watch being made too, last time i saw a dude irl do it they were showing the little kids in the fair

    • ⚡Coffee-Ouji⚡
      ⚡Coffee-Ouji⚡ Hace un año +3

      the comparison of the chocolate and wax was good because cocoa butter it's very stiff compared to other oils/butters which is why natural lip balms for people with sensitive skin are pure cocoa butter, i think

  • szd
    szd Hace un año +28

    The latte candle is something my grandma used to sell at her antique store!! She sold them in flavors like fruity pebbles and cereal flavors and cookie or seasonal flavors! she didn’t make them but they looked darn cool.

  • Euuu
    Euuu Hace 2 años +29

    Safiya manages somehow to make me sit through a 30 minute video of stuff I actually don’t care about, and on top of that entertain me ahah

  • Dawn McAnany
    Dawn McAnany Hace 2 años +6618

    If Bath and Bodyworks had any sense they would colab with Safiya. Much like the Colourpop colab it would sell out in no time. I want to see a Colab with Simply Nailogical with Lipstick and Nail Polish duo.

    • Alice Vanderlund
      Alice Vanderlund Hace 2 años +152

      I also want to see her collab with Royalty Soaps. That would be so cool!

    • Lauren Goetz
      Lauren Goetz Hace 2 años +74

      Oooh. Maybe like a "Nightshade", a deep purple holo one/floral candle or "Going/Gone Batty" a bat glitter shaped topper!! 🦇💿

    • Makeuplearningmadness!!!
      Makeuplearningmadness!!! Hace 2 años +7

      Yaasss!!!!! The lipstick 💄 and nail polish 💅 with both of them!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

    • Summer is wandering
      Summer is wandering Hace 2 años +43

      i’d be so happy if she did a colab with some small shops… because most of them make everything from hand so the formulas would be so much different than ones mass produced

    • Kaveri Sreekumar
      Kaveri Sreekumar Hace 2 años +12


  • finetuna
    finetuna Hace 2 años +669

    I just realised something: The video where they showed how the cream was made.... it's definetly egg whites!!! It looks 100% like egg whites, and also foams up exactly the same way (like, the little sprinkles on the sides of the bowl and the consistency) They probably filmed the video of the actual process and were like 'no this is really not presentable enough' and just took egg whites to make it look nice and pretty.

    • Felidae unplugged
      Felidae unplugged Hace 2 años +125

      I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Hack channels tend to be more presentation than practicality.

    • Brownie💖
      Brownie💖 Hace un año +45

      Honestly, maybe, maybe not. Could be that they did it to save time, but if you look at the video, there seems to be a thin film on the sides of the bowl that seems more opaque like dried candle wax. Based on other websites and other tutorials, it's totally possible to whip the candle wax in less time than they did anyway, they just didn't let it cool down at all before starting like they should have LMAO

    • J F
      J F Hace un año +28

      Could just be straight up whipped cream, too, if it's the one I'm thinking it is.

  • MaKattack
    MaKattack Hace 2 años +105

    I kind of liked that the ice cubes melted first because it made it more realistic 😂

  • Gamba EJ
    Gamba EJ Hace un año +51

    I would say, for the Cherry Blossom hack, it definitely functions more as a display candle rather than functional candle.

  • Song Huy
    Song Huy Hace 9 meses +21

    The Blossoms flower part can be done differently !
    Personally, I use the store candles and just use the candles like normal, except they melt wayyyyyy easier and because of that, they are fully melted and the wax is not even hot ! It’s actually feels like dipping your hand onto your average warm bath water. They dried very quickly and come of easy, too

  • Ruby Lynn
    Ruby Lynn Hace 2 años +101

    For the cherry blossom candle “it’s wax to wick ratio is so off,”: I wonder if you could make the branches before hand the same way (maybe smaller…?), set them in a large enough vase and then fill that larger vase slowly with cherry/cherry-blossom scented clear jelly wax? Then you could see the branches but maybe the flames would a smidge more controlled. That candle might be huge if you’re not careful though.

    • sarah waller
      sarah waller Hace 2 años +3

      Or they could do another type of flower and use scents for the flowers themselves.

  • Linnet Widdershins
    Linnet Widdershins Hace 2 años +3167

    Safiya: “This is a shank!”
    Tyler: “You slapping it?”
    Safiya: “This is a flank!”
    Tyler: “Slap that bag.”
    Safiya: “This is a steak!”

  • Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon

    I'm genuinely shocked at how well those hacks worked irl! Nicely done, and good to see you guys posting again. Stay well!

  • Eloise
    Eloise Hace 2 años +11

    Safiya is pure gold. She’s beautiful inside and out. Sending love to you both ❤️

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie Hace un año +23

    ive done the cherry blossom one, after failing with the dipping the wick in brown wax i decided to just use paint (i wasnt burning it), and i like the feeling of hot wax on my fingers so it was pretty easy for me to do it (i used to dip in fingers in my moms candles LMAO

  • Eka Widyaningsih
    Eka Widyaningsih Hace 2 años +120

    Also Cristine will be proud with your "Oh my god it's a candle!" troom troom girl voice

  • allshaz
    allshaz Hace un año +13

    for the margarita candle one, it would be easier if you poured the candle wax half way in cup first, let that harden and then put the ice cubes in and poured the rest of the wax solution after (make sure not to overflow it). It would have been easier to show visibility of the ice

  • LadyMustang
    LadyMustang Hace 2 años +2495

    As a candle maker myself, something that should be said when it comes to gel wax is you have to make sure whatever oil you use is gel safe fragrance. If you have a fragrance oil within a certain flashpoint it can literally make the candle explode. And there are percentages of wax to fragrance ratios.
    The wax frosting you need to cool the wax before whisking the wax. It’s quite easy and quick to make. But you do have to wait for it to cool before whipping it. I don’t know why they call these hacks!

    • Dodi Xaverius
      Dodi Xaverius Hace 2 años +162

      I think they called it hack to lure into false pretense that these are easy as they presented it to be, that any average human could do it. However, it's been pointed out on the soap maker channel that they still put questionable and even potentially dangerous stuff into soaps. They did not care at all on actual practical function of the thing they create, they just care to look pretty.

    • LadyMustang
      LadyMustang Hace 2 años +66

      @Dodi Xaverius yeah it’s incredible in a very sad way how they can keep putting up the dangerous “hacks” they do. It actually pinched a nerve a little seeing people just randomly putting stuff in the gel wax without figuring the right ratio and also now knowing the flashpoint of the oils.

    • Anna Jensen
      Anna Jensen Hace 2 años +30

      @C Trivy I think if you do some more research, find a version of this tutorial done by a pro, you could probably still diy it

    • LadyMustang
      LadyMustang Hace 2 años +26

      @Anna Jensen absolutely. I know it sounds intimidating but a little research goes a long way. Once you know what you’re after and how much of everything you can find amazing tutorials to help you along the way. Once you’ve done it a couple times it’s easy as pie!

  • xxBoredxx
    xxBoredxx Hace un mes +1

    Having bad pms leg cramps, her videos are my safe place, where everything slowly goes away. And I start laughing bc of the commentary.

  • therealliviedawn
    therealliviedawn Hace un año +11

    Having as much wax as you do, you should find more to try. This was fun to watch and helped me know whether or not I want to make some candles. Fun!

  • Laura Hart
    Laura Hart Hace un año +5

    Just as a heads up. The candle won’t work for very long for the coffee candle. You need a dye for the wax, not mica powder (which is what in your crayons). If you use mica, the mica will start to cut off flow of the wax to the flame via the wick. So, even if you WANTED to burn your coffee candle, it wouldn’t work for very long.

  • Not Funny
    Not Funny Hace un año +6

    THANK YOU for the instructions and measurements! I tried the coffee one! It turned out slightly uglier the yours,but I really loved it!

  • ASMR Shanny
    ASMR Shanny Hace 2 años +17369

    Safiya putting on the “whip cream” and Tyler hyping her up is so stinking wholesome Omgsh. The sheer joy 😂💙

    • Sarah Waters
      Sarah Waters Hace 2 años +63


    • Guadalupe Sampedro
      Guadalupe Sampedro Hace 2 años +46

      Thats what marriage does to you lol

    • bearianna
      bearianna Hace 2 años +31

      It is so incredibly cute and unexpectedly funny! The joy from Tyler is just SO PURE! 😄

    • DatGayDangerNoodle
      DatGayDangerNoodle Hace 2 años +12

      Yeah i love them together sm :)

    • ElloSufi96
      ElloSufi96 Hace 2 años

      4k’th like reeee


    I love the clear ones with the funfetti soaps in them and I agree that they look cooler when you hold them up to a light. The little succulent soaps were pretty cute too.

  • Dawn Oldham
    Dawn Oldham Hace un año +6

    You two are so patient and cheerful while you try these hacks!

  • Fawn Saswirsky
    Fawn Saswirsky Hace un año +3

    I am so impressed you mixed for 30 mins, I barely can for 5 mins. Absolutely love the cherry blossom one!

  • TurkBurg
    TurkBurg Hace un año +2

    I think the cherry blossom candles would look so good on a cake in a Japanese themed birthday party though!!.. You'd have to blow it out fast, but past that, it's quite cute, I must say.

  • Linda A.
    Linda A. Hace un año +5

    I just want to say that watching this video was very satisfying and humorous to me. The 'bouquet of matches' and 'the wax to wick ratio is wack' was killin! This is my first time vid of Safiya and I'm now a satisfied sub. Thanks for making my day.

  • Fyreflier
    Fyreflier Hace 2 años +880

    Safiyah: "Is this a fire hazard?"
    Me, looking at that highly flammable florist's foam: "Yep."

    • Niki K
      Niki K Hace 2 años +6


    • Kelly Hills
      Kelly Hills Hace 2 años +35

      IKR? I was seriously bracing myself.

    • Libby E.
      Libby E. Hace 2 años +21

      honestly lol, i think it was a cup of candle wax in the video they watched

    • Emma Jacobs
      Emma Jacobs Hace 2 años +3

      I thought this 😰🤭😬😂😅

  • Katelyn Brown
    Katelyn Brown Hace 2 años +8

    Honestly, I love losing track of this channel and just coming back and bingeing. I love you Saf 💕

  • rubysmith595
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    Oh yeah…
    Anyways, if you ever want to make candles from scratch, it isn’t hard! I’m not 100% wether or not you’ve don’t it already.
    Step one: Get a block of regular (it will be white/opaque) wax, no colorations or anything.
    Step two: Get colored dye from the store, it will almost always be scented. This is on purpose.
    Step three: Place large stew pan on stove with water half way-ish.
    Step four: Take a pan with handles that will fit into the stew pan without touching the water, place a metal rod long enough to stop it from falling in through the handles.
    Step five: Take regular wax and place it into the small pan.
    Step six: Wait until wax is melted, then add dye.
    Step seven: Tie pre-waxed wick to soda can tab. Place that on bottom of container so wick stays above the top edge.
    Step eight: If the wick will not stay, wrap it around a utensil. Knife, fork, spoon, anything not too round. So pencils and chopsticks are out the window. (Knives work really well)
    Step nine: Pour melted wax into container until it reaches desired level. Make sure the wick stays above it.
    Step ten! Wait until cool, then take wick off of utensil.
    Feel free to create lavender, apple, cinnamon, and more! You can even add ice cubes at certain points to create a REALLY cool effect.
    This is coming from a person who spent their childhood making candles

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