Staying At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
  • Check out part 1 here! • I Stayed At Every Hote...
    HELLO FRIENDS!! In this installment, we continue our exploration of every hotel on the Vegas strip, taking on the 14 hotels on the East side of the Strip. Still big fans, and still providing our thoughts on the room, vibes, and activities at each hotel - again, just in case you need it. We took on everything the strip had to throw at us - heat, celebrity restaurant pasta dishes, serenading gondoliers - until we finally made it to the end. We came, we saw, we stayed - here are the final 14! What do you guys think? Which hotel would you choose?
    Also, when we say "Operated Independently" - we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!
    Also - our prices listed for the rooms include all taxes and resort fees that we paid!
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    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Dave Szamet
    Carrie Roper
    Melissa Douglas
    Clare Gelber
    Jack Scott
    Phil Kinney
    Elizabeth Pinotti
    Mike Pearson III
    German Torres
    Steven Yonce
    Corey Glynn
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza
    Rachel Faulkner White
    Sabrina Ford
    0:00 Intro
    1:20 The Sahara
    4:56 The Wynn / Encore
    11:42 The Venetian / Palazzo
    17:23 Harrah’s
    20:44 The LINQ
    26:17 Flamingo
    29:25 The Cromwell
    32:16 Bally’s (now Horseshoe)
    35:50 Paris
    40:07 Planet Hollywood
    43:25 The MGM Grand
    47:19 The Tropicana
    50:50 Outro & Our Recommendations
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 8 meses +9415

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, part 2 is here!! we're netflix-ing it so you can binge both parts at once! ✨let us know which hotel was your fave & keep those loins girded for our celebrity chef video (which is going to take a *little bit* longer to come out)!! XOXO, saf

    • Sabrina Patton
      Sabrina Patton Hace 8 meses +23

      Yes! I can't wait to watch them both 😍

    • ananya k
      ananya k Hace 8 meses +10

      I've been to the was soo exciting to see it againn

    • Blue Rat
      Blue Rat Hace 8 meses +9

      i was watching pt 1 when u posted this XD

    • ShinSK
      ShinSK Hace 8 meses +11

      Thank you for letting me binge these videos!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Kate
    Kate Hace 8 meses +13239

    can we take a second to appreciate all of saf's fits in both these videos

    • Manifest Indigo
      Manifest Indigo Hace 8 meses +147

      I want every single outfit

    • mcwjes
      mcwjes Hace 8 meses +225

      Her high waist mini dress is perfect!

    • ILoveTopHatTree
      ILoveTopHatTree Hace 8 meses +29

      i too like black

    • Title by Artist
      Title by Artist Hace 8 meses +72

      To me, the mental effort used in picking outfits that shall be SEEN is more than's awe-inspiring.

    • noblenansa
      noblenansa Hace 8 meses +33

      I kept thinking this as I was watching! 🤝

  • Megan
    Megan Hace 7 meses +2252

    In case anyone was wondering, Safiya spent $9848 on hotel rooms (including the Vdara and not including any food or entertainment) which is less than I was expecting tbh. Great video as always!

    • V :0
      V :0 Hace 7 meses +69

      Wow I wonder how much it would be for everything included :0

    • Somerandomyoutube account
      Somerandomyoutube account Hace 7 meses +92

      Whats crazy is she probably got a tax write off on it or was reimbursed for free promotion on her channel

    • electra
      electra Hace 7 meses +175

      @Somerandomyoutube account it was sponsored by honey on her first post so most likely she didn’t spend much

    • Sasha Smith
      Sasha Smith Hace 7 meses +36

      She spent way more than that if the the four seasons alone was 1k!

  • Jon Won
    Jon Won Hace 4 meses +1025

    After thr wedding ring moment i realized what i like so much about their vlogs and content!
    No sensationalism.
    Saf lost her wedding ring, but they didnt turn it into content. No dramatic music. No footage of breakdowns etc.
    Its just all very down to earth

    • Katie Duncan
      Katie Duncan Hace 3 meses +120

      YES THIS!!
      No "I need to talk to the manager!!", no filming arguments at the reception desk, no haggling employees.
      Even tho, in some of those situations, I *really* hope they did talk to the hotel staff off-camera about the cleanliness. Especially the leftover food.

    • Marianela Chiu
      Marianela Chiu Hace 3 meses +63

      YES! It was more like "oh btw i lost my ring but i eventually got it back" as if it was just part of the experience. I truly love how down to earth they both are!

    • Melanie S
      Melanie S Hace 3 meses +4

      I missed the part. When was that

    • Alex L
      Alex L Hace 3 meses +4

      @Melanie S 22:20

  • kiwi
    kiwi Hace 7 meses +1602

    As a previous hotel employee, I can explain why the rooms at 42:25 were behind the door. Those are the rooms we used for large parties who want to be able to go between rooms. The extra door can usually be locked to provide extra privacy while the individual room doors can be propped open, allowing the occupants to go between both rooms. We often had parents who stayed in one room while their kids stayed in the other and they liked the extra security :)

    • Dougie26200 2
      Dougie26200 2 Hace 6 meses +58

      That makes sense

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +60

      Yep! The conjoined rooms are pretty popular for families to do :)

    • Klaudine Guerrero
      Klaudine Guerrero Hace 6 meses +48

      Yep! Growing up, my parents were worried something would happen to me and my brother if we were in a room too far away from theirs, so we were only allowed our own room if we could get a room right next to each other. Rooms like this that had the extra door were our lifesavers!

    • RLucas3000
      RLucas3000 Hace 6 meses +9

      Can you explain the two rooms with food in the mini fridge? I thought they always checked them, not just for cleanliness, but to charge for items used from the mini bar (and to restock them). (Microwaves would be another place I would check, if fancy hotels even have them in the room.)

    • Jessica Å
      Jessica Å Hace 5 meses +16

      ​@RLucas3000 I don't really know, but mini bars aren't even stocked that often anymore so maybe they just don't have a reason to check. Recently, I've noticed hotels don't even have a fridge in the room. Maybe that's just a European thing though, idk. Either way, they probably didn't find the sandwich because the fridge wasn't stocked so no reason to check (although they should at least have a look to see if it needs a clean...). The earlier one with fully spoiled food was weirder, seeing as the fridge was stocked and also it obviously hadn't been checked for WAY too long.

  • canaryinacoalmine
    canaryinacoalmine Hace 7 meses +1219

    Shoutout to Paul for coming through in the clutch and getting Saf’s ring back! They may want to consider caulking the furniture so that doesn’t happen, it would also prevent all the dust (that must be back there) from building up.

    • caro0605
      caro0605 Hace 7 meses +65

      I used to work at a hotel where the furniture was connected to the walls as well. A lot of guests lose things behind there, some call stuff, others leave it there and we found it while looking for something else. I really don't know who thought it's a good idea to build furniture that was, especially at a hotel. 🤷🏼‍♀

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +2

      @caro0605 I think it's to prevent theft *shrugs*

    • Ashmond the Southern Trashmond
      Ashmond the Southern Trashmond Hace 4 meses +17

      @RedRoseSeptember22 theft of what? the wall??

    • ツmelz
      ツmelz Hace 4 meses +23

      @RedRoseSeptember22 your telling me someone would straight up steal the table? 😂

    • spaghetti.0s
      spaghetti.0s Hace 2 meses +3

      @RedRoseSeptember22they gonna steal the whole bedframe??😭

  •  Christy_cofer★
    Christy_cofer★ Hace 7 meses +362

    As someone whose family is contemplating a Vegas vacation with zero idea of what that would look like, these two videos are EXTREMELY informative

    • Liam Richards
      Liam Richards Hace 11 días

      Same. I’m planning a trip with first timers so these videos were great for them to figure out where they might want to stay and do.
      Then I’m referring them to TravelRuby for more in depth reviews

  • Kylie Lo
    Kylie Lo Hace 8 meses +4885

    safiya’s channel is the definition of quality over quantity

    • Ami Doshi
      Ami Doshi Hace 8 meses +194

      Agreed! We don't get uploads as often as some other channels, but when she does upload, it's FABULOUS!!!! I've spent the last two days watching both the videos in small bits, and not only these, but any videos of hers have such great rewatchibility. The research is always impeccable and on point, and I just really love both Saf and Tyler.

    • Offensive Username
      Offensive Username Hace 8 meses +22

      her channel is the definition of a filming and editing crew working in the background.

    • Molly H
      Molly H Hace 8 meses +46

      @Offensive Username and?😆

    • Sensei Sin Semilla
      Sensei Sin Semilla Hace 8 meses +40

      @Offensive Username and it shows with the amazing quality of the shots and editing!

    • y0utuberculosis
      y0utuberculosis Hace 8 meses +36

      Safiya's joining the ranks of some of the best on youtube. I don't care if you only post once in 3 months, if it's good I'll watch it!

  • LostApotheosis
    LostApotheosis Hace 7 meses +674

    Hotel maintenance people are truly the under-appreciated, underpaid, and unsung heroes of hospitality.

  • snipsnap
    snipsnap Hace 2 meses +97

    I will never understand how Safiya was so chill about losing her wedding band

  • Sydney _Oj
    Sydney _Oj Hace 2 meses +90

    Ok but the fact that that GIANT room at Ballys was only 87$ is INSANE!! What a steal!!!

    • Karma
      Karma Hace un mes +25

      From some investigation, I’m pretty sure the hotel upgraded them and didn’t tell them, because that room was an executive suite by the look of it. the base rooms at Bally’s don’t seem to have open plan bathrooms 😢

    • Eva Belle
      Eva Belle Hace 17 días +1

      They definitely got upgraded, rn every night through the end of November is about $10,100

  • Jessica Å
    Jessica Å Hace 5 meses +149

    I'm just amazed that they kept their energy up for that long, holy shit. I would've been exhausted by day three and they were there for what, two weeks? And they look great while doing it. Good job on the production and the whole team! Wow.

  • Chloe Suffia
    Chloe Suffia Hace 7 meses +343

    my grandma used to go to The Flamingo for her birthday every year and I inherited all her vintage dresses and shirts and bags that are COVERED in flamingo embroidery and beading. Cool to see the inside of where my grandma spent a good 50 of her birthdays!

    • Em O
      Em O Hace un mes +7

      Your grandma sounds like a fun lady. I hope you enjoy rocking the pink and beads

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Hace 8 meses +3587

    Take me back to flavortown 🔥

    • Title by Artist
      Title by Artist Hace 8 meses +10

      Won't you take me to...Flavortown?!
      (come on Barbie, let's go party)

    • pvic
      pvic Hace 8 meses +8

      25:00 I've been there! I went to vegas for my friends 21st and we ate there! I had the trashcan nachos too!!! I should have dressed up like you did

    • Sarah Viola
      Sarah Viola Hace 8 meses +12

      The fact that some lady asked you to take her picture had me absolutely cracking up

    • 🩷 pink bubble 🩷
      🩷 pink bubble 🩷 Hace 8 meses +1


  • tiredthesbian
    tiredthesbian Hace 7 meses +242

    This seems like the kind of vacation you need a vacation to recover from! Looked so fun!

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +10

      Right?! I'd be exhausted from all the walking alone lol.

    • Jake Vandelay
      Jake Vandelay Hace un mes

      I watch a lot of people who live stream for a living...they do similar stuff as vloggers except it's not edited - it's all live and I would feel safe saying when you travel either live or record/edit it, it's not really a true much to deal with just keeping all the equipment going properly and setting up shots. My guess is some people think this will be "easy work" but end up working harder than in most traditional job...but the payoff is you are working for yourself...and the chance at becoming rich/famous. My guess is, they focus on planning and filming and most likely are big enough now to have people that edit or help with edit as that is a huge part of all this...

    • Fatihah Ulya
      Fatihah Ulya Hace 4 días

      @Jake Vandelay they do have a crew of editors, they list it in the description. They also have a team to handle the logistics like booking and testing out stuff. I'm pretty sure Safiya & Tyler handle at least the business side of the channel themselves, like sponsorships, collaboration, and overall direction of content/branding.

  • Cradio
    Cradio Hace 6 meses +366

    The amount of work and time that it must take to comb through hundreds of hours of footage to edit these videos must be astronomical and is stressing me out even thinking about it. Kudos to everyone involved in making these!!

  • Tyler Black
    Tyler Black Hace 2 meses +48

    Safiya is the only one i can watch do these expensive Luxury videos over other youtubers because, unlike them, i never feel like shes flaunting or bragging about how much luxury she can afford. She makes it so enjoyable since despite the big spending videos, her amazing personality always makes the videos feel grounded.

  • Juno
    Juno Hace 6 meses +111

    The way my heart stopped when saf said she lost her wedding ring and was ready to accept the loss 😭😭😭 thank god she got it back omg idk how I would have recovered

  • BloodSweetie
    BloodSweetie Hace 2 meses +28

    I sincerely hope Safiya makes enough money from these travel videos to keep doing them. I can't afford to go anywhere, and watching her show off these really cool places makes me feel like I got to experience them in a small way. Plus, I'll never get tired of the way she says "alriiight". I get there's other travel vlogs out there, but Safia and Tyler are both my kind of chill/funny. They are my comfort ESclipsrs.

  • Sestra
    Sestra Hace 8 meses +2687

    As an adult, who has never been to Vegas, hates crowds, parties and gambling, I really appreciate this series. Gives me an idea of what to do if I ever go.

    • Mallory Kane
      Mallory Kane Hace 8 meses +108

      as someone who is the same on all of that it gives me an idea of what it's like since i'll never go lol

    • Brianna Pinkney
      Brianna Pinkney Hace 8 meses +19

      Stay at Red Rock Hotel! Red Rock is super beautiful….just go after February because we get “second winter” here and it’s can be cold and windy and not fun.

    • Hope Gold
      Hope Gold Hace 8 meses +29

      Same, for the first half. But for me, I got enough vicarious enjoyment that I don’t feel like I have to go now.
      Pretty amazing they can produce such a fun, light, entertaining video (JUST what I needed today) that clearly took an enormous amount of work and expense.

    • Gloomed
      Gloomed Hace 8 meses +1

      Just don’t come in the summer unless you wanna melt

    • Zee
      Zee Hace 8 meses +1


  • kayteelizz
    kayteelizz Hace 7 meses +154

    As someone who’s never been to Vegas this is so helpful. It seems so overwhelming just watching your videos. I cannot imagine trying to plan a trip with all the things to see and do.

    • Snow999
      Snow999 Hace 7 meses +2

      @Nogirl .whatsoever Stop being weird, and you're the one who think it sounds like that.

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +2

      I like that it has something for every taste :)

  • BlackShadowUchiha
    BlackShadowUchiha Hace 7 meses +91

    The look Saf makes when Tyler says they can make a killer pillow fort just shows her inner child

  • Lizzie Park
    Lizzie Park Hace 7 meses +253

    This was such a fun video. I enjoyed every second of both parts. I know you are Disney World fans so I suggest for the next one: all the Official Disney Orlando Resorts. They are all themed and super different. It’s also super useful information too

    • NotQuiteAsAmazingJess
      NotQuiteAsAmazingJess Hace 7 meses +4

      Sadly the individual rooms aren’t as themed as they used to be. At least the value resorts pretty much all look the same in the rooms now. Art of Animation is still pretty themed but that’s about it

    • Lizzie Park
      Lizzie Park Hace 7 meses +8

      @NotQuiteAsAmazingJess I agree it’s sad when they don’t commit to the theme. Most of Las Vegas themes weren’t carried to the bedroom decor but it’s still a worthy video, I think

    • NotQuiteAsAmazingJess
      NotQuiteAsAmazingJess Hace 7 meses +3

      @Lizzie Park totally agree it would be a fun video

    • LV
      LV Hace 7 meses

      There is SO much Disney content on ESclips you can watch already!

    • viceb7
      viceb7 Hace 2 meses +1

      I would love to see Disney content from them!

  • Samantha Cano
    Samantha Cano Hace 7 meses +87

    As a Vegas resident, this is a beautiful guide to the ever changing chaos that is the strip. I haven’t stayed at the majority of hotels here, but this makes a stay-cation sound much more appealing 😂

  • meno2013
    meno2013 Hace 7 meses +151

    Ok like I’m exhausted after 3 days in Vegas I don’t know how the heck you guys did this. This is incredible. Would love to see the list broken down of everything you guys did each day!

  • Zietaaa
    Zietaaa Hace 8 meses +8628

    I seriously did not think we were going to get Part 2 so quick OMG

    • jgfhvd
      jgfhvd Hace 8 meses +29


    • Damon Gallegos
      Damon Gallegos Hace 8 meses +65

      No same, I literally just finished part 1 and I was like damn part 2 time!🎉

    • richard victoria
      richard victoria Hace 8 meses +18

      i literally just watched the other one 10 minutes ago

    • Ashley Fortag
      Ashley Fortag Hace 8 meses +2

      I literally just said that

  • Toits Toits Toist
    Toits Toits Toist Hace 6 meses +53

    2 hours of my life worth it. Did not get boring at all. I love you Safiya, Tyler, and team!!!

  • faith cook
    faith cook Hace 6 meses +57

    By the final hotel I did start to feel like we were all in that lotus casino from the Percy Jackson movies that doesn't let you leave lol but this was so interesting!

  • Joshua Morrison
    Joshua Morrison Hace 7 meses +31

    Can you please do this series but with every hotel in Walt Disney World? That would be AMAZING!!!

  • ToriGirlx3
    ToriGirlx3 Hace 6 meses +48

    I have been holding off on watching these videos because they seemed so overwhelming to watch but honestly...getting to see the rooms/entertainment sections in all of the biggest hotels in only 2 videos AND getting an honest opinion is incredibly informative and I'll be using that info for next time I visit. I've been to Vegas only a few times, and I haven't even stepped foot in most of the hotels on the strip! Kudos to you and your crew for trekking that far every day. Thanks for always making quality content.

  • Danielle Healy
    Danielle Healy Hace 7 meses +56

    Never been to Vegas. Never had a desire to go to Vegas.
    Now after watching part 2 of these hotels you stayed in, the bud of desire that began in part 1, has begun to grow larger. All for the hotels. I'm here for the Vegas hotels. Lol

  • Kiterpuss
    Kiterpuss Hace 8 meses +2992

    Okay but now Saf and Ty need to review that candle brand that specifically makes candles that smell like famous hotels. It just feels like the final boss. Maybe they can melt them all together and see what the ultimate hotel smell is.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller Hace 4 meses +24

    I’m shocked there’s not more mid-century classic type hotels. I get why they moved away from that stuff to the more heavily-themed and luxury hotels but mid-century is back in vogue and those old resorts are such a big part of Vegas history.

  • merida
    merida Hace 7 meses +24

    i am too european to understand something like fake cities with fake skies inside a hotel :D this is just mind boggeling and amazing and super weird. Id love to go one day ! :D

    • Get Schwifty
      Get Schwifty Hace 2 meses +10

      It's pretty odd for other Americans too outside of Las Vegas lol. Im pretty sure its bc they made the entertainment city in the middle of a desert in one of the hottest states 😂

  • Megan
    Megan Hace un mes +7

    this was incredibly done!! i would love to see a “disney hotels tour” in the same format! it felt like i got to travel along vegas with you :)

  • BroadwayLover
    BroadwayLover Hace 4 meses +5

    What is up with the supposedly high end hotels leaving food in the mini fridges? You'd think that would be the first things housekeeping would check!

  • 1upTriforce
    1upTriforce Hace 6 meses +15

    I'm at The Flamingo and found the Brick! It was a great 1 item scavenger hunt while staying at the casino. Great videos.

  • Bellona Ying
    Bellona Ying Hace 8 meses +1428

    Let’s take a minute to thank all the amazing Paul’s in our lives and the great deeds they do for us everyday! We love you Paul

    • John Anh
      John Anh Hace 8 meses +45

      Yeah I was also feeling so anxious and sad that she almost lost her wedding ring

    • Selene Rose
      Selene Rose Hace 8 meses +27

      I was so happy she got her ring back!! Paul is MVP!

    • Tori Vega
      Tori Vega Hace 8 meses +5

      depends on the paul some of them text minors

    • Mothman In A T-Pose
      Mothman In A T-Pose Hace 8 meses +13

      My brother's name is Paul.
      Can confirm, Pauls are delightful and well-skilled with tools. (My Paul also gives very good hugs.)

    • A Chang
      A Chang Hace 8 meses +19

      I am sure every service person in that hotel rues the day that furniture was installed. We appreciate you Paul, and your fellows!!

  • Leahnidas
    Leahnidas Hace 7 meses +23

    Saf and Tyler, I wanted to congratulate you both on completing (and frankly crushing) this awesome project! These two videos were both very useful and entertaining! I've only been to Vegas once for a short trip and though it was fun, we knew there was so much more that we could do. This break down of what is available where, and what the experience might be like makes planning a trip to Vegas far less intimidating.

  • Earthlingsartist _
    Earthlingsartist _ Hace 4 meses +8

    You guys have made a career of messing around in the kitchen, going on vacation, and eating tons of good food. What a dream your lives must be!

  • Tessa Armstrong
    Tessa Armstrong Hace 7 meses +17

    As a person who would absolutely have a panic attack around that many people, I appreciate these videos because I’m very curious about Vegas hotels. 😊

  • misteryA555
    misteryA555 Hace 5 meses +5

    If I paid over $300 for that MGM room I might have actually cried

  • Thomasina Jefferson
    Thomasina Jefferson Hace 7 meses +18

    Just gotta say … thank you both for ALL your videos. You’re my panic attack go-to when I’m losing it trying to finish a painting. You and Tyler put me in a calm enough mindset … THANK YOU ✊🖤

  • mar not martian
    mar not martian Hace 8 meses +2219

    i've been to vegas once and lasted all of 3 days before getting so exhausted i didn't even want to leave the hotel room, y'all's dedication to make it through over THIRTY hotels and explore vegas for TWO WEEKS straight is genuinely unreal 😭 thank you for your service

    • yangverse ⟡
      yangverse ⟡ Hace 8 meses +82

      especially in the kind of heat they were in for so long, props to safia and tyler, really, i subbed to them for a reason and they never fail to disappoint 😭

    • coffeegirl18
      coffeegirl18 Hace 8 meses +26

      I think the only way to do Vegas is to schedule in break days.

    • LilMeowMeow
      LilMeowMeow Hace 8 meses +4


    • LL
      LL Hace 8 meses +41

      @yangverse ⟡ and not to mention Tyler’s foot issue! Omg

    • fleabitz
      fleabitz Hace 8 meses +13

      @yangverse ⟡ You mean they never disappoint. 🙂

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts Hace 3 meses +7

    I love how your transparent about everything in your videos. Getting good vibes 😌

  • Megan1kween
    Megan1kween Hace 7 meses +11

    genuinely did not think i would last through a whole hour of this but here i am at part two! i appreciate how normal you guys are!

  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz Hace 7 días

    I love how this series is now my new official guide to picking new hotels to stay in

  • Jane Adams
    Jane Adams Hace un mes +2

    This was awesome! One of my favorite ways to try new hotels is priceline blind bidding. For example I bid $88 on 5 star and stay at V’dara, Aria, Bellagio, or Encore. I was extremely underwhelmed by Bellagio. I am glad to hear Mirage is holding up. Would love to know your top 5 budget hotels. I hope you had crab cakes at Emeril’s.

  • Robyn Hyden
    Robyn Hyden Hace un mes +1

    Thank you so much for helping cure my Vegas FOMO. I went to Vegas twice and both times had that feeling that there were bigger, potentially better things happening all over the place that I was missing (which I know is the point!) after walking through the food court at MGM Grand I was convinced it was where I needed to stay next time. Your level-headed perspective was fun and y’all travel the way me and my spouse travel- not drinking or gambling a lot, looking for good food and experiences, and usually in bed by 10 😂

  • Kelly Piliere
    Kelly Piliere Hace 8 meses +4646

    As a customer service manager I'm very curious how both hotels handled the food left in the mini fridges.

    • Raineontheroof
      Raineontheroof Hace 8 meses +576

      yeah, I'm wondering too.... I've certainly had rooms upgraded for less.

    • Terahnee
      Terahnee Hace 8 meses +382

      Ditto. Definitely a housekeeping issue.

    • Val
      Val Hace 8 meses +532

      I’m wondering too. I think the automatic response would have been to upgrade them, but considering they were staying just one night each maybe they got discounts for the next visit or for some restaurants?
      Not sure, upvoting so maybe Saf will see us and let us know!

    • Gnome Reginam
      Gnome Reginam Hace 8 meses +656

      Also, the fact that this happened to them twice on the same trip, in two different hotels... It's never happened to me in any hotel ever!

    • Trinity Murray
      Trinity Murray Hace 8 meses +224

      I'm sure she could get a whole other video talking about the service points that stood out during this trip!

  • sherpasmom
    sherpasmom Hace 5 meses +5

    I took my 12-year-old daughter to Vegas years ago and we also national park camped. We hotel sampled too and she still talks about this trip! Thanks for a fun peek into these hotels!

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