I Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2023
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    HELLO FRIENDS!! This is the video I threatened to film at some point last year - and finally, it's here!! We’re big fans of Las Vegas and, in a moment of delirium, decided to stay in every hotel on the strip and provide the internet with a full report of our thoughts - just in case you need it. So, we booked a hotel room at every single one of the 33 casino mega resorts on the Strip - to review the rooms, vibes, and activities at each one. What happens in Vegas, gets uploaded to youtube, as the saying goes. What did you guys think? Which hotels were your favorite?
    A quick note - it looks like the Strat price title is missing, we paid $80 there on a Sunday!
    Also, when we say "Operated Independently" - we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!
    Also also - we did receive some comped experiences at Treasure Island, Resorts World, and Circus Circus - but that did not influence our review and we did not promise them positive coverage.
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    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Dave Szamet
    Carrie Roper
    Melissa Douglas
    Clare Gelber
    Jack Scott
    Phil Kinney
    Elizabeth Pinotti
    Mike Pearson III
    Steven Yonce
    German Torres
    Corey Glynn
    GFX by Dayana Espinoza
    Rachel Faulkner White
    Sabrina Ford
    0:00 Intro
    2:56 Vegas Game Plan
    4:48 The Four Seasons
    8:04 The Delano
    10:01 Mandalay Bay
    12:57 The Luxor
    17:14 The Excalibur
    20:57 New York New York
    23:42 Park MGM
    25:23 The NoMad
    28:13 The Waldorf Astoria
    30:12 The Aria
    32:18 Bonus Hotel: Vdara
    32:47 The Cosmopolitan
    36:18 The Bellagio
    39:35 Caesars Palace
    41:06 The Nobu Hotel
    44:01 The Mirage
    46:27 Treasure Island
    48:58 Resorts World
    52:53 Circus Circus
    56:13 The Stratosphere
    #vegas #hotel #travel

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Hace 8 meses +5054

    HELLO FRIENDS!! which of these hotels were your favorite? i really enjoyed the park mgm! it’s fresh and green and they have a giant tree in the lobby 🌳hope you guys enjoyed the video and you can watch part 2 here now: esclips.com/video/3mugPH2_qRo/vídeo.html !! xoxo, saf

  • AmazingPhil
    AmazingPhil Hace 8 meses +52573

    I am excited for this!!! I hope it ends with you melting every hotel room together

    • Aurora
      Aurora Hace 8 meses +247


    • Estephanie Lopez
      Estephanie Lopez Hace 8 meses +590

      PHIL 😭💕

    • jiheunnie
      jiheunnie Hace 8 meses +293

      Phil please 😂

    • JNightly
      JNightly Hace 8 meses +460

      the heat itself makes that not as unrealistic as it seems

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Hace 7 meses +2260

    As someone who has no plans of ever going to Vegas, thanks for letting me live vicariously through Tyler and his foot pain. Because that would be me.

    • nerm
      nerm Hace 6 meses +36

      Right?! I paused the video to rest 💀

    • Ariane
      Ariane Hace 3 meses +5

      Why don't you check it out? Try it once

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses +2

      Eh your not missing much lol! Vegas is p boring there's not much to do.

    • Shawn Marie
      Shawn Marie Hace 2 meses +19

      @L WHAT?!? I've been to Vegas multiple times and I still haven't experienced everything I want. I'm guessing you're being sarcastic:)

    • Maria Fernandez
      Maria Fernandez Hace 2 meses +11

      @L said nobody ever.... there's so much to do in Vegas that it could never be boring!

  • Annie Lesser
    Annie Lesser Hace 7 meses +1929

    All I honestly want to know is how the bellagio staff reacted when they informed them of the demon leftovers box.

    • Caffe1n8ed
      Caffe1n8ed Hace 6 meses +32


    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +140

      Like seriously how did the maid miss that? Don't they clean the fridges out?

    • Jessica Zaytsoff
      Jessica Zaytsoff Hace 6 meses +144

      ​@Caffe1n8ed I'm not sure but if the fridge isn't weighted, A worker of possibly under minimum wage is sent in to check if they have the right number of bottles.
      That's it. 20 bottles. Look untouched.
      Next room.
      Smells like death? Sure. But 20 bottles. Maybe they are coming back for the death left overs.
      It's a multi level failure.

    • Davey7358
      Davey7358 Hace 5 meses +82

      I hear Bellagio is starting to slip big time. That should never ever happen in a five star hotel.

    • M Fitzburger
      M Fitzburger Hace 5 meses +11

      @RedRoseSeptember22 Don't worry, I'm sure they'll give the maid several lashings when they find out.

  • Val Ramirez-Cruz
    Val Ramirez-Cruz Hace 7 meses +1682

    the sheer cost of this video is blowing my mind. every additional food purchase is like a shot to the gut. I would love to know the BTS of the financial production of this video.

    • pri
      pri Hace 5 meses +172

      Sponsorships for sure! Every video where she spends a crazy amount is sponsored :)

    • Lilith Jade
      Lilith Jade Hace 5 meses +71

      good thing its a tax write off for her

    • Daynna
      Daynna Hace 4 meses +22

      Aww the life! Gosh dang I’m in the wrong business lol! Love Saf and Tyler though! ❤

  •  Christy_cofer★
    Christy_cofer★ Hace 6 meses +718

    As someone whose family is contemplating a Vegas vacation with zero idea of what that would look like, these two videos are EXTREMELY informative

    • Bambina Forever
      Bambina Forever Hace 5 meses +4

      No it wasn’t. Bellagio was pictured wrong. I just stayed there - room was newly renovated, very not shabby at all, bed was very comfortable and the view of the fountains beats it all. If u re going to Vegas - BELLAGIO is the only place to stay. Room with the fountains view. Costs more but is WORTH EVERY PENNY. Book it and check for yourself u will thank me. We came on Sunday and stayed the whole week - it gets pretty pricy starting Thurdsay, so if u do not care what day to cone come Sunday and stay till Thursday. Costs almost the same as other hotels but the fountain view is priceless. And it is totally different than watching for free with the hobos down there. And the show is different EACH TIME! Book it and u will be thanking me. My son who had been to Vegas recommended it to me and i was thanking him all the time.

    • Shannon M
      Shannon M Hace 5 meses

      It was weird, nice to experience once, expensive

    • I_am_almost_real_witch
      I_am_almost_real_witch Hace 5 meses +102

      @Bambina Forever are you paid to promote Bellagio? I mean they are 5 star hotel and they cant even clean fridge properly. That is horrible service. And that fountain definitely isn't that amazing. It is just fountain.

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses

      It's boring lol

  • Ian Oh
    Ian Oh Hace 5 meses +347

    Can we appreciate how Saf and Tyler stayed at the less desirable hotels while the rest of their team got the nice ones

    • corneliastreet
      corneliastreet Hace 14 días +2

      They just stayed at the last ones of the day, I think that might just be how it worked out

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis Hace 8 meses +8918

    As a deaf person, can I just thank you for having human generated subtitles instead of auto generated ones. I know it can be a pain but they make watching videos so much easier and enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to do it, it is appreciated ❤

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth Hace 8 meses +161

      Hope they see this comment

    • The Ringed Jewel
      The Ringed Jewel Hace 8 meses +275

      Your comment needs more likes. Auto generated subtitles never make sense.

    • Jo Ryman
      Jo Ryman Hace 8 meses +147

      I’m HOH and have a processing disorder, I’m always so thankful when there are actual subtitles

    • made by RFV
      made by RFV Hace 8 meses +90

      saf is the type where she would be like thank you? I’m just doing what i should! and that’s why i love her!! audio processing disorder girly here

    • Roz Harris
      Roz Harris Hace 8 meses +46

      Seriously, auto generated subs are often impossible to understand.

  • dharmajanitor
    dharmajanitor Hace un mes +49

    That Caesar’s Palace room literally dropped my jaw. I can’t believe that a property with that reputation would allow a room to reach that level of disrepair.

  • Morgan Hammer
    Morgan Hammer Hace 4 meses +558

    This series is so entertaining and so in-depth, it has insane rewatchability. I would love to see y’all do this for all of the Disney World resorts (as y’all are big Disney people from past videos). Your videos are amazing!!

    • Imberis
      Imberis Hace 4 meses +11

      I'm replying because I think this is a great idea! That'd be so fun.

    • Alexandra Recchia
      Alexandra Recchia Hace 4 meses +12

      Omg I love this idea!!! I would be soooo pumped to live vicariously through them for that

    • Victoria T
      Victoria T Hace 3 meses

      omg absolutely!!

    • emily fusco
      emily fusco Hace 3 meses

      yes 100%

  • Books and Beauty
    Books and Beauty Hace 6 meses +502

    I used to work at a bargain hotel and learned some cheap hotels DON'T CHANGE THEIR SHEETS. So always a safe play to ask for fresh sheets at the hotel checkin and just change them to make sure. Or if you find some stuff on your sheets might be safer to ask for fresh sheets. Also, if you have a problem with your room like smells bad due to food being left behind alot of the time they will can charge your room (if they have available rooms). Never hurts to ask. Just some tips from former hotel worker

    • Dove Valentine
      Dove Valentine Hace 6 meses +46

      yeah speaking as another person who has worked in a cheaper hotel, asking for sheets is a good idea. i very rarely just didnt change sheets, but sometimes if youre trying to clean like 20+ rooms a day, tend to guests, go up and down elevators several times, etc, you cut corners just for time :\ and at my job specifically cutting corners was 99% the fault of the management too.
      so if you ask a housekeeper (or even front desk staff) for changes or make complaints, please just be polite, because a lot of the time it isnt totally our fault!! i worked in a casino hotel and we had some particularly awful guests so remembering to be polite will probably help everyone ^^

    • Bambina Forever
      Bambina Forever Hace 5 meses +8

      This is my second time travelling for long time in US, before i went to Florida, now in California and Vegas. I NEVER stay in any budget hotels, always not lower than 4 stars, and it feels sometimes they do not change sheets there either. And in Bellagio it felt like they took the towels from the floor and just put them back on. This is America for ya. In Europe ( where i m from) sheets are crispy so u see immediately they re clean

    • Pandora
      Pandora Hace 3 meses +7

      yalls messages rn are like horrific to me, im housekeeping and we had a girl who go fired for, among other things, not changing sheets on her rooms. from the way managment was talkin they made it sound like not only where they open to lawsuits bc of it, they made it sound illegal. maybe thats just cause we're a smaller hotel tho idk

  • Robin Straatman
    Robin Straatman Hace 7 meses +288

    As a European, I think it's hilarious to hear Saf say that some of these rooms 'are a little small' 😂 Love the video though!

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Hace 7 meses +364

    Fun fact for those that do not know, the Bellagio has an underrated sister hotel called the Beau Rivage. I've been there a lot. It's owned by the same company, and the hotel is a bit smaller but is more themed towards a southern italian style. The hotel is located in Mississippi for anyone whose interested in visiting.

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Hace 6 meses +8

      That sounds lovely :)

    • byeolbitch
      byeolbitch Hace 6 meses +2

      I didn't know it was the sister location to the Bellagio but that makes so much since now that I've seen the Bellagio. Very nice hotel!

    • Sirena Carpenter
      Sirena Carpenter Hace 6 meses +9

      I stayed there for new years weekend one year and it was alright! It was a shame that there was such heavy cigarette smoke throughout the entire thing and there wasn’t an in room coffee machine

    • Heather Almé
      Heather Almé Hace 5 meses

      I stayed at the beau rivage all the time and I'm just now finding this out. Nice!

    • evie!
      evie! Hace un mes

      I live in Mississippi, near the Beau Rivage. I've been to both the Bellagio and the Beau Rivage. Very nice.

  • D. K
    D. K Hace 8 meses +1000

    I like how Tyler and Safiya are demonstrating that you don't need to party/gamble in Vegas to have fun

    • hwoods9583
      hwoods9583 Hace 8 meses +76

      I was thinking the same thing too as somebody who's in recovery now! (Just celebrated two years alcohol free on the 7th 🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤) I always thought to myself now that I'm in recovery "If I ever went back to Vegas I would be so bored and mad I can't party/drink now! What would I even do? I don't gamble! I might play a few slot machines but that's it!" But honestly there is SO much more to do in Las Vegas than drink and party and when I went we did other things besides drink and party and I had so much fun! I would love to go back now that I'm sober so I'm more clearheaded and would be able to remember more! I haven't been to Las Vegas since 2007 and I went twice that year. Once in the summer time and then around Christmas time! Las Vegas during Christmas is GORGEOUS! The decorations are incredible and beautiful! It's a bit more chilly to go during Christmas though and I didn't pack anything to wear that was warm so I had to buy something while I was there to keep me warm! Never realized how cold the desert gets in the winter time (I'm from Ohio, USA)

    • Alter Ego: Bruh
      Alter Ego: Bruh Hace 8 meses +12

      @hwoods9583Congrats on two years sober!

    • hwoods9583
      hwoods9583 Hace 8 meses +5

      @Alter Ego: Bruh thank you so much! 🙂🙂🙂💜💜💜 it's been quite the journey but it's been so worth it!

    • Alter Ego: Bruh
      Alter Ego: Bruh Hace 8 meses +4

      @hwoods9583 It’s truly a rough road to go down. An addiction is a horrible thing to have, so anyone who can shake addictions immediately gain like +20 to my respect for them haha!

    • ontxtteredwxngs
      ontxtteredwxngs Hace 8 meses +5

      I went there once and I was 13 so I couldn't even gamble but there was always a good show to see and there was a car show too. I saw George Carlin there, too.

  • 1938Superman
    1938Superman Hace 6 meses +296

    53:45 Another thing to remember about Circus Circus is that before Vegas's family destination push in the 90s (When they built places like Excalibur, Luxor, New York New York, etc) there weren't very many stirp hotels that had very intricate theming other than Caesar's Palace. And there was virtually NOTHING for kids to do.
    Circus Circus was one of the very few exceptions to that on the strip. I remember being in Vegas when I was very young and begging my Dad to take me to Circus Circus, because there was literally nothing else fun to do. Like you saw they had all kinds of carnival games, video games, and they had circus performances. This was also at a time where clowns weren't generally considered as creepy. I know. Hard to believe.
    The problem with Circus Circus now is that they haven't changed much in the last 30-40 years, other the the Adventuredome. Outside of that, they're kind of run down now, and the circus clown theming comes off a lot creepier to modern patrons.

    • Gia Marie
      Gia Marie Hace 2 meses +6

      The base room they stayed in are also the older ones. I went several times in the 90s and early 00s and we stayed in both the older rooms (which actually did have clown photos) and the renovated ones, I believe they are on the west wing. Also the sign is nostiglia, I personally like that they haven't changed it.

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses +1

      The adveuredome is also fairly hot and kinda just has an odd vibe due to the whole dome thing, it's one of the few things for kids to do but as such it's a solid mid tier activity. It's a fun field trip destination tho.

    • Miss Chanandler Bong
      Miss Chanandler Bong Hace 28 días

      Circus Circus will forever hold a place in my nightmares

  • Ana Hand
    Ana Hand Hace 4 meses +91

    Safiya: "I started yelling at him"
    *switches to a shot of her semi-sternly speaking and still kind of smiling*
    I love them lol

  • Nell Bell
    Nell Bell Hace 6 meses +196

    Re-watching for the 3rd time and can we just have a moment for Saf’s outfits? She is serving RANGE in black.

  • Vmm Martinez
    Vmm Martinez Hace 6 meses +149

    I would have watched a 7 part series of this where they stayed in 1 place per night

  • ashley s
    ashley s Hace 5 meses +102

    I’m not sure how often you check comments, but just in case- I would like to put in a formal request for you guys to do this same type of video at both Disney World and Disneyland! Also one trying all the best snacks. You’d get monster numbers and the best tax write off in history!

  • milkte
    milkte Hace 8 meses +3457

    i love the hotel series because it feels like i'm travelling on a swanky vegas holiday with my boujee parents, safiya and tyler

    • Kumotta Kun
      Kumotta Kun Hace 8 meses +56

      Imagine having the money to book hotels you won't be sleeping in, just for content 😭

    • Phoebe 💌
      Phoebe 💌 Hace 8 meses +22

      @Kumotta Kun well, the hotels if they don’t stay in our for crew and staff

  • Heather Ackerman
    Heather Ackerman Hace 7 meses +247

    Why has this become my comfort video(s)? 😅😅
    I've literally watched these like at least fifteen times already, which is saying something as a full time mom student and employee.
    Thanks guys. Idk why these videos make my little brain happy but they do and they have def helped me during my insomnia bouts to keep me from going crazy.

    • Heather Ackerman
      Heather Ackerman Hace 7 meses +12

      Honestly I'm probably just trying to live vicariously through you guys but I loved these and honestly, yall could get away with more long form vid series.

    • dancing gouine
      dancing gouine Hace 7 meses +10

      Same!! I've watched them so many times and I've been falling asleep to them since they came out lol

    • Jordan Anderson
      Jordan Anderson Hace 7 meses +7

      Literally have been obsessed with watch Safifya to go to sleep for the past two months!

    • Ali
      Ali Hace 5 meses

      I put it on while I study lol

    • Alexandra Recchia
      Alexandra Recchia Hace 4 meses +1

      Honestly same!!!!! So comforting lol

  • Gabrielle Duplessis
    Gabrielle Duplessis Hace 3 meses +52

    I think my favorite part of these videos is seeing how many attractions there are in Vegas that don’t involve gambling. Considering casinos can have a lot of smoking which sets off my asthma and gambling is not my scene, I like seeing the aquarium and the restaurants you can dine at.

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses +8

      There's a few casinos, one or two, thas used covid to scrub now and go smoke free, I don't rember which ones only that it was a big deal, I honestly can't rember if they kept it up. Honestly they should've used covid to fix that one roof that leaks every monsoon season but whatever. Either way, and as far as gambling goes, the house always wins but there's plenty of places to spend money! Shows and events are always happinging although weather or not their any good is a matter of debate, if you want to go you can but there's other places that are more interesting imo

  • emilee.823
    emilee.823 Hace 3 meses +42

    The logistics it must've taken to make this work blows my mind. Being able to get a room at each hotel you wanted on those specific days, checking in and out on time, transferring luggage, and the fact that it all worked so well makes my virgo heart happy 😌 her videos always scratch an itch in my brain

    • emilee.823
      emilee.823 Hace 3 meses +10

      Plus the financial aspect? Pls I need an entire spreadsheet of what this trip cost between all the rooms, travel fees, food, extra purchases 😭😭😭

    ISKMEGATRON Hace un mes +21

    The valet closet at the Waldorf Astoria allows you to drop off your shopping bags with the valet and have them delivered to your room without them having to enter. We also had bath salts delivered to the room and they just placed them inside there and knocked so there was no contact.

  • outlast_the_night
    outlast_the_night Hace 7 meses +142

    When Saf looked down that huge drop at the Luxor and said how it would be even more nauseating when drunk, that got me seriously concerned how high of a drop that is compared to how narrow the railings are with no (?) further safety meassures in place to stop someone from tumbling over the edge 😂😶😶

    • Kaelin Cherise
      Kaelin Cherise Hace 5 meses +24

      Anxiety be like:
      No, but seriously this is basically my fear of heights everywhere. "Want to imagine falling to your death?"

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses +2

      There's a few of the "big hight" things, I think the Rio has a zip line between the buildings although I could be mixing that up, and of corce there's the stratosphere which has rides, although with those you have to seek them out. Getting drunk then going on the Rollercoaster that rocks you off the side of the stratosphere must be a trip.

  • nicole ♡
    nicole ♡ Hace 7 meses +51

    As someone whose parents go to Las Vegas all the time, while I had always had zero desire to go, this series actually makes me want to go Vegas someday now!! You guys make the best videos. Well done 🖤

  • Angel Wolfheart
    Angel Wolfheart Hace 7 meses +35

    I think my favorite hotels from part 1 are Park MGM and the Cosmopolitan. Also, I can't believe the Four Seasons was the most expensive hotel, and yet somehow the least interesting.

  • Karen
    Karen Hace un mes +7

    All of Safiya's videos have so much rewatch value but these Vegas videos are somehow the most rewatchable of them all.

    • DJ
      DJ Hace un mes

      Yes I agree!

  • mumffin7
    mumffin7 Hace 7 meses +70

    My biggest takeaway: MGM owns half the strip.
    Also, I’m really excited for my trip to Vegas coming up to see Adele!!! And I have reservations at Hell’s Kitchen!! I’m so excited.

  • pizza monster
    pizza monster Hace 4 meses +30

    This is actually a very useful tourist video, you guys should get plenty of sponsors

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Hace 8 meses +3251

    About to pitch Casino Theory to MatPat🕺🏻

    • Ceilvia
      Ceilvia Hace 8 meses +8

      lmao not the casino theory!

    • an icey boi
      an icey boi Hace 8 meses

      The boys LMAO

    • Neals0609
      Neals0609 Hace 8 meses +5

      Please do! I would watch it

    • Tisha Maryam
      Tisha Maryam Hace 8 meses +11


    • Denton Lister
      Denton Lister Hace 8 meses +7

      what happened to the room with the rotting food? surely you got some money back or something

  • Jay ◟̽◞̽
    Jay ◟̽◞̽ Hace 4 meses +18

    What treasure island has taught me is that themed hotel designers need to learn from Japan. The toy story hotel is so cool, and they could make their hotel just as cool as that one

  • Sarah Ninksmith
    Sarah Ninksmith Hace 9 días +1

    Is it weird that I have watched these videos at least once a month since they came out? I’ve never been to Vegas, I don’t drink or gamble. There’s just something about Safiya and Tyler inspecting an obscene amount of hotel rooms that is very comforting to me for some reason

  • PinkDarkBoy
    PinkDarkBoy Hace 7 meses +52

    I'll be real, as a lover of clowns, if I got a room at Circus Circus and there were no clowns, I would be very disappointed. When you book a room, they should offer a clown package... 🤡

  • Kaelin Cherise
    Kaelin Cherise Hace 6 meses +29

    This is my comfort video now. If I need to study, clean, whatever, this and the sequel are my go-tos. I will not elaborate further.
    Thank you Safiya. (And Tyler.)

  • Kelly Fulton
    Kelly Fulton Hace 6 meses +32

    As a fellow Plantar Fasciitis girly,I think Tyler is a freakin’ champ for doing all that walking

  • Jennifer Roper
    Jennifer Roper Hace 6 meses +25

    Thank you so much for commenting on the vaping, smoking, and smells. As someone who has a lung condition, this helped determine how accessible or what is accessible for people like me.

  • Chimei
    Chimei Hace 6 meses +34

    I love the room with the fake sky with all the stores. It feels otherworldly to be there.

  • Naturally Wonder
    Naturally Wonder Hace 7 meses +16

    As a travel agent, I just want to thank you, this will help me so much for recommendations.

  • Fae
    Fae Hace 4 meses +18

    oddly nostalgic video for me, my grandparents live in vegas so whenever we visit them we get to do a bunch of fun stuff on the strip+ find cool rocks on hikes and eat at yummy restaurants. i didn't realize how much i missed walking around with them out in the warm vegas night untill i saw these videos

  • Diane R
    Diane R Hace 6 meses +15

    20:53 Saf is laughing at Tyler and looking at him with SO much love in her eyes, that is just so sweet 🥹

  • rinrawrchu
    rinrawrchu Hace 8 meses +2570

    knowing you guys are disney adults, is it time to do a "We Stayed At Every Hotel in Disneyland"?

    • Caitlyn R
      Caitlyn R Hace 7 meses +128

      Wouldn’t be a very long video since Disneyland only has like 3 hotels. Maybe Disney World instead? Although that would probably make the cost of this Vegas video look cheap lol

    • Alli H
      Alli H Hace 7 meses +26

      I think you might be on to something here.....

    • rinrawrchu
      rinrawrchu Hace 7 meses +51

      @Caitlyn R ooooh yea! i was actually talking about DisneyWorld XD i think i mixed up both of them

    • Caitlyn R
      Caitlyn R Hace 7 meses +17

      @rinrawrchu oh that’s understandable! and by the way, I definitely like your idea for a video!

    • Wasabi P.
      Wasabi P. Hace 7 meses +3

      Idk if they can even swing that with disneys prices for some of those resorts

  • Edmonton1704
    Edmonton1704 Hace 5 meses +12

    For anyone wondering, a lot of Treasure Island’s pirate decor was purchased by a private buyer and now decorates a house on the cliffs near Boulder City, not far from Vegas and close to the Hoover dam. Got to see the house in person and it’s really cool

  • regular cucumber
    regular cucumber Hace 6 meses +15

    this adorable couple living their lives together is the greatest content ever

  • Christina Archipolo
    Christina Archipolo Hace 16 días

    Safiya I just need you to know that this is my comfort video series and so satisfying to me. I love coming back to rewatch it when I want to have a lazy day and I love travel content so it just scratches the right part of my brain. I just came home from Atlantic City which is what inspired this rewatch 😂 I hope you make more videos like this!

  • Angie Chan
    Angie Chan Hace 17 días +1

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    For some reason the CME took place in August. Yes, August in Las Vegas. The heat was blistering and even at night you could still feel heat radiating from the ground. Some locals advised us to always carry a water bottle and wear a hat.
    In the years following, I've been to Las Vegas many times, and in my experience, the best time to go to Las Vegas is around March (but NOT during Spring Break). Another good time to go is in December since the weather in Las Vegas is usually great around that time of year, although it CAN get cold and even snow, although that's not too common. That said, it did snow once when I was there. One major downside to going in December is that since it's the off-season you'll find some attractions and restaurants closed or working off very limited hours, but it's a worthwhile compromise if you hate huge crowds.

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      HERO_DREAMER Hace 8 meses +61

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